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Dr. Mike had dreaded this day for a long time, at the very least, for the last 6 months or so. It was nearing the normal 5:00 closing time at his long-established eye clinic in a West Texas town of about 50,000 souls. All the day's customers, what there had been of them, had left for the day. Dragging his tired feet and mind into his office, he plopped down into his "well worn" office chair that was well past it's useful life, pretty much like everything else in his clinic. Including himself, he thought dryly. Sighing deeply, and thinking he might as well get this over with he called his one and only employee and nurse into his office. "Carly, could you come in for a moment," he called out?
Carly had only been Dr. Mike's employee/nurse for about 2 years, and had been delighted to get the job when life had brought her to this small town. It hadn't taken her long to find out why the position had become vacant, as the handwriting was bright enough on that proverbial wall that even a blind man could have seen it. Dr. Mike's business was, and had been for some time, in a constant state of decline, and she could only assume that previous employees had sought greener pastures with an eye towards securing their own futures.
Carly should have left long ago as well, but she couldn't help but feel sorry for the Dr.'s state of affairs, plus, both she and he both admitted that there was a spark of attraction between the two of them (there had been some very sporadic and awkward sexual dalliances between them) which could never be allowed to ignite, as Dr. Mike was "happily married" at 51, even though Carly was single at age 42. She had been married a long time ago, but the only good thing to come out of that disaster was her one and only son who had his own life in the Northeast, but whom she adored.
She heard his despondent call as she was organizing the last bit of papers in a patient's file folder, and quickly closed it and filed it in the appropriate slot in the rack. Being the sunny, perpetually positive and happy person that she was, she smiled and enthusiastically entered his dingy office. One look at his face told her that whatever was on his mind, it wasn't going to be good news.
He asked her to sit in one of the two also well-worn leather chairs that faced his neatly organized desk, and she did so, but only after going to a small bar he kept in his office and fixing them both a neat scotch. She knew him well enough to know that he needed a drink, and if he needed a drink, that meant she was probably going to need one too.
After taking three sips of the scotch in total silence, Dr. Mike blurted out that he was going to have to let her go, as he was closing the clinic! Carly didn't say anything, as he spent the next 15 minutes trying to explain why his business was hemorrhaging money and profusely apologizing over and over to her. When he finally ran out of steam, he simply looked at Carly with an almost pleading look plastered all over his dejected and worried face. She wondered what the pleading look was all about, and what the hell was she supposed to do in answer to his unasked question, whatever it was?
Carly had thought a lot about the state of his business during the last two years, and had watched as he vainly tried everything he knew how to do to revive his practice to its former standing in the community and profitability. The simple truth was, in her mind, (and it was a very sharp mind) there was just too much new competition with brighter, newer, fancier facilities, better locations, cheaper prices, and bigger advertising budgets. Short of a freaking miracle, she knew his business was doomed to failure about a week after she had hired on.
Secretly though, Carly had been looking forward to this very day. You see, Carly wasn't your garden variety eye doctor nurse, and although she had done this type of job for 5 years, she was also a phlebotomist and a student of human behavior. She was college educated, had served her time in the military, and was a whole hell of a lot smarter than most people gave her credit for. She was single because she wanted to be. She was living in this very town, and doing this job because she wanted to.
She was fiercely independent, almost always got what she wanted, and didn't let what other people thought of her dictate her desires or thoughts. And of course, her brilliant mind had done the necessary research, analyzed all the obstacles, and had come up with a plan to rescue Dr. Mike's crumbling business about 12 months ago, and she had been just waiting for the right time to pitch said idea to him.
This was obviously the right time, she knew, as she got up from her chair and poured both of them a much larger portion of scotch before sitting back down and facing her distressed and depressed boss.
Carly spent the following hour explaining the concept, legality, and practical implementation aspects of her plan to the good doctor. She threw out some initial numbers of potential income her business model could produce, with a couple of ideas of how even those numbers could be improved upon in the future, if things went as she expected they would.
By the end of the hour, Dr. Mike's disposition had undergone a 180-degree change, and he was all smiles when he leapt out of that worn out chair behind his desk and gave Carly a huge bear hug and a chaste kiss on her cheek. He told her to begin putting her plan in action starting tomorrow! Carly was smiling too, and her panties were dripping wet, but more about that factoid in a little bit.
She unlocked the clinic at her normal time the following morning, but she was feeling and looking anything but her normal conservative nurse self. She was wearing a low-cut floral blouse that exposed a buxom cleavage that was generated by the push-up bra she had worn underneath. She had on a tight, short navy-blue skirt that had zippers up both sides, and some strappy, black 3" heels that completed her new sexy look. It was her own private secret, but Carly often didn't wear any panties, and she wasn't wearing any this morning.
She had actually taken a considerable amount of time and put in much more effort than usual with both her hair and her face. When she checked her reflection in the mirror before leaving home, she thought her 5'3", big chested, 145lbs, 42-year-old, and perpetually horny body looked pretty good, if she had to say so herself!
Dr. Mike had arrived this morning before her obviously, as he had already implemented the first of several remodeling things that her new plan would require, this first one being that the modesty panel of the reception desk she sat behind had been removed. Her desk faced the front door, and patients walking into the clinic would now be able to see something other than the slab of wood that had previously been on the front of the desk, along with the back of her computer monitor which hid her face when she was sitting behind the desk.
She sat down in her chair, pointed her knees at the door, and tried to imagine the view an entering patient would potentially have. She slid the computer monitor to her left about 12 inches, which would allow her and the patients to be able to see one another. Checking the daily appointment book, she saw that their first patient wasn't due to arrive for about an hour, so she logged onto a previously bookmarked government web page, and began filling out the form for the agency's specific license requirements.
Dr. Mike entered the lobby area from the rear of the clinic, and Carly stood up, turned around, and did a curtsy for her smiling boss. He whistled softly, telling her how nice she looked, but also commenting that his wife was probably not going to agree with his complimentary assessment. Carly then reminded him that it was his wife who was spending all of his money, and that she would stop complaining when his bank account started growing, didn't he imagine that would be true?
He agreed that if it grew enough, she just might be right. She then sidled up to her boss on her 3" heels and teased the good doctor that his bank account obviously wasn't the only thing in the room that would be growing, as she lightly touched the front of his trousers with just a fingernail, slowly scraping the fabric along the length of his visible erection… He stared at down her exposed milky white cleavage, then at her green eyes, and abruptly turned and left the tension filling room.
Carly enjoyed watching the male patients the rest of the day, as they attempted to steal glances at both her chest and under her short skirt without her noticing, as they sat in the lobby and filled out their paperwork. She flirted and laughed with them, and reported to her boss at the end of the day that everyone seemed to enjoy the nurse's "new look." Meanwhile, between every patient and with every spare minute, she was filling out more governmental forms, and having Dr. Mike to go to their nearby bank to get them signed and notarized when they were completed. She scanned and faxed the documents to the agency, and sent the originals via FedEx that very evening.
Knowing full well it most likely would take forever for the government to issue them the license that they needed for her plan to be put in action, Carly used the time to experiment with wearing different "looks" and outfits to the office every day, and actually kept a detailed record of what seemed to be the most exciting and pleasing to their male patients. After a week of recording those details, she then spent the next week experimenting with various different flirting techniques, and began "accidentally" flashing the patients underneath her desk. Again, she kept copious records of the results, some of which were quite humorous. She was having fun doing all this "research," but knew that it was only going to get better if they ever got that damn license, for both her long neglected sex life, and the doctor's wallet.
Dr. Mike meanwhile, continued to see his daily patients, (he received quite a few compliments from the male ones about how nice his nurse was looking these days, and a couple of snide comments from his older female patients as well…) but he also worked on getting all the other remodeling done in the clinic that Carly's Plan B was going to require. He was very talented with his hands, and was more than capable of doing all the reconstruction that was necessary by himself, although it was fairly minimal.
They were converting one of the eye patients room into what his oftentimes silly nurse was now calling the "4th eye room." It didn't require a lot of remodeling per se, but he did install a 60" flat screen TV, a hidden CCTV camera, and removed the eye patients chair, replacing it with a nice comfortable recliner, as well as a used gynecologist's exam bed, complete with the stirrups and electric adjustment capability. Carly had given him orders on how to repaint the room, even picking out the colors and paint scheme for him. She had also given him a list of special equipment they would be required to have which she printed off the government's website for him to purchase, and he had spent a good portion of his spare time ordering all that stuff as well.
Carly had her own list of things that she was buying for the project, and was enjoying the anticipatory excitement that this whole venture was creating for both of them. She knew from a past life that there was more than just a little bit of slut inside of her, but she had suppressed that particular trait for many years. As of right now in her current state of mind, (and her wet panties, when she bothered to wear any) she couldn't exactly remember why she had bothered to repress that side of her personality?
It was a bright Monday morning when Carly unlocked the clinic at her normal time, and she was once again wearing that same low cut floral blouse and zippered skirt that she had the very first day after they had decided to proceed with her plan B. Her short period of "research" had validated her assumption that most men seemed to get the most worked when she showed a lot of skin set off by "sexy" outfits. The numbers showed that the favored type of outfit included a low cut blouse, push-up bra, short skirt and heels. Big surprise, she chuckled to herself.
She had only been with Dr. Mike's clinic for two short years, but nearly all of the clients she had seen were old time, repeat clients. They didn't get many new clients at all, if they had done so, she knew, his business wouldn't be in the shape it was in. Anyway, those clients had only ever seen Carly in her nurse scrubs during the last two years, and were now seeing a whole new side of her. And a whole lot MORE of her too, she again chuckled to herself…
She turned on the A/C first thing, because, well, this was Texas in the summertime you know? She also started a pot of coffee before sitting down in front of the computer. Smiling to herself, and letting her inner slut have her will, she spread her legs wide open, flashing her uncovered & hairless pussy at nobody and nothing but the glass front door. Her calendar showed that they only had 4 patients today, all in the afternoon. She sighed at the prospect of another loooooonnnnngggg day, and opened up her email. AND THERE IT WAS!
An email from a .gov address. She excitedly clicked on it, and it said, "Dear Dr. Mike, this letter is to inform you that you have been approved for the license you requested from our agency blah, blah, blah…!! She scrolled down to the end of the typically verbose government document, and opened the attached PDF file, and printed out their license! She thought about framing it before showing it to her boss, but then she had what she thought would be a better, well, at least more fun idea. She cut the document into 4 pieces and waited for the good doctor to arrive. He showed up about 15 minutes later, and after they had said their usual good-mornings, he asked when their first patient was scheduled for, rolled his eyes when she said after lunch, grabbed a cup of coffee, and said he would be in his office.
Carly took her 4 small pieces of paper and the scotch tape dispenser into the restroom. She took off her blouse and push-up bra, and taped a square of paper onto each of her nipples, and then put the bra and blouse back on. She lifted her short skirt, and taped the other two pieces between her ass cheeks and to the front of her shaved bald pussy, and pulled the tight skirt back down. She got her own cup of coffee, waited about 15 minutes, then knocked on his office door as she strutted in on her heels.
She sat in one of the dingy chairs in front of his desk and spread her knees about 12" apart. She thought he might or might not be able to see the white piece of paper underneath his skirt, as she said, "I've got some good news for us!" Dr. Mike assumed immediately that she was talking about the license they had been waiting on, and said, "Did we get approved? Are they sending it to us? When will it be here?"
Carly grinned a wicked grin at him and said, "Oh, it's already here, but you have to find it…" He looked confused for a moment, and then he finally understood what his nurse was hinting at, and being in a better mood for a change with the arrival of this good news, he decided to play along. "Well, let me think, the mail hasn't come yet, so it can't be in a stack of unopened mail somewhere. It's just 8:30, so UPS or FedEX won't have delivered an overnight package yet, so that only leaves one possibility. It arrived via email, and you have printed it out and hidden it somewhere, am I right," he asked?
Carly coyly bit her bottom lip, and just nodded. "Should I go look at your desk, and see if it's laying on top of it, or should I start somewhere closer to where I am right now," he asked with a knowing leer? Carly just bit the other side of her lip and nodded again. He got up out of his chair, and walked around the desk, and then sat on it facing Carly. "I'm looking real hard, but I don't see it. Maybe you are sitting on it, please stand up. Hmm, I still don't see it, please turn around, maybe it's pinned to the back of your blouse?"
She did a slow, gyrating, pirouette for him, and then stood still facing him once again. "Nowhere to be seen is it? Hmm, well, it's obvious now that it's got to be hidden somewhere under your clothes, so kindly remove your shirt for the good doctor. Now, turn around again for the doctor. Still no? Well, I guess the bra has to go then, please remove your bra for the nice doctor who is so very sorry he doesn't have a gown for you to put on. Yes, very unprofessional of him."
She reached behind her back and unclasped the push-up bra, but used her hands to keep it covering her boobs in order to do a slow, sexy reveal of both her tits and the pieces of the license for him. When she finally let the bra drop down to her feet, and he could see all her goods along with the pieces of the license, and he quickly reached out and ripped both pieces off her nipples! A slight moan escaped her lips as he did this.
He quickly matched the two pieces of paper together, and said, "Oh my, this looks like only one half of our ticket to financial freedom, and your uh, fun, where, oh where could the other half possibly be," he queried? He hopped off the desk and slowly unzipped both sides of her tight skirt, then hopping back up onto the desk, he said, "Please turn around, bend over, and raise the back of your skirt for the trustworthy and professional doctor."
She did as asked, and he pulled the third piece of paper out from between her ass cheeks. "You may straighten up now ma'am and lower your skirt, but it appears we are still missing one piece of the puzzle. Please turn around again, and raise the front of your skirt so the good doctor can look for it." Again, she did as he asked, and again he hopped down from the desk.
He stared at her most private place with the paper taped to it for a few seconds, and then said, "Hmm, I just knew it would be right there, but I don't see it. Maybe some bad girl has hidden it inside of her vagina? I'll have to look," he said as he easily slipped his middle finger into her very moist pussy and went exploring. "Hmm, I don't feel it anywhere inside there, maybe that same bad girl has hidden it inside her clitoris?" He left his finger inside of her pussy which soon found her G-spot, and began using his thumb to arouse her already swollen clit. She closed her eyes, bit her bottom lip again, and raised her own hands to fondle her boobs, as he skillfully brought her to a very quick, and long overdue orgasm!
When she had recovered and was now standing on shaking legs, he said "Oh, there it is, right in front of my eyes," he exclaimed, as he ripped the paper and tape off of her outer lips! He matched the 4 pieces of paper together, and said, "Well nurse, it looks like we are officially in business now, and I think you should start practicing one of your new soon to be required job skills," as he pulled down his pants & underwear and then hopped back up onto the desk.
Carly didn't disagree with his statement, and eagerly bent over at the waist, taking his hard cock into her mouth. He was evidently long overdue for an orgasm as well, because he quickly shot his load into her mouth which she swallowed without even thinking about it. Suddenly they both heard the front door open, and it was assholes and elbows time as they quickly threw their clothes back on, and Carly tried to act normal as she walked from his office into the lobby (with the taste of his cum in her mouth) to see who it was.
You might recall that Carly had done a tour in the military, and it was a good friend of hers (actually an ex-lover) who was a career military man currently stationed in Germany whom had told her about what the government was doing, which in turn led to the hatching of her Plan B for Dr. Mike and herself. This friend had no idea what was really going on, but he had told her that 2 years ago, the military had begun asking for male volunteers to donate their sperm for a "research" project that some unnamed branch of the government was conducting. He said that apparently, they weren't getting enough volunteers to satisfy whatever the need was, and starting about a year ago, they began offering to pay military males for their donations.

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