Passion’s Journey: Many Fathers

tagGroup SexPassion's Journey: Many Fathers

Of all the little settlements Cleo had come across on her quest, this was her favorite. Had she found this one first she might have been able to call her summer early. The small nomadic group met all her qualifications.
Predominantly male population that were eager to serve her, few hang ups about jealousy, but with playful aggression that she enjoyed. They fought, but only until one fell down, a lively show that ended with tousled hair and friendly banter. They kept her entertained through dinner, vying for her attention in the most charming way, all showing off and joking around. When she started explaining her plan to them, many seemed to think she was joking, too, but as their banter died away, Cleo stood.
They all stared up at her, nine men and two woman. "I'm serious," Cleo said. "I want to have a baby, and this is how I want to do it."
"That's messed up, lady," muttered a younger gentleman, barely more than a teen. He stood and left, along with one of the women. The rest glanced among themselves, chuckling and nudging, still wondering if her offer could be real.
Cleo bent to the nearest man and kissed him. She got to her hands and knees as she moved to the next. He was far more eager, and she smiled as she broke away, glancing at him as she crawled forward. "Go ahead and touch me," she said breathlessly. She kissed the third man and he touched her breast as the second put his hand on her ass.
Five closed in, the other four watching as she was suddenly surrounded. She fell back away from the fire so each had ample opportunity to touch her. tentatively at first, they groped her breasts, stroked her legs and stomach, caressed her neck and shoulders, and took turns kissing her full lips. They played with her long, straight hair, but the entire group of them were so damned timid. She squirmed, imagining cock after hard cock entering her, and finally moved the hand at her right knee toward her scorching hot pussy.
"Should I…? Do you want me to go first?" the man asked.
"Is your cock hard?" she asked back. "Do you want to stick it in me, and fuck me hard? Do you want to put your seed deep into me and give me a child?"
"Yes," he murmured. "Yes to everything you said. You're so beautiful…"
Cleo got tired of hearing how beautiful she was. She leaned up to kiss the man and grab his rigid dick. It wasn't huge, but it was ready, throbbing in her hand. "Take your pants off," she said.
He pulled his belt off and his pants down, then started on hers. She smiled, glancing around as the rest leaned in whispering about the gossip that Mazons shaved everything from the waist down, and further at the gasp as the rumours were proven true. She spread her legs wide so they could all see her snatch, at least for a moment before the man threw her shorts aside and climbed on top of her.
Panting as he lined up the head, the man pushed himself in slowly.
"So fucking hot," said another, rubbing his crotch. "Can I go next?"
"Sure," she said. She kissed the man that filled her, gripping his hair. He thrust furiously, the energy of his motion more than making up for his size as he pounded her tirelessly. The rest were arguing about the remaining order.
"I'm coming," the man in her grunted. "I'm going to come so soon. I'm going to put my seed in you."
Cleo moaned, grinding her hips in circles, holding him tight with her legs. She clenched her pussy as she pulled him closer again and he groaned loudly, shaking at his climax. Almost able to feel the spurting of his throbbing dick, she kissed him once more before he withdrew and the next man up replaced him.
As he kissed her, he teased the knot that rested between her breasts to loosen off the lace. He pulled the leather cups apart to reveal the ample curves and nipples that hardened in the exposure to the chilly air. As he stood there staring a moment, Cleo became impatient. Leaning up, she pushed him over until he was on his back and climbed atop him, rubbing his dick. Looking down between her legs, she shuddered at the way her pussy gleamed, a slow drip of semen sliding from her lips and down her leg. He lay mesmerised by her swaying breasts, so she slipped out his manhood and sat on it. He reached for her breasts and squeezed them, and Cleo began bouncing faster.
She glanced at another man, and he leaned forward to kiss her as she fucked his friend. His tongue was soft against hers and tasted sweet. He was an excellent kisser, and she found her body slowing and her hips twirling around the cock inside. She cried out as she leaned back and raised herself again, almost pulling free before she dropped, meeting his upward thrust.
"Yes, your cock inside me feels so good!" she gasped. "My pussy is so wet, so full, but it wants more!" She bounced harder and faster again, squeezing his dick as she moved up and down on it. "My sopping pussy wants more! So much more, it wants to be flooded!"
"Here I come," he grunted, thrusting faster.
"Yes, yes, yes!" she said. Eagerly, she accepted his dick to its full length so he could deposit his spunk deep in her. she closed her eyes as she rocked with him, almost able to feel it sloshing inside. The next man up lifted her off and slapped his hand over her pussy before too much cum could slide free. He rubbed her dripping snatch, coating his fingers and making her pant with anticipation of the cock he had already exposed. He slid it between her legs and pushed it in as he lifted her. His arms were so strong, able to bounce her, and she gripped his broad shoulders. He was a big man in every way, his muscles bulging pleasantly and his cock stretching her sopping cunt wide.
"Yes," she said. "Fuck me harder! You're so strong, I know your cum will reach so deep into me, and make the strongest baby. Your dick is so big, so big, so big! Ah! You're so deep!"
The man grunted as he unloaded, shaking as he dropped to one knee but never made her worry about falling. He kissed her again as they both went to both knees, his cock slipping free and her pussy unable to hold the combined fluids. It dripped in a steady stream and her fingers went there to feel how her sopping wet hole pulsed, ready for more. She glanced up at the last two men, arguing heatedly about which got to go next, when one approached from around the fire.
Coming up at her back, he reached around to her breasts, pressing against her. He rubbed her ass and pulled her cheeks apart, his fingers soon finding her dripping vagina.
"I was just going to watch," he told her, his voice husky. "You're so fucking sexy, though, the way you know what you want. I want to give it to you."
"Yes," she said, reaching for him.
"Dean, you son of a bitch," one of the arguing men cried. "I was supposed to go next!"
"No, I was!" said the other.
The man behind her seemed to pay no heed, fingers in her cum-slick hole. "I was getting so hard just watching, I couldn't sit by any longer," he said. He entered her slowly and took her by the hips as he began to thrust. "God, you feel so good inside."
Cleo nodded, pushing back against him eagerly and playing with her drenched pussy. "So wet," she panted. "So full. Yes, yes, harder, please."
The two men who hadn't taken turns came to blows, two quick ones from the younger guy, solid body shots. He ducked a return blow and took another, but the larger man dropped his elbow on the shoulder, sending the smaller stumbling to the side. As he slugged the big guy across the face and hopped back, Cleo suddenly remembered him from his fights at supper. He had been less a boxer than a shover, leaving his opponents laughing and uninjured when they lost. His style of movement still evident, his sudden passion and brutality in another body blow made Cleo call out excitedly. "Yes! Harder!"
The man behind her, fucking her, began to move faster, thrust harder and pull her closer. He was saying something inane on the subject of her beauty, but her attention was elsewhere. The fight made her pussy tighter, stickier and hotter. She rubbed harder, her loins shaking, as the younger man landed a punch beneath the older's ribs.
Cleo screamed wordlessly, in ecstasy. Her movements in the throes of her climax excited the cock in her pussy into giving her fourth load of hot white seed, the sticky, wonderful gift of life.
The younger man became distracted, allowing the older, larger, more imposing man opportunity to strike his sternum and his ear a moment later. The younger man went down hard.
The winner shoved the sickeningly romantic man from where he still knelt and hauled Cleo up by the arm.
"Do you need help?" asked a spectator, her Mazon sister and travelling companion.
Cleo shook her head. "I've got this." She stepped back, twisting her arm free, and kicked his knee to the side. She raised her foot again, the cum collected so far splattering his stomach as she stomped him flat with a blow to the chest. "Listen maggot, this is my show. The way you were touching me made me uncomfortable."
"That?!" he scoffed. "That's what made you uncomfortable?"
"Look," she said. "I want to have sex with you and take your seed, but with you, I feel I need to be in control."
"Why me? Because I grabbed your arm?"
"A generally aggressive attitude," Cleo said. "That's the situation. Take it or go. Or watch or whatever, but don't touch me again unless I tell you it's okay."
"All those guys…"
"You aren't listening, numb nuts! This is my deal: give me complete control while we fuck, or go fuck yourself."
The large man's face changed several times as his not overly swift mind sorted through his options. He stood, wiping at the spots on his shirt with a grimace. "What would you want me to do?"
"Fuck me, you dummy!" Cleo cried.
"You really want a chance of this idiot being your kid's father?" the younger man asked as he rolled to his knees. The man before Cleo moved to kick him back down, but lowered his foot when she placed a hand on his arm.
"You're strong, determined, and obedient. Aren't you?" she murmured. "Good traits to have in a child."
The man nodded, unable to stop from glancing at the younger man mutter bitterly.
"Now, Boulder, can I call you Boulder?"
"Sure," said Boulder.
"I'm going to have to give you three tests of your compliance," Cleo said. "The first is a question. What feelings do you have about semen?"
"F-feelings?" he asked.
"I love semen," Cleo told him. She reached between her legs, tracing a trail of it up her thigh. "The texture, the look of it, even the taste." Glancing at him as she licked her slimy finger, she gauged his reaction as not really liking semen much at all. She dropped it again to rub her snatch for more. "I love how it feels when it's inside me. The shininess of my flesh when it's smeared all over, the trickling wetness of it, so sticky and hot." She looked at him seriously. He might try to grab her again, and this was his last chance, but she had to ask. "How do you feel about it?"
"You've convinced me," he said. "Cum is great."
Not the best answer she'd heard, but far from the worst. She moved on to the next test, licking her finger again. "Then kiss me."
Boulder grimaced a little, leaning forward for a brief kiss but she held him until he met her tongue, still and obedient.
"Touch my breasts," she told him for the third test of compliance. "Softly and tenderly."
Obediently, he caressed her tits, squeezing ever so gently. "Is that okay?"
"Very nice," she gasped. "Now, lay down on your back."
Boulder lowered himself to the ground apprehensively. Obviously he was unaccustomed to being told what to do, and part of her wanted to see how far she could push him, how much dominance she could exert. The thing she wanted more was another cock, and his was rigid, though still inside his pants. It pushed up a leftward tent as he lay flat. She knelt at his side to unfasten his belt and pull his pants open.
Taking his stiff manhood in her hand, she swung her leg over him and slid it in. As she began to ride him, her hand braced on his chest, he ran a hand softly up her leg. It tickled, made her shiver pleasantly, and she put a hand behind his head to pull his lips to her. he widened his legs as he sat, and she bounced in his lap. Taking her into his arms, he pumped upward as she came down, burying his face in her supple breasts.
"Yes, that's good," she murmured. She pinched the nipple that wasn't in his mouth and ground her pelvis against his. "Your cock is swelling inside me, I can feel it. You don't have to be aggressive to get what you want. You're still a good, solid man, aren't you Boulder?"
"Yeah," Boulder agreed, nuzzling the top slope of her breast. "Solid as a rock."
"Your rock solid dick is throbbing," she said. "Did you like watching me fuck those other guys?"
"Not as much as I like doing it myself," he admitted, "But yeah. I've never met a woman, even a Mazon, who would…"
She swirled her hips around as she waited for him to continue, but he only began to grunt into her cleavage, held together with one of his hands and one of hers. "You think I'm a slut?"
"Uh…" he moaned, unwilling to agree but unable to deny it.
"You think such would insult me?" she laughed breathily, bouncing faster. "I would say it's a good description for a woman who has fucked half your friends, all the more excited by the fact that others are watching. It's not an insult, it's just who I am. Do you not like who I am?"
"I do," he panted.
"Then go ahead and say it," she told him. "Call me a filthy slut."
"You're a slut," he said. "But god, it's fantastic. Watching you fucked, and getting to do it myself, I love that you're a slut, that you love cock and cum so much. You're so slippery wet from all that cum, and I like it, even if it is filthy. Even if I had to be the fourth…"
"Fifth," muttered the younger man.
"I don't even care," Boulder said. "I wouldn't care if a hundred men came before me, as long as I can put my spunk up there too."
"Oh, yes!" Cleo agreed ecstatically. She glanced at the other man and could see the impatience on his battered face. His longing, the lust in his eyes, made her pussy hotter and tighter. She could almost feel his anticipation even as she was stuffed with the full length of Boulder's rigid manhood. "Yes, stuff me more! Put more cum in me! It's going to feel so good!"
Boulder took her by the hips and hugged her tight as he thrust upward, moaning and groaning into her tits at the height of his climax.
"Put me down now," she whispered. She sighed as he complied, pulling out as he lay her down on her back. Her fingers replaced it, plunging deep and causing the loads of five men to slosh inside her, gushing out of her pulsing vagina, splattering her legs and dripping into her ass crack. "So much cum," she gasped, rubbing along her labia and to her clitoris.
Her eyes opened as the last man touched her face gently and she looked into his soft brown eyes. One was swollen and bruised, but his smile was warm and charming. As he leaned down to kiss her, his hand slipped down her neck and over her breast. His teasing tongue tasted of blood, but she liked it, reminding her of the passion of his fighting.
His kiss was just as passionate, the movement of his hands confident as they squeezed her breasts. She opened her legs to him, sighing contentedly as he moved between them and spread her pussy with two fingers. They both quivered with anticipation, his kiss growing more passionate as he felt the heat and moisture, beginning to play with her slick pussy more vigorously. His fingers were nimble and knew exactly how to move. Plunging deep, they came out coated and glistening so he could rub her clit.
"Fuck me," she whispered into his mouth. "Fuck me, please, and put another load in me."
"I will," he assured her between kisses.
"Ah," she moaned. "Do it, then…"
He sat up to gaze down on her, smirking. "A little anticipation will make it better."
"Ah," she moaned, shuddering. A lusty smile came to her lips as she raised her hips from the ground. "Look at my filthy hole. Do you see the way it's dripping? It's ready for more."
The man took her ass to lift her. "I'm going to eat you out."
Cleo was taken aback for a moment. Rare indeed was the man who offered such a thing unprompted, and rarer still one who would even on orders go down on a cunt so soiled and well used. "You want to eat the cum of other men out of my pussy?"
"I don't really care about that, I just want to eat you out," he said. "I'm going to get you off before I do. I want to give you an orgasm the likes of which you're never imagined, one you'll never forget." He bent to her pulsing, oozing snatch and placed his tongue there. "They say in the western mountains that it makes for healthier babies."
Cleo moaned as he licked her, his tongue even more skilled than his fingers. She was shocked and excited by how incredibly, unabashedly dirty this man was, rivaling her own depravity, but the skill with which he manipulated her throbbing clit was just as amazing. He inserted his finger again and then another. He penetrated her hard and fast as he sucked on her clitoris, licking it intently and causing euphoric heat to rise from her pussy and fill her. Her legs tensed and pelvis thrust upward as she raced screaming toward her climax.
"Oh," she cried, "Yes, yes! I'm coming! Oh, yes, yes, yes!" Her body shook, nearly convulsed as she reached an orgasm built on the physical sensation, of course, but also the anticipation for being fucked by this man's cock. She cried out wordlessly as she came, pushing him back as she sat up and shuddered for a moment, panting with exertion and arousal.
"That was amazing," she murmured.
He smiled slightly, obviously well aware of his skills, and proud of them.
"You were right, I've never come so hard or felt so much anticipation. What's your name?"
"Evan," he said.
"Will you fuck me now, Evan?"
Evan kissed her, his lips tangy and wet.
"Mm, you taste so good," she moaned. Rolling slightly, she spread her legs for him and he yanked his pants down off his rigid cock. He moved into position behind her and lifted her leg higher to insert the bulging head of his large dick in her hole. She pushed back as he thrust forward and he entered her deeply.
He kissed her neck as he embraced her from behind, squeezing her breasts. His teeth brushed over her earlobe for a little nip before he whispered, "We are fucking filthy." He jabbed himself in deep and held her tight, throbbing inside her. "You took so much cum, you made your own little mudpuddle here."
Cleo moaned, squirming, and noticed he was right. "Oh, yes, Evan, so goddessdamned dirty!"
He reached between her legs to attack her clit as he began to thrust.
"Yes!" she screamed. "Oh, Evan, you're so fucking good! Your cock is amazing!"
Evan began to thrust harder, faster. "You going to come for me again, you dirty slut?" he whispered hoarsely. "Your pussy is squeezing me tight, even how drenched it is, even after all those dicks had their way in it. You're about to get the biggest load yet. The strongest swimmers, and the best baby ever. Do you want a girl or a boy?"
"Oh, fuck!" Cleo cried. Her hips rocked faster, swirling around. "Oh, Evan! Yes! Your cum, that's what I want, your thick gooey seed!" She tried to control the burning heat in her pussy and the way it spread through her, but her body began to shake. Moaning, her muscles tensing, Cleo came again and harder than before. Her pussy swelled almost shut as she convulsed but he shoved his cock in deep. "Oh, Evan, Evan!"
Evan grunted as the trembling and squeezing of her orgasm milked his cock. Every muscle tensed but none more than the one inside her, he delivered the hot sticky cum she craved in a series of pulsing spurts. The twitches slowed, and they both panted with the exertion a moment. Finally he rolled back from her, sliding his cock out so he could sit up.

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