Paying for the Bridal Shower

Disclaimer: This story contains cuckold, old vs younger. If you’re not interested in these categories, please do not read further.

Paying for the Bridal Shower

It was the day of my fiancé’s (Tina) Bridal Shower. It was in the evening and was being held at a fancy Indian restaurant. I had to attend the event, because I had to play the usual Bridal Shower games. I knew I was going to be the only male there out of all the girls participating. I wasn’t fond of the idea, but I knew I could kill time by the restaurant bar.
I was at one corner of the bar, and started to have my first drink of whiskey and coke. I noticed the owner of the restaurant and another Indian guy sitting towards the middle of the bar. I have seen the owner before, but haven’t dealt with him. Tina had negotiated the price for the event and picked the courses to be served. The owner looked like a geeky Indian guy in his upper 40’s. He was was the same height as me (5’8). His friend is in the same age group. He was a taller Indian guy, but had a larger build (fatter). I saw his friend walking in when I got there. He looked like a limousine driver, I saw him park his black suburban which had the taxi & limousine license plate. Both men were having their drinks while I had mine.
Halfway way through the event, I went to play the games. I noticed the girls were drinking wine. I thought we weren’t going to have drinks to cut the cost. I was paying for the Bridal Shower, and now I was afraid I would come up short to pay for it. I estimated it would be another $250 to $300 for it. I would have to inform the owner that I owe him that and maybe pay him back the following week. I get paid every two weeks.
As I headed back to the bar, the owner approached me saying “so you are the lucky guy marrying Tina. Nice to meet you. I am Roshan, the owner of this establishment.” I introduced myself to him and his friend Amit. Roshan invited me to drink with them and started to order me drinks. I didn’t mind, as long as I got free drinks from him, and later I could tell him about the bill. So we were drinking away and talking about business and sports.
Time was flying now and the bridal shower was about to be over. I noticed my fiancé and her friends were saying their goodbyes to the other ladies that attended. Her and her friends wore dresses. Their dresses were tight and a bit short. These Indian girls were either flashing their legs, arms, or a bit of chest. I was checking the group out, and noticed the older gentlemen were too. That’s when Roshan asked me, “Hey, are girls this generation more wild and carefree?” I didn’t understand his question and asked him to explain. He said, “Are they more willing and not prude. Do they have sex before marriage?” I quickly replied, “To be honest, the younger generation or the new generation of Indians tend to be more freethinking. Before me and Tina met, she had lost her virginity and I did too.” I probably told too much information, but the owner felt intrigued now. He said, “Oh really, that’s interesting. So you and Tina had others before?” I boasted and said “Well, I messed around before and had my fair share of girls.” He asked how many. I told him about 7. Then he asked me nonchalantly “So how many did Tina have?” He made it so natural to ask me, maybe because I told my number. So I went ahead and said “She had 4 before, but all being in relationships.” I added that last part, because I didn’t want to make her look easy. So Roshan asked on “Both of you guys don’t mind each other having previous relationships?” I replied, “nah we both had our fun.” But I added jokingly “but Tina gets annoyed I had more than her. And I jokingly tell her go ahead and catch up.” The men laughed at my comment.
So we were having a merry good time, and I didn’t want to mention about the money I owed him just yet. After the party was over, Tina and her three other girl friends came by us. They introduced themselves to the owner and his friend. In no time the owner got drinks for Tina and her friends. They and us had two round of drinks. The girls mentioned of a after party, and that they would have to leave soon. Roshan didn’t want these younger girls to leave, but Tina reassured him, that me and her would stay behind. She added we had to settle the bill.
Roshan was glad at least one girl stayed behind, which is my fiancé.
So it was my girl and these two men. Tina’s friends left along with Roshan’s staff. We had the restaurant all to ourselves. We all had a good buzz from drinking all night. I was tired and ready to leave. I told Tina while the men were talking to themselves, that I owed Roshan an extra $300 bucks. She reassured that it was no big deal, and that she got this. She was by feeling real calm and laid back from drinking. She also told me that the owner likes her and gave her a good deal on the event. She winked at me by saying that.
In the meantime Roshan brought us a “special” shot for us to drink. He explained that this shot gives you stamina in the bed and gets you in the mood. He wanted us to take it and enjoy ourselves tonight. Tina blushed and asked him, “then why you guys taking it?” Roshan responded, “we need our fun too, we are going out for Amit’s birthday tonight. We are also going to a club.” Tina asked on, “which club you guys going to?” He simply said, “ a strip club.” He had a huge grin. Tina said, “wow, aren’t you guys married and have children? Roshan and Amit’s response was “we need time away from our wives. They tend to be boring, especially in the bedroom”. Tina shook her head in disbelief that these Indian older men were acting like guys in their 20’s. Tina had the shot in her hand while she talked to them and she seemed eager to try the shot. In my head, I thought it wouldn’t be a good idea, since we are pretty tipsy already; but I didn’t want to be the party pooper, so we all cheers and took the shot. After the shot, Roshan excused himself.
Roshan came back with a mini hookah set and placed on a pedestal in front of us. He really wanted us to stay and continue hanging out. My girl was excited when she saw the hookah and said, “oh it’s been awhile since we had hookah. What flavor is it?” Roshan replied, “this is my special blend, but it’s mostly strawberry and mint. You have to try it, it is very smooth.” I wanted to leave by now, but Tina wanted to try it. I told her we should be leaving. She told me back “in a bit hun, after little bit of this hookah and then we will leave.” Roshan and Amit encouraged me to stay and relax, to have some hookah as well.
We all took drags of the hookah, after two rounds of smoking I felt light headed. I felt tingly in my body and something overcame me. Tina was in a laid back and giggly mood. Tina asked laughingly “what’s in this hookah Roshan?” Roshan replied “it’s nice right? It’s good high” He confessed he added marijuana to it. I am pretty bad with weed, I tend to get paranoid about the feeling of weed. Once Roshan mentioned what’s in the hookah, Tina told me to calm down and close my eyes for a bit. She told the men that I am not usually good with weed, but she is ok with it. She told them she used to do it in her teenage years. They were glad she was ok with it and the group continued smoking it up. I just slumped in my seat. I closed my eyes to prevent myself from falling off the chair, I felt dizzy. The drinks and the weed took a toll on me. I finally put my head on the bar table, but I was facing them. I closed my eyes while they talked. They assumed I was asleep now.

This is when it was a turning point for the night. After Tina took a deep drag of the hookah and she casually told Roshan while smoke was leaving her mouth, “you know we owe you an extra 300 bucks. We can give it to you next week right?” Roshan was surprised that we owed, but replied “I need that money to treat my friend tonight. Remember I told you about going to the strip club?” Tina asked “you spend 300 dollars at a strip club? That’s a lot money.” Roshan said “that’s nothing for us. That’s how you have fun there. We work hard and play hard” I managed to open my eyes slightly to see what was going on. Tina replied “ oh really, but I am sorry we have no money on us right now.” She added by putting her hand on his pant thigh “we can give it to you next week right?” She had flattering smile for him. Roshan getting a little annoyed but was getting distracted, because Tina began to cross her legs. She put one leg over the other in the crossed position as she sat on the bar stool. The men seeing her skirt going up even higher, showing a lot of legs and thighs. She caught their stares at her legs, but she didn’t bother to pull her skirt down, and gave a big smile. She was teasing and flirting to make him change his mind.
Tina has very long legs for an Indian girl, she is about 5’7 to 5’8 in height. She has a Carmel complexion, especially after her bachelorette trip to Dominican Republic. She has big boobs at 34 c size, looks bigger since she has a flat tummy. She has been working out for the wedding. I love her legs, thighs, tits, but her ass is bit average. Tonight these men have been enjoying the view of her legs and her body through the tight fitting white dress.
Roshan replied by putting his hand on her exposed silky thigh and rubbing it “well I provided you guys with a service and you have to pay me for it. Otherwise you have to provide me a service to make up the money you owe me sweetie.” He had a huge wicked grin after he said that. Tina looked him in the eye and asked playfully “service? What kind of service Roshan? Do you want me to wash dishes or something?” He said, “No sweetie, I have people to do that for me.” Tina then asked, “what else can I possibly do then?” He said “ I think you know what I talking about. You are smart Indian girl.” He said that by letting his hand run up and down her smooth legs. Tina watched his hand touch her legs up and down at stopped just inches below the hem of her dress. He rested his hand there. He took his other hand and grabbed her other thigh. He made her part her legs open, which her dress went higher and he could see her panties between her legs. He added, “Remember it’s my friend’s Amit’s birthday. Since we can’t go out to celebrate now, maybe you can provide some entertainment?” She asked him “what kind of entertainment? He replied “well instead of spending 300 dollars at the strip club, we can spend that money on you.” Tina asked “ So you want me to be a stripper for you guys?” Roshan pulled out a bunch of 20 dollar bills. He replied “yes that’s right. I like you, I am glad we see eye to eye on things. It would be perfect. I will give you the money back as you do it for us.” He added “we just want to see your nice body from under that dress. You look soo good baby”. Tina asked, “so you just want me to take off the dress and see what I am wearing underneath?” I am surprised she was continuing this conversation, rather than slapping the owner for suggesting such a proposition. Roshan was all smiles and said, “yes you can start doing that and I will pay you as you go.” She asked if she could keep the money. He said that she is earning the money she owed him, but he may tip her if she does a great job. I can’t believe she wasn’t mad at him for saying all of this and was even considering it.
Tina last words before she got up from her seat was “I hope you guys aren’t cheap with your money. And you are lucky I am comfortable with my body.” Amit said to her, “Stop talking baby, and take it off! Being in your underwear is nothing, it’s like wearing a bikini.” They tried to make it seem like it was nothing to undress for them. Roshan told her not to worry and it would be easy money, and praised her body once more. Tina got up and faced them and said to them, “well, I wore a special pair of underwear for my fiancé tonight. Not your average bikini, but you can judge for yourself.” That was their indication that she is going go through with it.
So Tina turned her back to Amit and she told him, “ok birthday boy go ahead and unwrap your birthday gift.” Amit had an excited smile and went ahead and grabbed the back zipper of her dress, he zipped it down to her waist, which showed her bra and back. Her dress became loose. Tina seductively and slowly pulled the straps of her dress down her shoulders. Then she stopped momentarily and took Amit’s suit jacket and placed it over my head. She told them, “if I am going to do this quickly, I don’t want him happen to see me.”
So Nina went back to Amit, but this time she decided to face him. I pulled the jacket off slightly so that I can continue watching them. She continued to pull down the straps of her dress. It was slow and seductive. she was very confident and laid back as she did it. She peeled her dress further down past her belly and down to the waist. Both men now seeing her in her black bra. They could easily see 34 C size tits almost spilling out of her bra. The men were grinning in delight. All she had to do next was tug her tight dress down past her hips. Her tight dress had some resistance by her hips and waist. She swayed her hips to get it off, and even asked Amit for assistance. He did not hesitate to grab her waist and pull her dress.
Her dress was loose and came past her pelvis with the help of Amit’s large hands. My fiancé Bridal Shower dress fell to the floor. The men cheered on Tina for displaying herself in a lewd manner. They were saying she was beautiful and sexy. They saw her in a pair of lacy white underwear. The white bra and panties contrasted well against her tanned bronze colored skin. Roshan commented, “Very nice pair of undies, special indeed.” Tina replied, “you haven’t seen the special part.” After she said that she stepped out of her dress and turned around for them. She displayed that she is wearing a thong. It wasn’t G string but a thong. Enough to see her two ass cheeks peeking out. They hoot and hollered at her for showing, and she returned the favor with jiggling her ass for a second.
She turned back to them, and took more drags of the hookah. She looked sexy as fuck, in her black pair of underwear with only a pearl necklace on and mini heels. She was getting more high and relaxed as the men ogled her body head to toe. Roshan knew she was game for more, as she stood there in her underwear smoking the hookah casually. Tina asked with a slur in her voice “So where is my money boys? Pay up!” The owner went up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist and said,”don’t worry baby, here is 60 bucks for taking off that dress.” He added “you are our stripper for the night. You take care of us and we take care of you.” Roshan was now directing Tina on her next move. He said to her “ why don’t sit on Amit’s lap like so.” He pointed to Amit’s left leg and pushed her towards that leg. I watched as my curvy fiancé get pushed to sit on his leg. He said laughing” yes that’s right, just like sitting on Santa Claus’ lap.” Tina had a glazed look in her eyes and look kinda dumbfounded as Roshan spoke. He then instructed her to turn towards Amit. Tina didn’t get it at first, so Roshan took her left leg and grabbed her waist to make her turn towards him. This move made Tina straddle Amit’s lap. Tina looking down at Amit as she sat on top of his lap. Her full body pressing against his. She was awaiting on her next instructions. Roshan was playing director, and so he asked Tina to watch a video on his cellphone. The video played and he told her, “dance like this for my friend here.” I believe he showed her a video of stripper giving a lap dance, because Tina without saying a word began to grind on Amit’s lap. Roshan played some music in the background off his cellphone. He stated that Amit will give some money in between and place it on your body.
Tina didn’t give a fuck as she was gyrating on his lap. Amit got some 20 dollar bills from Roshan. Roshan encouraged Amit to feel her and to put the money on her. Amit began spreading the money over Tina. She had her eyes closed and focused on dry humping on his groin area. Roshan in the background was cheering on Tina, “yeah that’s it. Just like that baby. Ride my friend good.” Amit in the meantime coped feels on her bra covered tits and then roamed his hands down her stomach, eventually he made his way to her pussy. He groped her pussy from the outside of her panties.
This was very erotic to watch my fiancé let herself go and have him feeling her lady parts. Amit slapped her bare ass cheeks and squeezed them. Roshan continued to let Tina know she is doing an excellent job as Amit felt her up. This made Tina wake from her stupor. She looked Amit dead in the face and asked “ you like that big boy? You want more?” He could only nod yes as she rode him harder. My fiancé did look a stripper giving a legit lap dance. She was getting felt up by him and he was inserting money into her panties & bra.
Roshan sat on the bar stool next to them and watched for a minute or two more. He interrupted them and asked for Tina to join his lap. Tina now giggling as she said, “I thought this was only for the birthday boy? Not you mister!” Roshan waving some 20 dollar bills at her replied, “I’ve got some money for you too.” That was enough for Tina to hop off Amit’s lap and go join Roshan’s lap for a lap dance. Amit had stuck two 20 dollar bills on either side of her panties and one on her bra strap. Tina was now on a mission to get some more money from Roshan.
This time Tina was being more provocative and rubbing her tits in Roshan’s face. He allowed his face to be buried in her titty flesh and in the crevice between her tits. His hands roaming all over her body, squeezing her ass cheeks hard and the outside of her pussy through her panties. He groped her tits through her bra. He was breathing hard onto her neck and she too was breathing hard from the dry humping. He was kissing her neck as they were grinding harder, he was inching closer to kiss her on the lip. Tina looked down in time to see him come in for a kiss, she saw it and didn’t pull her face away and even closed her eyes.
They would have kissed, but abruptly out of nowhere Roshan’s phone rang and it disrupted the music playing and the flow they had. It was probably Roshan’s wife calling. He had to excuse himself to turn off his phone from any further calls. Tina took the opportunity to get off his lap. She was sweating partially from her grinding. Her thong had gone up her ass from the guys pulling at it. There was a small wet patch on the front of her cameltoe panties. She was getting wet from this. I bet from all the dry humping and their hands all over her body.
She shook her head to think clearly. I think she got into her senses for a bit. She asked them with her hands on her hips “Ok, am I done now guys?” Roshan didn’t want anything to end and told her “No way baby.” He asked her “let’s go to my office for some privacy.” Tina asked quickly “privacy for what?” He boldly suggested “well you’re fiancé told us that you had four sexual partners in your past and that you always wanted to catch up to his number of partners ….well tonight is your night to catch up. You can have a great time with me and Amit.” He was implying to have a threesome and Tina knew immediately. Her reply while blushing red “wow he told you that? I am not that kind of girl Roshan. You forgot I am about to get married in two months?” Roshan’s response was “well I thought it was a best way to seal the deal…. you know the little debt you guys owe me.” Tina’s reply was “yeah we had a little fun, but I don’t get down like that.” Roshan could only ask her, “then how much money you accumulated so far?” She could only look down to her bra and panties to see the 20 dollar bills that were stuffed in there. She took them out and counted. She told them she had 120 dollars. Roshan had given 60 before for taking off her dress, so she had a total of 180 now.
Roshan then suggested she should dance sexy and take off her bra and panties for them. Tina held her stance and replied “I am not getting naked guys. Lets just finish up before he wakes up.” Roshan folded and told her to continue giving lap dances till she earns the rest of the money back. She looked at both of their laps, both men had raging hard ons through the pants and it could easily be seen. She asked them “you guys really enjoying this huh?”
Roshan said “can’t you already see through our pants, and didn’t you feel it before?” He made his cock twitch to get her attention. He then told Amit, “come on Amit, she doesn’t believe us. Let’s show her this time”. He started to unbuckle and unzip his trousers and Amit did the same. Tina protested lightly “oh no, I believe you. You guys don’t have to show me.” But it was too late as the men pulled out their brown Indian cocks from their boxers. The men slightly stroked their members in front of her. Her mouth just opened from seeing it out in the open. She was speechless. Roshan and Amit had had average size cocks, about 6 to 7 inches. Roshan was hairless and Amit had few pubic hairs.
Tina finally spoke to say “ok boys put it back in please. I believe you now.” They hesitantly put it back after a couple of long strokes for her to see. They didn’t bother to close up their pants though. Tina commented “wow you guys are too much.” Amit said to her “come on.” He took her hand and pulled her towards him. He patted his own lap indicating for her to get back on it. She did get back on it, but this time his pants open and boxer is exposed. It was her panty covered pussy rubbing against his cock in his boxers. She resumed her dry humping without any music needed.
I didn’t notice my eyes were opening up wider. That’s when Roshan happen to see me looking. He asked me “you were watching buddy?” I thought you were sleeping the whole time man?” I could only confess by nodding my head yes. He continued saying, “Thanks man for not getting mad. Your fiancé is just trying to pay off your debt, just a little strip show and lapdance.” I just continued to nod in agreement. He knew I was ok watching this. He confessed to me “she is fucking hot man! We used to American girls dancing for us, but she is a hot desi girl. I would love to spend the night with a girl like her.” Then he requested and pleaded to me “Come on yar (meaning pal in Hindi) let’s have her for the night and you can forget the money you owe me?She won’t mind if you don’t mind.” He was easily asking me permission to fuck my fiancé.
While Roshan was begging me, I could see Tina too busy going up and down on Amit’s lap. His cock was springing out of the slit of his boxers and now rubbing against her panty clad pussy. Tina had her eyes closed and moaning slightly. Roshan kept egging me on “her pussy is wet man. I felt it with my own hands from the outside. She wants it. Before you guys get married, let her have some fun too.” I was too caught up watching this and getting completely turned on. I was too parched from drinking to speak and quite tipsy. I wanted to see where this would go. Roshan asked me again “can we have her? We will do it in front of you, so that you know she is safe.” My approval was in the form of another head nod. That was enough for Roshan to thank me, he took my hand and shook it briefly. He said “ thanks yar, you are the man. Just sit back and relax. We will take good care of her. If you want to rest, go ahead, and I will wake you up when we are done with her.”
It’s crazy how he got a young couple that is half is his age to do indecent things. He got my my fiancé to strip down and give lap dances. Now he got me to offer her as their slut for the night. Tina let her inhibitions go because of the weed and the liquor. She allowed herself to be a stripper for these men, but would she go for being a prostitute for the night? I was excited and worried at the same time.
After Roshan got my permission, he quickly ran to the nearest table where people usually sit to eat. He moved all the silverware and cups away. The table was completely clear except for a white tablecloth. He came back to Amit and Tina. He told Amit something in Hindi and pointed to the free table. Me and Tina speak a different language from India, but it was obvious he was telling Amit to bring her there. Amit looked at me with a big smile, he just found out from Roshan that I allowing her to be fucked by them. Amit then cupped Tina’s ass cheeks. He started to get up while Tina was in his lap. She was startled by his movement and opened her eyes to look, she started to ask “what, where are you going? Where are you taking me?” She could have easily let her legs relax and stand up, but she decided to have her legs wrap around his waist. She also wrapped her arms around his shoulders as he whisked her to the free table.
Amit laid her down on the table. Her elbows holding her up slightly and her legs slightly bent open. She was asking them what’s going on. Both men by the foot of the table grinning. Both men began undressing, they were pulling down their trousers along with their boxers, freeing their cocks in the open. Their cocks were pointing to the ceiling from being so hard. Roshan spoke as he started to unbutton his dress shirt “well sweetie,you have to pay us back with your body tonight. You had only earned 180 dollars before. Now we can finish off this transaction this way.” She knew she had to pay with her pussy now, because both men were getting butt naked to fuck her right there on that table.
She was yet in shock again how these men were being so bold and demanding now. She finally relied “I can’t being doing this. I am getting married soon.” Roshan countered “Well your fiance offered you to us. If he doesn’t have a problem, then why should you?” That’s when she turned to see me looking with a slight smile. She had a look of some sort of betrayal along with a blank stare. Her mouth was open to say something, but she didn’t say a word. She just looked at me probably thinking “you agreed to this?”.
Amit went quickly to grab her panties by the waistband. As he was pulling the garment down her smooth silky legs, he told her “Your fiancé doesn’t mind. Just relax and have some fun tonight. Get some more experience before you get married.” At this point she was still looking at me with a blank stare and was putting up no resistance. She was allowing for Amit to take off her panties. As he was pulling it off, she instinctively decided to lay down flat and raised her butt momentarily to allow him to remove the garment. I knew she wanted it too, because she didn’t kick or close her legs. There was no protest, she had too much foreplay to pass up on two willing dicks. She had no reason to discriminate the age, color, and the size of their dicks. At this point she needed any one of their cocks inside of her.
I knew it was go time, and my heart was racing watching. Amit by now had gotten her panties off and sniffed it. He had a triumphant smile and chucked her undies to the floor, and he was spreading her legs wider. She was a willing participant, as she turned her head to watch closely Amit bring his bouncing bare cock to the end of the table. His two hands took her legs and brought her down lower to the end of that table, her pussy now on perfect level for insertion. He lined up his cock for entry. Tina’s last words before he went in was “do you have condoms?” Amit simply shook his head, and that didn’t stop him bringing his bare cock to the lips of her pussy. Roshan’s last words before he went in “happy birthday brother!” A deep moan escaped Tina’s mouth as Amit let the tip of his cock go inside of her. She arched her back a bit as his cock was going in easily. She clutched the tablecloth as his meat was traveling all the way in. His pubic hairs now touching her bald pussy. He was balls deep and both of them soaking in each other.
Roshan’s naked ass was moving towards Tina’s face. He wanted to offer his cock for a blowjob. His back was facing me and blocked my view to see Tina’s face. He must have fed his cock into her open mouth, because he started to grunt a little and pet her hair. I could only see Amit hold her dangling legs from the table and started to stroke her pussy.
My fiancé went from celebrating her Bridal Shower to being a little whore for the owner and his friend. I could hear her moans muffled by Roshan’s cock in her mouth. Roshan squeezing away at her tits as he got his dick sucked. I just sat there and watched from a distance, I knew if I went there, I would probably blow a load. It was like watching porn to have my fiancé being used by these two elderly men. Who would have thought the night would turn to this.
Amit’s balls were slapping the table and moving the table a bit. Roshan told him to calm down and to savor it. Amit did calm down and asked how is the blowjob. Roshan was saying it’s great to have her full lips on his cock and she knows what she is doing. Five minutes later, they decided to trade places. Amit’s slicked cock from Tina’s juices slipped out of her cunt. Amit fed her mouth next while Roshan went over to lineup his cock into her pussy. He looked down at Tina and asked “you ready baby for me? Huh, you want some more?” He was taking his cock and rubbing her clit, making her clit get swollen. He was teasing her. He would insert a little and then rub again on her clit. Eventually Tina got her mouth of Amit’s cock to say “yes yes, give me your cock. Don’t tease me any further.” Roshan was delighted to hear that and began to penetrate her next. This was her second dick for the night. These men were fucking her raw and nobody cared. Roshan took time to play with her clit as he fucked her. This was driving her wild. She would take her mouth of Amit’s cock to say things like “yeah right there. Ugghhhh. Fuckkkkk. Yes yes yes, don’t stop.”
She was moaning and squealing while both men were grunting and groaning in pleasure. They all had a good rhythm going. Tina even spread eagle wide for Roshan, he in return tiptoed to make sure he went deep enough into her twat. Rubbing his pelvis against hers. Amit went to pull one bra cup down, so he can put his mouth over her bare left tit. He started sucking on it and he put his hand on the back of her head. This made his cock cram further down her throat. I heard gagging noises now.
Her mouth and pussy was being used by these men to the fullest extent. My fiancé getting fucked in the middle of the restaurant. She was taking it like a pro, taking dick balls deep into her mouth and pussy at the same time. The table kept moving a bit and making a noise each time Roshan thrusted into her, and Tina was gagging and slurping on Amit’s cock. I never heard her gag so much and she kept going. Eventually she had to stop to breath. That’s when Amit retracted his cock hesitantly from her mouth.
Even Roshan decided to pull his cock out of her twat, because Tina was coughing after getting Amit’s cock out of her mouth. She was regaining her breath and was teary eyed. She sat up to recompose herself. Roshan had enough sympathy to ask her if she was alright. She didn’t say a word after she cleared her throat, she just got off the table. Roshan thought she was done fucking. He started to apologize for Amit’s actions and that it won’t happen again.
I too thought she was done or hesitant to continue with these men. That wasn’t the case. She turned around and had her ass facing Roshan and said “put it back in”. She wiggled her butt for him and he knew he had the permission to continue fucking her, this time doggy style. She bent over and held the edge of the table in front of her. Roshan said “that’s my girl” and slapped her ass, followed by inserting his pecker back into her.
Amit went by her and apologized for being rough and admitted how much he was enjoying it. She forgave him and told him that she will control the blowjob from now on. She told him to come in front of her. He did and he leaned against the table, while she held onto his thighs for support. She seductively started to lick the length of his cock from the base to the tip of his head. She even licked and sucked on his hairy balls. She eventually put his cock back in her mouth. She made sure to look at me while his cock was being imprinted on the inside of her cheeks. Her eyes still looking teary from the previous deepthroating. She gagged again on his cock by her own choice. She used her right hand to twirl the head of his penis as she sucked. I remember coaching her to do this for me recently, and now she was implementing this technique on him. He was reaping the benefits of this new skill.
From this new angle, I could see Tina’s ass ripple and tits jiggle in her bra as Roshan fucked her from behind. She was giving a splendid blowjob to Amit. I was beyond aroused and I instinctively pulled out my own cock to play with myself. Tina saw me turned on and playing with myself from the corner of her eye. She decided to stop blowing Amit. She held his cock in her hand and stroked it naturally. She started to stand upright which made her pussy pull away from Roshan. They had a look of confusion. She instructed the men to follow her.
Tina made her way to me and said “I see that you’re enjoying this. Didn’t want to make you feel left out.” She leaned into my groin and started to suck me. This time Amit came behind her to fuck her doggy. Roshan pulled up to the side and stroked his cock inches from her face. Both men cheered me on and said things like “she is an awesome girl.” “She is sexy” “yeah let’s all enjoy her”.
As Tina was blowing me I could see Amit’s devilish grin as his cock was going in and out of my fiancé. Tina was sucking me with the same intensity as his fucking. She was sucking my precum. My eyes would open and close and my toes were curling from the pleasure. I saw Roshan and Amit trying to undo her bra strap. My eyes closed for a second and when I opened them again, her bra was on the floor. My girl was completely naked now. She was only wearing a pearl necklace and heels.
Both men groping away at her bare tits. I joined in too. Her tits were jiggling before, but they were contained by the three pair of hands. Each pair of hands trying to get a handful of her big 34 c size tits.
Roshan was greedy enough to pull her mouth off my cock to suck his cock. She was sucking his cock. Eventually she alternated sucking us both, she sucked one of us while she jerked the other cock. I never knew she would be able to multitask and handle pleasuring multiple men. She was being freaky and being like a porn slut. She was making loud popping noises each time she took her mouth off one cock to go to the other one.
She was sucking my cock my cock so well,she was twirling her hand at the base of my cock. I was overwhelmed watching her being a whore and sucking me. I was starting to nut, I wanted it in her mouth and wanted her to swallow it. My timing was messed up, because Amit had pulled her hair. Him pulling her hair made her mouth pull away from my cock. Seeing her hair being pulled, seeing her moan and squealing from the pain and pleasure was intense. Her hand was still on my cock and jerking me, which made me finally cum. I started to spew my cum all over her hand and I shot a little on her tits. Amit stopped pulling her hair and she looked down to see my cum all over her hand. She said, “oh my you came?” Then she jerked and milked it out for me.
When my cock went soft, Tina stopped bending over and taking it doggy. The men also saw that I came. Roshan asked me “Already my friend? You enjoyed that one huh?” It’s like the men teasing me, but I didn’t care. One of the best orgasms in my life. Tina took a bunch of tissues from the bar and started to wipe her hands and tits clean. As she cleaned herself she said “I guess one down and two more to go.” She was implying that it was their turns next to cum. She was acting like some sex goddess that was on a mission to please. Roshan heard that and said “yes indeed honey. We too need a release like your fiancé just did.” Tina looked at the two men’s peckers as they stood erect and was glistening from either her wetness from her pussy or saliva from her mouth. Both men stood to the left and right of her.
Roshan saw me sitting there with a semi erect cock still and grinned at me. While looking at me he took Tina’s shoulders and pushed her down to the floor. She ended up kneeling down between the two men. I sat directly in front with a best view, what looked like she was about to give a double blowjob to them. That was the case as both men went near her face to offer their cocks, and she knew what to do. She went back and forth between sucking these men. They in return would look at me to see my reaction. I was just amazed and getting erect again watching. She would make popping noises because she was sucking their cocks hard. She was like any whore sucking these guys.
Five minutes later Roshan grabbed her by the arm and forced her up to stand up. He said to her “come on baby, let’s go by the booth.” She turned around to see the booth where people would sit and eat, and the men took her away from me. She was in between the two men as they grabbed her by the waist and ass. Her ass jiggled as she walked away. I believe she held onto their cocks and asked as she walked with them “shouldn’t you guys be cumming by now? Am I not turning you boys on?” Roshan’s response was “we are savoring and enjoying you.”
When they got to the booth area, both men decided to move the table to make room. They both sat down while Tina continued the conversation as she stood in front of them. She said “is that right? I was just wondering. I thought I was doing an excellent job.” He reassured her saying “yes you are doing a great job. It’s just that us older guys have experience, you know what I mean?” He added “It’s up to you to do your best performance to make us go off.” He was challenging her and she knew it. With that statement he motioned her to join his lap. She straddled his lap again like the lap dance, but this time she was allowing their cocks go inside of her. Amit sat patiently next to them stroking his meat, awaiting his turn.
Her last words to Roshan before her pussy slide down on his shaft was “So you want me to ride you hard and fast and make you bust all over?” He replied with a smile “yes of course.” That was the challenge that Roshan presented to my girl. She willingly accepted the challenge and began to ride him. She gripped the booth’s top and began going up and down on him. He was in heaven as he sat there while she did all the work. He had a young girl that could have been his daughter riding him. She tends to be a good rider. She was bouncing up and down furiously. He in the meantime grabbing her bouncing tits and putting it in his mouth to suck. Then he kissed her chest and went up by the neck, finally up towards the mouth. Finally they kissed in passion as they missed their chance before. Both partners were French kissing each other.
He grabbed her ass next and forced her to lie down on the booth. Amit had to move away to make space for them. My girl spread her legs wide as she lay on the booth. One leg was on the top of the booth, while the other leg was towards the floor. Roshan had her missionary and was pounding away at her pussy. He was still kissing her and held her arms up. Their bodies mushed against each other.
Next he was cupping her titties and she let her hands go by his waist. She was moaning and saying “yes fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder. Fuck me deep.” She was panting and moaning. She was starting to pull Roshan’s ass for him to go deeper. Amit came by me to grab a quick sip of his drink. He told me to have a drink, and commented that this night turned out better than going to a stripper club. He was have one too many drinks, his cock was going hard and going flaccid at times.
My phone vibrated and it was Tina’s girlfriends texting me asking what happened to me and Tina. They expected us to come out to party. I texted back saying that she got a huge headache from drinking and decided to go home. The truth was that she was getting fucked by the restaurant owner. She was too busy getting her pussy fucked to respond to her friends. She was having a good time being a hoe in the middle of restaurant.
By the time I finished responding to the girls, I looked up to see Roshan pulling out of my girl. He stood up and his cock looking like it was going down. He must have came inside of her! He was huffing and puffing from fucking her hard. Tina was also breathing hard from the sex. When she caught her breath she asked him “you came inside of me?” He could only nod yes. Her remark was “you are lucky I am on birth control otherwise I would killed you.”
Amit went by them to take his turn next. Tina had closed her legs and was resting, but Amit grabbed her legs to spread them again. As her legs were being open wide again, she asked Amit “oh it’s your turn now big boy? But don’t you cum inside of me too.” He only nodded and put his dick inside Tina for sloppy seconds.
Roshan had sweat from fucking and looked well satisfied now. He went to get his cell phone and powered it back on. He was checking his voicemail and started to get dressed. I bet he had a voicemail from his wife to come back home.
Tina was laying back as Amit went to town on her pussy. He went immediately to her tits and sucked on both of them, she cupped the back of his head as he sucked on her nipples. His hairy groin digging and grinding against her bald pussy. This must have went for at least 10 to 15 minutes. She was talking nasty to him “come on birthday boy fuck me. Don’t you wanna cum for me? Make me cum again?” She just implied she came with Roshan before. Her pussy was making farting noises as they fucked, it was Roshan’s cum being swished inside of her as Amit fucked her.
Amit looked like he was slowing down from getting a good workout fucking her. He too was sweating and breathing hard. He pulled out momentarily and she asked him “What happened?” He told her “I don’t know”. I think his cock was getting soft again. Probably from the drinking. Tina decided to get up and stand. She was waving her hand at her pussy. She was stating that her pussy is getting hot and was used up. Tina was also complaining “oh my pussy is leaking cum too.” She grabbed the nearest table handkerchief and wiped some of the excessive cum. Amit sat up against the booth and watched her. Roshan while getting dressed told my girl “come on you got to please the birthday boy. Why don’t you suck him then?”
Tina looked at Amit dead in the face. He just smiled and spread his legs wide for her to come between them. My girl did in fact drop to her knees again to pleasure this man. She must had her pussy sore and thought her mouth was better to please this man. She slapped his semi hard cock and asked him “come on get hard for me, so I can please that cock. What you had too much to drink? Come on birthday boy, it’s time to cum!”
She started off slow and licked every area of his groin. She sucked his inner thigh, went to the balls, the base, and the length of his shaft. Finally his cock was rock hard and she swallowed his head and descended her mouth down his cock. She was milking the base as she sucked the head. His cock was super hard now. He was relaxing and enjoy my fiancé servicing his cock. Amit put his hands on the back of her head as she was getting into rhythm. She was bobbing her head up and down on it.
Roshan fully dressed now, came and sat next to him. He too put his hands on her head and forced her mouth down deeper. She was deep throating Amit and he was groaning in intense pleasure. Roshan was chanting “Yeah suck him hard like that. Yeah you got it. Swallow it girl!” She was gagging and you can hear it. Finally Amit clutched her hair and his legs were kicking as he was cumming in her mouth. She was forced down on his member and could hardly breath. These men had her head locked down. She was forced to inhale through his cock. She was coughing and gulping his man juice. It was going down her throat! Some of his cum was coming back down to the base of his cock. He had too much of load for her to handle.
When he went soft, Tina pulled her mouth off. She was heaving and was trying recollect herself. Both men were saying stuff in Hindi. Roshan told her “come on, clean that up!” He forcefully took her head and pushed her face to his groin. He made her lap up the remaining cum and she quickly swallowed it to avoid the taste. She made a little disgusted face as she did it, and the men laughed. Roshan got some 20 dollars bills and made it rain on her. He said “here is your tip sweetie. You did a phenomenal job.” Tina collect the money and got up. She started to come towards me. She looked spent. Her hair was a mess, lipstick smudged. Cum was drooling down her thighs from her pussy. Saliva and cum by her mouth and tits. She wiped off as much as she can, and then put back on her sexy underwear and dress. Amit got dressed too.
Not much was said as our little “after party” was over now. Both men were satisfied and ready to leave. She meekly told me “let’s leave babe.” Roshan told me “thank you man. Come again as you please and I will take care of you guys.” I said sure and we left quickly.
In the car Tina said to me “that was crazy. I guess i had too much to drink, and that weed hit the spot.” She added “I didn’t stop because you were enjoying it too.” I admitted to her it was wild and sexy, and didn’t expect she could be so freaky.” She took it as a compliment.
When I dropped her home, she got out of the car. She stood by my car door and told me her pussy was still leaking and she needed to take a bath asap. She said those men haven’t cum in a while. I agreed and told her “you made their day, and I hope your satisfy knowing that you increased your number of partners.” She winked at me and said “Well I need one more to tie your number.”
Her last statement got me horny again and thinking about what happened tonight. Her pussy must have taken a lot of cum, thank goodness she was on birth control. She also must have swallowed a lot, but not by choice. I ended up jacking off with visions of this when I got home.


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