Playing house with my little sister

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By Her brother How I molested my little sister and her best friend

I was about 13 years old with a 7 inch cock and almost constantly horny. It was summertime and my best friends were away on vacation. It was a rainy day when this happened almost 50 years ago. I was bored to death when my 9 year old sister came up and asked me to play with her.
Okay I said what do you want to play.
House she said.
I had been reading and jerking off to penthouse magazine for a while and knew about sex. But my experience was limited to my right hand. I figured I could manipulate my innocent and gullible sister Cindy and have some fun. She had little budding breasts topped with pointy nipples.
We built a house out of blankets and pillows and fed our children (dolls)put them to bed then she said it was time for daddy and mommy to go to bed.
She hopped into bed under the blanket that I had made into a tent and held the sheet up for me to get in with her.
I took all of my clothes off and told her that mommies and daddy’s always slept naked so that they could cuddle each other..
Seconds later she was naked under the sheet with me.
Now we have to kiss goodnight and she pecked me on the lips..not like that I said like this,open up and pulled her towards me French kissing for a while daddy needs to kiss you all over before we go to sleep. I kissed my way down to her little nipples they were rock hard and she giggled saying that tickles I kissed my way down her stomach. She shuddered as I started licking her little hairless slit. I spread her legs open some and started to suck on her tiny little clit. She let out a little moan as I continued, it wasn’t long before she told me to stop because she had to pee.
Her legs started twitching faster and faster and she let out a long moan as she shuddered with her first orgasm.I kissed my way back up to her mouth. I rubbed my cock back and forth along her pussy until I was lined up with her little hole. I felt the head of my cock enter her vagina. She started to struggle when she realized what I was doing. Saying no stop. I pushed as hard I could and she screamed as I broke her cherry (mom wasn’t home) two more pumps and I was balls deep in her pussy and I came shooting several spurts as I collapsed on top of her. As I lay there she was whimpering and crying
I started to slowly fuck her as she laid there soon she had her arms legs wrapped around me moving with me now when she came again it sent me over the edge and I shot a few more spurts of cum in her pussy. Finally my cock slipped out of her and I rolled off of her. She smiled and looked over at me and asked can we play house some more.

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By Her brother #Incest #PreTeen #Teen #Virgin