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I run a fancy nightclub/function room. Normally we have a $100 surcharge and serve $50 cocktails, but sometimes I rent it out for special occasions. You know the type of place. Underdressed clients and overdressed waiters and almost anything goes, if the price is right. I thought I'd seen it all: hens' nights, bucks' parties, stuff like that. The wildest party I had seen was a hens' night where the strippers – plural – were groped and assaulted; I'd have said they were raped if they hadn't been so willing to let it happen, by the hen and her friends. I thought this night would be a quiet one – two couples had hired my room, and they wanted one male and one female waiter. I was behind the bar.
Right on time, in walked two sets of identical twins. Two guys, two girls. One of the guys walked over, introduced himself as Adam. His brother was Robert – or Bob, as he liked to be called. Their girls were Laura and Mandy. Both girls had identical wedding bands on – also identical diamond engagement rings. Same colour lip gloss, same colour nail polish, same hair styles. Buggered if I could tell them apart!
One guy, Adam, brought over his wife, Mandy, while Bob introduced Laura. They asked for some drinks to get themselves started. Now my place isn't cheap – these four must've been well off, as they'd rented the whole room for the whole night, right up to closing time. The girls wanted some leg openers – also known as French Champagne. It's absolutely the best thing to get a woman to put out, or so I've found through my years working a bar. Good stuff, too, $600 bottles, and over the next hour or so they went through a few bottles.
The guys were taking their time with their drinks, one nursing a gin and tonic while his twin had a Scotch, neat. After some time, the girls went to the toilets together – I'll never understand why women can't go alone! They returned about ten minutes later, giggling like naughty school girls – naked, naughty giggling schoolgirls at that. The only thing each had on was her jewellery. They glanced at each other, then each girl went to her man. Belts were undone, zippers went down, girls' heads starting to bob in unison while the guys started smiling, groaning with pleasure.
The girls removed the guys' pants, then their boxers. One girl turned to the other and licked her finger, then announced to the room that her guy loved it when she stuck her fingers up his arse. She spread her guy's arse, started rimming him, and then slowly pushed a finger up there. Her sister, watching closely, said her man also liked it. She repeated her sister's performance — first a bit of rimming, then a finger inched into his hole. Each girl slowly worked their guy's arse with their hand, as gradually two fingers, then three, stretched the boys' arseholes. All the while heads were bobbing up and down shafts, licking balls, sucking cocks in all the way to their hairy nut sacks, cock shafts ending deep down their throats.
Both Bob and Adam seemed to enjoy the attention. First one, then the other, stood up and held his girl's head. With the girls' fingers still up their arses, the boys started fucking those throats, building up speed and intensity until they blew – one guy down his woman's throat, the other guy all over her face. Cum dripped slowly down her chin, eventually landing on her breast.
Our waiter and waitress were looking on, bored, as they'd had nothing to do for a while – the table service had temporarily stopped. After the face fucking, though, another bottle of Champagne was quickly ordered and consumed by the girls. This gave Adam and Bob a chance to recover, and one of the girls ordered another bottle just as the guys looked ready to go again. This time the girls used their hands, tugging those cocks quick and hard. Just as the first guy was about to blow, his girl clamped her mouth over his shaft. She took his load, every drop, then let it dribble into an empty Champagne glass. Her sister copied her a few moments later, and also spat a load into the glass. She then added a bit of Champagne to the glass, and waved our waitress – Fiona – over.
She asked Fiona if she wanted a drink, indicating the glass of bubbly sperm. Fiona looked doubtful, until the twin grabbed her man's wallet and pulled out a $100 bill. She leaned over and kissed Fiona full on the lips. Fiona looked a bit shocked, but the twin smiled and slipped the hundred into Fiona's bra. "That's for the kiss. How much for you to have a drink?", she asked again.
Fiona still looked a bit doubtful, so I gave her a nod and told her it was up to her. Instead, Tom, our waiter, jumped in and said he'd do it… but it'd cost $200.
A couple of $100 bills later, Tom took the glass and drained it in one long swallow. As a reward for a job well done, the other sister went over and groped his manhood, giving him a vigorous hand job. Tom stood there, a grin spreading over his face, with his cock growing steadily as that petite hand gripped him tight, firmly pumping his shaft up and down, up and down. As he started groaning, the girl aimed his cock at her breasts. Drop after sticky drop of Tom's cum exploded on her breasts.
Adam and Bob were sitting down now, enjoying the show, but it looked like they were ready for more. Adam asked me if the waiters could have the night off. For a cool thousand, I agreed they could. I called Tom and Fiona over and gave them $500 each, and told them they could either stay here or go home — it was entirely their choice. Tom was a bit more adventurous and I thought he'd stay. I was almost sure Fiona would leave, but was pleasantly surprised when Tom and Fiona both agreed to stay. Before long, all six – both sets of twins, both waiters – were naked, and I was beginning to feel distinctly overdressed!
One girl reached into a handbag and took out a pouch containing a white powder. She asked Tom to lie on his back and hold very still, then she ran a line of the powder along the length of his erect cock. She rolled up another $100 bill and inhaled the powder through it, starting at the balls and ending at the head of his cock, then she proceeded to deep throat Tom's cock, sucking it deep until her lips were touching his balls. The other girl then replaced her sister and did the same to him.
Meanwhile the boys had asked Fiona to lie down and poured powder lines all along her breasts, ending at her nipples. They did some synchronised snorting, each ending with one of Fiona's nipples in his mouth, licking and sucking on her breasts.
Fiona and Tom were both obviously excited, so one of the guys offered them more cash to get busy together. Tentatively getting into a 69, Fiona started blowing Tom, using her mouth and a hand on him, while he fingered and licked her pussy under instructions from our guests. The twins had also paired off, each girl tugging on her guy's shaft then proceeding to blow him.
One girl — was it Laura? – pushed her guy down and straddled him, began working his cock into her pussy. She got an inch or two inside her dripping wet snatch, then started bouncing up and down, so much that her breasts started bouncing. Believe me, they were poetry in motion — absolutely amazing to watch. Her sister – Mandy? – not to be outdone, had her guy lick and finger her arse. Mandy then slowly eased herself down, taking her boy's shaft in her tightest hole. She worked slowly but methodically, bouncing up and down on him, working her hips rhythmically, virtually grinding her man into the floor in the process.
After a while each girl swapped holes. The guys were still lying with their backs on the floor, but now Laura(?) had her guy's cock in her arse, while Mandy(?) was grinding her pussy up and down her man's shaft. They looked at each other, then one girl asked the other: "Shall we tell them?" Her sister agreed. Laura(?) turned to Bob and said, "Surprise! I'm not Laura, I'm actually your sister in law, you're fucking Mandy right now!" At the same time the real Laura was telling Adam who she actually was. Both guys' jaws dropped as they realised they'd each been fucking their sister in law's pussy, her arse.
Bob recovered first, but Adam was only a second or two slower. However, it was Adam who came up with the next idea. He leaned over and whispered into his brother's ear, got a response, then turned to his sister in law. He started groping her body in earnest as he said, "You're a horny slut, you and your sister are both dirty, horny sluts — and as punishment you're both gonna take our cocks, we're both gonna fuck each of you at the same – and you're first, Laura!"
He lay down on his back, grabbed Laura's hips and guided her pussy down, until his thick cock was inside that very wet pussy. Bob, meanwhile, pushed his cock all the way into Mandy's mouth. She blew him until he was sloppy and wet, then Bob went and positioned himself behind Laura. He fingered her arse, then started to push his cock, slowly but steadily, until he was deep inside Laura's arsehole. She gasped and squirmed a bit when that thick cock started stretching her, but believe me – Laura was in heaven!
After quite a long stint fucking Laura like that, the boys decided to switch it up a bit – both cocks simultaneously went into her pussy, then later both in her arse. That tight arsehole was getting painfully stretched, but Laura didn't seem to care, she wanted it all, she wanted even more. Mandy, meanwhile, had come over and started kissing the boys, first her husband then her brother in law, her tongue reaching as far down those throats as she could get.
After what seemed like an eternity, first one brother then the other shot his load into Laura's abused arse. She was so full of sperm I could see silvery cum dribbling out, oozing slowly down her thigh.
Both guys now needed a rest, so the four twins gave instructions to Tom and Fiona. The harder the task, the more money flowed Tom's and Fiona's way. Fiona refused $700 for anal, but did eventually give up her arse to Tom for an even thousand. And then made an extra grand to suck Tom's cock direct from her arse when he was ready to blow his load. A little bit of sperm escaped and dribbled out the side of her mouth, until Tom, being a gentleman, helped clean it off with his tongue.
By now the boys were ready to go again, and this time they simultaneously fucked Mandy — same as Laura, first a double penetration but with Adam in her arse and Bob in her pussy. This was followed by double anal, finally double pussy, those guys showing her arse and cunt no mercy. This time both guys came in her pussy, and Tom earned another couple of hundred to suck the cum straight out of her worn-out cunt and then swallow it all.
Tom seemed very eager to please everyone, so Bob asked him how much would it cost for Tom to get his arse fucked. I was sure Tom would refuse, but he haggled and eventually got three grand for blowing Bob, giving him a hand job and then getting buggered senseless by him. Bob shot his load in his arse, then had Mandy scoop it out and feed it to Tom. Adam, watching the show, started tugging his cock himself, then thought better of it and instead paid Fiona to blow him then to wank him till he could shoot his load all over Tom's face. Tom ate it all up, and cleaned his cock to boot.
This was almost the end of the night. The three girls started cleaning up all the cum with their tongues, with Laura and Mandy again spitting any sperm they gathered directly into a Champagne glass. They had Fiona drain the glass then dribble it into Tom's mouth, and forced him to swallow it all. After that my guests got dressed, left us another six thousand for our troubles, and walked out.
We haven't seen them since that night, but when we're all working alone Tom, Fiona and I often talk fondly about this night. Hot as hell for us all, and good pay to boot.

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