Poolside Pt. 1

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By Sunshine A 15 year old boy is in for a day of a life time in July.

Chapter 1
It was the middle of July. and my neighbor had an in-ground pool they let us swim in whenever we like. They also have a daughter named Lucy; she’s 12. I’m Luke by the way. I’m 15. Anyway, this one day was wild.
I woke up like any other day and got dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. I ran downstairs and was greeted by my sister, Star (my parents got creative while naming her) who’s 13, and my mom.
“Morning all,” I say.
“It’s almost noon, not really morning anymore,” my mom says.
“It’s close enough,” I say. We both laugh and she goes back to her work.
“Ok, if you two are both good down here, I’m going to head upstairs to work, just let me know if you’re going to swim. Love you both.” She said before going upstairs and leaving us alone.
“I’m going to eat, so if you need anything, don’t.” I say.
“Ha ha, ok.” Star says sarcastically.
I go make myself a sandwich and I dig in. I’m eating and just enjoying life when my sister goes to play on the computer. Our house is a little cluttered, so our computer lives in our dining room. I watch her turn on the computer and all of the sudden a bunch of porn photos pop up on her browser and she struggles to close the tab quickly.
“Well damn Star. That’s risky for this computer.” I say trying to sound as calm as possible even though I wasn’t.
She was silent and didn’t look at me, I could tell she was mortified.
“Hey, relax, we all look at porn, just, maybe use your phone next time is all.” I go back to eating my sandwich.
“M-maybe your right. Crap. I’m sorry, I thought I closed them last night.” She says shyly.
“No worries, I won’t tell, I’ve got no reason to.” I say calmly.
“No punishment or tattling or anything like that?” She asks surprised.
“Like I said, I’ve got to reason to, hell you can keep looking at it if you want, I won’t stop you, just don’t let mom catch you.” I say.
“N-no I won’t, I’ll play Minecraft or something.” She says.
“Ok.” I finish my sandwich and leave the room leaving her to her own devices. I cleanup and go sit down thinking about what I saw. I was a little hard I won’t lie. Seeing that with my sister was super odd but I suppose no harm no foul.
I go do whatever for a few hours before deciding it’s super hot and way to nice not to go swimming. I strip down in front of my full-length mirror and admire my body for second. I’m well toned and pretty muscular for my age. My penis is pretty big too, about 5 inches in length when hard, and I don’t have much body hair at all and my face in smooth. Kinda odd for my age but I like how I look. Anyway, I walk over to my dresser and pull out a pair of swim trucks. Before I could put them on though, there was a knock at the door, and I just had to cover myself with my shorts as my sister walked in.
“Oh shoot, sorry, can I ask a quick question though?” She says quickly.
I sigh, “sure, but make it quick, I don’t have anything on.”
“Ok, well… I’ve been watching the uh… porn… lately, as you saw, and I’ve always wondered what a real-life penis looks like” she says in a whisper voice.
“I-i” I’m completely speechless. My thirteen-year-old sister is asking to see my penis. I consider it for a few seconds, then I figure I’m keeping her secret, she can keep mine.
“Ok… but you can’t tell anyone, or I’ll tell mom about what you’re doing on the computer. Sound fair?” I ask.
“Yeah,” she said exasperated and shocked.
I motion for her to sit down on my bed, she closes the door and does so, and I sit next to her.
“Ok, ready?” I ask, feeling my dick harden.
“Yeah, go for it,” she says, a little excited now.
I take a deep breath and throw my swim trunks away unavailing my hardening member.
“Ok, here it is.”
She just looks at my crotch and it hardens and moves on its own. And she’s just enthralled by it for a minute or so.
“Wow, thanks Luke, I don’t know what drove me to ask you but I’m glad I did.” She gently and timidly runs her hand along the length of my shaft before hugging me and running out of the room to, I assume, masturbate.
I throw my shorts on and go listen through her door and I hear soft moaning noises. I smile and leave her be and I go next door to swim. I get over there and I see Lucy alone in the pool just floating around. I call her name and she perks up and smiles. She’s wearing a two-piece gray bathing suit and a pair of sunglasses. She’s pretty small but makes up for it in her energy. She has long dark hair and green eyes. Her tits are flat but her bathing suit so well highlights her you’d never know.
“Hey Lucy, how’s it going?” I ask while sitting down and dipping my toes into the pool.
“Pretty good. Mom and dad left so I’m alone right now, I thought a swim sounded nice.” She says matter of factly.
“That can be dangerous, be careful if you do that, no one wants to see you hurt.” I say gently.
She just smiles and jumps up into my arms. We always hug when we see each other, we have for years. The pool water on her though made her really cold this time.
“Oh god, you’re cold.” I say.
She giggles and releases me, then falling back into the water. “Come on! Jump in.” She says moving back awaiting my amazing diving skills.
I stand up and go to the deep side of the pool and line up before front flipping into the pool. The cold rush of water slides over my body and I hit the water. The coldness quickly fades, and I open my eyes to see legs running towards me. I emerge and grab Lucy and swing her around.
“How was that?” I ask her.
“Meh, maybe like a 6.” She responds.
“Wow, ok I see how it is.” I say as both of us laugh and splash each other.
We stop and I do a few laps to wake and warm myself up. All while Lucy is sitting on the sideline watching me. She has since lost her sunglasses and is simply watching me.
“I know I look good, but you don’t have to stare,” I say teasingly.
She blushes and the talks. “Can I tell you something?” She asks.
“Anything, of course.” I say a little concerned now. I swim towards her and sit next to her.
“In school, a few boys have been making fun of me because my boobs are small. I don’t know what to do.” She says quietly”
“Oh, I’m so sorry, those guys are idiots and don’t know what they’re talking about.” I say, I think for a moment then go on, “Do you like your boobs?”
“Yeah? But what does that have to do with anything?”
“If you like them, that’s all that matters, no one can tell you otherwise. Ok?”
She smiles. “Ok, thanks Luke.” She snuggles up next to me and leans her head into the crook of my neck.
I lean into her, and we just sit there. I look back at my house and see Star watching us, I wave, and she waves back before turning around and going who knows where. I didn’t get a good look, but I’m pretty sure she didn’t have her shirt on. I ignore it and assume it’s a crop top or something.
“Hey, you doing ok?” I ask the little girl in my arms.
“Yeah, I just like spending time with you, I feel safe.”
“I’m glad you feel safe,” I tell her, then I change my mood and speak, “But do you want to play a game?”
She once again perks up and sits facing me crisscross applesauce giving me an unobstructed view of her barely converse pussy.
“Yeah!” She says excitedly.
“Awesome! How about… truth or dare!” I say.
“Yeah! I’ll go first, truth or dare?” She asks.
Truth or dare has been our go to game for a while and we never run out of things to ask or dare someone to do.
“Dare, make it fun.” I say.
“Hmm, ok! I dare you to do a handstand underwater.”
I do as I was told; I dive in and do a handstand as she requests. I swim back over but stay in the pool just hanging on the edge, we’re sitting at the deep end.
“Truth or dare.” I say.
“Hmm, truth!” She says confidently.
“Ok, have you ever had a crush on someone, and if so, what’s their name?” I ask.
“Oh, ok. Umm, yeah, I have. Her name is Rose.” She says shyly.
“Ooh ok!” I say applauding her, “you’re turn.”
Lucy is still blushing from the last question. I’ve known Lucy is bi for a while now, but I never knew she had a crush on a girl.
“Truth or dare?”
“Dare! Keep em coming!” I say playfully.
“Hmm… I dare you to hold you’re breathe for as long as possible.”
I smile and take a deep breath before holding myself underwater for just short of a minute. I come up and gasp for breath.
“Wow, that wasn’t easy.” I say catching my breathe, “truth or dare.”
“Dare!” She says excitedly
“1-10 how hard do you want it to be?” I ask. I always give her this option.
“Uhh… 7, I guess.” She smiles at me waiting for my dare.
“Ok, hmm, oh I got it. It’s odd but it won’t show anything. I dare you to get in the pool and take off your bottoms and show them to me, then you can put them back on. I won’t be in the pool, so I won’t see anything.”
She thinks for a moment. “You’re on.”
I smile and climb out of the pool as she jumps over me. I sit exactly as she was, and she swims over to me blushing. She looks me dead in the eye and starts shimmying. And in less than ten seconds her bikini bottoms are in my lap and she’s just giggling.
“Cute, you can have them back. Here.” I offer them back to her.
“Actually, I’m kinda comfortable, do you mind if I just leave them there for now?” She asks.
Twice in one day I’m flabbergasted at a girl’s decision. I of course let her stay bottomless and we continue playing with her bottoms just sitting beside me.
“Truth or dare?” Lucy asks.
“Truth” I respond, my mouth dry from her choices.
“Have you ever had a girlfriend?”
“Oh, come on this is the millionth time you’ve asked; no, I don’t have a girl friend.” I say regaining my poise.
“Oh, that’s a shame, you should get on that.”
“Ha ha. Truth or dare?” I ask
“Truth.” She says simply.
“Why did you want to keep your bottoms off?”
She blushes a little bit and answers.
“I don’t really now, the water feels nice against my skin, I don’t know how it’s any different when I have clothes on, but it is. Truth or dare!” She says.
“Dare. Give me a level… 8, let’s keep it going up.” I say confidently.
“Ooh, ok. Let’s see. Do the same thing as me, right here!” She pats the water next to her and I can’t refuse a dare. So, I jump in and get right next to her and shimmy out of my shorts and throw them up on the ground.
“Does that suffice?” I ask now floating completely naked right next to her.
“Mhm!” She says excitedly, “uh… I have question, can I- can I touch your thing? I’ve never seen one, and still haven’t, but I want to at least touch one.”
For the third time today younger girls have blown my mind. First seeing and slyly touching, then stripping, now straight out touching.
“Yeah, I guess so. Just me gentle.” I say.
I stay where I am and I let her little hand work its way to my penis, which is now rock hard. After a second she finds it and giggles and starts exploring my privates. It feels great, her hands are so soft and gentle, she feels amazing.
“One second.” I say making a rash decision. I jump out of the pool, still naked and sit in front of her so she has a full view of my penis, “have at!”
She gawks at me and then goes back to her exploring; she fondles my balls and then plays with my shaft. She finally wraps her hands around my penis and starts lightly stroking me. I am in heaven.
“Oh, wow, that feels great Lucy, keep going.”
She smiles and goes a little faster, I don’t know if she knew what she was doing, but she was really good at it. I look back towards my house to make sure no one can see us, but I see Star in the window, staring at us a moving oddly. This time, for sure, she doesn’t have a shirt or bra on, her tits are in plain view, though far away and she’s clearly jerking herself off. I smile and look back at Lucy and her face literally an inch away from my penis.
“Enjoying yourself?” I ask stifling my moans.
“It’s really cool! And fun!” She says excitedly.
I lean back and let her go to town and I don’t last long after all that’s happened. Within a few minutes I feel my orgasm quickly approaching.
“Ok, get ready stuffs going to shoot out of my tip.” I warn her. She doesn’t move at all.
I tense up and shoot the largest load of my life all over this twelve-year-old girl. It’s on her face, her chest that was above water and all in the pool. She giggles as a little bit more dribbles out of my penis. She looks up at me her face having streaks of cum on it and she goes under water and wipes it off.
“That was fun! Can we do it again!” She asks eagerly!
“Maybe another time, I can’t do that, that many times in a row or else I’ll be in a little pain.”
“Awe, ok.” She says sadly, “I think it’s about time for me to leave anyway and go shower.”
“Ok, go do that. I’ll clean myself up and see myself out.” I say and then jump into the pool with her.
I come up for air and she’s sitting on the edge, completely naked.
“Well shit Lucy. You’re gorgeous.” I say breathlessly.
She spreads her legs and shows me her pussy. Her hairless, plump, smooth, pussy. She giggles and spreads her lips exposing the pink inside of her delicate self. She then quickly gets up takes her clothes and runs inside.
I’m once more flabbergasted. I get out, put my shorts back on, grab my towel and go back home, reminiscing about that wild day.

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