Police Officer Mother Gets Punished

Police Sex Stories :

This story is about a female police officer named Roshni who considers her duties and work as the most important thing in her life. She is 36 years old and has 18 year old son named Samarth.
She got married at an early age of 19 and lost her husband when Samarth was very young then and since then she is the only one to look after her son Samarth studies in 11th class and is good at sports
His athletic body makes him the most wanted boy of his school, but Samarth is interested in mature married ladies instead of young girls. He even has a crush on her own Mom but is too afraid of her and Roshni has faced a lot of difficulties in her life.
She did a lot of sacrifices to bring up her son. After her husband’s death she used to feel lonely and miss his hardcore fucking Roshni has a really nice body big boobs round ass and slim waist her stats being 34-26-36 she could drive any male crazy with her figure.
She looked even sexier in her tight police uniform it seemed that her boobs want to tear that shirt and come out but her salary alone was not enough for Samarth to get all the things that he desired in life.
He had contacts with some local guys who were involved in loots and gold chain snatching. Samarth to got involved in these criminal activities. The head of the gang was once caught by Roshni and he always wanted to take revenge so he intentionally included Samarth in his gang.
He won Samarth’s trust initially but and was once invited to a party by this head whose name was bhola Samarth had a lot of alcohol and drugs that night and he dint realise how he felt asleep when he woke up he was taken by surprise
He was roped to a chair and all his gang members were there playing cards just then bhola came in and said saale randi ke bache,teri maa ki vajah se ek mujhe jail jana padha tha aaj uska badla lunga,laga apni maa ko phone” and he slapped and punched Samarth.
Samarth was helpless and had to do what he was asked to Roshni picked up the call Samarth-mom please help me, This bhola has abducted me and is threatening to kill me. Mom please mom! and before Roshni could react
Bhola took the phone Bhola-Suna,saali kuttiya agar apne bache ko zinda dekhna chahti h to mere bataye raste par aa jana aaj sham ko or yaad rahe agar akele aana agar koi or police wala sath hua to tera beta kal ka suraj nahi dekh payega and he disconnected!
Roshni was shel-shocked.she dint know what to do and she thought of informing her fellow officers but the thought of seeing his son dead stopped her and she knew how cruel bhola was and wasn’t ready to risk his beloved son’s life with him.
She thought for a while and decided she had to do anything it takes to save her only child. She went to the given address at 7:00 pm as told by bhola! There was a guy waiting for her at the door and he checked Roshni for any weapons and in doing so he moved his hands over her tight nice ass
And slowly pressed her boobs Roshni got mad and she looked at the guy angrily but she had to calm herself down because of her son. The guy took Roshni’s gun and they both entered a cave kind of structure after a small passage they reached a small space which was just lighted well enough to see properly.
Just as she walked forward she herad a cry. Mom! It was Samarth just as she heard his voice she tried to run towards her but the guy with her grabbed her and said Abhi itni jaldi kya h Roshni kicked that guy and punched him on the face.
I started running towards her son but the sight of a knife on his neck stopped her from doing anything silly..!!The man holding the knife was none other than Bhola!
Roshni-You have a problem with me not my son please let him go..!!
Bhola walked towards Roshni and grabbed her from her chin and said saali randi jab mujhe jail me daaala tab to kyu nahi socha is baare me and he strongly grabbed her chin and very violently kissed her lips.
Roshni tried to move away but Bhola was too strong for her..Samarth tried to save her but he was roped and couldn’t do anything..He said-“Saale kutte meri maa ko haat bhi lagaya naa to dekh lena..me tujhe zinda nahi chodunga”
Bhola placed his hand Roshni’s right boob and said “ le laga liya,kya karega..Mar..”..!! A drop of tear ran through Roshni’s cheek.,,she had no option but to take the embarrasement for her son’s life…She remained silent.
Bhola –Aaj me teri maa ke sath suhagrat banaunga kaafi katila badan h iska  and he grabbed her ass..!! Samarth was trying desperately to get himself free but was not able to do so
Roshni-“Please let my son go and i’ll do whatever you want me to,but please let my son go first” Bhola teared off her tight police shirt and exposed her red laced bra.
She had big boobs which her bra was unable to hold and she tried to cover her boobs with her hand..Bhola-Aaj to tujhe tere bete ke saamne hi nanga karke chodunga use bhi to pata chale uski maa kitni badi randi h
Roshni was crying now and begged Bhola to have mercy on her but Bhola was busy pressing her boobs and ass with the other hand. He took off her bra and her lovely bog boobs pooped out like melons. She had round pinkish nipples.
Bhola took one of her nipples in his mouth and began sucking on it violently while he pressed the other boob with his hand Roshni was crying now both in pain and embarrassment and Samarth was abusing Bhola.
While the other gang members laughed and enjoyed the feast. Now Bhola pushed Roshni to the ground and jumped on top off her and her sexy figure was so hot that everyone there in the room were having a hard-on
Bhola was still sucking her nipples as he unbuttoned her pants with one hand Roshni tried to stop him with her hand Bhola slapped her on her face a couple of times really hard and unbuttoned her pants Roshni was now slowly beginning to give away
And letting Bhola do whatever he was doing though she was still crying! Bhola exposed her white milky thighs and strong well toned legs. She had a figure to die for Bhola put his hand on her pussy over her red sexy panty and began pressing it.
Meanwhile Samarth did not realise when he too got a hard on. He was now felling embarrassed to have a hard on seeing his mother getting fucked but he couldn’t help because she had such a sex goddess like figure. He tried to hide his hard on meanwhile Bhola had already teared Roshni panty and was now very harshly fingering her.
Roshni just laid there and wasn’t reacting to ant of these,she just wanted her son to be save just then Raman,Bhola’s brother said” bhaiya ab ruka nahi jaa raha mujhe bhi karna h”..Bhola said ”to aa ja na mere bhai ye hum dono bhaiyo ki randi h aaj
Rman quickly ran towards Roshni and hungrily jumped on her round boobs and began sucking..Bhola unzipped his pants and revealed his 10” cock…It was erect as a pole.he went near Roshni’s face and said “Aaj to tujhe saalo ke maze dega ye mera lund..
He took her face in his hand and smooch her so hard that he literally bit her lips off and now with her face still in his hand he took his cock near Roshni’s face and asked her to give him a blowjob
Roshni said no to which he slapped her hard and signalled one of his gang member who went near Samarth and cut his one finger off. Samarth yelled in pain and Roshni too cried hard and said stop and just as she opened her mouth Bhola inserted his big dick in her mouth and began to thrust.
His cock was so big that Roshni had to gasp for air but Bhoalwas in no mood of mercy Raman was meanwhile busy sucking Roshni’s clean pink pussy now and that pussy looked so delicious that even Samarth couldn’t stop himself from touching his cock
After nearly mouth fucking her for 15 minutes ,Bhola slapped Roshni and asked to go in Doggy style. Roshni just did what his said. He asked Raman to get a blowjob from her as he prepared to put his long dick in her wet pussy.
Bhola gave a strong violent jerk and inserted all of his 10” cock inside Roshni’s pussy at once Roshni sried in pain her pussy hasn’t felt any cock for the last 10 years after her husband’s death and if that wasn’t enough Raman put his cock in her mouth.
Now both the brothers fucked her mouth and her pussy violently and mercilessly they raman with his hand was pressing her boobs too. Now Bhola said Raman tu iski chut me apna lund daalna chahega” Raman quickly knooded his head.
Bhola grabbed Roshni’s hair and took her dragged her on top of Raman who had already lied down. Now Roshni was asked to ride on Raman’s cock and she had no option but to oblige Samarth was crying and asking Bhola to stop.
Bhola meanwhile used his Finger to explore Roshni’s tight asshole. He inserted his one finger in and her asshole was too tight. Bhola laughed at it as an idea struck his mind to give the poor lady more pain. He got into position
And very violently jerked his dick into Roshni’s asshole but it was so tight only half of it went in Roshni cried so hard that the whole room echoed her cry Samarth was now not able to see her mother’s pain.
Now he started thrusting her asshole and Roshni cried with each thrust..Her asshole was never fucked before..After 10 mins both brothers started thrusting hard..Bhola-“raman apne paani mat chodna
Iss randi ke muu me daalenge..” both Bhola and Rman took out their cocks and inserted in Roshni’s mouthn at once…Roshni had already drained off from the violent fucking..
They both ejaculated in her mouth and dropped her down..Bhola took a huga sigh and looked at Samarth-“Kiasi lagi apni maa ki chudai..Tera bhi khada ho gya hoga itni mast nangi aurat dekhkar Samarth begged him to let both of them go now.
Bhola looked at his gang members and looked back at Samarth…
Bhola-“Arre itni jaldi kya h ab inki bhi to baari h Samarth started cursing Bhola and said he’ll pay the price everyone were laughing and went near Roshni who was almost unconscious on the floor.
Nearly 10 more man fucked and sucked Roshni at all her holes for the next two hours. Roshni’s pussy had swallon and her asshole had became tight as hell they left both Roshni and Samarth there alone after enjoying
Roshni seductive body to the fullest but not before Bhola warbed Roshni not to inform this to her Police station or else he would tell everyone of all the crimes Smarth had committed with their gang and then he too will go to jail Roshni just listened everything
She had no energy left to react nearly after an hour Bhola left with his men she grabbed some energy and slowly unroped Samarth what happened next? Did she report it to the police? Did Bhola came back to take advantage of her?
How the mother son relation changer after this? To know do read the next past coming up very soon till then Goodbye and do write your comments and replies at [email protected]