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I was around 11 when the Arora couple first moved to the first floor of our two floor independent house. It was love at first site between their puppy moti and me. It was while following moti that I first entered their house. Aunty was all of 36 years old and Uncle about 42 years old. If I had to really draw resemblances, then Aunty looked like a typical rich lady who had only recently stopped paying attention to her figure and uncle looked like funnyman Kunal Vijaykar. He was chubby and very funny. Aunty still wore half-sleeve blouse and carried herself very well.

They took a liking for me from our first meeting itself. I still had my baby fat around my cheeks and tummy. Ok, ok, I am a bit fat and it’s not all baby fat, big deal. I must look cute otherwise why would everyone want to pinch my cheeks and touch my skin. I guess their attraction to me was because they didn’t have any kids and I was the closest boy to them at the time. From the beginning they pampered me very much; I would eat at their place very often, watch TV with them and play with moti all the time. For a 12 year old, I sure was treated like I was 4 years old.

Summer was particularly hot that year and I was in my shorts and half T-Shirt that evening. Uncle was wearing his lungi and baniyan and aunty was in her nighty. She was serving us some coke while I leaned against uncle’s chest and watched TV. Uncle’s hand was rested on my tummy and he kept caressing me gently. The aircon was running full blast and while it was HOT outside, I was trying to get comfortable against the heat from uncle’s body as the cold air blast hit us directly. He wrapped his arm around me with his hand inside my baniyan and making circles on my tummy, At times his hand would slip a little into my elastic-wala shorts but I paid no attention to his movements. I felt nice against his chubby, totally hairless chest and stomach and I guess he liked my soft baby skin.

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Aunty came and sat next to us as well. She was trying to get some of the aircon air on herself as she was sweating from all the work. He set her pallu down and lifted her hands to get some airs into her armpits and blouse.

For some reason, uncle found it funny and said, “kyun munna (my name), abhi bhi doodh peta hai kya”? I said “haan”. He pointed at aunty’s breasts and said “abhi peeyega?” I blushed. Uncle started giggling. Aunty interrupted him and said “kyon ched rahe ho mere bacche ko? Waise bhi mera baccha hai ye, mera dooch peeyga to isme sharmane ki kya baat hai”. Uncle was still giggling and jokingly kissed my on my cheeks close to my lips and said “mera sharmila baby …ha ha”. Aunty said “arre tum phir shuru ho gaye”. Uncle turned to aunty and lifted her blouse which Aunty did not object to at all and said, “arre munna mai maajak kar raha tha, agar tujhe sachmuch peena hai to koi baat nai”. Aunty leaned towards my lips as uncle lifted my head towards her. He left breast was in my mouth and I started sucking like a baby. It was almost a reflex reaction and I closed my eyes and continued suckling.

Uncle said “kitna cute lag raha hai mera beta”. Saying which he smooched Aunty. I was between them now. His hand was still half inside my shorts. I noticed how fair they both were. I could almost see aunty’s veins under her skin. She transferred me to her lap and kept suckling me. Uncle was as smooth as I was and almost looked like a big boy himself. “Bas? Ya aur chahiye baby ko?” asked aunty. Uncle said “arre peene do agar uske paasand hai to …”. I said “bus”, got up and went home. I didn’t speak to my parents much and slept early that day.

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I did go to their home again the next day after school; Uncle came from office at around 6:30 pm and as usual went to his room to change his clothes. He usually tells us some funny incidence at his office so I followed him to his room. He took his favorite blue towel wiped his face and arms but did not wrap it around his waist like he usually did. He then proceeded to remove his shirt and let his fat belly fall out, removed his pants and stood in his v shaped undies. He paused for half a second and removed his undies as well. He now stood there with just his baniyan and wiped the lower parts his body with the towel. Aunty also came in and did not appear surprised or startled at all.

Uncle’s penis was not very large and the foreskin was receded back exposing his pink tip. I was surprised as I didn’t know till then that it could do that. Uncle was slowly wiping himself when aunty went up to him and stared to help him wipe. Suddenly she said ….”arre chai rakhee hai gas pe, munna tuu poonch de daddy ko” and went away. I was more started at the request than the fact that she said “daddy” for uncle.

Uncle stood there with his arms spread wide as I wiped him. He read the expression on my face and said “kya hua? You look flushed”. I said “apka ding-dong …..aage se skin… Nahi…” He started to augh. “ding dong?” ha ha ha “arre ise ding dong nahi… never mind. Kyon tumhara skin peeche nahi hota kya?” I just kept looking at the floor and shook my head sideways.

Uncle sat on the bed and pulled me towards him. He said “dikhao”. Before I could say anything he unbuttoned my shorts and pulled the zip down. My plump fat belly only helped the process. He very slowly pulled my undies down as well and exposed my privates. He slowly held my thing between two fingers while I help keep my t-shirt up for him. He was about to do something when aunty entered and asked “kya hua”. “Arre iska skin peeche nahi jaata, aisa ye bol raha tha, so I was checking”. Aunty also came and sat in front of me and said “chooo sweet his lund, smooth, thick and hairless”. Uncle said “he didn’t know it’s called a lund …ha ha”. The skin slid back smoothly exposing my glans for the first time. “Aaram se peeche hota hai” he said and kissed my penis. My lund had been in his hand for 2-3 minutes and with all this attention, as was natural, it started to become hard.

Aunty was quick to console me and said, “relax beta, its normal. Uncle ka bhi hard hota hai. Tum choo ke dekho”. I bend forward and touched his lund. It was supple and soft. Aunty said “aise nai…” and she bent and kissed his dick.”Tum kiss karo”, she said, and I kissed the tip of his dick. “Tumhe pata hai Aunty ke udhar kya hota hai?” I said “nahi”. He pushed aunty to lie down on the bed and pushed her saari up. He said “tum kud dekho”. I touched on top of her panty and there was nothing there. I had seen some pics of nude women but this was for real. “panty neeche kar ke deekho”. I slowly pulled her panty down and exposed her shaven pussy. I don’t know it’s because of them that I still love hairless bodies or vice versa. He said “isse billi, kehte hain, pyaara hai na?” I nodded my head. Uncle said “Aaj to idhar hi soo ja, aunty tujhe doodh bhi pila degi”. I slept between then with auntie’s breast in my mouth and uncles fat half nude body behind me. Once in a while he would turn me around, take me into his arms and hug me kissing my lips and cheeks. He kissed aunties mouth from time to time and they let their hands go where ever they pleased over my soft milky body. I woke up at 7:00 AM and went home the next day morning.

P.S: I have part two ready but it will depend on reader’s comments. What they think of my story. Don’t judge uncle, aunty or me harshly for this. Love can never be wrong and we are very healthy. I am still their baby boy.