Poonam Getting Sex Life Recharged By Akshay

Hi I m Poonam from Mumbai. I came to Mumbai after my marriage with Anupam 3 years ago. My parents Place is at Indore where I stayed for 24 years of my life & enjoyed a lot during School and college days.

After my graduation my parent found my match in Anupam & like obedient Girl I got married although I had no any crush during my college days so there was no question of resistance to pass Anupam. He is a Good Man with Handsome hunk look having 5'11" height and well built with Dark complexion & broad shoulders.

He can impress any beautiful Girl So I m quite lucky to get him as my life partner. Even I was also tall 5'9" and with curly hair & dimpled chicks with a fair complexion with 38-26-34 stats. During my college days many boys were liking me but nobody dared as my Father was the Army Officer.

Initially for 2 years we enjoyed a very happy & healthy married life and he used to fulfill all my wishes like his ambitions but the problem started when he joined a New IT company for better Post & remuneration & after that his late sitting in office & frequent Overseas tour to sort out the client's issues have irritated me

as My majority of the time was passed loading & unloading his travel baggage & when he is not here, keep waiting for him to come. Suddenly My thrilling life got converted into a boring life. And I was helpless.

Even when he is in Mumbai he used to attend his offices till late evenings & he used to come at around 10-10.30 in drunken position as against earlier time when he was regularly coming at around 7.30. I tried to solve this problem with him thro' discussion but for him his career was more important than his married life.

In Mumbai people are so practical & isolated that they don't bother what is happening in the next door. So I was also alone & it was difficult to kill the time & watching TV was not a good option all the time So I started searching something thrilling & exciting & thus I found humandigest.com & after initial hesitation I started liking to read the stories

& I realized that there are many people suffering from situation like me & few even worse. Honestly I was sexually starved for last 1 year & emotionally to a great extent & I found here majority of the extra marital affairs are the result of the situation like I was going thro'. Thus I attracted to this website & slowly become addicted to read on regular basis.

Today I thought I should also express & contribute my feelings for relieving the load from heart. After couple of months reading this site, I was fantasizing some muscular & romantic hunk in my life & that was giving me a strange pleasure. Meanwhile One day I found that the flat opposite to our is being vacated as the people who were staying there have sold this flat.

After another few days One Gujarati Family of 6 Person came to stay there It was a joint family consisting of Elderly Parents with Two son (one is married) & a small kid. They were so social that They invited us for their House arming Parties along with Other neighbors but only few attended including me & my hubby.

We got. introduced & I found that The elder son is Shailesh & Younger one is Akshay & shailesh's wife name is Nikita. (rest are irrelevant). Gradually after few days I used to frequently go to their house as Nikita was almost of my age & we got mixed up quite easily. We used to go together for Vegetable Market, D-mart & also for Morning walk.

Even I used to watch TV serials at their home as while watching TV we used to chit chat on various subjects. Her husband was reserve but his younger brother Akshay was very frank ( may be due to he was bachelor) & whenever he is available he used to crack some naughty comment & jokes on serials & their characters to entertain us & we were enjoying his act.

Sometimes we were waiting for his comment only to laugh. He was more liking the Cricket matches & not serials so used to argue for asking remote & sweet nok-jok with his Bhabhi for remote. I was also liking Cricket very much as I was quite active in Women's Cricket during my College days & still have maintained the athlete like body.

Sometimes I caught Akshay starring at my curves but with a sweet smile I used to ignore it & kept healthy relation with that family as I started liking the changes in my hitherto boring life. One Day There was important Match between India & Australia & Akshay had already taken remote in his custody since afternoon (Day Night Match).

At around 4 I went there & found All the family members were watching the match So I was reluctant but Nikita immediately saw me & welcomed to join them. All the 3 chairs were occupied by Gents So we all seated on the floor ahead of them & doing petty house work like vegetable cutting etc. We were enjoying the match.

Slowly the darkness increased & due to interesting match nobody thought of switch on the light. I found something is touching near my right leg & touching my bear skin as I was wearing Saree. I tried to make out its a thumb figure of leg & I know it is none other than Akshay. My heartbeat started fastened & I thought of moving my leg away but by god I was feeling it nice.

And I don't know why but I kept as it is & on the contrary adjusted my saree for his easy secret entrance. he was so brave he went deeper till my knee & was exploring my soft skin thro' his rough thumb & I was liking it too much as He was the first person after my hubby who reached my bare legs till my thigh. Sensation started inside me & I felt wetness.

This was continued till 10.30 when India Beat Australia & I was by Akshay. Yesss……he won me & I was blushed so much that my face was reddish & Adding to that he passed a comment that See Poonam Bhabhi kitni khush ho gayee India jeet gayi to. Laaaal laaaal ho gayee. & I slapped on his shoulder & ran away to my home.

Oh Myyy goddd. I immediately rushed to the washroom & checked my wetness……….ohhhhh sheeeet……….I was leaking like a hell……. After very long time I discharged so much water….& don't know why I started rubbing my pussy keeping my eyes closed & immediately fantasizing about Akshay.

I re-collect his body…..Bare chest with lots of hair & broad shoulder with strong muscles & he was only in shorts what a height almost around 6". & his hair was like Dhoni of earlier time when he used to keep long hair. & My finger was acting smart over my clitoris & unknowingly I started chanting his name

"Ohhhh Akshay……please……slowly….araam se…hmmmmm…aaaahhhh…eeeeeyyy……..yeaah… & my magical figure was creating thrilling sensation inside my pusssy & My dream man was fucking me hard depth till my womb & I was enjoying each n every pulsations it was creating inside me.

Slowly slowly I felt I m cumming…..I increased the speed & the Liquid was about to ooze from womb & suddenly Door Bell ring ( Ohhhh sheet…….I think Anupam has come) that fear created magic as my speed furether increased & I end up with lots of flooding………& my mind got relaxed……….I was tired too…..but satisfied. relaxed….& quickly got ready to come out & open the door.

Anupam was tired like hell & Saying "Good Night Dear…….I m badly tired it was a long working day" See u 2morrow. ". went to his bedroom & quickly changed his cloths & slept. Today I was also tired but was feeling fresh with new thrill in my life.

It seems My life is about to change in the coming days & the reason is none other than…….Akki. (I have kept akki as his nickname for my fantasy for him)

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