Paula Ch. 02

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Editor's Note: this submission contains raceplay and racial kink content.
Paula was enjoying her new life in the south. She had her own small accounting firm and her live-in boyfriend ran his own restaurant that she purchased for him with her family money. Her ex-husband is long gone. And her sex life was good. Even though she was 42 and had a big curvy body, her 18-year-old white lover, couldn't get enough of her black pussy. Of course, she also let him have her mouth, tits and ass whenever he wanted them.
At first, things were perfect, but then Donny started spending more and more time at his restaurant. Even though Paula handled the books for him, he wanted everything to be just right for his customers so he was there almost 14 hours a day. Unfortunately, that meant he was often tired when he got home so Paula had to go to bed frustrated or with one of her toys.
She knew Donny wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer so she tried not to complain much or nag at him. But she really needed him to give her pussy a workout. Although she enjoyed sex with her ex-husband, it had never really seemed as important as it was now. It seemed to her like it all started when her ex-husband had her gang banged at Billy's Bar. She had since purchased it, evicted Billy, remodeled it and given it to Donny for his restaurant. She remembered the men treating her like trash the night they gang banged her. They abused every part of her body and made her do things that she had never considered doing before. And then they left her in the trash all night.
But then for some reason, she went back again to tell them that she had bought the bar and was closing it. And they gang banged her again and left her in the trash covered with piss, spit, ashes, cum and grease.
She hadn't thought much of those two horrible nights until recently. Her thoughts seemed to reappear when she started getting less of her 18-year-old's big cock. She tired begging and pleading with him to fuck her or to let her suck his cock. Sometimes he consented, but was usually too tired to give it much effort. This got Paula more and more frustrated, and she finally realized that she had to do something about it before her pussy drove her crazy.
She gave it some thought, and then told Donny that she had to go out of town for a few days. He told her that he would look after their house and the restaurant and would see her when she got back. This was the first time they were separated since he had moved in with her.
Paula only had a short drive to her destination. She knew where the disgusting reprobates from Billy's Bar ended up after she closed his bar months ago. Billy opened another bar about 15 miles from his previous location. It was a dive, just like his last bar. She also knew that there was a small 'No-Tell Motel' just across the two-lane country road from the bar.
As Paula was packing her small suitcase, her stomach was doing flip flops. She was really having second thoughts about this. But she had purchased some short skirts and trampy tops and dresses that would be risqué for a woman half her age. Her hands trembled on the wheel as she drove to the motel and checked in. She spent a couple of hours trying to convince herself that this was a stupid idea as she consumed a few glasses of liquid courage.
Finally, around 10:00, she put on a short halter dress, hid her room key in the flower box outside her room and sauntered across the street. She stopped at the door and almost changed her mind. She knew this was stupid and dangerous.
She opened the door and stepped inside. As she looked around, she recognized a few of the men who had participated in her previous gang bangs. The place smelled of beer and there behind the bar was the standard Confederate flag. Naturally, the entire clientele of about 14 or 15 men were all white, all overweight and all quite unattractive.
Within seconds the conversations stopped as everyone turned and looked at the newcomer. Her legs began to tremble when Billy turned and glared at her before smiling an evil grin. "Well, well, well," he said. "Looks like our fat nigger bitch wants more. Is that right, nigger?"
Paula stared at him but said nothing. A few of the men moved slowly towards her and one of them grabbed her arm. When she turned to look at him, he said, "Billy talking to you nigger. Answer him."
Paula looked down at the floor and the man shook her as Billy repeated, "I asked you if you wanted more, nigger. Do ya?"
Paula slowly looked up at her tormentor and nodded her head. "Yes sir."
Billy announced, "Any of you knuckleheads don't want to fuck this nigger, git out." Nobody moved so Billy nodded to a 350-pound redneck in coveralls near the door and he reached over and locked the door.
Billy walked around the bar and right up to Paula. He was about six inches taller than her so he glared down at her and announced, "This here is the nigger who got me throwed out of my last bar. She thinks she can push people around cuz she gots some money. Ain't that right, bitch?" Paula looked down at the floor. Billy lifted her head and slapped her face. Then he spit in her face and slapped her again. He held her head up as he glared into her eyes and said, "We're gonna fuck you up, slut. You understand me, cunt?"
As she looked down and nodded her head, Billy reached out, grabbed the top of her dress and ripped it from her body. As the big men surrounded the 42-year-old black woman, she began to tremble, which made them laugh. One of the men used his knife to cut her panties from her body leaving her naked in the middle of a bar full of fat white nigger-hating rednecks.
Before she knew what was happening, her arms were pulled over her head and she was tied to a ceiling rafter with her feet just barely touching the floor. The men spanked and whipped her with their hands and belts. Two men lifted her legs until she was horizontal above the floor. Another man said that her pussy was soaking wet as he roughly shoved the neck of a beer bottle into her cunt making her scream. "Unnnggg! Ahhhh shit!" The men all laughed at her as she had her first climax.
He fucked her with the beer bottle for a few minutes and then pulled it out and turned it around putting the bottom of the bottle into her stretched out pussy. As he was pummeling her pussy again, another man rammed a pool cue stick up her ass hole, which made her cum again.
As Billy stood beside the impaled 42-year-old, he demanded, "What are you, slut? Tell us all what you are."
"Ahhhh!" She screamed. "Aaarrrrgggh! I . . . I'm a . . . Ahhh! I'm a whore. I. . . I w-want your cocks. F-fuck meeee!"
The men all laughed at her again and several took pictures with their phone cameras. After toying with their slut for a while, they cut her down and laid her on one of the filthy tables. She knew she was laying in beer and who knows what else. She focused her eyes just in time to see a short fat man with just a few teeth step up and ram his cock into her pussy. "Ahhhh, shit! Oh fuck!" She yelled. He fucked her hard as he slapped and bit her black tits. After he dumped his load into her, other men followed one at a time. When each man finished, he withdrew his cock and then walked around the table and made her clean it with her mouth. After she was fucked by about five men, Billy used a wooden spoon to scoop as much cum as he could from her used pussy and fed it to her. She gobbled it down without any resistance.
They flipped her over on the table and spent the next hour taking turns fucking and shoving things into her ass. She came over and over again as the big sweaty men fucked and abused their black slut. She licked and sucked everyone's cock after they finished fucking her ass.
A couple of the men lifted her spent body and carried her to the pool table and lowered her on to one of the men laying on the table. His cock easily slid into her stretched and well used cunt. A second man stood behind her and shoved his cock onto her ass. When she opened her mouth to scream, Billy shoved his cock into her mouth making all the men cheer and snap a few more pictures. Billy yelled, "Got got us an air tight nigger whore, boys." They cheered again. By now, Paula didn't care what they called her as long as they kept fucking her.
Men were coming and going all evening. As one or two finished with their black slut and left, a few more would arrive to have their turn with her. They were able to get two cocks into her pussy without much trouble even though she screamed like a banshee. Billy was worried that she would wake everyone across the street in the motel. They were even able to get the head of a third cock into her pussy, but the man was too fat to get close enough to ram it all the way in. They made her crawl around the floor begging them to let her suck their cocks and to spank her big black ass.
Once when she passed out, the men left her on her back and took wagers on how many pool cue handles they could get into her pussy and ass. They took pictures of her with three in her pussy and two in her ass.
When she finally regained her consciousness, Billy said, "Hey cunt, you haven't licked one ass hole yet, have you?" Paula hesitated and then slowly shook her head no. Billy laughed and said, "Well, it's about time that you begged us to let you lick our asses, bitch."
The men were removing the cue sticks from her body as she moaned and said, "Please Billy. Can this worthless whore lick your ass?"
Billy dropped his pants and turned around and said, "Eat it, cunt." Paula crawled across the floor and shoved her face between his two huge ass cheeks. The smell was awful and she heard voices around her saying, "What a whore!" and "She's lickin the shit in Billy's ass hole." And "Even street whores don't do that." And "She's just a sleazy fuck hole whore."
The names were making her hot again although her strength and stamina were slowly giving out. After she finished licking Billy's ass and jacking his cock, nine other men let her do the same to them. As Billy was watching his customers use the black whore, he filled a beer mug with a mixture of beer, piss, spit and the ashes from his cigarette. When she finished rimming the last man, he told her to drink it, and she did, without hesitation, even though the ashes almost made her gag.
At one point, Billy leaned down, spit in her face and said, "Listen, you worthless black whore. Anytime you want a bunch of us white guys to use your fuck holes, you just bring your slutty ass back to my bar. You understand me, nigger?" She looked up at him and nodded her head. He leered at her and said, "I bet you'll be back sniffin around our white asses again, won't ya?" Paula nodded her head and then passed out.
By 3:20 in the morning, Paula was drifting in and out of consciousness. She had no idea how many different men had used her slutty body that night. And Billy had lost count after 22. The men were getting tired and Billy wanted to lock up and go home. Bubba said, "What should we do with the fuck hole, Billy?"
Billy laughed and said, "When she visited my bar before, we just put her out with the trash and pissed on her. After all, boys, ain't she just a piece of black trash?" They all laughed and agreed. Paula was dragged across the floor and around the back of the bar. She was lifted tossed into a small dumpster. The men all stood back and spit and pissed over the side of the dumpster onto their well- used cum dump.
The men left and Paula lay in the dumpster for two hours before finding the strength to get up and climb out. She had no idea where her dress was, but it was still dark so she limped across the road, found her key and went straight to her shower. She spent a long time in the shower and then fell into bed and was asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.
The next day, her whole body ached. She paid for another night at the motel and slept all day long. That night, she didn't even think of crossing the road again. She grabbed some food at the restaurant next door and then sat in her room and watched television until midnight and then walked outside to get some fresh air. She noticed that the motel was mostly empty as she walked around. When she heard a door slam, she looked across the street and saw Billy shut and lock the door of the bar. He turned and started for his car when she yelled, "Hey Billy."
He stopped and looked across the road. Then he started towards her. He stopped when they were on opposite sides of the roadway only about 20 feet apart. He leered at her and said, "What are you doing here, slut? If you want your fuck holes banged again, you're too late."
She didn't know why, but she said, "What about you, Billy? I have a room. Will you fuck me?"
He slowly walked across the road while grinning an evil grin at her. "Maybe if you ask me nice, cunt. Maybe if you tell me what a worthless piece of garbage you are and beg me to fuck you, I might."
She looked down at her feet for a second and then looked back into his eyes. She pleaded, "Please Sir. Won't you please fuck this worthless whore? I know I'm not worthy of you. I'm just a black trash cum dump. I'm begging you for your white cock, sir. Please."
Billy walked confidently over to his submissive slut, grabbed her hand, spit in her face and said, "Let's go to your room, slut."
She led him to her room and immediately dropped to her knees in front of him. "Please sir. May this nigger suck your beautiful white cock?" He chuckled at her submissiveness and nodded his head. She quickly pulled out his cock and wrapped her lips around it.
Eventually he pulled his cock from her mouth and said, "Now tell me what you want, slut."
"Please fuck me, sir. I want your white cock. I'm begging you to please fuck this unworthy cum dump. Please use me as you want, sir. I belong to you."
Billy chuckled as he though how far this high and mighty bitch has fallen. He banged all of her holes for the next couple of hours. She eagerly ate all of his cum whether it was shot into her mouth or whether it was scooped form her body or the floor and put into her mouth. He told her what a worthless piece of trash she had become and that she was only worthy to be the property of white men to use any way they wanted. She readily agreed with anything he said just to get his hard cock back into her body.
Finally, they fell asleep. Billy was wakened in the morning and discovered his cock in Paula's mouth. She licked and sucked his cock, balls and ass hole before breakfast and then ran next door to the restaurant for carry out. She gave him breakfast in bed and another blow job before he slapped her ass on the way out the door and said, "Come back any time, slut. We'll be more than happy to repeat last night's performance. I think you liked that, didn't you?"
Paula nodded her head and said, "I'll definitely be back, Sir." She packed her suitcase and limped to the car. "I've been fucked enough to last a while," she thought to herself. "Hopefully, the next time I'm horny, Donny can take a few minutes and take care of my itch."
When she arrived back home a little later, Donny met her at the door with a big hug and kiss. "I missed you, babe. Do you feel up for a little lovemaking?"

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