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The characters in the story are OVER THE AGE OF 18. No creepery.
Continuation of Personal Growth. Thank you for your comments and feedback—I love to know what you think! This is a pretty short chapter, but they'll ebb and flow in length depending on what they get up to. Enjoy 🙂

Joel cupped my face in his palm and drew it to his, kissing me deeply. He grinned with hooded eyes. "I don't want to cum before I get to fuck you."
My breath caught in my throat. I had hooked up with a few guys, yes, making up for inexperience and my less-than-impressive body by trying to let them know how enthusiastic I was. But nobody had made me really want to go all the way—until now.
Joel detected my hesitation and gently released me, propping himself up on his elbows. "You ok, Dylan?"
I hoped he couldn't see the deep blush that was spreading across my cheeks and down my neck. "Yeah, I am. Um. I…" I stammered, trying to get it out.
"Hey," he said softly, one hand reaching up to brush the hair out of my eyes. "Are you a virgin?"
I bit my lip and nodded, breathing heavy. His gaze remained fixed on my expression.
I'd never been that protective over my virginity, but for most of my life I had the impression that I'd give it to someone special—maybe someone I was dating or in love with (or Jason—but I was positive that'd never happen). And of course I'd felt sexual attraction before, and sometimes wondered what it would be like to sleep with one of my pithy hookups. But that curiosity was something I had complete control over.
Now, that control was totally overwhelmed—steamrolled—by something more powerful: desire. Had the hormones changed my mind, too? All my thoughts about the special night when I'd "make love" for the first time blurred away, replaced by a crystal clear need to take Joel inside of me.
He looked concerned. "We don't have to do anything you don't want t-"
"No!" I surprised myself with the vehemence of my exclamation. He chuckled and I smiled. My sex drive was overpowering any concerns I had about my virtue, and I might as well lean into it. "Joel, I want you to fuck me. Please, I want you so bad."
Throwing his head back, he sighed with relief. His eyes blazed and he smirked at me as he drew back up, sliding me onto the couch and climbing on top of me. I shuddered as his fingers traced the lines of my body, curving around my creamy breasts, stroking and teasing my nipples. He hooked his thumbs in my panties and slowly drew them down my legs, leaving me totally exposed.
He lowered himself onto the floor and hooked one of my calves around his shoulder. He kissed up my ankle, my calf, my knee… I moaned as I realized what he was doing. I held my breath, awaiting the sensation I'd never known before.
He paused, ensuring we were making eye contact, before dipping his tongue to meet my sex. I cried out, partly from pleasure and partly from the exhilaration of a sensation entirely foreign to my body. He drew lazy circles around my clit, making my legs twitch of their own volition. My hand nestled in his hair, stroking it as I moaned.
He adapted quickly, gauging my moans and learning my sweet spots. He pushed a finger into me, thrusting it in and out in time with the rhythm of his tongue. I felt dizzy, quivering with anticipation as heat pooled deep in my belly. I whimpered, whispering "please" over and over again as I felt myself on the verge of exploding. No orgasm I'd ever given myself had been like this—it felt electric.
I clapped a hand over my mouth and screamed as I came, my back arching, legs shaking, hips grinding against him. Even after I was past my highest peak, I felt the energy tingling, jolting through me, inspiring little sighs.
When I opened my eyes, I saw him grin, wiping my nectar from his face with the back of his hand and licking it up. He moved back onto the couch, gingerly moving my legs so he could kneel between them.
"That should've gotten you prepped," he smirked.
I began to respond but was cut off by an "Oh!" as he cupped my sex, coating his fingers in the moisture that had gathered there.
"You're so sensitive," he teased. He stroked his cock, lubricating it with my wetness. "Are you ready? Do you want to do this?"
"Yes," I hissed. "Please, Joel."
He positioned himself at my entrance, jerking his cock a few times for good measure. He paused, gritting his teeth.
"Fuck. I don't have any condoms on me."
"I don't care," I gasped.
"God, that's hot," he groaned. "You're on birth control?"
"Yes!" I whined—it was part of the treatments. I felt on the verge of tears from the desire that was overwhelming me. "Joel, please!"
He re-positioned his cock at my entrance and began pressing it into me. Our breath hissed out in tandem as the head stretched me open. His normally-cool countenance was wide-eyed, intense. It almost made me giggle.
"You're so… tight," he hissed, pressing into me.
I groaned in reply as he met the resistance of my hymen. I squeezed my eyes shut, nodding to him and hoping that he took my cue. His hand squeezed my hip and I braced myself for what was coming.
We both struggled to contain our yelps of pain and pleasure as he tore through me. My eyes welled up with tears as I recovered from the white-hot sharpness, but before long it was replaced by a feeling of blissful fullness. I fluttered open my eyes and gave him a lazy smile.
"Wow," I whispered.
"Wow." He began to push deeper, then rocked his hips back out. He thrusted in a slow, deliberate rhythm, working his cock into me inch by inch. Every new thrust stretched me out beyond what I thought I could handle. I held my breath as he bottomed out.
"You ok?" His voice was throaty and intense.
"Yes," I seethed, biting my lip. "I feel so… fucking… full!"
He looked down in a moment of surprise as my hips began to grind against him, trying to work his cock in and out of me. He chuckled, re-positioning himself for leverage, and began to fuck me.
He began with slower, shallower strokes, finding his rhythm and stretching me out. I could tell that he wanted to go faster, but my pussy was gripping too tight for him to pound me just yet without hurting me. I could see the hunger in his features, feel it as his hand tangled in my hair and gave it a sharp tug.
The tug distracted me and gave him the opportunity he needed to thrust hard and deep into me. I cried out, and the lingering pain in my body was suddenly replaced by explosive pleasure. I threw my arms around his neck and he drew his hips back before pounding me with another powerful thrust, and another, and another.
The sensations—the sound of our bodies slapping together, the smell of sex, the feeling of his body pounding into mine—collided suddenly in a violent eruption, and I couldn't contain my cries of pleasure as I came for the second time.
My pleasure and the feel of my pussy spasming around him sent him into overdrive. "I'm gonna cum," he moaned.
I nodded, still riding too high on my orgasm to trust myself to speak. He pounded me harder, harder, before tensing and releasing his seed inside me with a shuddering roar. We both gasped for breath, covered in sweat, hearts racing from the heat of our encounter. His lips met mine in a deep kiss, and I tasted myself on his tongue.
"Holy shit."
I let out a shriek as we turned to the door, pleasure replaced with horror. We were not alone.
To be continued…

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