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Though this is a sequence of 'PASTRY PART I', it can still be read as an independent story. Yet if you want a better grip, then please go for 'PART I' first.
The main six characters of 'PASTRY' are — Paula + Andrew + Saira + Tariq + Rambha + Yogesh = Add the 'INITIALS' of their 'NAMES' — It will be 'PASTRY'!
It can be tagged under Indian, Loving Wife, Christian, Romance, Muslim, Voluptuous, Hindu, Hair Fetish, Anal and Group Sex.
Enjoy reading…
CHAPTER: NINE — The Game Has Just Begun!
All the three couples (bosom friends) were sitting in the drawing room and sipping the imported Chilean red wine. Paula (30) and Andrew (33) were sitting on the specious triple-seated sofa. Saira (33) and Tariq (35) were lazing out of the black latherite couch. Rambha (33) and Yogesh (33) have eased out themselves on the low height Divan.
The get-together was for the house-warming party of Rambha and Yogesh (I). The planning and implementation of the party was by Rambha. The getaway to the 'House-Warming-Party' was nothing short of an 'All-New-And-All-Exciting' endeavour by my lovely wife Rambha — Who incidentally was the centre of attraction for the two inviting couples — Particularly Andrew and Tariq. Both of them were literally doodling over her voluptuous body and were just waiting for the right moment to grab her in the very first opportunity available.
Rambha looked at Tariq. He mischievously winked at her. She gave him a naughty smile. Then licked her lower lip with the tip of her tongue in a suggesting way. Tariq was her 'Heart-Throb' since Saira had send those intimate photos of her and Tariq's to her since past one year or so. Rambha blushed remembering their quick encounter in the dry kitchen area just sometime back, wherein she gave him an once-in-a-life-time blow job! He came like never before! And her mouth was stretched as if lost all its elasticity.
I looked at Saira and gave her a smile of anticipation, she blushed beetroot. For obvious reason as to what we two had indulged in sometime back in the guestroom. She virtually blew me to a body shattering orgasm! She was a cleaver manipulator and knew it jolly well how to handle her opponent in the game of love.
Paula and Andrew were totally oblivion as to what was going on between the other two couples. As the first round of wine was over, I was quick enough to refill the glasses with extra care and quantity for the women folks. So that they can loosen up in the course of the night.
Taking a deep gulp Andrew asked, "Hey Yogesh, shall we start the game?"
"Yeah, why not?" I said and checked my laptop, "Well Andrew, you may CHOOSE YOUR PARTNER for the 'PAPER DANCE'!"
Before I completed my sentence Andrew shouted, "Rambha… RAMBHA… and only R-A-M-B-H-A!!!"
There was a mild ripple among the other two couples, while Rambha giggled like a baby looking and hearing Andrew's antiques; Paula was a bit jealous, Tariq was heart-broken, Saira was sympathetic and I felt a churn in my belly.
I stood up and described the rules of the 'GAME'. I started off slowly, "Well, it is a normal double spread news paper. You and Rambha'll hold by the ends. There will be music and you both will dance to the tune of the music. As music stops, you fold the news paper to half and then stand on it. No part of your shoes should be out of the paper. If it happens, then you're out of the game."
I stopped for a moment took a sip of my wine and then continued again, "The music will start again and you will be dancing to the tune again. As and when the music stops, you will fold the paper again to half and stand on it. Follow the rule of the previous step. Maximum you can fold the paper six times. In the final fold the paper will become so tiny that your partner will have to virtually stand on your feet." I said while taking a breathe and another sip to continue, "If you complete 'ROUND SIX' you get the REWARD in FULL. If you complete round FOUR or FIVE you still get your REWARD but reduced by fifty per cent."
"What is the REWARD?" Asked Andrew restlessly while looking at Rambha with a lustful gaze.
"PUNSHMENT!" Both Paula and Andrew literally jumped out of their respective seats!
"Well, what is there in life without a little bit of twist in it? I questioned in style like a dialogue lifted straight from a Bollywood flick, then added, "Well, let me first detail out the reward part of it to pep up the night!" I said with a pause then winked at Andrew.
I could feel his adrenaline was pumping through his system at a high speed!
"If Andrew and Rambha complete the sixth round without any mistake then the reward is… HE HAS THE LIBERTY TO DENUDE HIS PARTNER — RAMBHA — WAIST UP!" I said and looked at all the five on-lookers faces… There were shock and surprise! Love and lust! Apprehension and Comprehension!
"WOW!" The two guest couples literally yelled out.
Andrew ogled at Rambha with a pair of telescopic eyes. I intercepted his view, "Hey Andrew, the game has neither started nor have you won it yet!"
"Am I that transparent?" Asked Andrew with a hitch.
"Well almost like glass!" I replied back with a little smile and then continued, "ADDED HE HAS THE LIBERTY TO PLAY WITH HER PEPS FOR FULL TEN MINUTES WITHOUT INTERUPTION OR DISRUPTION!"
That was a bolt from the blue! It was not part of Rambha's well defined script. I added it at the last minute to rave up the night. And to take the whole thing to the next level fast and quick!
Rambha was startled!
Andrew was mighty thrilled!
Paula's eyes were green with jealousy.
"CAN I KISS AND SUCK HER BOOBS AND NIPPLES?" Came the banter from Andrew.
"WOW!" Andrew beamed with joy.
I could see a tinge of jealousy in the eyes of Tariq. As per Saira's discussion with Rambha and to suffice that with their WhatsApp chat and photos, Tariq was head-over-heel in love with Rambha's voluptuous beauty since time immemorial. He had spent numerous nights fucking his beloved wife Saira imagining my beloved wife Rambha's pleasantly plump body!
I looked at both the arch rivals — Andrew and Tariq — so far as Rambha was concerned! It was a virtual tug-of-war between the two friends becoming foes for a female who incidentally was the better-half of their best friend (ME)!
"So can we start off?" Andrew was all eager to catch hold of Rambha. She giggled and said, "Andrew, you've not heard about the punishment part of the clause."
"Yeah, I forgot that!" He was honest.
"What that stands for?" Questioned back Andrew.
"That's it?" Again questioned Andrew.
She gasped biting her lower lip.
Saira gave a naughty smile to Paula while winking at Rambha and said, "Can I label this as an 'Official Swapping' between Andrew and Yogesh?"
Saira said that in a lighter mood, but her statement left me with a feeling of envy as to my loving wife would be manipulated by another man other than her husband!
For the first time I saw a mild shock of apprehension in the eyes of Andrew. But he was so much engrossed in his amorous feeling of possessing Rambha that he totally over-looked as to what he was putting at stake!
Anyway with all the confusion and excitement at galore, Andrew literally dragged Rambha by hand on to the centre-stage and asked in a dramatic and romantic tone, "Music please…"
I switched on the 'Home Theatre 8-Speaker Surround-Sound Music System' of a beasty 4600 watts. Though to a 'Tolerable-Echo-Sound-Effect'… Good enough for a 'Foot-Tapping'… Light and soothing slow dance number emerged through eight speakers placed in strategic locations.
Both Andrew and Rambha started dancing to the tune.
Andrew was a bigger man than Rambha, who couldn't help but notice him in awe. He was extremely fair unlike me and his chest was broad like me. She could see but not quite feel the curly red hairs of his masculine chest that poked through the open buttons of his tee. She liked his chest hair, and glanced at it excitedly.
That was a mild surprise to me! I never knew that Rambha was 'ALSO' a 'HAIR FETISH' woman!
The couple of wine had slowly started its effect and impact. Andrew noticed her gazing at him, and acted on my woman's inquisitiveness. He pressed his body full length into her, compressing her breasts into his chest.
The music stopped. Both Rambha and Andrew folded the paper into half, put it on floor and stepped on to it. Stayed static for ten seconds. Winning the first round comfortably.
Andrew Asked Rambha while still holding her hand, "How about a quick glass of wine, my dear?"
"My pleasure." Replied Rambha.
I was quick enough to handover two glasses of red wine to both the dancing stars. Whether out of excitement or anxiety I don't know; but they bottom up the glasses pretty fast and ready for the next song.
It was again slower number; Andrew put Rambha's arms around his neck and caressed the naked flesh of her back. Taking advantage of her backless blouse to the fullest! He slipped his hands lower and lower. In a gradual and calculative way… His unruly hands crept on to Rambha's sari-wrapped waist and down onto the curve of her bottom.
Rambha stiffened. With a great deal of courage, she whispered into his ear, "Andrew, please don't". Andrew gave a heed to her hissed voice, as he slide his hand on to her naked waist below the sari.
Her silence this time gave him the freedom as he slide his hands further below and simply cupped her silky bottom with his powerful hands, but did not fondle her cheeks, though he was dangerously close to do so.
She was quite but neither excited nor nervous! For her inner feeling his action wasn't enough of a transgression for her to overcome her shyness and complain. So she complied.
They danced.
He subtly started to caress her buttocks, using movements that might feel accidental to her. His movements were having the desired effect. Her cheeks were becoming more sensitive to his touch and wanted to be held!
He became bolder and was soon able to knead her bottom as he wished.
He was developing an erection, and she could distinctly feel him growing against her lower belly. As the intensity of the song grew, he cupped her round posterior and pressed her firmly to his ever growing crotch. Rambha's face was red — not with shame, but with excitement!
She had put her embarrassment to the bin so that her arousal could take her to a newer height! Her body began to perspire as it started its preparations for what was to come sooner or later. Her vagina started to become moist just by the sheer thought of his strong hands on her naked boobs.
The music stopped again. They folded the paper again. It became a half size paper and both of them stood on it without any hassle and remained like statues for ten seconds, thus qualified for the next round with ease.
It was a long dance number and both began to perspire a bit. There was a thin layer of sweat on both their faces and hands. He looked at her and she reciprocated. Both were gradually loosening up with two back to back slow numbers and wine was acting as a catalyst to galvanize their magnetic attraction.
"Hey champs," I provoke the couple, "How about another glass of wine?"
"I don't mind." Said Andrew and lifted two glasses, while handing over one to Rambha. They tangled their hands in an inter-locking manner and started drinking the wine as if competing with each other.
"Ready for 'Round Three'? Asked Andrew.
Rambha nodded her head in affirmation. Both moved on to the arena.
I started the music. Again a slower rhythmic number.
As they danced, Rambha's bottom wasn't Andrew's only focus of attention. Along with the rhythm of the romantic slow song, he took her hand in his and placed it on his heart. In this position, he had to give up his contact with her right boob, but it was a sacrifice he was willing to make in order to achieve his next objective in a well planned and calculative way. Pressing her close to him, he moved their hands to her breast!
Again, a very subtle movement and not enough for a hesitant yet fairly hung-over woman to protest to her partner for a good third dance number.
He leaned to her ear and whispered into her ear, "Put your arms around my neck. I want to feel your fingers in my hair", He said in a tone of instruction rather than request.
Without contemplating the impact of this action, she complied in a subtle and subdued manner. Andrew rather than moving his hand to her back, however left it where it was, right atop her boob. She stiffened in sudden recognition of the intruder on to her private property! For which 'ONLY' I've got the license to fiddle or manipulate! But to my utter surprise, Rambha didn't speak a word or protest a bit!
I felt knots in my belly.
Andrew was behaving pretty normal. Pretending not to notice, where his hand was in real sense. They continued to dance, but her steps were measured, for obvious reason. He had placed his hand carefully. After one full minute of inaction, for her to settle down, he re-started his killing actions in a 'Chess-Player' manner! Studying the opposition's mind!
He gently extended his thumb. It found her blouse-clad nipple. More stiffness, very careful movement. Her nipple began to react and harden. He pressed more firmly, all the while acting as though they were simply dancing among friends (which they were).
I noticed that Andrew had captured my wife's breast with his strong palm, and was pleasantly surprised when he winked at me with an arrogant smile.
Rambha's nipple was now totally erect. Even conspicuously visible through two layers of clothing! Finally Andrew moved his hand to comfortably cup her entire boob! As if he owned it! As they danced, he kneaded the soft tissue of her fleshy mound through the thinness of her designer dress until she was aroused to a level of almost no return!
I had programmed the music in such a way that the songs and the music should have a lingering effect on the performers body and mind so that they can be more opened-up to get real closed-up!
Rambha was a bit flushed and a little confused. The four glasses of red wine had started to take the toll. She wasn't sure she could continue dancing with Andrew any further. But the soothing music had its impact on her body and mind.
Without giving any time to sort out her feelings, he swept her into his strong arms. He reaffirmed his control over her right breast. With four pairs of eyes looking at them intently and spying them very closely.
Rambha silently allowed Andrew to tease her. It was her arousal or surrender, difficult to say at that that moment of time.
But the reality was that he surprised her by moving in on her left breast as well. Towards the end of the song, he was aggressively milking her without remorse. Her breasts were soft, smooth and getting very warm, and she felt a tinge of wetness between her fleshy legs. Precisely inside her pubic mound.
The music finally stopped. But they did not stop. While folding the paper to yet another half, they were still swinging to the earlier rhythm. She was an all beautiful woman, and he was enjoying his exploration of her voluptuous body like a real man.
As they put the paper on floor and stood on their toes to avoid their shoes to beyond the margin of the paper, he kneaded her ripe globes, pressed his hips into her firm belly, and took in her gorgeous face and hair by his eager hands.
She looked at him and locked her eyes into his as if getting hypnotised.
As they got separated for a break before the next round, he gave her a smooch right on her pouty lips for the first time.
He was hot and she was thrilled. Tariq literally burnt with envy and Paula with jealousy.
Better not to speak about my mental and physical condition. I was praying to God — To disqualify them in round four, so that I can take sweet revenge on him by manipulating his dear wife Paula.
This time Rambha picked up two glasses of wine. Poured one into the other. Drank half and gave the remaining half to Andrew. Without baiting an eyelid he drank it to the last drop. Paula was astounded! How? How could Andrew drink a drink which was already taken by Rambha! Never in their married life he ever did it with her! It just can't be his infatuation for her. Much more than that! Ardour? Fervour?? Obsession???
Time to move over to Round Four! If they qualify for this round then the real fun starts! I switched of the music and they resumed their dance slowly. They were close to each other.
Real close.
His touches were creating magic inside her lathe body. Her very distended nipples poked prominently through her dress and caught the attention of the on-lookers. Two of the other women — Paula and Saira gave knowing smiles to Rambha. While she was too inebriated to contemplate it, the two men were virtually burning with fiery passion for what had been pursued by Andrew so far.
He mentally surveyed his progress. Although she didn't realize it, in less than last half an hour, he had felt up nearly all of the clothing on her body. He had carefully researched her chiffon sari, and now knew that she was wearing a dress with thin strapped bra — a lycra-based front-open bra; and an unexpectedly tiny and narrow crotch thong. To get her naked, all he needed was to remove five pieces clothing — blouse, bra, sari, petticoat and thong. That's it!
In addition, on numerous occasions he had been able to press his cock into her belly. He loved how she felt, and he knew she could feel that he was carrying a larger than normal weapon. But he had not yet challenged her crotch. Knowingly. Purposefully.
Nevertheless, he took a moment to wonder what kind of ride she would give him when he forced his manhood into the loveliest hole in the world that was nestled between her plump legs might be some time later down the line. For sure. Place though was a big question? On the sofa? Couch? Or Divan?
As they were swaying away in their hung-out dancing mode, Andrew pulled Rambha much closer to him and kissed her again on her luscious lips. She was not prepared and was taken aback.
The music stopped and the paper got folded again. Andrew laid the paper on the floor and stood first on it. Rambha was supposed to step on his shoes. As she did the same, the bulge of her crotch was rubbing her pubic mound in a naughty way. She was too carried away ONLY to step back. Consequently they lost in round four.

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