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Birthdays. *sigh* Another year gone. Another year older. I had been drifting in and out of sleep, feeling sorry for myself and delaying the inevitable, when my wife’s voice coaxed my eyes open.

She was carrying a tray and the aroma of the freshly cooked eggs, bacon, and biscuits shook off my remaining slumber. Her sexy morning smile and tousled hair from the night before shifted my mood from one of melancholy to one of gratefulness for the blessing of this woman. She sat with me and shared my meal while we talked of nothing in particular.  It was delicious, of course, and I thanked her profusely for spoiling me.

She knows me all too well though, and said, “What’s wrong with my sexy, handsome man?”

“Just feeling a little blue, I guess. I never thought I’d be this old.”

Having cleared the tray, she was now lying next to me drawing circles on my chest. With a wink, she said, “Well, if my opinion counts for anything, you’re one sexy-ass old man.”

I smiled at herpliment and pulled her close, enjoying the feel of her silky legs and pillowy breasts crushing against me.The circles had moved lower and her fingers now teased at the band of my boxers. Her lips moved close to my ear and, with her sexiest bedroom voice, whispered, “Are you ready for your present?”

Thinking she meant sex, my cock nuzzled her hand and coated her fingers with his affection.

She giggled, said, “I think he is,” then slinked down my body. After pulling my boxers out of the way, she licked slowly up my cock. For just an instant, her lips engulfed the head, and her wicked tongue made my eyes roll back. My God, she’s good at that. With another giggle, though, she released my protesting mini-me and danced out of the room. Hmmm… teasing. I’d have to deal with that later.

In just a few moments, she came back in carrying an innocuous little bag. She seemed a bit beside herself with excitement, and I couldn’t wait to see why. I was not disappointed. Resting at the bottom of the bag was a shiny box that read, “Fleshlight.” Holy shit. I’d been wanting one of these.

As I opened the box, she was downright giddy. Feeding off her excitement, I opened the box and began to examine the cute little plastic pussy. Hmmm. It looked awfully familiar. I gave her a puzzled look, and the dam broke.

“It’s me! That’s my pussy! It’s made from a mold of my pussy!” She was clapping. Wow. I knew you could do this, but I never imagined her doing it.

In a frenzy of excited motion, she pulled her panties off, grabbed the toy, and held it as close to her very real pussy as she could. My cock and I were amazed at the detail. I mean, it wasn’t a perfect copy, but it was damn close.

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“What do you think?! Do you like it?!” She was now bouncing from side to side on her knees.

“I love it, baby! It’s perfect! Thank you!”

“Eeeeek! I’m so glad you do! What do you want to call her?”

My cock and I shared a thoughtful glance and quickly came to the same conclusion, “Pauline.” (My wife’s middle name.)

“You’re naming her after me!?”

“Mm-hmm. That way I can fuck you while I’m eating you out, or eat you out while I fuck you.”

Her look went from mild shock to one that would melt steel, “That’s SO fucking hot.”

My cock agreed. She engaged in another flurry of activity. First shedding her top, then stripping me, she didn’t stop until she had retrieved the lube and coated both my cock and Pauline.

“Are you ready for us, baby?”

Watching all of this had given me a woody that a cat couldn’t scratch. I was more than ready. I positioned a pillow against the headboard and scooted her against it. Then, taking Pauline from her hand, I watched her watch in awe as I slid her over my purple head and down my shaft. Shit, that felt really good. I held the toy still and stroked a few times, enjoying the feel of her wet walls and smiling at the sounds my wife made while she watched.

Sinking all the way in, I lay down and placed my head at my wife’s dripping pussy. She closed the remaining distance with her hips and grabbed my head. Her scent was strong and her taste fueled my own hips, and as I thrust into the toy, I fed on her juicy folds.

We stayed like this for a bit, both enjoying the erotic “threesome” made possible by my wife and Pauline. My wife wanted to try something though, and after some rearranging, she was now sitting on my face and had taken control of her pussy twin.

I was in sensory overload. The taste, smell, and feel of my wife’s pussy joined with the fake one moving up and down my dick. These two and the unbridled sexy words from my wife’s mouth were getting me there in a hurry. My wife was getting there, too. Her muffled moans were getting closer together and so were mine.

She hit her peak first. Her thighs squeezed my rib cage she let out a shrill, “Fuuuuuuck!” I was so close. I thrust erratically and finally, boom! Grunting and moaning, I filled Pauline with a copious amount of my cum.

My wife fell forward and to the side, while the Fleshlight stayed (momentarily at least) impaled on my cock. After we came down she moved to kiss me and we cuddled.

“Happy birthday baby.”