Planet Elara – The Royal Blood

Hi everyone my name is Mrityunjay and I like to write fictional stories based on imagination for pure pleasure. This story will be a long and continued series with multiple parts so please make sure to stick till the end and drop your views. This story will be based on Lili’s point of view.
I was 11 when my momma died. She belonged from an upper class family – her folks were really rich and had some serious connections. Some kind of Royal family. I wasn’t even born when Momma’s family found out that their daughter had secretly married a lower class man with no morals. To top it all he already had a family. They ordered momma either to leave him or leave their house. Of course, my naive momma who loved him so much refused to believe any of it and left granpa’s home. Consequently, they had to kick momma out and after that everything changed. Papa’s behaviour changed and momma soon realised her mistake. She went into depression. I was born shortly afterwards but I was never accepted by both of them. From the very beginning of my life, I was rejected. To cope up with all that momma started smoking, drinking and sleeping with other men, but that didn’t turn out well either. She got AIDS and sleeping with her, my father caught AIDS too. They both died soon enough and I ended up at my father’s place. He had told me not to tell anyone that I was his daughter. I didn’t understand why but he was my only family – or, he was meant to be. My new step-momma was hard on me, she couldn’t accept me, but she showed me affection time to time. I guess her life was also plagued by that man. Big sister always acted rude towards me, and to be honest, I don’t really blame her. I was uninvited, unnecessary and I wasn’t meant to exist here. She treated me like garbage and would always try to push me away. It was never easy. The only person, who accepted me, took me as family was my Big brother. He was so gentle, always caring, looking out for me and protecting me from Big sister. He worked so hard to support his family and still managed to give me some time. If it was not for him, I’d have run away long ago. I wanted to be of help to him, I wanted to be like him. He dropped his studies so that he can work and support our family and my studies. I told him I wanted to work too to which he just smiled and patted me on the head saying, “what are you talking about? You’re a smart girl Lili… You’ll be an amazing scientist one day and make us all proud. Study hard and be someone great… For both of us”. That was the day I decided I’d give everything for my Big brother, to make his… No, our dream a reality. I started studying hard and aced all tests. But I guess happiness wasn’t meant to last in my life for long.
Year 2174 – It was my 18th birthday. Big brother was on his trip to Europa, one of Jupiter’s moon capable of sustaining life upto some extent. He video called me to wish. He even somehow managed to make momma bring a cake for me and celebrate. Big sister was unusually cheerful that day too, but seeing her smile made me happy from within. Big brother had to leave because of his work but momma, me and Big sister continued our celebrations. After about an hour, I helped clean up everything and settle down in my room. Just as I was about to leave momma called for me. She said in a soft and motherly voice, “Lili… I have something to say to you. You see, I wanted to apologise to you. All these years, I couldn’t be the mother you wanted me to be. I hope you’ll forgive me”… “What are you saying momma please don’t apologise! I could never thank you enough for letting me even stay here. I was never meant to even be here in the first place still you tried to accept me”… “Oh Lili. I’m so sorry. Anyways, let’s not ruin the mood. I have a surprise planned for you. Shall we go to your room??”… “Of course momma!!”. I was so happy. Momma finally accepted me! This was the happiest day of my life – or so I thought. We headed to my room. I switched on the lights and we sat down on the bed. There she presented me with a small package. I opened it quickly and found out that it was a see through lingerie. I was shocked for a second, “Mo-momma?! I… Is this my gift?” I said smiling wryly. She replied in an even softer tone, “Look Lili, you’re a grown up now. You’re all big and mature and naturally you’ll want to look after your personal life more and more. I just want you to know that I am there to talk to you about the things you can’t with your brother. He’s a boy and you can’t say everything to him. So I’m here for you”. I understood her, but what she said wasn’t exactly true. If its my Big brother, I’d share anything to him without any hesitation. I respected her feelings and we started having a womanly chat. The topic started from my studies and then reached to my college and personal life. One thing led to another and now we were talking about a woman’s body, sex and all those things. I will be honest, this was fun. For the first time I saw momma not just as my momma, but as a girl. She had urges too. We talked a bit more and then momma told me to try out the lingerie right now in front of her. I was a bit shy but not wanting to lose all the warmth I was receiving from her, I decided to do it anyways. I closed my door and started stripping in front of her. It was embarrassing at first and she was constantly eyeing me. I quickly changed into those red bra and panty. She looked at me in an erotic manner and complimented me. I was feeling like a woman for the first time in my life. I wanted her to adore me, I wanted her affection. Then the shock came. She stood up, came close to grab me by my waist and slammed her lips into mine within an instant. I didn’t have any time to react, I was caught off guard. I thought of pushing her but somehow… Something felt good and I just couldn’t. My eyes closed automatically. Our tongue started touching and exploring each others mouth. She kissed me for what felt like an eternity. She parted lips after that and looked deep into my eyes. She said, “Lili… I’m a woman too. I have desires too. Since your father passed away, no, even long before that, I’ve never had anyone make me feel like a woman. You’re my daughter and if you don’t want this I’ll step back”… “No momma… I… I need you. I want your love. Love me momma”. I laid back on the bed and invited her on me. She started stripping out of her night robe. The robe fell from her shoulders and it revealed her voluptuous body in her black bra and panty. Her curves wer breathtaking. Her massive boobs heaving up and down with her breath and those huge ass cheeks… I leaked. She slid her fingers at her back and unhooked her bra. In one instant she let out her massive juggs free. I let out a soft moan on seeing momma standing topless in front of me. She started pinching her erect nipples and playing with them to turn me on. She climbed on top of me and we started kissing passionately. She was kneading my boobs over my bra and her other hand played with my hairs. I undid my bra and let my boobies out of their prison. We both started getting wild after that. Tossing and turning over each other, kissing deeply, exchanging our saliva, our tongues fighting all the while we squeezed, pinched and played with each others tits. Her knee rubbed my pussy over my panty. I was leaking heavily. Seeing my own momma on top of me, feeling her breath and her soft boobs – it was so wrong yet I couldn’t stop myself from giving in. We stopped kissing and then she said, “now for the actual surprise for my lil’ Lili”. She started running her tongue from my lips all the way to my belly button – licking my chin, my neck, my cleavage and my whole stomach. A line of saliva ran through my body. I quivered as she reached my crotch. With her teeth she grabbed my panty and slid it down, revealing my glistening wet pussy. I shamelessly spread my legs for momma. She took a deep breath and licked my whole pussy from bottom up in one stroke. A jolt of electricity passed through my spine. My momma… My mother was eating my pussy. Aaaahhhhhhh I wanted to cum so bad. She licked again and started playing with my clit with her tongue. I was pressing my boobs while she continued eating me out. I was in heaven. Her ass was up in the air and her face buried between my legs. I couldn’t help but moan as loud as I could, “uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh moommmaaaa yeaaaa please lick me, suck my pussy dry… I’m your bad bad girl momma, fuck my pussy!!” I don’t know where these words were coming into my mouth but I couldn’t control myself anymore. She ate me like a pro. All this time my eyes were closed and I was so lost in pleasure that I didn’t even notice her hands on my boobs. I squirmed in pleasure and asked her to play with my tits. “Sure lil Sis…”
I opened my eyes in wide shock. Bi-big sister?!! What was she doing he- and why is she naked… Where’s momma! What’s happening!!?? I look around. Momma was sitting between my legs with her face wet my juices. An evil grin was on her face instead of her motherly smile. I was scared and confused. “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh nnnnoooo uuummmmm”… “You like that don’t you Lili?? When I pinch your nipples?! It makes you wet right? What about this…” She grabbed my head by both of her hands and forcefully started smooching me. I didn’t want to, but I… Why- why can’t I stop her? What’s happening?? Why isn’t my body reacting to my own will?? What’s this sensation?! I realised someone was licking my pussy while Big sister kissed me and because of that I was getting so horny I couldn’t deny any or all sexual invasion to my body. It was a total invasion on my body yet I was helpless. I couldn’t do but enjoy Big sisters forceful kiss and I started responding involuntarily. “See Maa, I told you she’s a naughty slut. Look how wet she is getting eaten by her own ‘step-mother’!!” Those words hit me like a rock. So Big sister really did never accept me. All this was a plan. They lured me in and I followed like a blind idiot. I wanted to think but this feeling…. Uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh it feels so good. Yesssssssssss pleeeeaaaaasssseeeee lick me more, pinch my nipples, make me cum!! I started moaning even though I was being forced. Then suddenly momma turned me around and made me go on my knees. She then ordered me in a dominative voice, “Alright Lili now be a good girl and eat your sisters pussy”… “But momma I… I don’t wan-“… “Oh come here you little bitch lick my cunt right now!!”. Big sister grabbed my hairs and forced my head between her legs. It was suffocating at first but soon it all turned into pleasure. Big sister had a neatly trimmed bush in a triangle shape. Momma was fingering my pussy and playing with my asshole. Big sister was moaning in pleasure as I sucked all her dripping juices ans her thick white cum. I circled my tongue around her labia, then poked it at her entrance. It was sooo erotic. After 5 minutes momma laid down beside Big sister and spread her pussy wide open. Big sister ordered, “Look here you little slut. From now on, you’re our sex slave. You’ll do as you’re told or else we both will punish you so hard you’ll want to die! Now make us cum, you whore!” I did as she told – not because I wanted to obey her, but because I was too horny to think straight. I inserted 2 fingers in momma’s pussy and started fucking her while I continued my work on Big sisters pussy. Momma and Big sister started kissing each other and mauling each others boobs. They both were such sexy women. I continued for a while and then they both came together. I was exhausted. I laid down thinking it was all over but the suddenly both of them jumped over me and started playing with my body. I denied, told them to stop but resistance was futile. Soon I gave in and started having pleasure. They used me, abused me, made me do dirty things and laughed together. They’d always leave me unfinished. And that’s how my life turned into living hell at home. They told me not to tell anything to Big brother or else they’d torture me in bed. It turned out I was a very sensitive woman so I had no choice. Plus, more than that, I didn’t want Big brother to know that Big sister and momma were having sexual relations. My god how would he take it? He would be devastated! No, he should never get to know!
Whenever Big brother wasn’t at home they’d fuck around, play with each other and use me as their personal slave. It was one such instance only when they let me off early and I went to take a bath. It was late at night. I came out of shower only in my towel when I froze in my place. Bi-big brother??!!! What’s he doing here. And why is he standing at momm- Noo!! This is bad! He can see everything, he’ll knows everything! I have to stop him before he does something. I rushed towards him from behind and closed his mouth shut. He jumped back from shock. I begged him to stay silent and led him by taking his hand to our room. As soon as I closed the door, raw emotions surged through me and I started crying. I fell on the floor as I clutched myself. All those forced pleasure, all that humiliation – it all came at once. I was holding back from telling Big brother anything but now that he saw everything, my Dam broke. I cried like a baby. He comforted me, hugged me and tried to calm me down. I regained my senses after a while and then finally spoke, “Please… Save me Big brother!” And then told him everything from the beginning.
What did Big brother do? How did he take all this in? And why did Big sister and momma do all that to me? Next part: Consequences!

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