Passion’s Journey: Special Gift

tagGroup SexPassion's Journey: Special Gift

She tumbled through the woods, barely able to keep her feet moving toward the campfire she had seen from up on the hill. Sharp branches scratched her in the darkness, but she hadn't seen another person in this forest in days. Most stuck to paths, but Lisa was trying to make her own way. As a freak of nature, she had no choice but the life of a spinster, so she decided to find a new place to live far from the humiliation that her hometown turned out to be.
Still, she missed contact and conversation, and her deformity was easy enough to hide under most circumstances. She wanted to see who else was camping so far off the path, and she managed to hurry her tired feet when she spotted light ahead. She stopped when she could make out two men, whose attention had been drawn by her clumsy approach and stared toward her if not at her. One of them was quite handsome, with long hair tied back and a curious smile.
"Somebody there?" he called. His voice was deep, inviting, and the shiver that passed through Lisa was troubling. She considered backing off. "We won't hurt you. Are you hungry?"
Lisa's stomach growled. She hadn't eaten for hours. She approached cautiously, climbing over a limb and pushing through brambles as she stumbled into the clearing and the warm glow of their fire. The handsome man hopped to his feet, and the other, less handsome man hopped up a few seconds later.
"Have a seat," the first man offered his hand to assist her. "I'm Evan and this is Dean."
"Lisa," she said as she carefully sat next to the fire.
"Here," Dean said as she handed her some bread.
Lisa nodded thanks, glancing to the side as Evan sat next to her. "What brings you so far off the path?" she asked.
"I could ask you the same," Evan replied. "It looks like you've been cutting some rough terrain."
"I saw your campfire from up on that rise," she said with her mouth full, nodding to the south. She accepted more food as Dean provided it, "Mm, thank you. It was dark, and I guess I wasn't as careful as I should have been."
"Where are you from?" Evan asked.
Lisa nodded south again, shoving warm roasted roots into her mouth.
"Why'd you leave?"
"Why are you asking so many questions?" Lisa muttered.
"Curiosity and conversation," Evan said with a shrug. "How about this one: where are you headed?"
"Where are you headed?" she asked back, annoyed with his prying.
"Northwest right now," he answered. "Are you questing for the tournament?"
"No," she said. "Why would you think that?"
Evan shrugged, his face pointed a little down, but his eyes were intense in their gaze on hers. "You have the look of running from something that you can't escape."
"Are you one of those Waren mind-readers?" she asked warily.
"I hardly have to be, with responses like that," he assured her with a grin. "They think there's something wrong with you?"
"There is," she began angrily, but she really didn't want to get into it. She shook her head, "So where are you from, Evan? What made you decide to leave your home?"
"Well, I am from War, and I'm on Passion's Journey," Evan admitted. "That's where we leave the island to find love."
"Why?" Lisa asked. "Why not find love on your own island?"
"You know of Waren mind-readers, but not the curse of sons?" Evan scoffed. "The women on War were all brought from somewhere else, only boys are born there."
She had met only one Waren, a man and his wife moving back to his home island with an infant daughter. She looked at Dean as she chewed her last bite. "Are you from there, too?"
"No," said Dean. "We met in my hometown."
"Oh? He convinced you to leave town?"
"I wanted to leave for a long time before he arrived, he gave me the courage," Dean said. He glanced at his friend, who avoided eye contact bashfully.
"Why did you want to leave?" Lisa asked.
Dean shuffled uncomfortably, frowning. "I didn't like how I was being treated."
"They made him feel like a freak," Evan said. "There are plenty of places more tolerant of differences, people who will appreciate them. You were brave to decide on your own to escape a situation that was bad for you."
Lisa blushed furiously, shaking her head. The decision had been made for her. She wondered intensely what else he knew, and how he might use the information.
"You don't have to feel bad for the way you are," Evan assured he softly, taking her hand. "Every difference between us is a gift, in the eyes of some." His golden-brown eyes searched hers, she couldn't look away. Her heart was beating harder, faster. She didn't know if it was fear or excitement. "Why did you leave your hometown?"
"It's still none of your business," she insisted, cheeks burning with shame at the mere thought. "It's… it's very… personal."
"No problem," Evan relented, raising his hands. "You don't have to tell me."
"What does that mean?" Lisa asked, the hair on her neck bristling. "You already know?"
"I think I have a pretty good idea, and to me it seems an amazing gift. I'm pretty sure Dean will consider it even more so."
Lisa ground her teeth, the shame of a few weeks previous washing over her as hot as when it was fresh. She glanced at Dean, who showed definite curiosity. "Don't make fun of me," she growled. "I'm a freak, deformed. How dare you say…?"
"Differences are beautiful?" Evan finished for her. "I truly believe it. I don't think you have anything to be ashamed of."
Lisa's eyes were hot, sending warm streams down her cheeks. "Why are you saying this stuff? Are you so desperate for a tattoo on your back that you'll sleep with someone with a… a… mutant?"
"There was so much wrong with what you just said," Evan told her, chuckling. "Desperate for a tattoo? Let me show you something." He pulled his shirt off, turning slightly away.
Lisa had heard that mind-readers from War would collect tattoos of their lovers' names, but she had never imagined that so many would even be possible. Six lines of names ran down from his shoulder to the middle of his back. "This doesn't make you seem more attractive. I mean, cool, you'll sleep with anybody."
"Fair enough, but I have enough experience to know that differences can be really great. You're perfect the way you are."
Lisa wiped her cheeks. "I'm not perfect. When they found out…"
"I'm not them," Evan said. "I think you're beautiful."
"Please," she murmured, looking away. He placed a hand gently on her face, guiding her eyes back to his. "Don't do this, it's too…"
"I won't make you feel bad about anything," he assured her. "I'll make you feel really good."
Lisa tried to ignore the growing heat in her loins, the beginning of arousal. She tried to stop it, and it only made things worse. The wish of being touched by someone who accepted her unique body had been shattered when her husband found out her secret, but was coming back together now. If he really knew, and still wanted to be with her, then Evan might turn out to be her dream man. She couldn't ignore the faint hope for happiness that she had long since been afraid to strive for.
When she leaned slightly toward him, lips parted, Evan met her eagerly. He teased her tongue as he stroked her face and leaned in. He pulled her closer, kissing more deeply.
Lisa moaned as his hand climbed up her belly, beneath her shirt. She could control it, usually, by stopping herself from becoming too aroused; that was how she had slept with her husband without him realizing anything was wrong. She could already feel that control slipping. Her groin was throbbing desperately, but still she worked to keep it in.
"You're so sexy," he whispered to her as his fingers found her breast. "Your body is driving me wild… everything about it."
"Oh, Evan, please…" she moaned. "Please don't… don't look at me…"
"I'll close my eyes," he said, and kissed her as he pulled her closer still. She found herself in his lap, her blood rushing in her ears and into her crotch. She could feel it swelling. "I can still tell how exciting and gorgeous your body is."
"Oh, Evan," she moaned.
"I want to feel everything your gorgeous body can do," he assured her. she could feel his turgid flesh pressing against her. "Please show me. I promise I'll worship it as it deserves."
"You… you really," She managed. She was so afraid, but the excitement of finding someone like him, who could not only accept by appreciate her physiology, made it seem worth the risk. She took his hand and guided it down, from her breast, back across her belly and into the top of her pants. She cried out wordlessly as he took the lead.
Evan knew just what he was doing with his nimble fingers, toying with her pulsing clitoris even as he managed to unfasted her belt. He kissed her, letting her scream into his mouth in pleasure, and drew back grinning as he coaxed the head of her over-sized pleasure receptor from within. The way he touched her stiffening member, accepted it into his hand eagerly, made it grow still more. "That's so fucking hot," he assured her.
"Oh, fuck," she moaned. "Oh, fuck, no one… no one has ever touched me like this!"
"Does it feel good?" he asked.
"Yes! Yes, god, yes!"
"Mmm, it feels really fucking good," he agreed. "Stand up and let me get these pants off you. I want to see your extra special pussy, and I want to see this." He squeezed the extremely sensitive organ that protruded grotesquely from her clitoris, engorging to a full five inches.
"You're so filthy," she panted as she acquiesced, standing so he could slide her pants down. She glanced at where Dean watched with wide eyes as her body's irregularity was revealed. "You like this, too?"
"I've never seen anything so incredible," he assured her breathlessly.
"He wants to taste it," Evan told her, pulling her against him, this time from behind. "Have you ever had a mouth around your erect cock?"
"It's not a…"
"It's close enough for him," Evan whispered in her ear. "It's close enough to fuck his mouth."
"Please," said Dean.
Lisa's jaw hung slack. She couldn't answer but for a throbbing in her member that made it look like it was nodding. She moaned when Evan began to work her tits again, pulling on her nipples in a most pleasurable way. He knew exactly what to do to make her fleshy rod pulse harder. She was close to coming just from that, and the lustful attention at what she thought was a great, hideous shame.
"He claims to be an expert," Evan said. "Just imagine how good a tongue would feel sliding up that shaft right now." He bit her neck and she melted into his lap, his dick pressed along her pussy, though still in his pants. "Would you let me taste it?"
Lisa nodded, moaning, "You're so dirty…"
"It isn't dirty to use our bodies to give and receive pleasure," Evan assured her. "We all have gifts given by nature, and we should all use them to help people."
"Help you?" Lisa asked, amused. "Help you get another tattoo?"
"The tattoos aren't really the point, and I was talking about helping you. I have to show you how good it will be when you accept yourself and see what you can do." He pushed his groin up beneath, making her pussy burn and her jutting organ still harder. His fingers explored the rigid flesh tenderly. "Dean really thrives on positive consent. Are you ready for him to go down on you?"
Lisa rolled her eyes to Dean and back. "I'd rather you do it," she admitted.
Evan grinned as he turned her, kissing as he lay her down, and glancing at his friend with a smirk as he bent over the member that rose straight and taller than it had ever been, nearly seven inches. He licked the tip of it. "You taste great," he told her before licking some more.
Lisa shrieked in intense pleasure such as she had never imagined, she had been trying to ignore the possibility for so long. The way his mouth and tongue slid around her made her body burn with lust, her ecstasy growing. She had never had an orgasm, fervently avoiding the arousal of her member. Judging by the reaction of her townsfolk, she had been wise to keep it a secret, but these men's desire raised such heat in her, Evan's licking and sucking so much pressure. She cried out as spasms spread from her enormous clitoris, through her groin and all through her body, tightening every muscle at her climax.
Evan sat up, smiling down on her as she recovered. "Just wait," he said. "When that happens again while I'm penetrating you, you're going to come so much harder than that."
"Oh, god," she moaned, rolling over to her knees. Her fingers slid along her moist shaft, to her dripping hole. "Yes, put it in me, please."
"You're so sopping wet," he told her, teasing her with his dick. "Is this really the first time you've gotten off? But you're not a virgin."
Lisa shook her head. "I was married. It only comes out when I get really aroused."
"Doesn't sound like much of a marriage to me," Evan said, pressing his dick to the base of hers. "And when he found out, he didn't appreciate this sexy difference?"
"No," she said. "He… everyone he told, which was everyone, thinks I'm a freak."
He stroked her member with the head of his, lazily, tauntingly. "How long were you married?"
"Two years," she said. "Let's not…"
"I just don't think you've taken into consideration what springing this on him would do to his ego." He took both of their turgid cocks in hand and moved tickling fingers slowly along them. "'Hey Honey,'" he continued in an unflattering imitation of her voice. "'I've really enjoyed having sex with you the last two years. By the way, have you seen this thing that happens when I get sexually aroused?'"
Indeed, she hadn't thought of that at all, concerned only with her own shame. "It's true though. It isn't normal. I am a freak."
"Well, I think normal is overrated," he assured her, sliding his manhood down along her throbbing flesh. "I'm a freak, too. Dean's a freak. We can all get freaky together." His cock slid up to her hole and the head popped in. "This freaky clit of yours is twitching again." As his member entered her, hers began to swell into his hand. She screamed to the glory of all the gods she'd thought had cursed her as she came again, her sopping pussy squeezing the dick inside her as it pushed in hard.
As her spasms subsided, Evan's thick and rigid cock began to move again. She moaned as he took her around the middle and by one breast and hauled her up to her knees, leaning against him. He put his chin on her shoulder, looking down her body and still thrusting into her.
"You're so fucking beautiful," he said. "There's nothing sexier than a woman enjoying her body."
Lisa moaned agreement, grinding around his shaft as he pushed it deep. "Enjoy my body, too," she murmured. "Enjoy giving me this pleasure."
"I am," he assured her. "What about Dean? Can he enjoy your body, too?"
"I enjoyed watching you suck her off," Dean assured him breathlessly.
"Great," Evan said, the tone making it obvious that he didn't think it all that great. "Now. Don't you just want to put your mouth where mine was and get this freaky lady off again?"
"I do," he said. He glanced up at her face timidly.
Lisa ground on the dick in her, imagining how it would feel to have her over-sized clitoris sucked while being penetrated. "Do it then," she said, grabbing his head.
Dean bent and took her member eagerly between his large wet lips.
"Oh wow!" she cried out loud. "Oh, yes, you are good at this!"
Evan held her tighter, bounced her higher and thrust harder as she came down. "We're going to get you off so hard it blows your mind," the Waren told her. "I want you shaking as you climax. Your wellspring will be like a river, flowing with your hot fluids and mine."
"I can feel it building, heating up," she moaned. "I've never felt so much pressure… pleasure…"
"You're getting tighter," Evan said, panting. "I don't know how much longer I can last before I unload." his voice low and slow. "You're going to squeeze it right out of me. Your pussy is so hot and tight right now, but you're so wet, it feels amazing."
"Yes!" she cried, one hand on her breast and the other on Dean's head, pushing him deeper. "It feels amazing!" All too ready to accommodate, Dean took her to his throat, and she could see the way his arm moved, jerking off as he sucked her. She couldn't believe that her strange body was able to satisfy two men at once, or how amazing it felt. "Harder, deeper, please! I'm going to come!"
"Me too, baby," Evan grunted, pounding her from beneath. She pulled Dean tight as she reached another climax, and Evan planted himself deep. He took her by the throat as he unloaded, and the position hit just the right spot at the right moment, sending her shuddering even more. She screamed in ecstasy, in rapture. She never thought she would be able to be this happy with her body.
Dean came off, smiling and jerking himself faster as he looked at his friend, he came after just a few more seconds, his ejaculate spraying from his member to hers. After a few moments of heavy breathing, Evan lifted her off his shrinking cock so he could stand and stretch.
"Do you see what you can do now?" Evan asked. "How special your gift is?"
"I'm happy you like it," Lisa assured him, standing next to him and taking his arm when he finished fastening his pants. "I'm so lucky I met you."
"There are lots of guys who would be into it," Evan assured her. Slipping his arm from hers, he bent for his shirt less than he made distance between them. "Trust me, and trust yourself, you'll find someone better than me out there." He sat on his bedroll again and removed a small object from his satchel. "What's her name?" he asked his friend.
"Lisa," Dean said. "Why don't we keep this one around a while?"
Evan shrugged, arranging the position of needles in his little device. Lisa was about to become a tattoo. "It's kind of a turn off when they think they're in love with me."
"You bastard," she muttered.
He glanced up from the small needle block. "Everything I told you was true. I appreciate your body, but I never said this was a long-term thing. I'd rather be up front about that now, so I'm a bastard?"
"You might have been up front about it a little earlier," Lisa suggested sourly.
"Well, if I'd done that, you may not have had sex with me," he said, smiling as though this was all just some joke. He cleared his throat, looking away from the tears in her eyes and to his needles to finish setting her name. "Would you really want to undo that experience?"
Lisa considered the question at length, watching Dean place her name in ink at the end of a long list of other women. She had known when she saw that list what sort of man he was, but she had fooled herself because she wanted so badly to be with someone. She felt a little used, but his hedonistic lust for her uniqueness had still given her hope that other men might appreciate it, too.

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