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tagGroup SexPlan B – Sex Sells Ch. 03

She drove to the address she had been given for the "doll house," and knocked on the door of the average looking house at 6:59. "Come in," was what she heard right before she turned the door knob and pushed inward. She really didn't know what to expect about this entire weekend she had been "invited" to, but what she had never expected to see as soon as she walked in the door was 4 completely naked men sitting on various couches and chairs in the front room, all of them stroking big hard cocks and watching porn on a gigantic 80" plasma screen mounted on a wall. A quick glance took in several empty beer bottles laying around, and she deduced that they had been here for at least an hour, if not more.
"Nurse C! So glad you decided to join us," said the Chief! (Like she really had a choice.) "Let me introduce you to Larry the Lawyer, our City Attorney, and Jerry and Jacob, our two local judges. Y'all this is Carly, Dr. Mike over at the eye clinic's nurse, and also his business partner in that new cum harvesting program for Uncle Sam I was tellin' you about. "Uh, hi guys," stuttered Carly. "I been telling them a lot about your new business, and your other, uh, charms and talents, Nurse C. By the way, these three morons are all cousins of mine too," bragged the Chief.
Having overcome her surprise of being greeted by naked men with hard cocks by this time, Carly said, "Oh yes, I see the family resemblance now Chief, they all have big cocks just like yours! Nurse C is happy to make your acquaintance, but she is very concerned gentleman, you all seem to have an uncomfortable looking swelling problem in your groin areas. Would you like for the nurse to take a look at your problems, and see if maybe she can fix them?" Jacob the judge caught on quick, and said, "Well nurse, what do you think is the problem, what is your diagnosis?"
"Oh, I'm a very qualified and experienced nurse, and I've seen this ailment before, many, many times. The only solution is to reduce the swelling as soon as possible. Usually when I skillfully remove some puss like substance from the affected organ, the swelling goes down immediately, at least temporarily. It never seems to be a permanent fix, but patients report that that they feel much better during the procedure, and also afterwards, anyway. Would you all like the nurse to give the treatment a try?"
Apparently, they were all of one mind, because they all got up from their chairs and surrounded Carly. The 4 men began groping and touching her body all over, as she was using her small hands to explore their delicate swollen conditions. Her first article of clothing to be tossed aside was the silly white hat with the red cross on it, and then she watched excitedly as her blouse was unbuttoned completely. Her boobs were being mauled inside her bra by 8 big hands, and she had to sadly let go of two big hard cocks in order for her blouse to be removed. She felt hands go inside the waist band of her skirt and panties next, and both were pushed down to below her knees by two of the local authorities. She wiggled and kicked until they fell to her feet, and then she stepped out of them. She felt fingers rubbing her pussy, and Larry the Lawyer told the room how wet this slut's pussy already was! He pulled his fingers away and tasted one of them, and then put the other one in Carly's mouth for her to taste and clean.
Her pussy was on fire, yet dripping wet, and she wanted one of those delicate swollen problems inside of her right now! She felt her bra being unclasped, and as her big boobs were exposed, the cat calls and whistles made her even hornier. She once more had both of her hands full of cock, and was wearing nothing now but her white stockings and white tennis shoes. She felt hands pressing down on her shoulders, so she dropped to her knees and was now eye to eye with 4 nice big, one-eyed willies. She didn't know whose cock was whose, and didn't really care at the moment, except that the Chief was certainly the most well-endowed man in the room. She began taking each man into her mouth, relishing the taste of their sweet pre-cum.
She soon had cocks in each hand that she was stroking, and was sucking another with her mouth. Her huge tits continued to be felt up and squeezed by every man in the circle, but no one could reach her pussy, which was very disappointing to the nurse kneeling down on the floor on her knees. Judge Jerry cried out suddenly, and shot his load of pent-up seed into her mouth! She sucked him dry, and then turned to another anonymous cock and took it between her cum covered lips. Evidently it belonged to Larry the Lawyer, as he also moaned deeply and shot his load into the hot nurse's mouth as well. She swallowed and sucked him clean too, and then by the process of elimination, she knew that she was gobbling Judge Jacob's cock down as she continued to stroke the only familiar cock in the room with one hand. Now that she had a free hand available, she put it between her legs and began to stroke her own tiny cock that was screaming for attention, and moaned as her finger found that clitty.
She used her experienced face to fuck Jacob, and soon had him blowing off inside of her mouth like his cronies had just done, and after he had gone soft, she turned eagerly towards the biggest cock in the room. The Chief, unsurprisingly was not a passive partner like the previous three men, nor did he cum quickly like they had done. As in the past, he wrapped a hand in her hair like a bull rider wraps a rope around his hand, and roughly pushed his long, 9" cock all the way down her throat! The other three men who's cum she had just milked from their tools gasped, as if they had never seen a woman deep throat a huge cock like the Chief's before! Carly was gagging long before the Chief pulled halfway out of her brutalized throat, and then began yanking her head towards his crotch, while thrusting his hips into her face.
Carly was moaning in pure unadulterated pleasure, and trying to take all of him that she could, all the while furiously rubbing her excited little knob down below. The Chief always had a long buildup to his own climax, which was becoming all too familiar to Nurse C, and as she knew he was about to cum, she rubbed harder and faster on her magic button, until she came first, and her intense moans of pleasure vibrating on his cock helped bring the Chief to his own orgasm. He buried his dick all the way down her throat again as he came, and shot his cop seed directly into her belly!
He released his hold on her, and she pulled her face out of his pubic hair. Knowing what he liked and expected, she licked and slurped his softening dick clean, and then leaned back onto her elbows, still trying to catch her breath, and presenting her as of yet, un-fucked cunt to all 4 men as she spread her legs. "See gentlemen," she asked? "I told you that I was a very qualified nurse, and as you can see, all of your swelling problems have been properly resolved. But now we have a different kind of problem.
There is a cunt in this room that is literally on fire, and once again, being the experienced nurse that I am, I have seen this problem as well, many times before. I know from experience that the only way to extinguish a pussy fire is to use a swollen member like you all just got rid of to spray some good ole fashioned human fire retardent in it. I might suggest that until those swollen members become available, an alternate course of treatment might be to employ the tried and true 69 procedure and see if the Nurse can help dampen the raging fire. Who wants to be my first patient?"
As Larry the Lawyer had previously tasted her sweet nectar, he stretched out on his back on the floor, and the Nurse C straddled his face and lowered her sopping wet pussy onto his already extended tongue and open mouth. She leaned down to feed his soft member to her own mouth just as he suddenly sucked her clit into his mouth, and as she was so damn horny, she came immediately, shooting her own juices into his mouth this time! He pushed up on her ass and said, "Holy Shit! This slut just came in my mouth y'all. I ain't never…"
Impatient for more, Carly pushed her cunt back down on his face and asked, "You guys never seen a girl cum before or what? Y'all never been with a real woman before tonight?" And what she next heard from all the men except the chief surprised her. For all three of the new men apparently, this was the very 1st time that any of them had "stepped out" from their marriage vows, and she also learned that the blowjob she had just given them was the first that any of them had experienced in many, many years, as their wives were no longer interested in pleasuring them that way.
She wasn't surprised though, to hear that their wives had never, ever been willing to swallow their cum back in the days when they did get the occasional blow job. She almost felt guilty, like an older woman taking a virgin's cherry might feel, but was so very damn horny at the moment, she couldn't be bothered to dwell on the morality of the situation. That bridge had been crossed before she knocked on the door, and after all, there was a nice cock growing rapidly in her mouth, and a very nice feeling tongue probing her pussy and tonguing her knob…
Just at that moment, something moving in her peripheral vision caught her attention. She turned her head slightly, and saw herself displayed in HD and living color on top of Larry on that huge TV on the wall! The Chief saw that she had noticed, and said, "Smile Nurse C, you are on candid camera! I had cameras installed in every room of the house, and I think they are going to come in real handy in the future! I can even watch them from home, and so can anyone else I choose to share the link with. I gave the info to your boss, so he could be watching you suck cock right now, what do you think about that?" Carly decided that from now on, nothing the Chief did would surprise her in the least. She reminded him of a favorite lover from back home that was kinky as a cheap garden hose!
She soon had Larry the Lawyer hard and ready to go, so she told Jacob to assume the position, and she began restoring him to full functionality while sitting on his face too. Lost in the moment of pleasurable feelings, she was very surprised when she felt something cold and hard push quickly past her sphincter and invade her ass! She raised up and looked over her shoulder, only to see a leering Chief hanging a bulging enema bag onto an IV stand on rollers that he was holding.
"Don't let me interrupt you Nurse C, you just go right back to sucking on that cock. We just thought we'd clean you out a little bit before we all fucked your slutty ass," he said as she watched him release the clamp on the hose. She started to bend down and resume her sucking job as instructed as the warm liquid rushed into her bowels when she suddenly realized that the enema was burning her colon! "What the hell is in that bag, what are you putting in my ass," she yelled at the Chief? "Nothing to get your panties in a wad about darlin', if you had any, yuk, yuk. I just thought that, considering what is about to happen to you, when we all four fuck you at the same time, you might want a drink before then, so I took the liberty of putting about 1/4 pint of good ole Jack Daniels in with the water. That way you can have a drink and put your slutty mouth to a better use than sipping on a whiskey glass. How's it feeling inside ya, darlin'," he chuckled?
The enema was quickly filling her up, and Carly was immediately feeling the effect of the alcohol, and she wondered just how drunk this was going to make her? Knowing that she didn't have a choice, she didn't bother responding to the Chief's rhetorical question, and she took Jacob's cock back in her mouth. Jacob was totally hard by now, and the Chief told him to slide out from under their nurse, and for Jerry to take his place underneath her raised ass and dripping pussy and see if he couldn't make their "real woman" cum again. When he had squirmed underneath her, she lowered her pussy down to where he could easily get to it, and took his already hard cock in her mouth once again. Jerry reached up and put his hands on her waist, raising his head and began assaulting her needy pussy and clit, scraping her most tender parts with his 5 o'clock shadow whiskers.
Oh, God, she was going to cum again she thought, as she began to feel more and more drunk, and also beginning to feel the need to get rid of what was still being pushed inside of her ass! Suddenly, her ass was slapped by a huge hand, which made her jump, and almost bite off the cock inside her mouth! The next slap was harder, although expected, and whoever it was continued to slap both her ass cheeks as she came ever closer to what she knew was going to be a great orgasm. She spit out Jerry's cock long enough to tell somebody to pinch her nipples, and to tell Jerry to suck hard on her clit. "Yes!" She thought, as that most blissful feeling blossomed inside of her being yet again, and she exploded onto Jerry's face, neck, and chest, covering him in her squirt! She shook and quivered and moaned on her hands and knees until finally she collapsed on top of Jerry with his cock still in her mouth…
Jerry pushed out from under her, careful to not dislodge the enema nozzle, and the four men looked down at their slut while stroking cocks that she had just made hard so she could be fucked with them. Larry said, "I don't know about y'all, but I am really starting to like this hot, slutty little nurse! Let's get her to the bathroom and let her clean out that ass so we can fuck it!" They helped a more than tipsy Carly off the floor and led her to the bathroom, where they sat her on the toilet and closed the door behind them as they left her alone to take care of business. She was absentmindedly rubbing her boobs and clitty as she thought about what was going to happen to her as soon as she walked out the door of this bathroom, and had another tiny climax right there on the pot! She felt very slutty, but also felt proud of herself for allowing herself to once again enjoy what she so often wanted and had denied herself.
When she had finished in the bathroom, she stood up on legs that were not as steady as she would have liked, opened the door, and walked back out into the living room. She experienced a drunk feeling of deja-vu as she saw her naked body on the huge TV, sucking off and on top of Jacob, cumming on his face while her ass was being spanked by the Chief and her nipples being pulled and pinched by Larry. Then she noticed the guys were surrounding the coffee table, drinking beer and playing a card game! "What the hell," she cried? "You've got a drunk, hot, naked, horny, and freshly cleaned out nurse at your disposal, and you're playing a fucking card game," she queried? (Her mouth tended to get snarky when she'd had a few, and she had definitely had more then just one drink put in her ass.)
It was the Chief who replied, of course. "Missy, we are just cuttin' the cards to see who gets to fuck which hole of yours first. Larry has won your mouth, Jerry has won your ass, and it's between me and Jacob on this cut for your pussy. Don't worry, we are all gonna fuck all of your holes before the night is over, this is just to keep the family from squabbling over who gets what, first crack out of the box!" Carly watched as Jacob won the right to her pussy with a Jack of diamonds, and she couldn't help but wonder what the kinky Chief would be dreaming up as he was left out of the 1st rotation?
They all stood up, and the Chief went to a console and punched a few buttons, telling her that all the cameras were now back into recording mode, then he took her hand and led her down the only hallway in the house. They turned right, and she was quite surprised to see a nicely made-up king-size bed complete with headboard against the far wall of the light blue bedroom. She assumed there would only be a bare mattress on the floor or something, based on what she had learned about the Chief by this point in time, so maybe there was a decent bone in his body somewhere. (Well, other than the very decent, very hard bone that he seemed to constantly sport, which she had already experienced to her great pleasure!)
Carly pulled the comforter off the bed, climbed up onto the red satin sheet, (appropriately slutty she thought) laid down on her back, pulled her knees up to her chest, and said, "You boys have been properly taken care of so far by your most excellent and experienced nurse, now it's time for you to pay the doctor's bill. Get your asses up here and give me some cock, I want to feel them all inside me, and I want to cum, a lot! So get your high powered asses up here and fuck the slut in the room!
Jacob jumped up first and lay on his back also, and told her to face him, straddle him in a cowgirl position and put his dick in her sloppy wet pussy. She couldn't help herself, (and didn't want to), and as soon as she had done so, she didn't wait for anyone else, she just began humping and fucking Jacob as fast as she could! The men watched passively until she had quickly made herself cum, and cry out loudly on his cock before jumping up themselves and claiming their assigned holes. Larry turned her head to the side, and slid his tool into her greedily sucking lips, and Jerry lubed up his member before sliding it into her freshly washed back door. Normally she would have told him to go slow the first time, but after having had the Chief's bigger cock back there more than once lately, she felt very little pain as he stretched out her sphincter and slid deep inside her asshole.
She knew that she was drunk, but she also knew that she would have enjoyed having these three big cocks inside of her simultaneously, even if she was stone cold sober. She quickly came one more time, and Larry mentioned that he liked to feel her cries of pleasure on his cock as she did so. The other two said they also liked the way her contracting and spasming muscles squeezed their cocks, so it became their mission to make her cum as often as possible! Jacob and Larry begin squeezing her boobs which made her moan again on Larry's cock, and of course, the chief began slapping her jiggly little ass with his enormous hands.
She quickly came again, squirting a bit this time on Jacob's stomach. She was just getting into things when she heard the Chief's booming voice say "Switch," and suddenly, there were no cocks in her just getting warmed up holes. Her empty holes weren't empty for long though, as the Chief laid on his back, and told her to take him in her pussy. Ahh… that huge thing felt so fucking good inside of her she thought, just as her other two vacant holes were immediately filled as well. The next 30 minutes was a round robin of cocks for Nurse C, and she came several times! Larry announced to the room that he needed to cum, and everyone else agreed, so the Chief said, "OK cousins, use this little filly really hard as we fill up her slutty fuck holes with cum. If she's a little pain slut like I think she is, she'll really get off on it!" Each man got a whole lot rougher with her, and tormented all her body parts with both their hands and their hard cocks.
After the Chief's little speech, Carly did get the shit fucked out of her! Her ass was red, and her tits were roughly mauled by 4 hands as her nipples were pinched and tweaked impossibly hard. Somebody's finger found her now uber sensitive clit, and started rubbing it back and forth while pressing it hard against her pubic bone. The fact that the biggest cock in the room was now once again in her ass and was shooting it's hot jizz into her, along with two other cocks filling her other holes with theirs, helped propel her to the largest climax of the day, and she would have screamed loud enough to wake the neighbors had she not have had a mouth full of still spewing dick! She flooded Larry's stomach and the bed with her squirt, as he was lucky/unlucky enough to be the man underneath her during her epic orgasm.

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