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By Oddchet I was inspired to write this by another pervert’s story. At first I denied who I was, but later was able to admit it, and enjoy it.

I was in my late 30’s when I realized I was attracted to little girls. Out in public my eyes would be drawn to their little bodies. The way these kids dressed didn’t help. Their tight little spandex shorts that barely covered their tiny preteen butts, the half shirts that were pretty much just sports bras drove my fucking nuts. At first I would look away in shame. That went on for several months. I refused to admit to myself, I was a true genuine pervert.

It soon became very clear while fucking my bbw wife. I would be thinking about some little girl I saw earlier that day. I just couldn’t help it. I would cum so quickly after that. It was then I decided to admit to myself who I really was. I felt liberated and truly happy with my new self.

I would go to the mall just to watch them. Stare and fantasize as they shopped with friends. Better yet watch as their mom took them shopping. Maybe for her little girl’s first bra, at least in my fantasy. The beach was another favorite for me. It was a goldmine of preteen girls dressed in bikinis, or a little princess one piece suits. I would always feel especially creepy after jerking off to one of them. They always made me blow the biggest loads.

I soon realized looking down at my wife’s huge body and trying to imagine a preteen underneath me was quite difficult. I came up with a solution rather quickly. I knew my wife wasnt big into our sex life anymore, so I started asking for hand jobs. She always agreed. She figured she wouldn’t have to get undressed, or ride me. I’d tell her I’m going to look at some porn, so it’ll be nice and quick. To which she would reply, great let’s make this quick. I would lie back, grab my phone and start browsing. Looking at our friends’ preteen daughters while my wife jerks me off is absolutely wonderful.

One day several years later I won the lottery…in a matter of speaking. Our friends asked my wife and I to look after her daughter while they went to an out of town funeral. My wife texted me this while I was at work. My cock literally twitched upon reading it. I knew the daughter very well. We had babysat for her from time to time. She was a very small blonde girl named Kenzie. She had turned 11 a few months back. We had of course been invited to celebrate at their house for a pool party. To my shock, and excitement, she wore a neon green bikini. Her little preteen cheeks sagged out
from under her bikini bottoms. I wanted to defile her so bad. With her friends dressed the same way, I was in heaven. I tried to snap as many pictures as I could without getting caught. Later that night the wife probably stroked 5 or 6 times before I exploded. Now Kenzie would be in my house for several days. My mind raced with perverted, and depraved thoughts.

I arrived home and found my wife on the couch having a drink. Perfect I thought to myself. I was curious where Kenzie was, but didn’t want to ask. I noticed her drink was near empty. I told her I’d make her another. I made it very strong hoping she would get drunk and pass out. I had a plan to drug Kenzie and have some fun ever since I read that text. I finally wanted my fantasy to come true. I needed my wife out of the way for the night. I finished making the drink and gave it to her. I sat next to her and cracked the beer I brought for my self. So where’s our house guest I said. Probably still showering she said. My dick moved again thinking about her little preteen body naked just down the hall. A couple minutes later we heard the bathroom door open, and she walked into the living room. Oh hi Jim, she said. Hey Kenzie, barely glancing her way. She sat down at the other end of the couch. I swear she wanted to be abused. This little 11 year old was wearing skin tight white spandex shorts, and a loose fitting pink cut off t-shirt. I slammed my beer and went for another. Kenzie do you want a Soda? I waited for the answer. I never wanted to hear the word “yes” more in my entire life. Ahh ya, thanks, she replied. I turned and a sinister grin filled my face. Fuck ya!! I said to myself. Be back in a few I said aloud.

I quickly went to the bathroom to grab a couple of painkillers I had left over. One made me relax, so I figured two would knock her ass out cold. I grounded them up on the sink and carefully put the powder in a piece of tissue. I made my way back to the kitchen and poured a Soda in a glass for her. I took a glance back to make sure I was alone and then added the powder. I quietly mixed it until I was satisfied. I grabbed my self another beer and headed back to the living room. I handed Kenzie her soda and sat down. I instantly felt paranoid she would say this tastes funny. What is this? She eventually sipped with no remarks. I sighed, and went back to the movie. An hour or so later the movie was almost done. My wife was pretty tipsy, but still awake. Kenzie on the other hand was passed out, having finished the glass. When the credits came up I suggested to my wife we watch another movie, but in our bedroom. OK she said. We both stood up and then she noticed Kenzie sleeping. What should we do with her? Oh let’s just let her sleep there I said. Fine with me she replied.

Another drink babe? I said, as we walked to the bedroom. Why not, OK, I’m going to grab a beet too. Be right back. I got our drinks and climbed into bed. I could think of nothing but the half naked drugged preteen on my couch. My dick was hard, but I obviously had to wait till my wife was sleeping.

About an hour later I looked over and said honey? Hey! You awake? No response. I slithered out of bed, closed the door and walked back into the living room. She was in the same position we left her in. I walked over to her very nervously. I was terrified. I sat beside her and said, Kenzie, come on let’s go to bed. Nothing, hey, I said loudly. I shook her with some force. I had to be sure she was unconscious. She lie on her side with her head on the arm rest. I shook her one more time moving her entire body. Still nothing. It’s now or never I thought. I walked back to check on my wife one last time. Still good there.

I walked back out to Kenzie and put my hands underneath her body like I was trying to pick her up. I lifted her slightly and dropped her back down. Still no response. I was so scared, I had to be beyond sure she was out. I was now. Her little mouth was open and I could see her braces. Another turn on for me. I licked my finger and rubbed it across her lips. Ohhh yes I said.I moved her onto her back and lifted her shirt revealing her pink training bra with yellow stars and hearts on it. I carefully lifted it up see two little girl boobies. My cock throbbed. I bent down and began to lick and pinch her nipples. I could have cum right there, but I wanted to explore more of this perfect little preteen. I took a sip of my beer and decided I wanted to see that little butt that got me so excited at the pool party. I leaned down and flipped her over onto her stomach revealing a tight little preteen butt that almost made me cum right there. I moved down and sat towards her feet where I would have the best view. I ran my fingers up and down her thighs. Each time getting closer and closer to her little cunny and butt hole. I then started up at her waist and slowly brought it down to her little holes. Back and forth I went caressing her little butt. All the while whispering in a creepy voice. Do you like that sweet heart? Does daddy touch you in your special place too? When I felt like I was close once again. I removed my shorts and boxers letting out my rock hard cock in front of this 11 year old. I moved up to her face.I Grabbed her head and shifted it so, it was almost hanging off the couch. I then held my cock and rubbed it over her lips and cheeks. I was getting so excited, I almost didn’t care if she woke at this point. I moved back down towards her butt. Slowly pulling down her shorts and cute little pink panties that matched her training bra. I licked up and down her butt crack, moving slower while over her precious little hole. I once again held my cock in my hand knelt down over her body, and grinded my cock up and down her crack. I spread her cheeks the best I could while trying to balance my self and with very little force pushed forward. I wanted to stretch that little preteen hole so bad, but I stopped my self. I held my cock in my hand and grinded into her hole without penetrating it. A few seconds later I absolutely exploded into her hole violently pushing her little body into the couch. I lied on top of her for second while catching my breath.

I spent the next hour methodically cleaning her up, but it was well worth it.

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