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She was woken from that deep and satisfying sleep sometime in the wee hours of the morning when she was literally scooped up like a small child in the arms of a big man, and carried across the hall into what the men had be calling the "playroom." Of course, it was the Chief who was manhandling her, and he put her down and stood her up in the middle of the room, but hadn't spoken a word yet. He quickly and expertly tied her ankles to a spreader bar, stretching her legs open wide, put some padded cuffs on her wrists and attached a rope to them that went through one of the eye hooks above her head in the ceiling. He then looped a rope around her waist, and also threaded the end of that rope through another eye hook in the ceiling. He adjusted both ropes until she was bent over at her waist at about a 45-degree angle, and as both ropes were pulling in opposite directions, she was effectively rooted to the spot. The room was illuminated by only a small night light plugged into the wall, but it was bright enough that he could see what he was doing, and for her to tell that he was dressed in his police uniform.
As he began taking off that uniform, he told her that he had gotten a late-night call and had to go take care of a situation in town, and thought that since he was already up, that he would drop in and pay his favorite nurse a visit and take care of another situation that had arisen. Of course, the situation that had arisen was his his big, perpetually horny cock, and as soon as he was naked, he took an electric wand vibrator from under the exam table, and plugged it into an extension cord. He stood in front of Carly, turned on the vibrator and began using it on her tits and nipples. She moaned at the pleasure this brought her, but she had not spoken a word so far. He went to the exam table again and picked up something else from under it, then stepping behind her jutting out and very available cute little rear end, he inserted a large, lubricated vibrating plug in her ass. He turned it on, and she immediately felt her pussy begin to tingle and moisten with anticipation of whatever this kinky cop had in mind…
He laid the vibrating wand on her flat back, and used both hands to begin teasing her slippery pussy lips with the head of his swollen dick. She moaned each time that big dick head rubbed over her quickly swelling clitoris, and tried to angle her pussy to capture him and get him inside of her, but she had very little range of motion, trussed up like she was. The Chief soon had his slut right where he wanted her, extremely horny, and begging for him to put his big tool in her pussy! He quietly spoke again in the near dark of the playroom, "I don't have but about 30 minutes to play with you, but I wanted to see how many times I could make you cum in those 30 minutes, as I like to feel your slutty pussy and ass squeeze my cock inside of you every time you do…"
Nurse C moaned as he described what he was going to do to her, and when he finally quit teasing her cunt with the head of his dick and slid it inside her now very wet pussy, it was enough to make her cum for the first time. She shook her head and bit her lip, and also quietly begged, "More, give me more…" He began slowly thrusting his big pole in and out of her, and she felt almost as if she was floating in midair as the ropes had her almost suspended. God, this felt good she thought to herself! Her feelings of pleasure rose a couple of notches when the Chief grabbed the vibrator from her back, turned it on, and starting working on her hanging tits with it. He turned it up to full power, and used the big round head to push those swinging tits back and forth, and when he grabbed her left boob with his left hand, and squeezed it from the base up, forcing it to expand like a water balloon, and then placing the vibrating head directly on her left nipple, she came once again!
"Mmmm, that's two, and it felt very nice on my cock, do it again Nurse," he said. He switched the vibrator into his other hand, ballooned her right tit, and repeated the process on her hard right nipple, as he thrust his hips forward and tried to open her cervix with the tip of his dick. She moaned loudly in the semi-dark room, came again, and he said, "Oh yeah baby, that's three, milk that cock filling up your horny cunt, squeeze it until it cums." He continued to alternate the vibrator from one nipple to the other until she came one more time. Her legs were beginning to quiver by now, and she was breathing hard, and beginning to sweat. He kept fucking her swollen juicy cunt, and the squishing sound of sex was the only sound in the room other than the noise from the two vibrators.
He moved the vibrator down to her crotch, and began teasing her outer lips and his fuck stick with it, which felt good to both of them. He told her to get ready, and he once more impaled her with his rock-hard cock, pushing her ass forward into the ropes which arched her back, and put the vibrator directly onto her clit and held it there. He said, "If only we had someone here to slap those big titties around in this position, I think we could make you cum even more, don't you?" Carly was unable to answer him, because a huge orgasm was about to consume her very being. She screamed and jerked wildly as she came this time, and squirted a puddle onto the concrete floor between her open legs.
He moaned deep in his throat as he enjoyed her spasms and contractions squeezing and milking his giant cock. He didn't let up on the vibrator, and kept it mashed against her too sensitive clit, while using his free hand to alternate between pinching nipples and slapping the sides of her tits. She was bouncing and squirming, trying to get away from that hellish vibrator, but he gave her no quarter, and even picked up the speed and force with which he was thrusting inside of her. She was shouting and mumbling incoherently when she went stiff as a board, and came one more time, even harder than last time, increasing the size of the puddle between her legs! He moaned over and over again as her body involuntarily milked his swollen cock inside of her.
He pulled the vibrator away from her clit, and then pulled his cock out of her dripping pussy. She gasped a sigh of relief, and just hung from her ropes, but felt depressingly empty at the same time. She wasn't empty for long though, as he yanked the butt plug from ass and turned it off, throwing it onto the exam table. He poured lube directly into her gaping hole, and then slathered some on his cock. He lined his dick head up with her hole, and began pushing slowly but firmly into her ass. She uttered a few choice words as he stretched her sphincter muscles to what seemed like a breaking point, and then he was balls deep inside of her.
Surprisingly, he gave her a minute to get used to his size, while he wiped his lube covered hands off on her still sensitive titties. One hand dropped down to between her legs, and he shoved three of his huge fingers into her cunt. It was all feeling really good to her already again, and as she hung from the ropes holding her willing body captive, she began begging for him to fuck her and make her cum again. He made her scream one more time as he bent over to reach the vibrating wand that was on the floor between her legs, which buried the full length of his cock into her ass! He turned on the vibrator and started the process of torturing her nipples all over again with the same result as last time. He would work on one nipple until she had an orgasm, and then he would switch to the other side until she came again.
By now, his entire length was going all the way in and then out of her asshole, and when he was at the bottom of his stroke, deep inside of her, he started slapping her ass cheeks with the hand that wasn't holding the vibrator. She yelped and jumped with each swat, but heard herself say "Harder, spank this slut harder!" She came again after about 10 swats on her now reddening ass, and he told her that it still felt good to him even in her ass when she spasmed. He reinserted his big fingers into her pussy, and then put the vibrator back onto her still uber sensitive clit and she cried out, "Oh God, oh God, No, No, I don't know if I can take this… as she came and added once more to the growing puddle between her feet. He once again buried his cock as deep as it would go inside of her ass, pushing her forward again against the restraining ropes.
The Chief roughly slapped her ass several times while she was impaled on his invading rod, and she couldn't believe it when he began forcing the big head of the vibrating wand into her cunt! The girth of that head was even bigger than his dick was, and it was spreading her wide open! It wasn't going in, but again giving her no mercy, he put both hands on it and forced it to pop into her pussy! She screamed at the violent intrusion into her most private place, and he laughed and said it felt really good on his cock that was separated from the vibrator head by only a thin piece of skin. He began sliding the huge head up and down her slick canal, and both of them moaned in pure ecstasy. He fucked her with that huge electric tool until she came once more, and told her that the next one was for all the marbles, because he was going to cum in her ass, and then he had to get home to Momma.
He let go of the vibrator, and it was so big, it stayed stuck inside her pussy, just hanging and vibrating furiously between her legs! He said, "Well, isn't that just dandy? Now I have two free hands!" He used both of those free hands for the next few minutes to turn her ass a deeper shade of red, and to also torture her huge hanging tits and swollen nipples. He began to fuck her ass in earnest now, and the vibrator was swinging crazily between her legs as one his hands found her clit! She cried out again as he found it and began to squeeze it and flick it back and forth, and his other hand grabbed the wand and began pitoning it in and out of her cunt as well. It was too much for her, she couldn't breathe, she couldn't see, she couldn't get away, her body was on fire…and then she felt his cock explode inside her ass as he rammed the wand so hard into her pussy he almost raised her up off the floor with it! He was making his man noises as he came, and she was screaming, OMG, OMG, OMG over and over again until she passed out in the middle of her huge climax!
She still hung limply from the ropes as she gradually returned to her senses. Confused as to why she was tied up and naked for just a second, through her slowly clearing post orgasm fog she finally remembered what had just happened. What a &%^ orgasm that was! She could hear the Chief in the other room getting dressed, and just then he walked into the playroom, looking very much the part of the town's finest. He stopped to admire his hanging prize for a minute, and then said, "I could leave you just like this, and leave the front door open, and you might get some walk-in visitors who would also like to sample your various charms. Would you like me to do that, or would you rather I untie you and let you resume your slumber under the cool sheets, and dream of great big cocks fucking you some more?"
She asked him to untie her, and he did so, very gently, and then carried her back to the bed he took her from just 45 minutes ago. He laid her down, kissed her on the lips, and said, "Nighty night naughty Nurse. You may just be the best fuck I have ever had, young lady, and are certainly the horniest woman I have ever had the pleasure to meet. You came 12 times just now, did you know that? You should get some rest, because we still have that special treat for you tomorrow night, remember?" Carly was asleep before he locked the door behind him on his way out…
The bright sun shining in from an Eastern facing window woke sleeping beauty from her deep sleep among the vivid dreams of sex, just like the ones the Chief suggested she might have. She assumed that was the power of suggestion at work, or maybe it was just the simple fact that several great big cocks had been responsible for giving her more orgasms in one night than she had had in the last several months put together! She really needed to pee, and remembered that there were supposedly cameras in every room in this house.
She walked into the bathroom, and yep, there one was right over the door that could see everything in the tiny room. She smiled wickedly to herself and thought that if the perverts wanted a show, she would give them one. She marched into the playroom, located a camera, and squatted over the floor drain with her spread legs facing the camera. She emptied her bladder, then "flushed" with the garden hose, and blew a kiss towards the camera.
She returned to the bedroom, put on her pajamas (she hadn't thought to bring any street clothes yesterday, her mind must have been preoccupied or something) locked the door behind her and drove home. When she got home, she busied herself doing normal weekend things like washing, and mowing the yard, etc. etc. She ate a good lunch at the burger joint down the street, and got a text from Dr. Mike while there. "Got a chance to watch a bit of your evening last night, hope you had fun, it certainly looked like you were enjoying it! Jealous, and sorry I had to miss it. Will try to watch more tonight. Chief called and gave After Action Report. He thinks a lot of you, you know. Jealous again. Said he had special treat for you tonight, but wouldn't say what it was. Cheers, slut!"
After lunch, she went home and took a long nap in her own bed, not knowing how long of a night she was in for tonight. She woke up about 5:00, took a long shower, shaved all the right places again, and rubbed her special lotion on several sore spots that seemed to have come up for some reason. She didn't mind being made sore in this particular way; it was a hell of a lot better soreness than lifting too much at the gym she thought!
She began putting on her face and fixing her hair at about 6:30, after just having finished a light supper of grapes, crackers, cheese, and a glass of wine. She put on the other, sexier, nurse costume, complete with heels, and knew that she was really going to look slutty in it. One glance in the mirror confirmed her opinion, but her inner slut smiled back at her reflection anyway. It was time to go, and she grabbed her overnight bag again, (with street clothes in it this time) and headed towards the doll house.
She knocked on the door at exactly 6:59 again, turned the knob and marched her sexy self inside. She was greeted by the same 4 smiling faces, but no one was naked and stroking themselves this time, much to her amusement. "What? Did Nurse C fix her patients so well yesterday that their problems have all gone away," she asked? "I guess y'all aren't in any need of medical attention then, so I guess I'll just go," she teased as she turned on a heel and started back out the door. "No! Wait! Hold up, & Not so Fast!" was heard in a chorus of voices as she turned back around and seductively stuck out a hip. "Oh? You do need attention after all? Pray tell, what's wrong this time," she asked?
Of course, she heard the Chief's deep voice say, "What's wrong little lady, is it that there are 5 people in this room wearing entirely too many clothes, and there are 4 limp dicks going to waste, when they could be making a certain little nurse scream her pretty little head off?"
"Well, I do declare if that doesn't sound like just like a job for your Nurse C. If one of you boys will get me some of that Jack that you poured in my ass yesterday, I'll put it to a better use and see if I can't begin to solve your problems for you. Oh, somebody else get me a dildo too," said the horny Carly!
She pulled a stool underneath the big TV, where they all could see her from where they were sitting on the big couch, and when Larry brought her 3 fingers of whiskey, and Jacob gave her a 7" dildo from the playroom, she sat on the stool with her legs tightly closed together. She took a healthy drink from the glass, and then dipped the dildo down into the whiskey and made a show of sucking it off. "So, what do you boys want to talk about? Huntin', Fishin', Football, the Stock Market," she teased? "No? Ok then, anybody been laid lately?" She was surprised, when to a man, they all said that they went home and made love to their wives either last night or this morning! "Wow," she said. "Something got you boys all worked up? Y'all been watching porn or something?" as she dipped the dildo into the whiskey again and began running it up and down through her bulging cleavage.
"Tell the Nurse what your favorite part of her administrations yesterday were?" as she opened her legs slowly so they could see between her stocking clad thighs and up her very short skirt. Everyone in the room agreed they really enjoyed making her airtight, and even she agreed that was what she certainly enjoyed the most. As they were discussing the events of last night, she was unbuckling the garters built into her skirt, and when she had them all unfastened, she raised her butt up off the stool, pulled the skirt up to her waist and sat back down, displaying her lacy panties to the men who were now watching her every move. She dipped the dildo back into the whiskey glass, and pulling her panties to one side, she starting using the dildo to ply apart her pussy lips as she said, "Since the consensus of opinion is that the best course of tonight's treatment should include all of you being inside the horny nurse at the same time, are you boys going to cut the cards again to see who gets to be left out to begin with?"
Once again it was the ring-leading Chief who said "No ma'am, tonight all 4 of us are going first! Now quit being a damn cock tease and stand up and strip off that slutty costume for your patients!" Carly was not opposed to getting naked for her "patients," but made the men wait just a bit longer as knocked back the rest of the whiskey, asked for a refill, and then unzipped the front of her one-piece costume down to her navel. She did an excruciatingly slow strip tease for the men as she enjoyed watching them rub their growing erections underneath their clothes.
"You know," she said, the sooner you get your clothes off, the sooner you can take me to the bedroom! If I have to undress every one of you, we are going to be here all night!" Larry handed her a fresh drink, and she sipped on it, hopping from one leg to another impatiently, as she watched shirts, pants and underwear almost flying off the bodies of the city's top leaders. As soon as she was staring at 4 cocks standing fully at attention, she shrugged her shoulders and let the skirt fall to the floor, leaving her in only her bra, panties & stockings.
"I'm done doing any more work tonight boys, if you want to see anymore of me, you're gonna have to do it yourself," she said as she walked toward the one-eyed willies that would soon see their way clear to find their way inside one of her willing holes. Her bra was first to hit the floor, and then both her stockings and her panties were peeled off her body in some haste. She completed the job by kicking off her heels, and, grabbing a stiff cock in each hand, she led the excited group into the bedroom, getting her ass slapped for her trouble in the process.
Later, she wouldn't be able to exactly explain how the logistics of it had all worked out, but the Chief had been right. For the next 45 minutes or so, she had 4 cocks inside of her at nearly all times. She always had two in her pussy, and one each in her other two holes. Once she had two in her ass, but she liked it the other way much better, so she told the guys exactly that. She came 4 or 5 times, but had to listen to the bitching from the men who thought it was unfair that they only got to cum once to her 5 times! Regardless of the complaining, after they had "scratched their itch" (the Chief called it that) and filled all her holes with their cum, Jacob went to the kitchen and got red Solo cups and the whiskey bottle. They drank and talked and laughed and teased each other in the bedroom until the Chief walked out of the room and then returned with a black Sharpie marker in his hands.

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