Pleasure Confessions Ch. 02

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Tearing myself away from Ellie, I slipped on my bathrobe and looked back at her; she was posing sexily on the bed and it was hard to go to the other end of the apartment, knowing this woman was wanting me so badly.
I opened the apartment door and there was Lee, standing there in jeans and a t-shirt. I gave him a quick hug and invited him in. He looked at his watch.
"It's only ten o'clock — are you ready for bed?" he chuckled at his ambiguous meaning.
"I am now," I grinned. I pointed to the back bedroom: "But so is Ellie."
"Yeah, you remember Ellie."
He gave me a naughty look and grinned. "Oh, so that's what you've been up to, little girl."
I drew myself near to him and kissed his lips, pressing my tits up against his strong chest. He was of average height and average weight with greying hair and dark eyes. He was a very hairy man and that was one of his sexiest physical qualities. Our hands searched each other's bodies playfully and we laughed into our kisses. I felt the crotch of his pants and he was already hard. That was one thing about Lee — he could grow faster than anybody I knew.
"Oh Lee," I whispered into his mouth. "We're-we're forgetting Ellie. Come on."
In a very easy manner, I persuaded him to come with me in my bedroom and he followed me like a puppy dog. Ellie was continuing to pose sexily on the bed and, naked as she was, she was fondling her tits and making a moist spot underneath her bottom on the bed. She looked up and saw Lee. She smiled.
"Hi Lee."
"Hi Ellie. Just what have you girls been up to?" He asked, putting his hands on his hips playfully.
To answer his question, I slipped off my robe and crawled up on the bed with Ellie once more. Ellie and I began with small, delicate kisses and soon opened up our hot, horny mouths to one another, Frenching each other. I straddled her naked pussy with my naked one and began to rub my sex into her sex. God, it felt great. Our wetness was intermingling. Our juices were flowing into one another. I heard a soft rustle behind me, and I realized Lee was undressing as he watched us play.
I gently coaxed Ellie into lying on the bed sideways with me so that Lee could see us playing (and so that we could also see him playing). He watched us with great anticipation: Our mouths formed into little "O's" as our crotches humped one another in a nasty fucking motion.
I wasn't sure if Lee had ever done this before with two other people, and I really didn't care. I wanted a cock and a pussy all at the same time. Lee started stroking his dick which was completely erect at this point. I wanted that cock. Ellie was writhing beneath me, grabbing at the sheets and blankets.
I motioned with my left hand for Lee to come over and I told him to stand in front of me. As my groin and Ellie's groin really gave to each other, I took a firm hold on Lee's cock, which was now in front of me, and I started licking it up and down like a lollipop. There was yummy precum oozing out the tip of it and I licked it up like a slutty kitten.
I must admit that at that point I forgot all about humping Ellie and I just straddled her; I was so focused on the big piece of meat in front of me, that it just distracted me from anything else, even the sweet girl under me — my slut.
Lee always said I gave great blowjobs and when my eyes, in their state of arousal, glanced up at him, he tilted his head back and cursed to the gods above. Ellie got in on the action, softly looking up at the blowjob from beneath me; she sat on the bed, her knees tucked under her, and stroked his nude thighs and fondled his balls. She giggled at the fullness of them and I spoke to her:
"Ellie, baby, they're filled with Daddy's cum. Do you want to suck on Daddy with me?"
She bit her lip and nodded. "Yes, Viv."
Once more, Lee cursed: "Fuck, oh yeah. Get on your knees, sluts."
We obeyed him and got down on the floor before him. I was on his righthand side and Ellie was on his left side and continued to play with his balls while I stroked his manhood. I knew having group sex with college girls was one of Lee's fantasies, he said it'd never come true though and that he'd be stuck dreaming to porn. How wrong he was on this night.
As we were playing with his meat, he put each of his hands on the back of our heads, stroking our hair. Ellie seemed perfectly happy to serve him, as did I.
Ellie and I began to lick at his shaft. It was so smooth and marble-like. It was veiny and purple and blue; so swollen and sensitive. I loved serving Lee, and I could tell Ellie enjoyed cock too. Our tongues were licking and slurping and occasionally our tongues would touch each other, and we'd giggle, which made Lee, once more, tilt his head back and curse. Lee couldn't take being teased for very long, though — this I knew from my experiences with him.
"Oh fuck," he groaned. "You whores better suck on me. Now."
I kneeled in front of Lee and sucked on his glorious head while Ellie licked and played with his shaft and balls. We were laughing at his impatience. Ellie guided her soft tongue and sweet mouth up to my lips and we kissed once. Then we kissed again. Lee gently withdrew his dick and pushed our heads together to passionately kiss before him.
Holding onto his cock, he got impatient once more, and began stroking furiously. I wanted him to cum on us as we kissed and fondled one another. I slid my finger into her wet pussy (soaking now more than ever) and she began to touch my breasts. He nudged Ellie's pretty, sweet face with the head of his cock and she interrupted her kiss with me and agreeably opened up her mouth to him. I was getting so horny watching those two. He grabbed her face and began facefucking her. With each thrust, Lee let out into the air little: "Oh, oh, oh's" in a gasping breath. His balls were slapping her chin and she looked up at him with innocent eyes.
"Oh God, Ellie," he moaned. "Such a sweet little girl. You like Daddy's cock, baby?"
She nodded, her mouth stuffed with seven inches of dick. I slipped my finger out of her pussy and began to tease her tits, rubbing her juices on her nipples. She glistened. Her young face was stained with precum, a pearly streak running across her cheek. I never thought I'd see the day where this young, classy woman would be transformed into a cockhungry slut.
"I can't cum in you, Ellie. You're too sweet for me." Lee pulled his cock out of her mouth and directed his massiveness at me. "Suck on this," he ordered me. I was happy to oblige.
I took him in my mouth. My cheeks were puffed out, my eyes were watering with his fullness. I sucked him up and down, my head bobbing. I opened up my velvety throat, allowing him access to throatfuck me. He took the hint quickly and held onto my face, his hips thrusting in and out, fucking my face deeply. He was thick and long — just the way I liked it.
Beside me, Ellie began to whimper, and I knew she wanted to get in on the play. Awkwardly, she tried to lie down on the floor and get at my pussy with her mouth, so I just spread my legs for her. She lied down on her back, her face beneath my cunt, and I sat down on her mouth, riding her, my juices flowing into her wet, willing mouth. My, she was a good fucktoy.
"Oh Lord, you two are so hot," Lee groaned. "Fuck, I'm about to cum. Holy Christ."
Desperately sliding his cock out of my mouth, while I humped Ellie's mouth, Lee began furiously to stroke his cock in front of my face. I opened my mouth once more for him and let my tongue slide out, waiting for his hot load. I laughed in my raspy, sexy voice, thinking to myself how comical his frustration was.
He tugged on himself almost like a madman and I knew he was so close. Whenever he came on my face, he usually didn't give me a warning, so I had to be ready. I humped Ellie's face faster and I could feel myself also close to cumming. Without a word of caution, a hot load was dumped on my face by Lee. I greedily, hungrily gobbled it up as it stained my face and some of it found its way onto my tongue and in my waiting mouth. The warmth of it was incredible.
I humped Ellie's face at a furious speed and my body shook with such pleasure as I came on her beautiful face, destroying and corrupting the very innocence and prettiness that I had fallen for.
With cum on my face and cum staining the inside of thighs, my body stiff and numb from all the sex and cumming, I eased myself off Ellie's face and crawled onto the bed, exhausted. I lied on my back and Ellie and Lee joined me on either side. We didn't say much, we just lied there breathing heavily for a while.
Ellie's face was stained with my cum and my face was a mess from Lee's hot load. It felt great.
After a few minutes, Lee slid in the middle of the bed so that Ellie and I were on each side of him. The three of us stooges, lying naked together in the bed, Lee held his arms around his college girls. His willing, slutty college girls, and I could tell he was satisfied. He looked at us proudly and we grinned, cuddling up into his armpits, our small, curled hands on his broad, hairy chest.
We fell asleep this way and then woke up around two or three in the morning and with a slight chill in the air. Ellie was still asleep, and Lee and I watched her sleep while we slid on our clothes and talked quietly. I helped him pull his shirt over his head and straighten it out.
We stood there watching her sleep, his arm around my small shoulders, my hand resting on his chest. He chuckled:
"You wouldn't know it by looking at her, but she's got a healthy appetite."
"I know it. I learned that tonight," I sighed.
Lee chuckled softly and kissed the top of my head. With his typical brand of arrogance: "Some life you playgirls got."
The End

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