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Marie rushed to get to her interview. This was her last chance to land a job before she would have to admit defeat and move out of her apartment. Since she lost her job when the pandemic hit, she had fallen a month behind on her rent. She was fifty- two years old and her unemployment had run out as had her savings. She held out hope, but thought this was the oddest application process she had ever been through. First, the face time interview with the nice Ms. Brown, then a company physical before her face to face interview.
She got on the elevator and pushed the button for the top floor. When the doors opened, she walked toward the only office on the floor and looked at the sign above the ornate door. Carstairs Worldwide Inc. She entered and saw Ms. Brown at her desk.
She smiled and said "Marie, I'm so pleased to meet you in person, you look lovely? Are you ready for your interview?"
"I hope so but I have to admit I'm nervous, I really need the job."
" I'm sure you'll do fine dear." "Please have a seat and we'll go over the particulars before you see Mr. Carstairs." "Would you like some water, or coffee?"
"No, thank you, I'm fine"
Ms. Brown sat, looked at her and said "before we go any further, I need you to sign this non-disclosure agreement please."
Marie was surprised but after reading it, signed it. It seemed pretty standard. Do not divulge anything seen or heard blah, blah, blah.
Ms. Brown said "Excellent, dear. Let me explain the terms of employment before we go in and see Mr. Carstairs. First, let me apologize as the job is not exactly as an executive secretary as advertised."
"It's not?"
"No, dear."
"Then what is it for?"
"We'll get to that but first let me tell you about the financials. The hours are noon to four thirty. The salary is one thousand dollars a day. Company paid insurance and inclusion in the company 401k with a generous match, and two weeks' vacation pending the convenience of Mr. Carstairs. Does that sound satisfactory dear?"
Marie was astounded. This was beyond belief and her hopes soared. She had visions of being solvent within a month but then caution crept in. "What exactly does the job entail Ms. Brown?"
"Well, dear, Mr. Carstairs is in charge of a huge company. He is under an enormous amount of stress. You dear, would be in charge of relieving his stress"
"I still don't understand."
"Relieving his physical stress dear."
"Oh. Oh my. I couldn't."
"You certainly could dear. I did for the last five years. I'm fifty- seven now. Five years older than you. If you get this job, in five years, you'll take mine when I retire."
"But why? I'm fifty -two he could have a younger woman as an whatever? I don't even know what to call it."
"You're lovely dear. That was evident in the face time interview. He prefers an older woman; he feels they are less inclined to think this could lead to a permanent relationship."
"I'm sorry but I think this was a mistake." Marie rose to leave and started for the door.
'Two hundred sixty thousand dollars a year dear. Ms. Brown said."
Marie stopped.
"What do I have to do?"
"He generally requires oral around one o'clock, and vaginal around four o'clock. During your time of the month he usually requires anal on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I can attest to the fact that he is gentle"
Marie was stunned. On one hand she was broke, on the other, she had a bright future at least monetarily. The fact was she had to whore herself, and that's how she saw it. It made her a little ill.
"Marie? Would you like to continue?"

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