PervUniverse 01: Dilip’s Memoir

tagIncest/TabooPervUniverse 01: Dilip's Memoir

Thinking back, I couldn't but pity myself for being such a nerd pampered child, even by the age of 18, I had been oblivious to the world outside. It was year 2015.
My father worked in Dubai and hence I was brought up by my mother and occasionally by my paternal grandparents, my Dada and Dadi. They were my favourite and visiting them and being visited by them were always a joy, especially for the gifts and sweets my dada brings.
My mom Bhanu, was a goddess even at the age of 40, a beauty that would turn heads whenever she walk streets but a loving faithful one to her family. It was around December, Dad said he couldn't come for holidays and I had been tired from the exams. I was worried for my vacation, with no dad and my lack of friends, the holidays will have to be spend at home, which to be frank I was fine to an extend but a part of me did crave something or someone.
It was during those thoughts that my mom proclaimed that Dada is coming home for the holidays. Dadi was unwell to travel and she is being taken care of my cousins and uncles.
By afternoon 3, Dada was home. When enquired about Dadi and cousins, Dada said 'Oh I let them stay there. I wanted to spend more time with my favourite grandchild.' Smiling at me and my mom. I was elated. He had brought lots of chocolates, gifts and many books for me to read for the holidays. 'BEST HOLIDAYS EVER…' I wanted to shout out loud.
I knew mom was excited too. It is always a pleasure when someone comes. She had prepared well. She had been in the kitchen from morning. This was another thing that I loved about my Dada's arrival. My mom's delicious foods. Even though Dada's farm activities had blessed him with a well-built muscular body at the age of 63, he was a diabetic and had cholesterol as well. Mom still made sweet deserts and fried and oiled dishes, which for my benefit will be more had by me than Dada.
Dada was in his mundu and a shirt and had comfortably seated beside me while my mom sat at side of our living room in her saree. (Yeah I know, she was so excited, she changed herself into a stunning red saree).
'Dilip, why don't you go out and buy some pappad for our biriyani.' My mom told me handing me 20 rs. I frowned as my mom left for kitchen.
'Hey, go get something for yourself too, when you go out, maybe that game you had told me last time I came', Dada snuck me a 500Rs note.
I was running. I went to our shop to buy pappad and then walked along the street. Yes, the game, the latest NFS game. I had always wanted the latest one and I had asked Dada to buy me one last time he came, maybe he forgot the name of the game, but I was happy to travel the 30 mins cycling for the game.
It was late 6, when I returned and I was dead hungry. I saw light in my mom's room and dada's guest room light was switched off. I guessed he must have been tired and went off to sleep. I could hear giggles from mom's room but I was too focussed on mom's lunch. To my surprise, the dining was as it had been when I left. It was untouched.
'Dada didn't even have his lunch?' I wondered. 'Too tired maybe' But I couldn't spend more time thinking. I had to eat. I pulled the chair. It made a lot noise and I started to have my dinner.
In 5 minutes, Dada and mom came in. They came in together. 'What a coincidence.' I thought to myself. Both had changed their clothes. Dada was wearing our Dad's lungi and bare chested. Mom had changed into her nighties. Both looked tired. 'I must have woken them up' I worried myself. We had our dinner and Dada kept the mood going with his jovial converstions. Me and my mom laughed.
After filling our stomach, Dada said he's off for a bath, he asked mom for oil.
'Please wait, I'll get it to you once I'm done with the dishes.' Mom replied with a smile. It had been long since I had seen her so happy.
I went off to watch TV and within few minutes mom going with oil to the guest bathroom. I followed her as I wanted Dada's phone for games. The guest room was past the guest bathroom and I saw Dada in his lungi sitting on his stool waiting for mom to oil him up. This was not an uncommon act, I was the one who had the job to massage Dadi's leg whenever I went there although I never seen her oiling him up when someone else was also home, like my dad. But that was very rare, so I had nothing to be suspicious about. I asked Dada for his phone and he agreed with no thoughts. I looked at mom and she was fine too. I expected some rejection from mom, she always complained when I spend too much time on phone or TV. 'Wow, she was definitely in good mood' I thought to myself.
Excited, I went to his room, took the phone and started gaming. Yeah, don't judge me for mobile gaming at the age of 18. I love gaming…
Almost half an hour passed without any disturbances, when phone notified battery low. I walked fast to the bathroom asking aloud, 'Dada, phone is almost dead, where is the charger?'
I could hear some commotion in the bathroom as I reached there and I saw Dada almost naked, only a towel covering his crotch, forming a tent and mom kneeling beside him, she wasn't looking at me. I guessed she was oiling his legs but I could also see mom rubbing her lips with the back of her palm as if to clear away drool. I was more focussed on the charger.
'Dada, where is the charger?' I was a bit scared now. His face was all red with frustrated.
'Go check my bag or room, it must be somewhere' he snapped back trying his best to cover his frustration 'and… stop running around. You scared the shit out of mom and me.'
'I… I'm sorry' I turned.
But I knew he was sorry for snapping back at me like that for his face has changed.
I went to Dada's room to pick up the charger and walked back. This time the bathroom door was closed and tap was running. 'Dada must have started his bath'. But through the sound of the splash of water I could hear the sound of moan of a woman and Dada's grunt but I didn't care. I had Bounce to play in Dada's phone and if he had started bathing, I might have to stop it soon. But for my surprise, his bath was long and neither mom nor my Dada disturbed me.
Dada was back after about one hour and sat by me. 'Hey, I'm sorry for snapping at you early, you really scared me. I'm sorry.'
'Its fine, it really is…' I had actually forgotten about it by then and I hugged him.
'Isn't it your bedtime now?'
'Yeah, Good night Dada.' I stood and walked to my room. My mom was watching us and I walked passed her, waving a good night to her as well. She too seemed to have taken a bath and she smelled the same fragrance as Dada did. Now, thinking back, I think my mom did sneaked past me from Dada's bathroom when I was busy gaming, but I wasn't sure and even if it was. I didn't care…
It was a wonderful day…
Hi, guys, this is an experimental venture, PervUniverse, this will be collection of short stories of different characters and I plan on weaving them together at various parts (a sort of like GoT or MCU stuff) I know the story was too subtle and had no actual scenarios and it will surely be there in upcoming episodes. Till then I'd love your suggestions and feedback for further episodes and how to proceed.

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