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I put the plates out serving some of the eggs onto each. Picking the crispier of the bacon, I deposit it on one of the egg laden plates and pour a glass of milk. Sitting in my chair, I began picking from my plate, mindlessly scrolling on my phone. Not much time had passed before I hear the stairs creaking and see a rumpled girl descending them. She rubbed her eyes, coming to sit across from me. Her long blond hair is in need of a brushing, but she doesn't look at me, just begins shoveling food into her mouth.
"Did you sleep well princess?" I asked, pocketing my phone and leveling a smile at her. She's grown into such a beautiful woman, the very picture of her mother, if a bit more full in butt and bust.
"I had a dream that the kids in my class made fun of me." She said around her inflated cheeks. I nod for her to continue, and she picks up a piece of bacon. Her eyes linger on it as she snaps it in half with an almost inaudible crack, before she devours it.
"They called me a bimbo. And a slut." She said, munching thoughtfully. She wore one of my old shirts, revealing the tantalizing expanse of her milky thigh. I was tempted to lean down and take a bite, but I kept my attention trained on her sorrowful expression.
"Do you want to get some new clothes? Maybe you're worried about being provocative in what you've been wearing." I suggested. She frowns at this, and I reconsider.
"You think I dress like a slut?" She asked. I tried recalling what she'd been wearing to school of late, I knew I'd been looking so I wondered how many other eyes she'd caught.
"I know your mother could dress like a nun and still be hit on, and you're sexier than she is so it's a possibility-"
"You think I'm sexy?" She asked. I shut my mouth. Damn, I needed to stop thinking about my daughter like this, she's my little girl, sure she was 19, and yes I'd found condoms in her room before, but she wasn't mine to think about. Not like that anyway. It was wrong. I stood and gathered the plates, but she caught my hand, trying to get me to look in her eyes. "Daddy, you think I'm sexy?" She asked again. Finally, I consented, raising my eyes to meet hers. She didn't look disgusted, or angry, or any other bad thing I was expecting. She just looked curious.
"You look just like your mother, it's hard not to notice." I said weakly. She seemed to accept this answer, and let go. I brought the dishes to the kitchen and deposit them in the sink.
"Can you take me to the mall?" She asked from the other room.
"Of course princess." I figured that was the end of it. She'd agreed to my suggestion, the matter was solved.

I got dressed, and waited for her to be ready. She came out of her room in a thin green tank top tucked into a black skirt that was barely long enough to cover her. The material of her top was thin enough that I could see her areolas if I stared, which I tried not to.
"Ready Daddy?" She asked, seeming to not notice me oggling her breasts. I nodded, dully, and led to the car. Upon arrival, we walked around a bit and she went into a few stores and I bought her a few things, not paying attention. When she was content with her haul, we went to the food court.
"Hungry?" I asked, looking at the options.
"Can we get Cinnabon?" She asked.
"Of course princess." We walked over and, instead of asking for what she wanted, she leaned against my arm, and whispered her order in my ear. I didn't hear it, because I was staring at her tits, which strained in their material, as they were pressed against my arm. "Huh?" I said.
"A cinnabon with extra icing." She repeated. I wasn't sure, but it seemed like she lingered on the final word. Was she suggesting…? No, I ordered her food and we sat while I watched her eat.
"Aren't you hungry Daddy?" She asked. I shook my head. Come to think of it, when did she start calling me daddy? She hadn't done that since middle school. She shook her head and came around the table to sit on my lap. "Here, we can share." She said, ripping off a piece of her roll, and holding it to my lips. I didn't know what to do with my hands. I didn't know where to put my eyes. My mouth felt dry and sticky. "Come on Daddy, put it in your mouth." She giggled girlishly. I opened my mouth and allowed her to push the confectionary in. My lips closed around her fingers and tentatively licked the icing on her digits. "You act like I've never sat on your lap before." She giggled again, and moved my hands to rest on her hips. "Oh I almost forgot my phone." She lifted about an inch off my crotch to reach her phone across the table before plopping back down. I groaned, unable to hold it back.
"Oh Daddy." Her voice melted over me, it was surprise, but something about it sounded…pleased? Excited? Sexy. My hold on her hips tightened, keeping her in place. I was scared of someone seeing the erection that was tenting my pants under her. I knew she wasn't a virgin, I knew she was aware of the effect she was having on me. I feigned adjusting my seat, pushing up into her a little, before plopping back down. I scanned the food court, no one was looking at us. "Daddy, something's poking me." She said, in a small voice. I held her hips, keeping her tight against me. She lifted her ass, moving her barely there skirt to give me a flash of her pussy. She wasn't wearing panties, before sitting with the skirt out from under her. Out from between us. One layer closer to her. She was teasing me. Toying with me. I wanted to punish her, I wanted to rail her and tell her what a dirty little girl she was, but we were in public. And she was my daughter! Not to mention she was half my age. She moved again, lifting her ass, her hands threaded through her legs and under her to unzip my pants. I was silent, allowing her to root around until she fished out my cock. She sat back down, it was pressing against her. She was so hot and warm, and soaking wet. She was leaving the decision to me. Although it was always my decision. I could've stopped this at any time. But I wanted it. I wanted her.
"Move your ass." My voice came out in a husky growl, as my hands pushed her hips back and forth. She understood immediately, and began sliding up and down against my cock. I put one arm around her waist, hold her against me firmly as I sighed.
"All done?" She asked. I laugh and shake my head. It was a cold noise, not the chuckle or snicker she had come to know me by. I lifted her, pushing my cock back in my pants and zipping them, before standing and leading her to the bathroom. We waited for the hall outside to be empty before I pulled her into the men's room and into a stall. She looked at me with wide eyes, and I wondered if it was surprise that her old man was so eager or so skilled. I grin at her, predatorily, unzipping my pants and pulling my cock back out.
"Do you want this?" I asked. She looked hungrily at my cock.
"Yes Daddy." She leaned her chest against the stall wall, and spread her legs, popping her ass out for me. I lifted her skirt and leaned down to bite her asscheek. Raising my hand I swung, the snap of skin on skin, the yelp of pain, the blossoming print on her ass, it made my cock throb for attention.
"Did you like teasing me in front of all those people?" I asked, voice low.
"Yes Daddy." She whimpered. I slapped her ass again.
"Did you like feeling my cock rubbing your pussy?"
"Yes Daddy." Another.
"Do you want me to fuck you?" I growled in her ear.
"Yes Daddy. Please fuck me." She moaned. She had the same slutty mouth her mother had.
"Let me see those tits." I smacked her ass again. She turned and pulled her top up, revealing perky 36 D's. One hand moved to cover her mouth as the other found her throat, pushing her back against the stall wall. I pushed her to her knees. "Let me see that mouth." I released her and she opened her mouth, eager for my cock. "Daddy's little slut." I growled, putting the head of my cock to her lips.
"Yes Daddy." She looked up at me with those big blue eyes. Fuck, I was about to fuck my daughter. She wanted me to fuck her. I pushed my head into her mouth and she began bobbing and sucking and licking it like she'd done it a million times. Like she knew my cock, like she knew how to worship it. She sucked more and more in, and I just let her slurp away merrily on my rod. I reached down and grabbed a fistfull of her hair, using it to push her harder, deeper, rougher. I rammed myself in and out of those perfect lips, and watched as her eyes begin to water. I felt my balls tighten and yanked her off me. She slurped, and I watched a large glob of spit land on her tit. Leaning in, as if controlled by some higher force, I sucked her breast into my mouth. She let out a soft little breath and I sucked and nibbled her nipple, before moving to the other. Squeezing the nipple of the one not in my mouth, I elicited the most delicious noises from her slutty little mouth, and was tempted to shut her up by shoving my cock back in it. Detaching myself from her perfect breasts, I returned her to her original position, facing the stall wall, ass out, looking at me over her shoulder. It was a good sight, she looked like a treat waiting to be eaten.
"If you keep making all that noise I'm going to put my dick down your throat." I growled.
"Yes Daddy." She whimpered. I pressed the head of my cock to her pussy and she widened her stance. I pushed the head in and she moaned. I guess I'd have to punish her. I raised my hand and slapped her ass again. She moaned at this too, the jiggling made my cock slide deeper. I pushed the rest of the way in and then stayed there a moment. "Please Daddy." She murmured.
"Please what?" I asked.
"Please fuck me. Please fuck my tight little pussy Daddy." She moaned. I grunted, and used one hand to cover her mouth, and the other on her hip as I began pumping in and out of her. Leaving my hold on her mouth I reached for her tits, one in each hand and used that to pull her back into me for each thrust.
"Faster Daddy I'm cumming." She began humping back into me, I picked up speed, and began to hear the noise of our bodies slapping together ringing out into the stall. I felt her clench, her body quacking, her pussy contracting around me, but I kept going. I went faster, harder, pulling hard on her nipples, and with a final, deep thrust, I came deep inside of her. Her legs were shaking, but I thrust a few more times, sending a spit with each, hearing the noise of her pussy slurping our juices, before I slid out.
"Clean this." I said. She fell to her knees and put my cock in her mouth, licking our combined juices off as her pussy dripped on the floor. Content, I pushed her face away and righted my pants. "Clean up and meet me at the car." I turned to go, and saw a dazed and satisfied look on her face. I picked up our shopping bags, and scarfed the rest of her cinnabon, before going to wait by the car. It wasn't long before she came over, I saw guys checking her out, trying to see where she was going. I smirked at the disappointment when they saw she was walking to me. Sorry boys, this one's mine. I opened the door for her, and allowed my hand to cup her ass as she slid in. I hopped in the driver's seat and set off home.
"You know things will change now." I said.
"Yes." She replied.
"Yes Daddy." I corrected. I moved my hand to her thigh and she looked at me and smiled.
"Yes Daddy." She purred.
"You're no longer going to see other boys, and when in the house you will not wear underwear." I said. She smirked. "And you are only to call me Daddy from now on."
"And if I break a rule?" She asked.
"Punishment." I growled, she shivered. I gave her thigh a squeeze, allowing my hand to slide a little under her skirt. She spread her legs slightly, and I moved my hand to her pussy. "You will be available to me at all times when home." I added, as I pushed two fingers into her.
"Yes Daddy." She moaned, moving her hips to accommodate my angle.
"Do you want me to fuck you again?" I asked, parking in our driveway.
"Yes Daddy, please fuck me." The moans seemed to tumble from her lips the more I probed in her pussy.
"Do you like my cock?"
"Yes Daddy I love it. I need it. It feels so good in me." She moaned, moving her hips to hump my fingers. I leaned over and inhaled the scent.
"You smell so good princess. Good enough to eat." I dove my face in, licking and slurping at her juices. She tasted so good, and I felt the sticky juices coat my face as I sucked and slurped. Her hands moved to the back of my head as she rode my face.
"Daddy I'm gonna cum." She moaned wantonly.
"Cum for me baby." I purred. She yelled and trembled as the orgasm tore through her. I sucked down most of it, before sitting back. I saw out the passenger side window our neighbor Dave watching, a tent in his pants. Smirking I licked my lips before getting out and leading her inside. I deposited her bags in her room while she sat on the edge of her bed and slowly began pulling her clothes off. Not that there was much to remove, but she seemed to enjoy making me wait. She tossed the garments to the floor, looking at me with a smirk.
"Like what you see?" She asked.
"Bring me that little whore mouth." I motioned her over. She slid off the bed onto all fours, and crawled over to me. She undid my pants, moving slowly, sensually, eyes staying on mine. When my cock bobbed into view she turned her attention to it, staring hungrily. She sucked it into her mouth and I didn't wait for her to find her rhythm, I grabbed the back of her head and shoved myself all the way in. Pulling back, I didn't wait for her to catch her breath, I just shoved back in, I felt the tip push the back of her throat and pushed the rest of it in. It was so wet and warm and tight. I closed my eyes as I face fucked her. "That's it baby." I murmured. Her hands moved to cup my balls and I hummed appreciatively. Abruptly, as before, I pulled her off me, and pushed her to the floor. She lay sprawled on her stomach and I lowered myself over her. Spreading her cheeks I lined up with her asshole.
"I haven't done that yet." She said, tone one of protest.
"Just relax princess." I murmured, petting her hair. She seemed soothed by this, so I pushed the head in. "Relax." I repeated, as I pushed farther in until I was pelvis to ass with her. I waited until she was comfortable before I slowly slid out a bit and pushed back in. I went slow, it was so tight, at least I could take one virginity of hers. What a bad thought for a father to have of his daughter. But here I was, fucking my daughter in the ass so it wasn't like I was winning a father of the year award. I began picking up speed until I was pumping in and out of her, my balls slapping against her pussy. Each slap made her quake and moan, I slapped her ass and she moaned louder. I grabbed a fistful of each cheek and began using that to pull her back and forth, allowing me to go deeper, and move faster. "I'm cumming." I announced, as I went faster. I didn't slow down, I kept thrusting through it, before I finally pulled out and saw my cum seeping out of her stretched asshole.
"All done Daddy?" She asked, looking over her shoulder at me with a sultry expression.
"Oh we're just getting started princess."

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