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Tuesday morning, Carly unlocked the clinic door and checked the schedule first thing. She saw that they had 8 clients on the calendar, 6 men, and two women, and the first male patient was due to arrive in 30 minutes. She had never met this man before, so she pulled his file, and saw that his birth date on record put him at 48 years of age, and the only other thing to be deduced from his records was that he was terribly short sighted, and hadn't been to see the Dr. in about 3 years. She made a pot of coffee, and then popped into the restroom to look in the mirror. She had chosen to wear a frilly lace white bra this morning, covered by a button down white lacy blouse that was somewhat see through, but not really. The holes in the lace pattern were very small, so some skin color shown through, and if she had worn any color bra besides white, it would have been very obvious.
She had unbuttoned the top 3 buttons of her blouse at home, and thinking, "what the hell?" she unbuttoned one more. She'd chosen a pleated short black skirt to go with the blouse, left her panties in the drawer at home, and was wearing her black 3" heels again. The first patient's name was Carl, and when he arrived, she told him that his records needed to be updated, and leaning over her desk to give him an eye full of her cleavage (she hoped he was looking, anyway) she handed him a clipboard, pointed at a chair directly across from her own, and told him he could sit there to fill it out. She caught him looking at her from the corner of her eye, and slowly spread her legs a little bit, knowing he couldn't see her bare pussy because of the way the pleated skirt was hiding it, but knew it was the thought that counted.
He seemed to be properly enthralled, so she nonchalantly cleared her throat and continued to look at her computer screen. He went back to his paperwork as she twisted towards her monitor. The update form was simple, and he was very quickly done completing it. He stood up and walked to her desk, and put the clipboard down. She said thank you, and asked him to follow her back to an exam room where she did what she always did with all the patients, with one exception. When she had finished her duties and was about to leave the room, she handed him a document that she had printed up that explained the new semen donation program along with an official government flyer that sort of said the same thing. She said sweetly he might be interested in it, and if he had any questions, he could ask the doctor, who, by the way would be right with him.
Carly returned to her desk, hoping, yet feeling a bit nervous about this Carl becoming their 1st donor. She used the available time to call their attorney and the Chief of Police, telling them that they were now open for business, and scheduling them both to come in later this afternoon after all the other patients had left… The game was definitely on, she thought to herself, and she knew that her wet pussy was getting the back of her skirt damp. Maybe she should have worn panties after all…?
Carly heard the doctor finishing up with Carl, and he led him into the 4th eye room and closed the door. He then told his visibly excited nurse that he seemed excited about the program, and that he was filling out the necessary paper work as they spoke. One of the female patients walked in while they were having this discussion, and Carly quickly took her back to the same exam room and did her eye care duties as fast as she could. When finished, she flipped on the green light that signaled the patient was waiting on the doctor, and went to the 4th eye room. She walked in just as Carl was close to the bottom of the last form full of questions for the program. She sat directly across from him again, and brazenly smiling at the man, she discreetly held one side of her skirt against her thigh so it wouldn't drape over her crotch, and opened her legs just enough to let Carl maybe get a glimpse of her hairless wet twat.
She said that she was very happy that he was interested in helping out his government with their "project" and did he have any questions she might answer? He said he thought he understood pretty much how things worked, and wanted to get his blood tested so he could donate. She said she thought that he might enjoy really the process, and proceeded to give him her pre-arranged monologue, beginning with popping up a graphic porn video on the big screen above her head. His eyes got big and remained locked to the screen and the blonde girl getting fucked by three huge black dicks, until she leaned as far forward in her chair as she could, and also spreading her legs a little further apart, as she cleared her throat at him again. His eyes snapped from the TV and went instantly to her open blouse, where he could almost see her tummy from his point of view.
Once Carly had his undivided attention again, she leaned back in her chair, and twisting her butt to one side in the chair, she gave him an unrestricted look at her moist and glistening slit. His breath caught in his chest as she said, "There are some other things that might make your donation of hot, juicy cum to our government even more enjoyable, would you like to hear what they are?" He nodded in the affirmative, so he got the next part of the speech about "lending a hand" for a $50 gift to their worthy cause, then she was putting on some rubber gloves and rubbing her special lube on the hard cock he had eagerly pulled out of his pants. It was a very nice looking 8" cock Carly thought to herself, as she stroked him a couple of times, and then ripped off her soiled gloves, put fresh ones on, and prepared to take his blood.
As she began drawing his blood, she told him about the rest of the options, pointed out the funnel and scale next to him where he would be depositing his cum tomorrow, with or without her help, but only if his blood passed the tests. He assured her that it would, and what time should he be here for his donation appointment tomorrow. She rolled her chair over to the networked laptop they had placed in the room just for this purpose, and told him to come in at 1:00 tomorrow unless he received a call from them saying he was not allowed to donate. She handed him a wet wipe to clean off his raging hard-on and said to him, "Carl, I'm sorry to have to send you home like this, but I promise it will all work out to a happy ending tomorrow. See you at 1:00!"
She repeated the process with three other gentlemen throughout the day, as the two other men on the schedule had no interest in the program whatsoever. Her spiel became more practiced, seductive, and concise with each telling, and she knew that Plan B was going to work! To what extent, she had no way of knowing yet, but she knew it was going at the very least get her laid more than she had been of late.
The attorney showed up, right at 5:00 as scheduled, and Carly locked the door behind him. The Chief of Police was scheduled next, for 6:00. Dr. Mike was still in the clinic somewhere, and Carly knew his eyes would be glued to the hidden CCTV monitor. She took the attorney to the 4th eye, and closed the door behind the two of them. She handed him the two forms each donor was given, and sat across from him as he read them. She then gave him the governmental forms that every donor had to fill out for his perusal, and as he read those she removed her blouse, and turned the TV on and searched for a video taking place in an OB/GYN's office.
Once she had one beginning to play on the huge scree behind her, she sat across from him again, spread her legs wide open, hiking the pleated skirt up to her waist for his prying eyes to feast on her needy pussy. He finished reading all the questionnaires, said he wanted to hear exactly what she had been telling prospective donors all day long. She launched into her spiel, and when he got the point where he pulled his own cock out of his pants, she dropped down and sucked on it while he unclasped her white lacy bra, freeing her bit tits for his viewing and feeling pleasure. She raised up shortly, and snapping on a pair of gloves, she continued her "presentation" by lubing up his cock with the special lube. She asked him if he wanted his blood drawn so he could donate, and he said, "I'm going to donate all right, but it ain't going to be in any damned funnel."
They both laughed at his wit, and she continued on with her spiel until she had told him everything. He stood up, took off all his clothes, and removed the last articles of her clothing, which were only the skirt and and her heels. He told her to get up on the exam table and put her feet in the stirrups, and with no further ado, he fucked both her pussy and her ass until he eventually shot his load of cum in her back door. She had managed to make herself cum, but only because she was working her own clit, as he seemed too ignoble to be bothered by her possible wants and needs. (Well, she thought, what did one expect from a crooked attorney?)
As he was dressing to leave, she teased him about cheating her and her boss out of $40.00 worth of cum. He laughed and said it wouldn't be the last time he cheated her out of that, to which she responded, "I'll look forward to getting cheated again, then. Call me anytime, I'll try to work you into what looks like is going to be a very busy schedule." She got redressed as well, and escorted him out the front door, just as she saw a police car driving up into the parking lot. Her heart skipped a beat for a moment, and then, recognizing that the chief was behind the wheel, it skipped again for a totally different reason. The big, brutish man was arrogant and rough during their initial "discussion", but he had a big 9" inch cock hanging between his legs!
She gave him the same dog and pony show that she had just given the attorney, and it ended the very same way, His cock was so much larger than the previous one she had just enjoyed, and as arrogant as the chief was, he did care if she got some satisfaction from the dalliance, and although he left her with sore tits, a spanked ass, and three stretched out holes, he left his donation in her pussy and also brought her to one hell of a climax in the process! She knew that Mike was surely able to hear her screams of ecstasy all the way back in his office while he watched her get used roughly on screen by this well-hung cop.
The local jefe pulled his big, softening dong out of her very sopping pussy when he had finished with her, and told her to just lay there on the exam bed with her feet in the stirrups, as he wanted to watch all that "valuable" cum drip out of her cunt and down her ass onto the bed. She played with her clitty while her pussy was draining, and asked him if had time for another go? He allowed that he couldn't stay off the radar for too long when he was on duty, but that there would be another time, and soon. Disappointed, but simultaneously relieved, she then asked him if he wanted her to draw blood from him so he could actually come donate during business hours? "Sure thing, honey! This humble servant always wants to serve, and support the community that he lives and works in," he said.
Carly climbed down off her multi-purpose bed, and told the Chief to have a seat in the recliner. She dropped to her knees if front of the big man, crawled between his large open legs, and without having to be told so, she used her recently fucked mouth to clean his cock of her own juices and his cum. She had no need to fake her delight as she did so, she genuinely enjoyed the taste, and the job.
When satisfied, she stood up, snapped on a pair rubber gloves, and prepped his arm to draw blood. Just as she inserted the needle into his arm, Dr. Mike knocked politely on the door and entered the "4th eye." He shook hands with the naked Chief, with whom he was acquainted, making small talk while Carly finished her task. When she had all the blood she required, she peeled off her gloves and told him in her best nurse's voice that "he would be apprised of the test results tomorrow, and that he could then make an appointment for his first donation if he was cleared."
The chief was finished putting his uniform and gun belt back on by this time, and the good doctor said, "I'll escort the Chief out nurse, and don't bother getting dressed yet, you have one more patient that needs attending! And clean yourself up for Christ's sake, there's cop and lawyer cum running all down your thighs." (Of course, the two men thought that was uproariously funny.)
When he re-entered the room, he quickly stripped off his own clothes, and Carly looked hungrily at his stiff cock. "Did watching your poor, underpaid, and defenseless employee being ravished and thoroughly screwed cause this uh, er, physical condition Doctor," she asked him? "Does the Doctor have instructions for his nurse concerning the best way for her to restore the patient to his normal condition?" They both laughed, as he told her how hot it had been to watch her get all her holes rudely fucked and have her body used and abused for the last two hours on the hidden camera monitor.
As he was talking, the nurse put on a fresh pair of rubber gloves and slathered his stiff and pre-cum leaking pole with her specially formulated lube. She enjoyed listening to her boss moan as she slowly stroked his cock and balls with both of her latex covered hands. She fell to her knees in front of the still standing Dr. and began feeding his very slippery dick into her mouth. As soon as she had swallowed the entirety of him down her sore throat, and her nose was buried in his pubic hairs, she quickly rammed a lubed finger into his asshole and began massaging his prostate! "OMG" he said, telling her that no one had never done to him ever before, and that it felt freaking amazing.
Taking the opportunity to vent some frustration at him, she told her boss that she had a big bag full of tricks he was sure to enjoy that he could have seen way before now, if only he had let her show them to him these last two years. She knew that he was close to cumming by now, and asked him where he wanted to make his donation to her good cause? He said that he wanted fuck her like the Chief had done, and told her to climb back up onto the exam table, and put her tiny feet back into the stirrups.
When she had done so, he easily slid his smaller, slippery cock into her favorite place in the universe. She moaned loudly at both the physical and emotional pleasure this brought her, and as he reached up with both his hands to play with her still sensitive tits, she lowered her right hand down to rub her clit, moaning again loudly. He began fucking her in earnest, which made her quickly orgasm and cry out loudly. She began begging him to fuck her hard, telling him that she had been wanting this fucking from him for way too long. She continued to stimulate her own body while he now was furiously ramming his pelvis into hers. The sounds and smell of sex filled the "4th eye," as they both rapidly approached their orgasms. She was crying out, "Oh God, Oh God, Mike, fuck me, fuck me!" when he finally rammed his cock as deep as he could inside his slutty nurse, and filled her cunt with his married seed, bringing her to the best orgasm of the day so far!
They remained welded to each other for a while, both breathing hard and looking deep into each other's eyes, wondering what the other might be thinking? He finally backed out from between the stirrups, and grabbing a wet wipe, started to clean off his cock before getting dressed. "Stop," said Carly! "That's my job, and it is also one my most favorite things!" She had him sit in the recliner, just like the Chief had done, spread his still quivering legs, and began to clean up his messy dick with her mouth. She moaned yet again while accomplishing what was to her, a very enjoyable task. When she had finished, he stood up with her, kissed her passionately while playfully pinching both of her sore nipples, and then he reached for the wet wipe…
He told nurse Carly that he was going to have some explaining to do when he got home so late, and that he had best get going, so could she clean up this room and lock up tonight? After he left, Carly suddenly realized that she was still very horny, even after this most incredible day! She walked naked from the room, past the glass doors in the lobby, back into the Dr.'s office where she poured herself a triple scotch. She sat in his chair for a bit and played with her pussy, knowing full well that she was leaving a puddle of cum from the three different men in his seat. She knew she would have fun with that little secret tomorrow. She left his office, walking nude past the glass doors again, and returned to the 4th eye. She looked around the disheveled room, and flashes of memory from the last three hours pervaded her mind. She opened a drawer in a cabinet, and removed a large vibrating dildo that she called Pink Mongo, which she had brought from home in preparation of having to masturbate for a paying donor, if anyone ever ponied up that much money, she wryly wondered?
She took the bottle of lube and the dildo and started to climb back up on the exam table, when she saw the big puddle of cum at the end of the table where she had just been thoroughly fucked by three different men! Horny, and buzzed by the scotch, she was unable to help herself, so she leaned down, and while looking directly at the camera, she began slowly licking and slurping up the cum that had just recently been inside her two holes. She felt extremely wicked and slutty while doing this, but that only made her hotter and hornier. She scavenged all the cum that she could off the vinyl bed, and then climbed up on that vinyl and put her feet back into what was rapidly becoming a familiar position in the stirrups.
Normally Pink Mongo was too big to go inside of her without a lot of lube, time and effort, not to mention some pleasurable pain. But tonight, in her elevated state of excitement and recent pummeling by a 9 inch slab of man meat, (not to mention the two other cocks) she was able to work it inside her slutty cunt fairly easily. She came once while trying to force it inside her cunt with her short arms, as it spread her wide open, and when it finally slipped completely inside of her and hit bottom, she had another small climax. She turned on the vibrator, and thought about Dr. Mike watching her tomorrow on the video as she did all this, and grabbing both her boobs and tweaking her hard nipples, she brought herself to yet another orgasm. There was no way she could reach her asshole in this position with her short arms, but as she pistoned Pink Mongo in and out of her now continually spasming pussy, she relived the memory of the two vastly different sized cocks that had both roughly fucked that back door, one of them filling it up with his cum, and she came once more!
Carly knew herself, and her body well, and knew that when she was in this state of sexual nirvana, she was willing to do anything for anybody, just as long she got to continue to cum like she was doing now, one orgasm followed by another… That particular train of thought brought back several older memories, and she reached for the peppermint infused lube bottle she had brought to the exam bed a while ago. She poured most of it out all over her tits, stomach, and pussy, and began rubbing it in while continuing to fuck her pussy furiously with Pink Mongo. She remembered this feeling from long ago, and the situation that she was in when she experienced it, and she came one more time, but much harder this time, hard enough that she squirted a little bit, making a further mess underneath her engorged pussy.
She couldn't have said how long she lay there on the table, feet in stirrups, legs spread wide, her pussy as full as it could get with fake cock, enjoying the slight burning sensation all over her body from the special sauce, reliving past slutty sexual adventures and fantasizing about even more slutty future ones, but when she came for the final time on this first day of Plan B, it was epic, and her screams could have been heard outside of the building! She knew it was coming, so she pulled the huge dildo from her over stretched pussy, and rubbed her clit hard and fast until she came and squirted several jets of her hot womanly juices from her quivering cunt! She lay there on the slick vinyl, rubbing her ass back and forth in a puddle of goo, with a huge, satisfied smile on her face, knowing that she should get up and clean up, but she really just wanted to start all over again! She knew at that very moment, that her inner slut had escaped its prison for good, and that it was going to one hell of a ride for her and a lot of others as well. It was deja-vu all over again, she thought with a smile.

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