Planet Elara – Beginnings

Hi everyone my name is Mrityunjay and I’m from U.P. I like to write fictional stories based on imagination for pure pleasure. This story will be a long and continued series with multiple parts so please make sure to stick till the end and drop your views. Now starting with the story.

Year 2175 – The world has undergone a lot of change since the start of 21st century. Science has developed to the point where people have started living on interstellar planets. Wormholes have made interstellar travel faster than anything. Grillion 8B4 – or in simple terms, planet Elara – the most beautiful and most amazing planet of all the ones that us humans colonised, situated at the edge of our nearest galaxy – Canis Major Dwarf – a satellite galaxy closer to our solar system than the center our our own milky way galaxy. Everyone wants to live there but the problem was that only the rich and wealthy ones could afford a place there. Earth was slowly dieing due to constant pollution, its resources were depleting day by day. Population crossed it’s 16 billion mark last year – 6 billion more than what our planet could hold. People do nothing but go to job, survive and fuck each other till they die. Those who still lived on Earth – there were those who worked hard to get enough money and secure a safe place and then there were the majority of them who already gave up on this dream and decided to outlive their lives here on this planet itself. I am Jay, an astronaut. My pay is not good, but its enough to keep my family up and running. I belong from a poor family. My father died of a disease years back and right now, I’m living with my Mother (46), my adopted younger sister (19) my elder twin sister (24). To be honest I was never fond of my father. He used to come home drunk every night and was involved in domestic violence. Everyone in the house was scared of him, including me. By the time I reached puberty, I found out he was having affair with multiple women. At first I was very angry but I was weak back then so I couldn’t do much but watch silently. When I was 16, he once came home with a little girl. Her name was Lili. He explained everyone that he found her on the street and that he wanted to adopt her because she has no parents – of course no one believed him but who was going to question. I did some digging up and found out that that girl was his daughter and her mother died from HIV, who got it from sleeping with someone else. I told my twin sister, Ria, the truth about the Lili. Ria was furious too, but neither her nor me had any power of our own in this forsaken world. Ria and Maa never accepted Lili, athough our mother would be soft and gentle towards her time to time. I couldn’t help but fall for her innocent charm. In the house I was the only one who accepted Lili as family. Well it turned out father got the HIV virus from Lili’s mother and ended up dieing soon afterwards. I completed my studies somehow and immediately applied for an astronauts job when I turned 17. Ria continued her studies and became a doctor. Lili is still completing her studies and that’s our family. My mother, Shreya, stays at home. As of now, I am heading back home from a tourist trip to Mars. A friend of mine decided to stay there a little longer. He insisted on exchanging our ships so that his stay could be extended and that’s how my trip was cut short three days.

9 Pm, 18 October 2175: “Man, I’m starved! These food pills are so tasteless. I wonder what everyone’s doing right now at home. Ria must be at the Hospital and Lili should be at college. Hmmm… Lets see, I should get something for everyone and take them out for a trip somewhere. Well first let’s safely get home first… “. In few hours we reached Earth. Me and my copilot safely landed the craft and headed towards the office for our pay. We had our dinner at the canteen and then went our separate ways. On the way home I saw the usual litter and the overcrowded streets. Traffic jam was thick as usual. Women were standing in skimpy clothes hoping to find someone who would buy them for a night. Skyscrapers loomed above my head. It was late at night and pubs were starting to gain their heat. A few minutes later I managed to reach my home. We lived on the 3rd floor of a shabby old building. It wasn’t much, but it was the only home we could afford. I climbed the stairs and reached my door. I unlocked it using my master key, changed into slippers and went straight towards my room. Our home was a 2BHK flat. Me and Lili shared our room while Maa and Ria slept together. I was about to shout that I’m home when someone screamed from inside – “Ohhh ffuucck yeesssss that’s ittttt!!!!”. I stopped dead in my tracks. Confused about what was going on, I silently walked towards the source. First room was mine, it was empty. I dropped my bag in my room and continued forward on tip toes. My mother’s room – it was open and lights were turned on. Pink???? I thought to myself – when did we get those lights and what’s this smell? It smells… Erotic… I leaned towards the door and took a peak. And that my friend, is when a hammer struck my head. I saw them – my mother and Ria, butt naked, on the bed. My mother was blindfolded and her hands were tied on the bed above her head. Her legs spread wide apart facing me and between them was Ria, her back towards me. She was grabbing our mother’s waist and had a belt attached to her groin. Wait… Now that I look closer- what the fuck she’s wearing a strap-on?!!! And the dildo is deep inside my mother’s vagina???? What the hell is going on here!!! I was in shock. The sheer gravity of what I was witnessing had me fixed where I stood. Then the movements started. Ria slowly bent forward and kissed our mother deep. She gave a hard thrust and the whole… Thing… It completely vanished inside my mother’s body. Slimy liquid was flowing down her vagina. Her boobs heaved to and fro, matching Ria’s rhythm. Maa groaned and spoke, “aaahhh yessss fuck mee… Please fuck meee I’m your slave… Fuck my pussy like a slut I aammm uuuhhhhhhh uuuuuummmm! Fuck me Jayyy!!!” And in that moment, that hammer just completely crushed me. My mother was fantasizing about…. Mee??? My shock broke by Ria’s reply,”Yesssss bitch come one say it harder… You want your sons cock tearing your cunt right?! Come on say it… You want your son to fuck you like a cheap whore and make you pregnant. Uuuuuhhhhhhhh fuck you bittcchhh!!!“. My mother’s breasts bounced with every hard and deep stroke my my sis. She was getting fucked… No, she was getting ravaged by her own daughter. Ria spat on my mother’s breasts and mauled them with both of her hands. Ria was moaning in pleasure. Maa took her legs and wrapped them around Ria’s waist so that she could push her deeper inside her vagina. The whole room was filled with moans and smell of sweat and cum. Once again, my mother moaned my name when Ria gave a harder thrust than usual. That was it. That was the trigger when I decided I can’t see this anymore – either I leave this room and pretend nothing happened or I confront them and ask them why. But wait, why am I…. WHY IS MY DICK HARD???!! Am I hard watching my own sister fuck my mother like a whore… Wait what am I saying. She’s my mother?! What should I do. I’m so confused. She looks so hot and so se- no no no no nooo she’s my mother goddammit. Uuhhh but the way she’s getting fucked. I… I… “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nooooo…” Maa screamed as Ria pinched both of her nipples as hard as she could and said, “that’s riigghhtt slut screeaamm. I’m gonna fuck your pussy soo hard that you won’t be able to walk for days. Now take this cock and beg me to fuck you whoreeee”… “Uuuuuhhhhhhhh pleaseeeee fuck me!! Tear my pussyy… Make me scream. Uuuuuhhhhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhhh harder… Fuck me harder please!!! Don’t stop!!”. I never realised how fucking hot the women in my house were. Without knowing my hand reached my dick and I started massaging it over my clothes. No… Its still wrong. I’m gonna confront them. Just as I was gonna enter the room someone grabbed me from behind and covered my mouth shut. I almost got a heart attack. I jumped back and saw Lili standing behind me, covered top to bottom only in a towel. She was in tears. She begged me to stay silent and then dragged my by hand to our room. She closed the door and dropped to the floor crying. Any feeling of horniness I had immediately disappeared and I came into my protective mode.

I hugged her, and wiped away her tears. In a caring voice I asked as softly as I could, “hey hey calm down Lili. What happened?! What’s going on here…”. She took some time to regain her composure and then looked me deep in the eyes. The warmth of her expressions reached all the way to my heart. With a weak trembling voice, she asked me, “Please… Save me Big brother”

What was going on in my family? Why was Lili crying? So many questions, and no one to explain them… Next part: Answers!
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