Picking Up a Young Couple

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Her legs are what first caught my eye. A flash of skin in a dress that was just barely too short. Long, lean, athletic…with legs like that she was probably already planning on spending the next day at yoga or the gym to reverse this night of partying. As she glided through the bar, I took the opportunity to appreciate the rest of her body and continued to be smitten. Blonde hair. Extremely cute face. A little small in the tits department but still sexy as hell. And young. She barely looked old enough to be in the bar. I was so busy checking her out that it took me a few seconds to even notice him and realize that she was with someone. He appeared to be around the same age as her. One of those hipster doofuses that you see everywhere these days. I remember thinking to myself "what a waste that she's with him" and went back to checking out the bar for any available women.
It was surprisingly slow for a Friday night and there wasn't much talent at the bar so my gaze kept wandering back over to the couple. Watching them for a little bit it was obvious that she wore the pants in their relationship. After a few minutes, I noticed that she kept glancing over in my direction. At first I chalked it up to wishful thinking, but eventually I became convinced that she was looking at me almost as much as I was at her. The barstool next to her boyfriend was free, so I walked up and sat down. She smiled at me as I gave them both a head nod of acknowledgement. In no time, I had struck up a conversation with them and learned that their names were Molly & Don. After buying a couple of rounds of drinks I moved my stool in between the 2 of them under the pretense that I was too old to hear them both over the music in the bar. With a little more liquid courage, Molly begins flirting with me a lot. Touching my arm & leg, double entendres, discussing sex. I can tell Don was a little uncomfortable with his girlfriend doing this right in front of him, but he didn't object to her behavior so I continued to encourage it. After a few minutes, he got up and went to the bathroom and I noticed that he had to adjust his cock a little as he stood.
"You seem to be enjoying flirting with me in front of your boyfriend," I said to Molly once he was gone and placed my hand on her inner thigh just above her knee. "Is that all you're getting off on or how much farther are you willing to take this?"
She blushed as I said this and stammered "um uh…yeah…I guess. Donnie & I have talked about it before. We weren't planning on doing anything like this tonight but it is getting me so hot right now. D…do you mind?"
I smile at her reassuringly, tell her that I'm perfectly happy to help them experiment like this and then place her hand on the growing bulge in my pants to show her. She smiles and squeezes me a little through my slacks, but jerks her hand away as Don returns. I don't know if he saw her, but I leave my hand on her thigh to make sure he sees it. As we continue talking I lightly caress her inner thigh, gradually getting higher and higher. Don doesn't take his eyes off my hand as it slips under her dress. Then I notice that Molly's eyes almost never stop watching Don's face and reactions. My fingertips graze her panties and she gasps. I can feel how wet she already is.
"Does she always get this wet so easily?" I ask Don, but he either didn't hear me or he was too dumbstruck at what was going on to answer. I hook a finger inside her panties and slip it between her lips. She moans but luckily the music is loud enough that no one else hears. I find her clit and she grabs my upper arm. Her fingers dig into me as she tries to restrain her moans. I lean in and kiss her to help muffle the sounds of her pleasure. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Don rub his cock through his pants as he watches my tongue slip into his girlfriend's mouth.
I pull my hand out from under Molly's dress and say "Maybe the three of us should go somewhere a little more private."
As we get to their car, Molly hands Don the keys and says "You're driving." Then she pulls me into the back seat. She pulls my cock out of my pants before he even cranks the car.
"Oh my God, he's so much bigger than you," she tells him as she strokes my hard cock.
Horns blare as he swerves into oncoming traffic. He's so distracted trying to watch us in the rear view mirror, I wonder if he's going to get us in a wreck. Luckily, it wasn't far to their apartment.
Don doesn't even have a chance to close the door to their apartment before I start taking off Molly's dress and pushing her down on the couch. She lies there in her matching light blue bra and panties as I take off my clothes. Naked, I kiss my way down her body from her lips to her breasts and take her bra off. I suck on her nipples as my hand slips into her panties and my fingers slide inside her. Don is still standing by the door watching us as I tell him "Strip." He fumbles with his clothes as he nervously takes them off. I immediately see why Molly was so enamored of my cock in the car. Fully erect and he was maybe 4 inches, and pretty thin.
He takes a step towards the couch and I tell him "Stop! I didn't say you were allowed over here. I just told you to strip. Stand there and watch, but do not touch yourself!" He obeys.
I kiss my way down her stomach and peel off her soaking wet panties before burying my face in her pussy. I lick and finger her aching pussy and she comes quickly as my mouth focuses on her clit while my fingers slide inside her. I stand up and she attacks my cock, alternating between stroking and sucking me. She actually wasn't very good at giving head. After years of playing with Don, she didn't know how to handle my longer, thicker cock. But she was definitely eager and ready to learn. I look over at Don watching us. His eyes following Molly's mouth as she sucked me.
I pull her up to face me and kiss her before pushing her back onto the couch. "Not yet sexy. I'm saving this first load to cum deep inside that tight little pussy of yours, but first…" I reach down, pick up her panties and walk over to Don.
His eyes follow my cock as it bounces up and down, glistening with his girlfriend's saliva. I walk right up to him and rub her wet panties on his face so he can smell her.
"Have you ever made her this wet before?" I ask him.
"N..no," he nervously replies.
My cock brushes against his hip and he jumps like it was an electric shock. "I can't believe a sexy girl like that is wasting her time with you and that pathetic thing. It's barely a cock. Hell it's practically a clit, so maybe you should be the one wearing these panties."
"Y..yes," he replies.
"Yes, What?" I ask sternly.
"Y..yes, sir."
"Good boy," I tell him as I hand him her panties. I look over to Molly and she's mesmerized watching her boyfriend put on her panties. As he bends over and is eye level with my cock, I can tell she's getting even more turned on by the thought of him sucking me. But I'm not ready to go that far…yet. But I do lean forward just enough so that when he gets up, my cock slides across his cheek, leaving a trail of pre-cum on his face. He stands there, tiny cock straining against Molly's silky blue panties.
"Turn around and show your girlfriend what a pretty little sissy you are." He awkwardly models his new panties for us as Molly cheers. "Follow me," I tell him and walk back over to the couch.
I sit down and tell him to kneel at the edge of the couch so he can get a good view. Then I pull Molly over to straddle me and tell her to go slowly so he can watch what it's supposed to look like when a real man fucks a woman. She slowly guides herself onto my cock. She's tight but so wet that she slides down my shaft with minimal effort. The look on her face is pure ecstasy as she feels my thick cock stretching her and filling her. "Oh God yes!!" She squeals. "Fuck, this is so good!!" "Fuck my pussy!!"
My hands are on her ass guiding her up and down on me as Don kneels in front of us watching. I goad Molly on "Tell him how much better this feels with a full sized cock."
"Oh fuck yes," she moans "he's so much bigger than you…I've never…I've never felt this good".
I rise up and flip her over so that she's on her back on the couch. With one leg kneeling on the couch and one leg on the floor so that I'm almost standing, I begin thrusting into her. Don watches intently as my shaft thrust in and out of her.
I reach over and pull his head towards her pussy. "Lick her clit while I fuck her." He obeys immediately and soon his tongue is also licking my shaft as I slide in and out of her. I pull out completely and when Molly looks down to see why, I guide my cock to Don's mouth and without prompting he starts sucking me. "Good boy," I tell him. My hands guide his head as it bobs up and down on my cock. I see the pure lust in Molly's eyes as she watches us. I feel her hands slip underneath us so that she can finger herself as she watches.
"Do you love tasting your girlfriend's pussy on another man's cock?" I ask him.
"Yes sir," is his muffled reply with my cock in his mouth.
I'm surprised at how good he is at sucking cock. If it really is his first time, he must've been fantasizing about it for years because it's one of the best blowjobs of my life. Molly could learn a thing or two from him.
"Your boyfriend is a natural born cocksucker Molly. He's taken to it like a fish to water. Tell him how hot it's making you watching him suck my cock."
Molly slides off the couch to crouch down in front of us for a better view. "Oh God this is the hottest, sexiest thing I've ever seen. I love watching you suck his cock, baby. Take it. Suck him." The she took his head and pushed him further down on me than he had been going. "Deep throat him like the good little faggot you are. I want to see you gagging on his cum!"
I grab him by the hair and pull him off of my cock. This whole thing is so hot and he's so good at giving this blow job that I was about to explode, but I wasn't ready yet.
"Sorry Molly. He'll get his turn soon enough but I made you a promise that this first load was going inside that tight, neglected pussy of yours."
I lay her back down on the couch and slide back inside her. I'm so close there's no time to waste. After a few thrusts, I lift her legs over my shoulders and begin thrusting inside her like a wild animal. She moans loudly as the new angle drives my cock deeper and deeper inside her. I hear her scream "Oh God, I'm cumming!!" and can't hold out any longer. I pull her body tightly against mine and thrust my cock in as deeply as I can just as I explode inside her, thick hot spurts of cum spraying inside her pussy and filling her with my seed. I collapse and roll off of her exhausted and watch as my cum begins leaking out of her and dripping down her ass crack to the couch. Before I can even tell him too, Don dives in and begins licking her clean. His tongue eagerly scooping my semen out of her freshly fucked pussy.
"St..stop, p..p..please…it's too sensitive," Molly pleads. So I reach over and bring Don's head to my cock. He begins licking me clean too before taking me into his mouth and practicing his amazing cocksucking talent.
Soon enough, he has me rock hard again. I pull him off of me again and tell him that Molly's recovered enough for him to finish licking her clean. He crawls back between her legs and gets to work. I lean over, kiss her deeply and then whisper in her ear "Make sure you watch this." She looks a little confused but as I get up and walk behind Don, a devious smile comes across her face. I look down and admire the thong of her panties running between his ass crack. He jerks up as he feels me rub his ass and pull her panties to the side.
"Be a good little bitch and keep licking her," I tell him as I spit on his ass and begin working it into him with my thumb to get him ready. He rears up again as my thumb enters him so I force his head back down to her pussy with my free hand. "I don't have to try and lube you up if you'd prefer," I inform him. Then I press the head of my cock against his tight asshole. I push into him slowly. He's so tight. I gradually begin working my way deeper inside him as his sphincter stretches to accommodate my shaft. Molly has grabbed his head and is holding his face to her pussy to keep him licking and I can tell she's enjoying feeling him moan inside her pussy as I take his virginity. Every thrust I make into him causes his moans to reverberate through her whole body. His ass begins to relax and soon I'm pumping inside him like I had been fucking Molly's pussy earlier.
"You love that don't you, faggot!" I hear Molly screaming at him as she orgasms again from his tongue. "Admit it," she says to him as she pulls his head up from her pussy "Tell him how much you love his cock inside you."
He has trouble getting the words out through his panting and moaning but sure enough he starts saying "Yes please. Fuck me Daddy. I love feeling your thick cock inside me. Fuck my little faggot ass!!"
I can't take anymore and soon I'm cumming inside him. I pull out of him and stagger back over to the couch to collapse again. Molly then starts laughing and I look down and see a huge wet spot on her panties where Don had cum in them while being fucked.
The three of us were exhausted so we all went to their bedroom where Molly and I slept together in their bed and we made Don sleep on the floor as our pet. We had to rest up because we still had the rest of the weekend to play more.

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