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I’m 53 and work as night watchman, just to make sure the everybody leaves after finishing their work. Not a security guard as that’s a higher pay rate. My employer is a penny pincher, I don’t have to tackle intruders I just call the police. But there isn’t anything were stealing in this building no cash on hand or many things worth selling. One of my main jobs is making sure the cleaners don’t leave early. If they work late, well that’s their problems are he won’t pay anymore. The cleaners do what is required and nothing more, one of the cleaners asked me one night could sleep in the building as she had lost her rental. She was of a similar age to me, and I’ve always got on well with her and I said OKAY I’ll wake you before anyone comes in the morning. She made bed and went to sleep. In the morning I woke her before the early staff arrived and after they had I was off duty; I saw her looking thru her bag as I left and knew she had no money. I got her to join me at the nearby diner where I had my breakfast and paid for her breakfast. Asked what she was going to do till she restarted cleaning that evening. She said look for spot work, as she had lost her other job as they wanted someone younger. So, she couldn’t afford her room anymore. She looked tired and I said if you want you can crash at my place. She wasn’t sure and said how much chance of spot work in this area do you have. Not much at all she replied, so she came back the building I worked in with me and down to the basement, where I had an apartment according to my boss, it was 2 rooms in one corner of the basement. One was my bedroom 11′ by 10′ and a 12′ by 11’kitchen come lounge/dining room. A bathroom/toilet was about 15′ away from my “Apartment” detached you could say. I got it rent free. A bonus from my boss, but it was much better than a lot of places I had live before getting this job. I had a lounge and I said she could’ve the bed and I’ll crash on the lounge which was usual for me. Anyway, she became my house guest, after her next shift she stay with me talking most of the night and had breakfast with me again as well as prework dinner my normal practice. Two meal a day Breakfast and dinner, I always bought snacks and eat them while working. After a week of us living together, she asked me to sleep with her. A new after work daytime ritual started us sleeping together. Neither had family and we were family you could say, but I decided to make it official, and we married. She said I didn’t have to, and I said I might as well. Then the boss came to my apartment to tell me of workers coming in to replace ducting over the coming weekend. Noticed my wife and asked who she and I said my wife, he then just accepted that. He said he would need a cleaner to early Monday morning to give the offices a cleaning even those the worker would have dust sheets. I said my wife works with your cleaners and she is a night owl like me, He asked her would she be willing to do the work and she said yes. They didn’t do the whole building that first weekend, it was done over several weeks and my wife cleaned up after them each time. Now months later we’re together and happy fucking whenever we want to and live in a basement. My wife prefers it to what she had before. We bought a washing machine and dryer and don’t need to travel to do our laundry. With us both up all the night the boss has 2-night watchmen instead of one. Only pays for one. But it isn’t as lonely as before.

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