Paying off the Debt | Beep Stories

Martha threw her husband a quick glance, raising an eyebrow ever so slightly. He gave her an almost imperceptible shrug in response. She made a weak smile and returned her nervous attention to the portly man seated behind the desk before them.

“Uh Mr. Green as I said,” Brad said quickly, “Things have really gotten tight for us. Business has been real slow for the past few months. But I’m sure things will pick up.”

“I see,” Mr. Green said as he slowly closed their file. He settled back in his chair, appearing to be deep in thought. Finally he said, “So when could you get current on your loan?”

“I…I really can’t say anything definite,” Brad said, casting a quick look at Martha.

“We’ll take care of it as soon as we can,” Martha added. She shook her head, saying, “We’re just asking you to be patient.”

“You’re already three months behind in your payments,” Mr. Green curtly pointed out.

“We know we are,” Brad conceded. He coughed and then said, “Like I said as soon as things pick up we’ll pay all that we owe.”

“And you can’t say if or when things might pick up.”

“No, I’m afraid not,” Brad admitted wearily. He cast a worried look over at his young wife and then returned his attention to the loan officer.

“And so we continue to lose money and the late fees continue to grow,” he said simply, interlacing his fingers and resting his hands in his lap. He grunted shortly and shook his head, saying, “Just how much slack do we give you. When you took out this loan you agreed to make the monthly payment each and every month.”

“Yes, I know we did,” Brad said nodding his head. He shrugged his shoulders, saying, “But things just didn’t go like we thought they were.”

“And so we have to wait to get our money back?”

“We’re trying,” Martha said quickly. She glanced at her husband and then at Mr. Green, saying, “I don’t know what else to say, but we’re trying.”

“I’m sure you are. But that isn’t paying back the money you owe,” he said in mildly condescending tone. He sat forward, saying, “You know I could begin legal proceedings to recover the money I lent you.”

Martha glanced at her husband; sure she looked as dismayed as he did. She shrugged slightly unsure how they were going to escape the hole they had found themselves in. They had only been married for two years now and were in a very serious financial hole. They had taken the loan to try to consolidate their bills and put a down payment on a house. Unfortunately, Brad’s work was suffering a serious slow period. She knew that if Mr. Green did begin legal action they could possibly lose everything.

“We’ll do anything we can to repay the loan,” Brad said weakly, getting an agreeing nod from Martha.

“I see,” Mr. Green said slowly. He again settled back in his chair, alternating his gaze between Martha and her husband. She shifted slightly as the silence continued, feeling like he was letting his eyes rest on her just a tad longer. Finally he said, “So you’re suggesting that maybe we could come to an arrangement.”

“Uh yes,” Brad said quickly, looking over at Martha for support.

“Whatever it takes,” Martha added.

“There might be ways for you to, say, work this debt off,” Mr. Green said slowly. He frowned slightly and said, “A way for you to do things and in turn I’ll lower the remaining balance of your debt.”

“Would you?” Martha asked hopefully.

“Yes, we could make a working arrangement,” he said with a slow nod.

“Great, we really appreciate this Mr. Green,” Brad said eagerly. He shifted forward, asking, “What is it you would want us to do?”

“Well, I have another enterprise that I mange and I’m sure you would do great there,” he said, giving Martha a warm smile. She shifted, casting a puzzled look at Brad. She was attending school still, hoping to get her degree in business administration; she had no real business experience.

“But…but what kind of business is it?” Martha asked, glancing at her husband. She shook her head, saying, “I may not be qualified for the work.”

“Oh, you’re qualified,” Mr. Green assured her.

“Thank you…I guess,” Martha said. She ran a hand through her shoulder length dark brown hair, asking, “What kind of work is it I’d be doing?”

“Well as I said it’s a private enterprise,” Mr. Green said, his eyes resting solely on her. Martha shifted, uneasy with his prolonged gaze, she thought he had quickly lowered his stare to her chest. He smiled at her, saying, “A very private enterprise.”

“Okay,” Martha said slowly, casting an uncertain look at her husband. She cleared her throat, asking, “Just what exactly does it do?”

“It provides, shall we say temporary companionship.”

Martha’s eyebrows knitted sharply in confusion. She shook her head, as if to clear it and then asked, “What? Is like visiting elderly shut ins?”

“No, nothing like that,” he said calmly. He templed his fingers and rested his elbows on the armrests of his chair, saying, “It provides companionship for adults. Mainly adult men.”

Martha’s stomach knotted severely, making it hard to breathe. Wide-eyed she stared at Mr. Green, hoping she had misunderstood him. Open-mouthed she looked over at Brad; he was quietly staring straight ahead.

“Wha…what are you saying?” Martha finally asked in a breathless whisper.

“It’s an escort service,” Mr. Green said matter-of-factly.

Martha inhaled sharply and sat back in her chair as if she had been shoved. Dumbly she turned and looked at her husband. She could clearly see his jaw muscle twitch as he gritted his teeth. He continued to stare straight ahead, his fists clenched tightly.

“Brad?” She breathlessly whispered.

“What can we do?” He asked without looking over at her. In a soft monotone he said, “We could lose everything. He’s got us.”

“I’m not a prostitute,” Martha said indignantly.

“I didn’t say you were,” Mr. Green said with a chuckle. He waved his hand, saying, “A prostitute gets paid for fucking someone and you’re not going to get any money for your…services. It will just be put towards your debt. And with a body like yours, it shouldn’t take too long for you to work it off. Maybe a year or two.”

“Brad…” Martha again looked to her husband for some kind of help.

“I’m sorry honey,” he said quietly, blinking repeatedly.

“Oh don’t act so upset,” Mr. Green said. He motioned at Brad, saying, “You’ll still be with your husband. It’s just now I will say who else you’re going to fuck. Who, how and when I say.”

Martha’s stomach was balled tightly, feeling like a lump of cold lead. She took a shaky breath, hoping to keep down the bile that had crept up her throat. Her mind was spinning. The only man she had ever been with was Brad and now she was being forced to be a whore. She was literally being sacrificed to anyone that had enough money.

“You needn’t worry I’m very careful with whom I do business,” Mr. Green said calmly. His grin only increased Martha’s anguish as he said, “They’re all good men. With money and a desire for occasional female company. And, like I said, a young lady that looks as nice as you I’m sure they will find most entertaining.”

Martha stared dumbfounded at him, dimly hearing his words. She was horrified by what he was saying, for her to become a whore. She had been raised with traditional Christian values; that sex was meant to be done only by a husband and wife. That prostitution was wrong, terribly wrong. Any woman that would sell her body was doomed to rot in hell. She wondered if the fact that she was being forced into it would in any way alleviate her sin.

“So what do you want us to do?” Martha dimly heard Brad ask.

“Well first off, like any good business man I’d like to check out the merchandise,” Mr. Green said. He leaned back and motioned for Martha to stand up, saying after she had, “Please take your clothes off.”

Martha felt as if someone had punched her in the gut. Her breath caught and she staggered slightly, feeling the floor tilt beneath her. Brad was the only man that had seen her naked and now this relative stranger wanted her to undress. Added to that he was acting as if he was just checking out a piece of equipment.

“Brad?” Martha tearfully whispered.

“Just do it,” he muttered, keeping his stare trained ahead.

Sniffing heavily, Martha took hold of the lower edge of her red blouse. She cast a pleading look at Mr. Green but he remained impassive. Blinking repeatedly to clear her tear-filled eyes, Martha slowly began to pull her blouse up. She shook her head to settle her tousled hair after she had drawn the blouse over her head. Unsure she looked about and then laid it on the chair where she had been seated. With trembling fingers, she undid the clasps on her hip; she held the waist of her long black skirt for a long moment. Closing her eyes she gave the skirt a slight push and allowed it to drop, clustering around her ankles.

“Oh one thing,” Mr. Green said as she stepped from her skirt and lightly shoved it aside with her foot. He motioned at Martha, saying, “No more pantyhose. A lot of men don’t like them. At least our customers don’t. You can wear stockings if you want.”

Dumbly Martha nodded her head. She stood there wishing her nightmare would end. She was about to uncover her private parts to this man and while her husband watched in silence. Except for Brad and her doctor, no other man had ever seen her naked body. Even when she was a teen, she hadn’t fooled around. She had dated and even kissed some guys while she was in high school, but that was as far as it had gone. She had been taught that good girls didn’t do things like that. She could still recall how nervous she had been on their wedding night. Nervously undressing, revealing to him her most private parts. The wonderful feeling he had given her when they first had made love. She had never even fantasized about being with another man and now she was going to be made available to who knew how many. Martha shivered as she noted Mr. Green’s blatant eyeing. Except for the few times when she was younger and her little brother had walked in on her when she was dressing, no one had ever seen her this way.

“Don’t stop,” he told her with a touch of eagerness, “Take the rest of your clothes off.”

Taking a shuddering breath Martha nodded stiffly and arched her back as she reached up behind herself. Her fingers were oddly inept as she fumbled with the clasp on her plain white bra. She sensed Mr. Green’s impatience as she continued to try and undo the clasp. Keeping her head bowed, she allowed the straps to slip off her shoulders and then her bra silently dropped to the floor.

“Very nice Martha, very nice indeed,” Mr. Green murmured appreciatively.

Deciding to ignore his comment, Martha kicked her shoes off knowing he was eying her cone shaped breasts. She could almost feel his eyes on her 36C bust. A part of her wondered if she would find it as exciting to have her breasts fondled by a total stranger as she did when her husband would. She was dismayed that she was even wondering what it would be like to be with another man. Forced to be with another man. Briefly, she recalled how wonderful it had felt that first time Brad had caressed her breast. The electric thrill that had coursed through her when he tweaked her erect nipple. The wild rush when he had longingly kissed and sucked on her rust colored cones of flesh.

Martha kept her eyes trained to spot on the floor as she jammed her thumbs inside the waistband of her pantyhose. She hesitated; hoping somehow the nightmare would end, but knowing it was only just beginning. Roughly, she shoved her pantyhose and panties down off her hips. Quickly she pushed the garments down her slender legs to her ankles. Shakily she worked her feet free and then straightened, letting the crumpled pile remain at her feet. Instinctively she placed her hands over her bare snatch as she quietly stood there.

“Very nice,” Mr. Green said quietly. He shifted forward. Resting his forearms on the desk, saying, “Turn around.”

On rather wobbly knees, Martha slowly turned around. She paused when she had her back to him, assuming he wanted to get a look at her butt. After a few seconds, she resumed turning until she was again facing him. Martha knew she was an attractive woman; she wasn’t beautiful she knew, but she wasn’t plain Jane either. Oddly, she was hoping that for some reason Mr. Green would not want to use her as he planned. That maybe she wasn’t good enough for his private enterprise. Martha’s stomach tightened even more when from the edge of her vision she saw him stand up. With growing dread, she watched as he came around his desk to where she was standing.

“Very, very nice,” he said as he stood next to her. He grunted, saying, “As a matter of fact, there are some favors that you might help me repay.”

Martha gasped loudly when he smacked her pale ass cheek, gripping it firmly. He gave her ass cheek a hard squeeze, grunting approvingly as he did. He gave her pale globe of flesh a shake, muttering, “Real nice.”

Martha tensed when he reached over and cupped his hand to her tit. He firmly pressed his hand to her tit, giving it a slight jiggle. She shuddered when he slid his fingers over her nipple. He chuckled softly as he tweaked her tingling nipple, causing her to tense. He released her tingling nipple and firmly traced the quarter-sized areola that circled her nipple.

Martha took a shuddering breath and closed her eyes as he moved his hand from her breast down her front. He gripped her wrist, made her move her hand from in front of her crotch, and then brushed her other hand away. She didn’t try to stop the soft sob as he began to rub her smoothly shaved pubic mound.

“Spread your legs,” he quietly directed her. She wanted to refuse but she knew it would be useless. Trembling she awkwardly moved her feet apart.

Once she had, he thrust his hand between her legs. Martha inhaled as he pushed his pudgy middle finger between her pussy lips. With a single thrust, he drove his finger into her warm, moist vagina. She gritted her teeth, trying to block any sensation from her crotch as he kept his finger deep in it. Slowly he began to pull his finger back, until just the tip was still between her pussy lips and then again shoved it deep into her. To her dismay, Martha felt her violated pussy beginning to moisten. With increased speed, Mr. Green continued to silently finger her. She twitched slightly when he rubbed her clit and heard his soft chuckle; apparently he had seen her reaction.

“Do you masturbate?” He calmly asked her.

“I have,” Martha finally admitted after a prolonged silence. She wondered what her husband would think about her confession. It wasn’t very often, just once in awhile.

“Good, guys like to watch girls finger themselves,” Mr. Green calmly said. Martha sagged slightly when he abruptly pulled his hand from between her legs. He motioned her to turn around as he moved past her and sat down in the chair she had been seated in. She cast a forlorn look at Brad as she turned; he was watching her helplessly. She just wanted to cry, being forced to degrade herself in front of him. Mr. Green casually crossed his legs and told her, “Go ahead and finger yourself.”

Martha clearly felt the redness of her shame spreading over her face. She took a ragged breath as she moved her hand between her legs. Closing her eyes, she carefully slipped her middle finger into her wet hole. Slowly she began to rub herself, being a little gentler than he had. Despite her revulsion, she soon began to breathe heavily and slowly grind her hips as she rubbed her tingling clit.

“Do you like to suck cock?” Mr. Green asked after a few seconds.

“I…I never have…” Martha nearly gasped.

“What?” Mr. Green exclaimed. Through partly opened eyes she saw him look over at Brad, asking, “Surely she sucks your cock?”

“No,” Brad said with a slow shake of his head.

“Well I guess we’ve got a lot of training to do,” Mr. Green said with a grin. He leaned towards Brad, asking, “Would you like her to suck your cock?”

“I…I guess so,” Brad said, giving her an uncertain look.

“Well Martha you heard him,” Mr. Green said. He motioned at her husband, saying, “Get over here and suck his cock. You had best learn how and might as well start with your husband.”

Martha stood there, her hand still between her legs and staring at her husband. She didn’t want to admit that she had kissed his dick once. Last New Year’s, they had gone to a party and she had gotten a little tipsy. When they had gotten home, they began to fool around. They took turns undressing the other. While she was kneeling in front of him, pulling his pants down and his stiff organ popped into view. Maybe it had been the alcohol, but unthinkingly she had gripped his shaft, leaned forward and gave it a hard kiss. And that had been it, he had never mentioned it after that and she was too embarrassed to say anything about it.

On very shaky legs, Martha walked over to Brad. His face was a mask of anguish and a hint of eagerness. Unthinkingly she lowered her eyes to his crotch, both pleased and a little ashamed to see the bulge there. She had thought that oral sex was disgusting, now she was being forced to take her own husband’s penis in her mouth. Casting an apologetic look at Brad, she slowly dropped to her knees. Quickly, Brad spread his legs and scooted forward in his chair as she crawled closer.

“Good ahead and pull his pants down,” Mr. Green directed her.

Martha nodded stiffly and reached up, fumbling with Brad’s belt. With trembling fingers she undid his belt and then unfastened his slacks. Her breathing was shaky as she took hold of the tab of his zipper. She looked up at him as she began to slide the zipper down, his face covered with an uncertain look.

Brad obligingly raised his ass off the chair when she began to tug his pants and shorts down. She shuddered when his stiff organ sprang into view, jutting up rigidly. Instinctively she took hold of his hard shaft, sliding her hand along it, her eyes glued to it. She was being made to stick it in her mouth.

Shivering, Martha leaned forward and firmly kissed the end of his shaft. From the few vulgar conversations she had had the misfortune to overhear at school she understood that men liked having the end of their dicks kissed and licked. She paused with her lips pressed hard against the head of his dick and then opened her mouth slightly. She flashed her tongue out, quickly swirling around his cock. She was disgusted with herself at the slight perverse thrill she felt when she heard Brad groan softly.

Reluctantly, Martha opened her mouth wider and his dick slipped into her mouth. Unthinkingly, she wrapped her lips tightly around the base of his cockhead. She rubbed her tongue firmly over the end of it, remembering she had heard that guys liked that. Her eyes fluttered open briefly when she felt a hand on the back of her head. She groaned softly when the hand, she assumed it was Brad, began to gently push down. Hesitantly she gave in and allowed more of his dick to slide into her mouth.

Martha was surprised at how hard and smooth his shaft was as it rested on her tongue. She kept her lips snug around his shaft, reaching up to take hold of it. Her nostrils were flared widely as she inhaled heavily through her nose. Steadily, Brad continued to make her take more of his shaft. He stopped when the end of his cock touched the back of her throat and caused her to gag. Martha opened her eyes, seeing see had taken about half of his penis. He held her head still for a second and she wondered if he wanted to have her take all of him. She didn’t think she could, her mouth was filled with his organ. Eagerly she continued to rub her tongue along the underside of his shaft. Unthinkingly, she groaned deep in her throat.

“How’s she doing?” she vaguely heard Mr. Green ask with a chuckle.

“Okay,” Brad gasped.

Martha was pleased when Brad lessened the pressure on her head, allowing her to pull her head back. She hoped she could get his penis out her mouth. He stopped her when just the end of his shaft was between her lips and then steadily pushed her head back down. Smoothly his shaft slid between her lips filling her mouth once more.

Soon she was moving her head up and down without his guidance. Unthinkingly she began to make lewd disgusting slurping noises as his dick slipped back and forth in her mouth. She also began to suck on his shaft, understanding that men liked that too. Soon her cheeks were indented sharply. Brad also began to buck his hips forward, driving more of his dick into her mouth. She could clearly hear his rapid, deep breathing. She knew that he was getting close to climaxing.

“Don’t come in her mouth,” she heard Mr. Green say, “Pull your cock out and shoot your wad on her face.”

“Okay,” Brad gasped.

Martha groaned when he pushed her head back, allowing his dick to spring from her mouth. He roughly brushed her hand from his shaft and gripped it himself. He held her head still as he frantically pumped his saliva coated shaft, pointing it at her. She closed her eyes tightly when the first large glob of his milky white cum spurted out. She flinched as the warm thick fluid splattered on her cheek. She heard Brad groan longingly as more of his hot cum landed on her face.

Brad once more pulled her head forward after he had stopped cumming. Martha inhaled through her nose when she felt his cockhead touch her face. Firmly he began to rub his cock over her face, smearing his thick, warm spunk over it. He slid his cum over her closed eyes, along her nose, jaw, and cheeks and along her tightly closed lips.

Finally, she heard Brad sigh and pull his hand from her head. Wearily she sat back on her ankles, listening to her husband’s rapid breathing. She had been scared that he was going to cum in her mouth. She had been certain that she would have been ill if he had. But this seemed even more disgusting. Sitting there with her face covered with his spunk. She could feel a few globs slowly sliding down her jaw onto her neck.

“Lick your lips,” Mr. Green ordered in a husky whisper.

Obediently, her tongue flashed out passing over her cum covered lips. She was surprised at how warm and salty it tasted. She wished she could wipe her face off, she felt as if she had been stained by his spunk and everyone would know what she had done and allowed to be done to her. She heard Brad shifting around and figured he was fixing his pants.

“She needs to work on that,” she heard Mr. Green say. She heard him moving about also, as he said, “I’ll let you work with her on that.”

“Okay,” Brad said with a touch of eagerness.

“Here, wipe your face off,” Mr. Green said, touching her shoulder.

Martha took the smooth fabric he had handed her and quickly wiped it over her face and neck. She shuddered as she carefully wiped her eyes off, blinking repeatedly after she did. She was disgusted to see that she had been using her own panties to wipe her face off with. She let the soiled garment drop to the floor, casting an uncertain look at the two men.

Mr. Green placed his elbow on the armrest of his chair and then rested his chin in his hand. He glanced at Brad and then at Martha, saying, “Since she’s never sucked cock, I take it that she’s got a cheery asshole?”

Martha looked terrified at Brad. Surely he didn’t intend for her to do that. Surely he had degraded her enough.

“Uh…yeah,” Brad admitted with a slow nod.

“Well I guess I’ll let you pop her cheery butt,” Mr. Green said with a wave of his hand. He grinned and motioned at her, saying, “But you better not wait. I know some guys that would love to stick it up her ass.”

“Yes sir,” Brad said quickly, glancing at Martha. She was aghast; this man was actually directing her husband as to what to do to her.

“So do you ever go down on her?”

“No,” Brad quietly confessed, coughing uneasily. Mr. Green only snorted and shook his head. Martha bowed her head slightly. She didn’t know how to react; Brad had never tried that with her. She knew that a lot of girls liked it, but she had never experienced it and he hadn’t seemed interested in trying it.

“Well let me show your lovely wife what she’s been missing,” Mr. Green said jovially as he stood up. He held out a hand to help Martha to her feet. He held her hand as he led her around the desk. He made her turn so her back was to the desk and Brad. He slipped his hands under her armpits and easily helped her up onto the desk. She sat there on the edge of his desk as he sat down in his leather chair. She leaned back on her elbows as he scooted the chair closer and made her rest her feet on the armrests of his chair. He smiled up at her as he gently stroked the smooth skin of her upper thighs.

Martha watched transfixed as he lightly caressed her legs, slowly moving his hands to her pubic mound. She was mildly repulsed at how his eyes were glued to her private parts. She wanted to laugh, private parts. Her most private of areas was now being inspected by this man and who knew how many more would have access to her. She shuddered as he lightly rubbed the smooth skin of her crotch. Slowly, almost teasingly he moved his fingers down to her pussy lips. He ran his fingertips along her slit, down one side and up the other.

“So you’ve never let anyone lick your pussy?” He asked as he pushed his index finger into her moist pocket.

“No,” Martha gasped, shaking her head and resisting the urge to look over at her husband.

Mr. Green simply grunted and shook his head. Still transfixed, Martha watched as he placed his other hand on her snatch and spread the lips of her pussy, groaning as he did. She found herself holding her breath as he shifted back slightly and leaned forward. She twitched when he lightly kissed her pussy. She was unable to stop her deep-throated groan when he stuck his tongue into her pussy. Slowly he ran his tongue along her slit, sending wicked shivers through her. Martha lay back on the desk, suddenly feeling weak as he continued to lick her pussy. She was stunned at how wet she was becoming. She groaned loudly as he worked another finger into her, slowly fingering her as he licked her.

Martha let out a startled gasp and jerked mightily when Mr. Green firmly licked her erect clit. Each time he kissed or licked her erect clit she jerked as if she had been shocked. Unabashedly she groaned, her head rolling from side to side. She didn’t want to admit it, but what he was doing to her was wickedly exciting. Unthinkingly she reached down and grabbed the back of his head, pressing it hard to her snatch. Part of her was disgusted with her reaction; she was acting like a wanton slut and in front of her husband. She gritted her teeth as she ground her crotch against Mr. Green’s face, hoping he would get her off quickly.

Abruptly, he pulled his face from her pussy, making her groan in protest. Weakly she raised her head and saw he was leaning back in his chair, fumbling with his pants. She turned her head to look at Brad. He was leaning forward, watching her. He gave her a weak smile and nod. She looked back as Mr. Green rose.

Martha’s eyes dropped to his crotch, where his stiff dick was jutting out of his pants. Without knowing why, she found herself comparing his tool to the only other adult male dick she had ever seen, Brad’s. Mr. Green seemed to be as well endowed as her dear husband, although his dick might be a little fatter then Brad’s. She was dismayed to realize that part of her was wondering what it would feel like in her.

“You don’t mind if I check out my new employee, do you?” Mr. Green asked Brad.

“No, go right ahead.”

Mr. Green grunted, gripping his stiff dick in one hand as he moved closer. Martha watched with mixed emotions as he guided his stiff organ to her pussy. She inhaled deeply when she felt the head of his cock slip between her pussy lips. He paused to grab her ankles and lift her feet. He held her ankles, with her legs spread wide. With one hard thrust, he shoved his dick deep into her. Despite her disgust, she couldn’t stop the throaty moan that escaped. She saw that although his dick did feel bigger, it wasn’t that uncomfortable.

Martha laid her head back as he began to pump his cock into her. She began to grunt with each hard thrust he made, reaching down to grab the edge of the desk. Although she and Brad had had some heated sex, it had also been tempered. Brad had usually made love at an almost measured pace. Mr. Green was taking her in a rather hard almost frantic pace.

Briefly she lifted her head to look down her front, watching as his glistening dick pumped in and out of her, she could even feel his balls slapping against her. She was shocked to see that she was pulling herself closer to him, meeting each hard thrust and driving him deeper into her. She laid her head back down as she felt her pussy tingling with the beginning of a climax. She didn’t want to let this man make her come, but she couldn’t stop herself.

Groaning loudly, Martha arched her back clean off the desk. Her pussy muscles flexed tightly around Mr. Green’s pumping cock and her juices gushed heavily around it. Her squeal filled the small office as she tensed, nearly hyperventilating. In the midst of her climax she felt Mr. Green stop slamming his cock into her and a split second later she felt his warm spunk squirting into her tingling pussy. She remained tensed as he steadily pumped his sperm into her. Finally she lowered herself back onto the desktop and Mr. Green stepped back, his flaccid dick slipping out of her. Martha heard him plop down in his chair as she let her legs drop. She remained laying their, her legs dangling off the desk as she tried to catch her breath.

After a few minutes, Mr. Green stood up and helped Martha off the desk. She kept her head bowed, as she stood there, ashamed at how she had behaved. Her womb was filled with this man’s sperm and she had enjoyed it. She wouldn’t admit it, but it had been wickedly exciting. She avoided looking at Brad as she moved from behind the desk, Mr. Green’s jism slowly oozing down the inside of her thighs.

“Well then I’ll be in touch as soon as I get some work for you,” Mr. Green said as he adjusted his clothes.

“Okay,” Martha and Brad both said.

Silence filled their car as they drove home a short time later. Martha stared straight ahead the whole time. They stopped for a red light and Brad glanced over at her, asking, “You wanna stop anywhere?”

“Let’s just go home,” Martha answered softly. She glanced out of the side of her vision at Brad.

Martha needed time to think and sort out her whirling thoughts. She was disgusted with what she and her husband had agreed to; they had agreed to make her a prostitute. She had sold her body to settle a debt. She knew that she had lost her soul to eternal damnation for this despicable act. But oddly there was a stirring sense of excitement; a purely wicked feeling that she couldn’t deny. She was shocked when she felt it but it was there and growing with each second she allowed herself to think about her situation. She didn’t want to admit it but she was almost looking forward to the telephone ringing and hearing Mr. Green say he had a job for her. Maybe it was a sin but she didn’t care.