Plan B – Sex Sells Ch. 06

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The next day, as well as the rest of the week at the Dr.'s office was insanely busy with a sudden influx of new men coming in to get blood tests and then donating. Carly new that word about her exploits last weekend at the doll house was responsible for all the new clients, and suspected that her reputation as a slut was growing exponentially in this small West Texas town. She knew from past life experiences that 14 men who had their way with a loose woman in one night would never be able to keep their mouths shut about it.
She had also expected this to eventually happen sooner or later, but judging by the money they were beginning to rake in, she thought that maybe she should send The Chief a thank you note for "getting the ball rolling" and helping get the word out about their new enterprise. She also figured that she would be required to thank The Chief in other, more intimate ways, very soon.
Carly had gone to the local police station on Wednesday, and asked if she could speak with Officer Johnson.
It might have been her imagination, but she felt that every employee in the police station that she saw or spoke to were checking out her body, and whispering behind her back to other employees. She couldn't help but wonder how many of them had fucked her that Sunday night at the doll house?
Once they were behind the closed door of Rock's office, she received a nice kiss from the big man, and he politely asked her what he could do for her, with a knowing leer plastered across his handsome face. Carly blushed, and laughed as well, and said that she had really come to find out how to get in touch with Victoria, but, if he had the time, and didn't mind the whole department hearing her scream, she be happy to fuck him right there on his nice, clean desk!
Rock said he'd have to take a rain check on her offer, but that he planned to redeem it as soon as possible. Nurse C told him what she had in mind for Victoria, as in coming to work with her and Dr. Mike, and he said that he thought she would be happy to talk with them about it, as she wasn't currently employed anywhere. He wrote her cell phone number on the back of one of his business cards, and giving it to Carly, he mentioned that his number was on the other side of that card as well, and that he expected to be hearing from her very soon about that rain check!
As she left his office, she could feel her excited pussy leaking juices which were running down her inner thighs, as she wasn't wearing any panties to soak them up, and it made her feel extremely slutty. Again, it might have just been her imagination, but she could have sworn there were twice as many cops in the station as there was on her arrival, just 5 minutes ago, and they were all watching her intently, and whispering as she walked out the front door. Yep, she thought, the word was definitely out…
On Friday night of that week, Dr. Mike, Carly, Rock and Victoria met a local restaurant, and the plan for Victoria to join the Dr.'s team was discussed thoroughly. By the end of the evening, Vic had agreed to go to work at the clinic, starting the next Monday morning. Carly said she would get with her over the weekend, and the two of them would discuss wardrobe choices, and figure out exactly how the two of them would handle things at the office…
The next week at the clinic passed quickly, with Nurse C showing Victoria the ropes with sperm donation side of the business and Carly resuming her previous duties on the eye glass side, as well as taking care of the 4th eye room duties and all the phlebotomy work as well. Vic was a quick study, and very quickly had the "spiel" down, and each day saw more and more new men arriving to sign up for the program. The two sexy women began asking the clients if they preferred a "Vanilla," or "Chocolate" donation session, and it seemed to work out well, with many clients having a favorite, and others who liked to switch between the two.
The referral program that Carly had instituted was beginning to gain traction, and a few men had already earned 5 credits, which got them a blow job, off premises. She had already seen that this was going to be a real possibility, and not just a carrot on a stick for their clients, and had asked The Chief if she/they could use his doll house for all the off premises "activities."
The Chief agreed to let them use his house, but of course he had some conditions that had to be met in exchange for them using it:
1. Carly would make herself available to be fucked by him anytime, anywhere, 24/7.
2. Dr. Mike would attempt to make Victoria available to him anytime, 24/7 as well. (Rock would have something to say about this, they all assumed.)
3. The doll house cameras and recording system would be turned on during every use of the house.
4. Once a quarter, Carly would be required to repeat the 3-day doll house weekend fuck fest.
Nurse C, being single, could have always used her own home for the off premise "activities," but knew that probably wasn't the wisest thing to do for her personal safety, and rather enjoyed not having visitors in her own home anyway. Therefore, she accepted The Chief's conditions, and began honoring her client's credits by giving blow jobs at the doll house. (Her inner slut actually liked the demands The Chief had made, and was looking forward to the next weekend at the doll house.)
As the weeks went by, Carly's Plan B was truly coming together! The money was really rolling in, the sperm was being collected and sold, everyone at the clinic was as busy as one-armed paper hangers, and Nurse Cums a Lot was living up to her new nickname.
Carly became a regular fixture in Rock and Victoria's life, spending almost as much time in their bed as her own, and Carly had truly fallen in love with a big black cock! The Chief was making good use of his free pass into Nurse C's panties a couple of times per week, and the credit referral system was keeping her away from the clinic and in the doll house for more and more of her time. Several clients were regularly earning enough credits to fuck her or Victoria, as she too finally agreed to get in on the fun with Rock's blessing.
Carly was eventually proven correct in her suspicion that her reputation as a slut had made the rounds around town. She regularly received lots of offers for dates, and invitations to some party or another almost every weekend! She accepted all the invitations and offers that appealed to her, and as it turned out, she accepted most of them, as her inner slut wasn't all that particular…
All in all, Nurse C couldn't have been happier with the way things have turned out.
Now, if only that next 3-day weekend fuck fest at the doll house would just hurry up and arrive…

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