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Hey this is Aditya. I am married since last 10 years but our love life is as fresh as it was on wedding night as we play out fantasies and keep adding spice to our love life.

My wife Shalini is from Mumbai and is 5’2″ tall slim fair with slight brown hair and small but very smooth and firm breast with light red nipples and figure of 32/24/34 and I love fucking her and releasing loads and loads of semen in her cunt as well as all over her body.

Her lips are like small ripe orange slice and when I kiss her locking my tongue with her tongue and the smell salty and sweet of her saliva lights up fire of passion which results in kissing licking and light love bites all over her body. Her pussy is like a light brown parting with small amount of hair and when I touch her clit with my tongue the tangi smell of her vaginal fluid turn me into beast who bangs her wife’s cunt as if there is no tomorrow and the salty taste of my wife’s vaginal fluid is salty like Thai sauces.

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Now some of my fantasy play. One day I said I like to fuck school girl will she be available tonight. She said yes school girl will be available but she will be coming to math teacher house and will see how he is in matters other than math. So at night after taking bath I dressed in dhoti and kurta and took some books in my hands and went for a walk in balcony asking my wife that I will return in 15 minutes and closed the door behind me.

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On return I knocked the door and Shalini opened the door wearing school uniform she had purchased that day and white socks and pony tail. She was not wearing any bra and mark of her nipples were visible. She was looking damn sexy. Come in teacher. Where is every body else in house. They have gone out . Ok have you solved all the problems I assigned. No sir. Why ? Sir I went see a film. Than you will be punished. kneel down and say sorry. She knelt down and with tears in her eyes said sorry sir. Shalini don’t cry this punishment is necessary so as to keep you in line and holding her hand I took her to sofa and sat beside her.

Sir please tell me why geometry is so tough and I said Shalini it is not tough but you need to understand theorems and went near her and brushed my erect penis to her shoulders and she said array sir what are you doing I said shalu I am horny and want to fuck you hard. No I am not your wife but your student now and you will have to seduce me to have sex.

Forget I am horny school babe wife shalu and kiss me come in your teachers lap and let him deflower you. As you order my teacher and than while preparing to enter her she said aditya as you are my teacher and I am a school girl I will scream as if you have broken my hymen and have a nice ride. I took my erect pennis and inserted in her wet pussy and she faked scream saying aaaai aaaaai re mar gayee re sir dard hota hai please nikal lijiye mar jaooooooingiiiii aaaaai uuuuiiiiii oooooo aaaaaa please sir aaaah aaaahh aha aha maza aaa gaya sir aaaa aaahhhaaa wah kya land hai aapka. Kya chut hai tumhari tum class mein first aogi sirf gand uchalo maza do ‘ arrey sir lut lo meri jawani meri chut ko phad do our muche first position de do aaah chodo sir chodo aur is tarah dhake khate hue woh 3 bar orgasm experience ki and came 4th time simultaneously.

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Some of my fantasies are jija / sali, bhabhi/dewar. Malik / maid, madam / naukar. Office secretary, Chinese, Japanese, and Bengali housewives.