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Told by my wife, Paula Mann
I wasn't spanked at home, not like that anyway. I remember my Mum used to smack the tops of my legs when I was naughty and it didn't matter where I was at the time. At the shops, with the doctor, on my way to school, or on my way home. Before dinner or after dinner. It didn't matter to my Mum, if I was naughty I got my legs slapped. That's it.
The last time I remember Mum slapping my leg I was 16. I know that sounds a bit old and a leg slapping should be for younger girls but my Mum didn't seem to mind. At 16 I was probably a bit of a handful, hormones raging I guess, and wanting to be an adult but acting like a child.
We were in Waitrose of all places in the queue to pay. It's all self-service checkout now but then we had to queue up. I was angry because Mum wouldn't buy me something I wanted. Probably makeup because I was an adult, and probably sulking because I was a child.
"Stop sulking Paula or you know what will happen".
"You wouldn't," I said.
So she did. She lifted the back of my skirt and spanked the tops of my legs. Not just once, three times. And it stung I can tell you.
I think the embarrassment was worse than the sting, I was 16 for heaven's sake!
The cashier was congratulating my Mum saying that we need more mothers like her and the 19-year-old boy behind us in the queue was supporting the largest smile I have ever seen. He must have seen my knickers as well as the tops of my legs getting very red and stinging.
It must have stung, but I don't remember the pain, just the humiliation, and embarrassment. I can still feel that now as I recall the incident, nearly thirty years later.
Before I go on I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Paula Mann. No, that's not my real name, that is the pen name I use when writing these stories. I am reasonably well known in my industry around the world so I don't use my real name. I would hate the readers of my more serious books to discover my secret. One day maybe, but today is not that day, I hope.
I am in my mid 40's, married to Peter, and live in Reading UK. Peter is 20 years older than me and I guess you could say I look up to him. He tends to make all the decisions and I am okay with that.
I am 5ft 5ins in my stocking feet, weigh just a little too much, and have small breasts but a delightfully spankable bottom, so I am told by Peter. With 2 children you can guess that I am in my second marriage and I had a 4-year relationship with a married man in-between. In all my previous relationships I have been in charge. My first husband (Ben) is a bit of a wimp. I guess we were in love at the time and he is still an excellent father to the children, but if there was any discipline to be done in the family it was down to me. The man I was seeing after I left my first husband was also under my control. In fact, in almost every situation I have been in since I was at school I was in charge until I met Peter.
I also have my 25% to consider. I love men, but I admitted to Peter soon after we got together that about 25% of me loves women as well. To be perfectly honest that 25% that I admitted to is more like 50%. Does that make me bisexual? I have no idea. Bi-curious? Certainly. Although I have never had a sexual relationship with another girl, apart from juvenile fumblings at school, many of my fantasies over the years have included women. Even now when I am in bed with Peter snoring beside me, I am often reading lesbian fantasies while I masturbate gently so as not to waken the beast.
I received my first erotic spanking from Peter and my first discipline spanking from him as well, just 8 years ago when we first got together.
Although Peter was the first person to spank me since that incident in Waitrose. I have fantasized about being spanked and about spanking, my whole life. In this book, I will tell you how I was spanked in my fantasies from the age of 18 when I discovered spanking stories that turned me on, to the first day I went out with Peter. I am going to share my fantasies as if they actually happened for both your enjoyment and mine. They didn't happen, of course, they are just fantasies, but the situations I found myself in did happen, much as I described them. It will be up to you to decide where reality stops and fantasy starts.
Uncle George and Auntie Mae
I was bright at school. Good at the things boys were good at and not really into wearing dresses and makeup. Even now you will never see me in a dress unless I am told to wear one by Peter, and that is usually so he can lift it up to spank me when he wants to. My parents lived in Manchester when I was young, still do, but I wanted to go to University in Newcastle where my friend was going. My Dad was happy to pay for the first year in University but I had to pay for my accommodation if I wanted to study away from home. I thought I would have to get a job but then I remembered I had an aunt and uncle who lived in Newcastle. I didn't know them very well but it seemed reasonable to ask if I could live with them and they agreed so I was off.
I was quite surprised to find them both at the station to meet me, and I was greeted with hugs and smiles. I wasn't really used to hugs as it wasn't commonplace in my family, but both Auntie Mae and Uncle George hugged me tight and then patted me on the bottom at the end of the hug. Uncle George patted me harder than Auntie Mae, but that was okay, I guessed that other families are different. I was wearing jeans of course so they weren't hurting me at all, but it felt a little different, nobody had touched my bottom since I was very young.
Back in their car, we drove to Gateshead where they lived, the nice part of Gateshead they told me, and it was nice. Not exactly close to the University but just a bus ride away across the river and that will do. Auntie Mae said that I should call them Mae and Geordie but I said I would like to call them Uncle and Auntie if that was okay, I think she was pleased.
Auntie Mae was 63 she told me, and Uncle George probably a little older. They had a son called Brian, my cousin, who was very clever and 12 years older than me. Brian lived in Oxford with his wife and two children and didn't come home very much, just once a year at Christmas, so I could have his old room.
I signed on at the University, did the orientation and the first few weeks went very well. One thing that was different from living with my parents was the hugging. We all hugged in the morning when we got up and again when I left for varsity. When I arrived home at night there were more hugs and again before bedtime. The hugs were always accompanied by bottom patting, and I quite liked it, especially in the evening when I was in my PJs or thin shorts in the summer. Uncle George's pats were a little harder than Auntie Mae's but they didn't sting really.
I had been living with my Uncle and Auntie for about 4 months when things moved on a little.
I wasn't paying rent and while I did buy some food. I still felt guilty about living for free especially as they were not so wealthy, so I did a lot of the cleaning and washing up, etc. to try and show them that I was very grateful for their support. One Saturday I was running the vacuum over the carpet in the lounge when I knocked a table and a glass vase fell off onto the floor and smashed into a thousand pieces. Auntie Mae came running in, saw her vase smashed on the floor, and started to cry. She wasn't angry at me, she said it was just that the vase belonged to her mother and she would miss it. We cleared up the mess and went on to finish preparing dinner together. Uncle George was late that night, something about a union meeting, and I was in bed when he came home. When he came in to say goodnight I got out of bed to hug him just like I normally did and we hugged for a long time. I was in my PJ's of course and he had his hand on my bottom as usual gently smacking me.
"I heard about you breaking that vase. Your Auntie was very upset, it was her mother's you know."
"I know Uncle, I was very upset as well. I still feel guilty" I said to him
"Humm," said my Uncle. "And what sort of punishment should there be for being so careless?"
"I think I should probably get a spanking Uncle." I have no idea why I said that. Maybe it was because he was still patting my bottom through my thin silky PJs and stroking it as well.
"Are you sure Paula?"
"I think so."
I was not at all sure, but I had said it now, so there was no going back.
Uncle George released me from the hug and sat on the bed, pulling me gently over his knee. Resting his hand on my bottom he repeated why I was to be spanked and that I should relax my bottom or it would sting too much. Then he spanked me over my PJs.
The spanking lasted just a few minutes and it wasn't very hard, but I was crying very loudly when he finished. I was still over his knee and still crying when Auntie walked into the room to see what was happening.
"Oh Geordie, she didn't need a spanking for that, it was an accident." Auntie Mae said.
I was getting up now and wiping my nose on the sleeve of my PJs when I said "I asked Uncle George to spank me, I felt so guilty about the vase Auntie."
Then she hugged me patting my bottom at the same time. "You are a good girl Paula and there is no need to feel guilty, you know we both love you very much."
I started crying again. I couldn't remember the last time anybody told me they loved me. It wasn't like that in my family, we didn't talk about love or hug each other or anything, so being hugged and loved and even spanked was wonderful.
Auntie Mae tucked me into bed with a kiss on my cheek and told me that we would talk about it in the morning. I was so happy I couldn't sleep. Their expressions of love all got tied up with the hugging and patting and spanking, I just laid there with a smile on my face and a warm glow on my bottom. I slipped my hand into my PJs and felt my bottom, remembering what it was like to be over Uncle George's lap. My bottom was warm to the touch and still stung a little but not much. I like bottoms, even my own, so it was pleasant to gently rub it. As my finger slipped between my cheeks I was shocked. I was wet, very wet. I had no idea why I didn't notice that before. Pushing my PJs down I felt my pussy and it was soaking. I don't think I had ever been this turned on before. With one hand squeezing my bottom to get back the sting, the other finding my clit and still dreaming about being over Uncle's knee, it took just a few seconds for me to orgasm. Then I fell asleep.
Auntie Mae's Revelation
Auntie Mae woke me the following morning with a cup of tea. It was Sunday so no need to get up early except Auntie Mae said we would be going to the nine o'clock service so I should get ready. "Do I have a dress?"
Well, of course, I didn't have a dress, I don't wear dresses remember, and I didn't go to church either but Auntie Mae seemed to think that I should go this morning and I was pleased to make her happy, even if I went in jeans.
Auntie Mae said she would leave me to get dressed which was a good thing because I could feel that my PJs were still around my knees and my hand was cupping my pussy. Lucky it seemed I had pulled up the duvet before I went to sleep.
Auntie insisted we walked to church even though Uncle George offered to drive us. "Geordie doesn't go to church since his brother died in that pit accident," Auntie Mae explained, "but I like to walk, clears my head."
So we walked and talked, and talked, and talked. It was lovely. The activity the night before wasn't mentioned until I was about to sit on the wooden pew in church. "Are you okay to sit down?" Auntie Mae asked.
I just smiled and sat. I couldn't feel the spanking at all this morning and I was a bit disappointed.
On the way home Auntie Mae guided me onto the park opposite their house and we sat on a bench. "Now I want a serious chat about last night." Auntie Mae introduced the conversation.
I thought I should make the conversation easier for her so I told her that I felt much better after Uncle George spanked me and I probably deserved it for being careless. I also told her that I was probably too old to be spanked and it would probably not happen again but I loved them both very much and I have never been happier in my whole life.
"That's the thing you see." Auntie Mae interrupted me. "It probably will happen again, often. Geordie loves to spank bottoms. He used to spank mine at least once a week until quite recently, and I enjoyed it."
I was shocked to hear her say that and she went on to tell me that the spanking had stopped when I arrived because I would be able to hear them and she was embarrassed. She would occasionally get her bottom spanked in the afternoon while I was at Uni, and if Uncle George could get away from work, but it wasn't the same as their usual Sunday evening maintenance spanking which they both enjoyed. Then she started to cry.
I told her that they shouldn't let me spoil their life and I can wear headphones and listen to my walkman so I would never hear them.
I was holding her hand now and trying to make things better for her. "What time do you get your maintenance ……?" I couldn't bring myself to say the last word.
I could see that Auntie Mae was excited. "Six o'clock Sunday evening. Then that is the end of the day for us if you see what I mean."
I nodded my understanding although I am not sure I understood at all. "Okay. I will close my bedroom door at 5:45 every Sunday and wear my headphones until I go to sleep. We need never mention this again if you like."
I could see that Auntie Mae was very excited as we walked across the road and into their house.
On Sunday we always had a roast lunch and my Uncle and Auntie slept in the lounge most of the afternoon. It was almost the only time they ever used the lounge. I would normally be in my bedroom upstairs studying but this afternoon I was too excited to work. At 5:45 I put on my loudest music with my headphones on and tried not to listen. At twenty minutes past six, I couldn't stand the tension so I switched the music off and listened.
Uncle George seemed to be speaking loudly as if to a child and Auntie Mae was saying a lot of "Yes Sirs." That lasted about 15 minutes and then the spanking started. Muffled at the beginning but very soon I could hear that the spanking was on a bare bottom. The spanking was slow with about 10 seconds between each smack. There were lots of ouches and pleading but at the same time there were moans and at one stage I heard Auntie Mae say "Oh Geordie, I have missed this."
Then there was silence for maybe 10 minutes. I wondered if that was it, but it seemed not.
I could hear the cane whistled through the air followed by a loud crack and a scream from Auntie Mae and lots of shushing sounds from Uncle George. There were no more screams from Auntie may although there were eleven more whistles and cracks. I counted them.
Then there were another 10 minutes of absolute silence. I wondered what Uncle George had done to her, and thought I had better go down to see if all was okay. Then I remembered that I promised to wear headphones and I shouldn't be listening.
Soon after that, I heard the kettle whistle followed by the two participants climbing the stairs happily chatting.
I didn't dare open my door but I heard the toilet flush a couple of times and their bedroom door close leaving the house quiet again.
Their bedroom was right next to mine and although this was an old house with solid interior walls, about ten minutes later I heard Auntie Mae say, "Oh Geordie, not again." Followed by another ten minutes of slow spanking and, I guess, rubbing and humping until there was an explosion of orgasms that must have been heard in the park across the road.
At the start of their session, I had been wearing my usual jeans and t-shirt, but as the action progressed, down came my jeans, then my knickers as I was massaging my pussy. Each time there were spanking sounds I orgasmed and then took a break in the quiet times. I changed into my PJs during one of the quiet times, just in case they came in to say goodnight, but that didn't stop me from playing. I found the whole evening so very exciting, even though I just had the audio version. My final orgasm came with theirs but I am sure they didn't hear me.
That weekend changed my life. Firstly the spanking over Uncle's knee on Saturday night and then the audio spanking on Sunday with my imagination filling in the pictures. I think it was at that point I discovered how important orgasms would be in my life, especially if they are in conjunction with spanking.
Life carried on much as it had done except for Sunday evenings which I spent quietly in my room pretending to listen to my walkman. The noises from downstairs didn't change very much on those Sunday evenings. They always started with Uncle George telling Auntie Mae off for some supposed infraction of some imaginary rules. Maybe the rules were real, I couldn't hear what was said, just the tone it was said in.
This was always followed by the unmistakable sound of a spanking on a bare bottom, then 10 minutes of silence. The next stage was variable. Sometimes I heard the swish/crack of the cane, other times there was no sound, just Auntie Mae's howling and sobbing. Later there was always the whistle of the kettle, the feet climbing the stairs, the bathroom being used and another bare bottom spanking followed by the three of us having a wonderful orgasm together, although they didn't know I was involved. So I thought.
Sneaking downstairs
It was seven weeks later that I finally decided that I had to know what the 10 minutes silence between spanking was all about. I had no idea and could not imagine, so on that Sunday evening, I crept downstairs after the first spanking had started to see what was happening. Of course, if the dining-room door was closed I would be out of luck but as it happened, the door was ajar and I could see the tall mirror in the corner which had a perfect view of the whole room. I pushed the door open just a little to get a better view and sat down to watch. I was wearing my PJs just in case I had to rush upstairs and pretend I was in bed, but I didn't expect that would happen, Sunday evening had been the same for the past two months. It was the one night of the week that I didn't get my evening hug before bedtime.
What I saw in that mirror is etched into my memory and it still gets me excited to this day. Uncle George was sitting on one of the dining chairs with Auntie Mae over his lap. He was fully clothed while Auntie Mae was in her nightie with her knickers round her ankles and the top had been pushed up to her shoulders leaving her breasts hanging free. Uncle George was slowly spanking her naked bottom, leaving quite a long gap in between spanks to rub and squeeze. Every so often Uncle's fingers would slip between her cheeks and that would get a brief moan.
I was very excited and my pussy was gushing. I could feel it through my PJ's so I realized I couldn't stay here long or I would make a mess on the parkay flooring in the hall. I just had to see what happened next.
Soon the spanking stopped and Uncle George was lecturing Auntie about the meal on Thursday evening and the fact she had forgotten to pay the milkman. Then Auntie Mae had to get up and go and stand in the corner with her hands on her head and her elbows touching the wall. I could not believe it. I could see her face as she got up from her position over Uncle George's knee. Her makeup was all streaked with tears and she was only able to waddle with her knickers still around her ankles. At least her nightie had dropped down but when she got to the corner she was told to remove her nightie and knickers. It was then I noticed that she was completely shaven between her legs. Smooth as a baby.

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