Positively Dripping Wet

I came home from work early and was planning on surprising my wife. However; I was shocked, gut wrenched, amazed, perplexed and excited as I watched my wife nude on my bed with her feet in the armpits of a young guy half my age stretching her pussy wide open. From my position I could tell his cock was about 7 inches long, but the part that surprised me was how thick his cock was and how big the head of his cock was. The head of his cock was bigger than the rest of his cock and had a wider than normal flare to the head. His cock had to be about 2 inches wide. I could see her pussy being stretched and then pulled as his cock glistened with her juices going in and out of her pussy. He was pulling his cock all the way out so the head was almost totally out of her pussy and then going all the way back in. She was working her hip so he could get the deepest penetration and I could see from her face that she was in total ecstasy. I could hear her moaning and breathing hard as he continued stroking his hard cock in and out of her pussy. She began to moan and say she was cumming again and for him to finish up as she could not take mush more.
I stood quietly there for a few more minutes as he began pounding her pussy harder and harder saying he was going to cum. It was at this point I was beginning to panic. I had had a vasectomy years ago and I knew my wife was not taking the pill and this was the middle of her cycle and she was extremely fertile. I was about ready to barge in and yell don’t cum in her pussy when he pulled out and shot streams of cum all over her. She lay there exhausted and I could see her gaping hole beginning to close as she lay there. He went over to the bathroom and got in the shower and after a few minutes came out dressed in his uniform. A firefighter had just violated my wife. He did not say anything except, I’ll see you next week and don’t forget I am bringing a friend.
I wanted to go in and confront her and ask her what she was doing. I watched for some ten minutes as she lay on the bed totally used and worn out not even trying to cover herself or put her legs back together. I was startled as the alarm went off and she struggled to turn it off and then made her way to the shower and took a shower. I went downstairs while she was in the shower and after a few minutes came over too the stairs and yelled up that I was home. I knew she could hear me as she called back that she would be down in a minute. I rushed up the stairs so she would not have a chance to get dressed. I went into the bathroom as she came out to the shower and I went over and kissed her and pinched her nipple as I was kissing her and began leading her to the bed. She started to complain and said you can’t really be horny, you go some last week.
I got her on the bed and began eating her pussy like I had never eaten her before fingering her pussy as I was eating her sucking on her clit harder knowing that she liked it. It only took me a few minutes before she was begging me to make love to her. I wanted to pound her pussy like the firefighter, but I thought she would be suspicious. I told her to get on her knees and got her from behind and as I was working my way in and out of her pussy I was rubbing her clit harder and harder until she was almost yelling at me to hurry up and cum that she could not take it any more. I could feel her pussy clenching my cock as it worked in and out of her pussy until I came harder than I had in a long while. After a few minutes I pulled out and lay on the bed next to her. She did not say anything to me the rest of the time and got up and took another shower.
The next week flew by. I had to find a way to see what she was doing while I was at work. I had a friend who was our IT/security guy and said I thought the neighbor boy was sneaking into my garage and stealing my beer while I was at work. I mentioned that the day I got off early the last week I thought I saw him leaving the garage with a bag and when I went to get a beer I was almost out. He gave me three different spy cameras. They all had internal memory and could be setup to give an alert if they were activated. I got them all re-configured before I left work and with all the codes changed so only I could see what they were recording. I also knew how to replace the memory cards.
I put two in the bedroom and the third in the bathroom. I wanted to see if they did anything in the shower. Not only that I wanted to know what she did in the shower, since it always took her a long time to shower compared to me. I got up early and checked the remotes out on my phone and then went into the bedroom and began playing with her pussy while she was still sleeping. I moved under the covers and began eating her pussy and after a little bit she began to respond waking up. She said is this really necessary? I replied I thought so! I showed her my hard cock and asked where she wanted it? She just spread her legs and said be quick or you will be late for work.
I was on the way to work in the car when the shower camera went off. I looked at it while at the light and noticed she was waxing her pussy. I would have to make sure I checked it out when I got home. I also noticed that she was masturbating after she was finished waxing while she was in the shower. She was leaning back against the wall with her legs spread and at first she was just rubbing her clit but after a minute she was really jamming her fingers into her pussy moaning. When she finished she went into the bedroom and lay on the bed without getting dressed for a while and then she put on a short skirt without panties and a shirt without a bra.
It was lunch time when I got the phone alert. I put in some earbuds so I could listen and logged in to the cameras on my phone. I watched as I could see and hear Mark asking if she shaved her pussy and she responded by lifting the front of her skirt showing her waxed pussy. Mark said let me taste it and see how it is. Amelia asked where is your friend? I thought you said you were going to have a friend this time. Mark said I thought I would start without him. Then Mark added, I thought you said you were not sure about having two guys at one time. Amelia said she was not sure about it and was just asking. Amelia added that she thought you were messing with me. Mark smiled and said you will just have to wait and find out.
Mark kissed her and slipped his finger into her slit and said you are positively dripping wet. You are really excited about having two cocks at the same time aren’t you? Amelia did not answer. Mark said you have to answer me if you want my cock and you wand me to finger you pussy and eat your pussy and suck your tits and make you cum really hard. Mark stepped back and started going to the door when Amelia answered. Yes, I an really excited. Mark asked her excited about what? Tell me what you want in detail.
Amelia said I want you and your friend to make love to me and make me cum. Mark said no, that is not what I meant. Do you want to suck our cocks and lick our balls? Do you want us to take turns eating your pussy? Do you want us to take turns sticking our cocks in your pussy? Tell me how and what you want in detail? Amelia looked at him and asked why are you doing this to me? Why do I need to tell you what I want? You know what I want.
Mark said okay. I am only going to stick my cock in you and cum and then leave. Lay on the bed and spread your legs. Mark pulled his pants down and walked over to her and started pushing her to the bed. Amelia said, aren’t you even going to kiss me? Mark said you did not tell me that was what you wanted. You said make love to you and make you cum. So I am going to make you cum. Amelia stopped and said okay. I want you to kiss me. I want you to suck and lick my nipples and play with then, I want you to rub my back and ass. I want you to eat my pussy and to stick your fingers in my pussy as you eat me and to play with my tits as you lick my clit. I want to feel your hard cock in me and for you to make me wild with lust and to make me cum. I want you to make me cum like never before.
Mark wanted her to really be excited, as he knew if she was not begging for a hard cock and saw the size of Dan’s cock she would freak out. Mark was done eating her pussy and had been teasing her sticking his cock in and out of her hole and pounding her pussy until her was ready to cum and then pull out and play with her pussy and eating her some more and all the while Amelia was begging to cum You promised to really make me cum hard. I am ready to cum. About this time Dan walks in the room and undresses and walks over between her legs pours some Astroglide on his cock and on her pussy. Amelia is looking at Mark’s cock in her face and is trying to look but can only see Dan’s upper body. Mark said to Amelia, see I told you he would show up and just in time too.
Amelia could feel the head of Dan’s massive cock rubbing her clit and the entrance of her pussy. I panned the camera for a different angle and zoomed in. I was shocked and wanted to yell NO! You are going to destroy her pussy forever. Dan’s cock on the camera looked like a beer can only longer. I was thinking it was about 8 to 10 inches long. Dan lifted her legs and put her feet into his armpits and slowly began to push the head of his cock into Amanda’s pussy. I was surprised that she was not screaming out in pain and after a minute of slow steady pushing he was all the way in her pussy.
Dan stayed still and asked Amelia how she felt. Amelia said she felt full, but she also said I like it. Amelia said to Mark, wait a minute for me to get used to Dan and then I’ll finish taking care of you. Now, Dan I want to cum really bad so I want you to pound my pussy like you are never going to get any more pussy again. Dan did not wait and immediately began pounding away like there was no tomorrow. I watched in amazement as his cock slid in and out of her pussy stretching on the in and out strokes. All of a sudden Amelia said I going to explode and for Dan to pull out. Dan no sooner pulled out than Amelia squirted all over the bed. Not just a little squirt but a gusher. I thought she must have pissed herself. Mark and Dan gave a high five and said to Amelia – Welcome to being a squirter. Amelia said I need a bit of a rest. Mark had Amelia lay sideways across the bed so her head was hanging off the side of the bed and Mark adjusted her head so she was off a little more and after a minute rubbed his cock on her lips and said open your mouth. Amelia knew he wanted a blowjob and opened her mouth and Mark began pushing his cock more and more down her throat until he was all the way in and she was breathing hard. Mark after a minute began assaulting her throat and Dan was now between her legs pounding her pussy again until he was ready to cum and announced to Mark it was time and they both pulled out and shot cum all over her tits.
Mark and Dan were done getting dressed and Mark commented to Dan. Look her pussy is still open waiting for something to go in it is still gaping open. Dan grabbed a bottle of the dresser and slipped it into her pussy. They said they would be back in a week at the same time. Amelia just lay there exhausted. I logged back into the cameras an hour later and she was still there in the same place with the bottle still in her pussy.
I decided to check the local fire company and find out if there was really and Mark and Dan as members there. I was informed they were brothers and were professional firefighter/EMT s. The Lt. Miller I talked to said they were a real pair that they did everything together and were hard workers. He also said they were in charge of the home smoke and fire detector unit and did a lot of home inspections and worked with the elderly a lot and poor to get free detectors. I asked if they were trustworthy that my mother was going to have them come over and inspect her house and I wanted to know if it was legit. The Lt. Said he had not heard of any complaints and as far as the city and company were concerned they were trustworthy. He added at the last minute that meat was a bit of a joker some times. I asked meat? He said it was a reference to the size of his package, if I knew what he meant. I laughed and thanked him for his help.
I got off work and came home as usual. I asked what was for supper and she said she did not cook anything yet and would make me a sandwich. I asked if she was in the mood to be sandwiched? Amelia looked at me really hard and said not really, I just thought you would like one. I smiled and said casually as long as I am not the one in the middle of the sandwich. Amelia ignored me and said do you was ham or PBJ? I looked at her and said really? If that is the case I am going out to the Fisherman’s Wharf for supper. I looked at her in her sweats and said are you going like that or are you having a ham sandwich?
Amelia got changed quickly and even wore a dress that was not her normal type of dress. It was a lot more revealing than she normally ever wore. I did not say anything but checked her out as well as possible without looking like I was ogling at her. I had the normal conversation while we drive and asked how her day was and mentioned that she seemed like she was a bit out of sorts. Amelia went on that her day was supposed to be simple and it turned out to be way more complicated and she thought she may have taken on more than she could handle. I looked and said care to explain. Amelia said she was helping with a project with community services and it was easy at first and now they wanted more time and commitment than she was willing to give. I said it is volunteer work so just tell them you do not want they extra work or you are going to quit. Amelia said she would try and that it was only a one day a week thing anyway. I said okay and drove on and pulled into the parking lot.
Amelia and I were seated near the windows overlooking the harbor and near the patio, which was closed at the time. The waiter said this was a nice romantic spot to Amelia and winked at her and took our drink orders. I ordered an old fashioned and Amelia ordered a Mojito. Amelia excused herself to go to the ladies room and left. Before the waiter got away too far I caught him and said to ask the bartender to make my drink very light on the alcohol as I had to drive and go to work in the morning, but he could put the extra alcohol share from mine in her drink so not to mess up the pricing.
Amelia returned and the drinks were on the table and she took a long sip from hers and then gave a funny look like she knew it seemed strong. I asked what was wrong and she mentioned it seemed like a lot of alcohol. I took her glass and tasted it and said it was not too much alcohol, but not enough lime juice. I asked the waiter for a glass of lime juice and he said fine. I added some lime to the drink and Amelia thanked me. We were getting our dinners served when I noticed Dan and a woman entering the restaurant and looking around like he was looking for someone. After a second the woman pointed and Dan was making his way over to Mark and another woman sitting a few tables on the opposite side of the patio entrance. They were going to have to walk right past us. I looked at Amelia and saw her look almost of fear and panic. As Dan came near I stood up and greeted him like we were old friends.
I said hey Meat! I have not seen you in a while. How have things been going? Is Lt. Miller still keeping you and your brother in line? Dan looked at me and decided the best thing was to go along with it, especially since I mentioned Lt Miller. Dan said we are meeting Mark and his fiance for dinner pointing over to the table. I said you better not keep them waiting. I said tell Jim Miller my company will be making another donation for the smoke and fire detectors. I was keeping a sideways glance out of the corner of my eye on Amelia and she practically gulped her whole drink down on two swallows and was looking pale.
I flagged down the waiter and said she needed another drink and to double it from the last one that she looked like she needed it. The waiter agreed. Amelia took another long sip and ate in relative silence. Amelia asked after regaining her composure how I knew “meat”? I said I met them at a public event with Jim Miller who was a Lt in the fire department and every year the company donates money to them. I mentioned that “Meat” was a nick name and his real name was Dan and his brother Mark was they guy sitting over there and that he got the name meat because he has a big meat. I said it was really quite impressive and that it was about as thick as a beer can and about 10 inches long. Amelia said Really! I said yes – really. I said there is a picture his brother took of him doing some woman and it shows the whole thing ready to enter her pussy and the next shot is all the way in to the balls. Quite impressive on both parts – him and her.
We did not talk much more for a few minutes and finished our meals and I asked if she wanted another drink or if she was ready to go home to bed? Amelia said maybe a short drink and only if I was going to have another. I ordered the drinks and we sat and drank and talked about household stuff until she finished and we left. I turned on the heater in the car even though it was not cold and without the fan so she would not notice it was on. Amelia fanned herself a bit and mentioned that she thought it was warm. I looked and said it is only 67 degrees out. I mentioned she should take off her sweater if she thought it was warm. Amelia took off the sweater and put it in the back seat. I could see her entire left tit as she turned and the dress tightened on the right side and loosened on the left. I hit the A/C button knowing full well it would not change the temperature. Amelia thanked me and excused herself and hiked the bottom of the dress up so her legs were uncovered and spread apart.
I waited a minute and suggested that she take her shoes off and put he one foot on the window and the other on the dash. I looked over and she was wearing a regular pair of panties. I smiled and said really, I did not realize you still owned any of that style. I thought everything was bikini or thongs. Amelia smiled and said I have a few left and keep them for that time of the month mostly. I mentioned she just finished her period and kept on driving. Amelia said maybe I need a few more pair of bikini and thongs. I rounded the corner and saw the sign for the mall and Victoria Secrets was on the end of the building. I pulled into the mall and drove up to the entrance and parked. Amelia asked what I was doing? I said buying you more undies.
Amelia did not know what to say or do so she came into the store. I never go to the store with her shopping and this was a 1st for me. I walked in and
pointed over to the area where all the thong and bikini style undies were on display and next to some nighties. Amelia looked at bit embarrassed to have me there with her, but she went along with me. The sales girl came over to help and commented that I was the first husband to go shopping with his wife this month. I looked at her kind of funny and said it’s the 20th isn’t it? She said yes. She showed Amelia the clearance rack and said the stuff from spring was a green tag and 70 {041eef37a7f5b4db29dcc3cd09231a71295f4b2233e89afb6c97dccfcef67ea6} off and Summer was red and 50{041eef37a7f5b4db29dcc3cd09231a71295f4b2233e89afb6c97dccfcef67ea6} off. She said she bought 5 pair and said I think these will be good for you. Nobody see that they are spring or summer colors unless you are wearing a sheer dress or a micro mini skirt.
I looked at Amelia and said what do you think? She said okay. I took five spring ones and then she showed the blouse rack and said I think you would look really hot in these two. Do you want to try them on? I looked and said go ahead if you want. Amelia took them and went into the dressing room and the girl asked by the door if she was going to come out and show them to us? After a second Amelia came out wearing the purple plunge blouse that went down to her navel and was almost sheer. I could make out her nipples in the light and I said I thought it really looked nice. Then she went back in and put on the wrap style that was a sheer red fabric and came out. Even in the dark light at the entrance of the dressing room I could make out both her entire tits and could clearly see the nipples.. Amelia said it may be a bit too… but the sales girl said it is really your color and you look fantastic in it. I smiled and said you really look good in it.
Then the girl brought over two dresses. One had a deep cowl that went down to her navel and had an open back and barely covered her butt. The other was a maxi dress with a slit up to the top of the waist and it was a halter top style with an open back. Amelia looked at her and at the dresses and cam out with the Maxi dress on 1st and I said definitely hot. So did the sales girl. Then after a few minutes she came out with the cowl dress and I fanned my self and said you are on fire with that dress. Amelia seemed like she was really enjoying modeling sexy clothes. I said turn around and walk over to the dress rack and back and if you see something you might like no matter how outrageous I would like to see it. Amelia went over to the dress rack and picked out a sheer red and black mini skirt combo and a hanger fell and she stooped down to pick it up and I could see her ass and when she was leaning over I could see both her tits. I did not say anything. Amelia tried on the last dress and it was a thin chiffon and move freely as she walked and the top was sheer and very revealing. I looked and said I like it do you? She looked at herself in the mirror and said I like it, but I don’t think I could wear it out anywhere. I said you are out now and wearing it. I told the sales girl we would take all of them and I got her stuff out of the dressing room and went over to the register. Amelia said that she had to change 1st. I said you are dressed and it was a dress you picked out. You can wear it home. I told the girl to cut off the tags, which she did. I said you are really hot and sexy. Any guy would be glad to be seen with you wearing this dress.
I mentioned we should stop by the local hot spot and maybe go dancing. We have not been dancing in a long time. Amelia said she did not think it was a good night to go dancing that I had to go to work in the morning and that I needed to get some rest. I said that it was just 9 o’clock and we could go for an hour and I would still get enough sleep before work.
I stopped at the local club that had a dance floor and we went in and had a seat. There was a new country band playing. They were not bad and they played a good combination of slow and fast stuff. I danced a few slow numbers with her and a fast number and had her twirling around so her dress went up as she spun around and you could clearly see her butt as she went up and then down. We finished the dance and sat down and sipped our drinks. About this time a young guy about 27 – 30 came over and asked if he could dance with my daughter. I smiled and looked at Amelia and said yes, it is okay with me if it is okay with her. Amelia gave me a look and go up and went dancing with him. He was a really good dancer and he was doing a modified triple step and swing dance with her and lifting her overhead and a lot of dips. A lot of people in the bar were enjoying the show, especially seeing Amelia’s ass and a few good crotch shots. I know I really enjoyed the show and from the cat calls and a few random comments from people sitting near me about how they would like a turn with her in the sack.
Amelia came back and said let’s go. I smiled and said there were a lot of people who were enjoying the show. Amelia said she was really tired and wanted to go home. I said okay and walked her to the car. I kissed her and slipped my hand under her dress and slipped a finger into her sopping wet hole and gave her another kiss and opened the door and let her get in. I got in the car and kissed her again and slipped my hand in her top and pinched her nipple and said loosen your top and take off your panties they are soaking wet. Normally in the past few years she would have given me a whole ration of crap and said no. Now she handed me her panties and pulled her dress up so it was gathered at her waist and she untied the top of her halter dress. Amelia smiled at me and asked if she should pull the top down to her waist too? I smiled and said that depends on what you want he to do when you have it down to your waist. Maybe you should tell me what you like and want me to do to you. Amelia leaned over and said kiss me for starters. I gave her a long passionate kiss like I did on special occasions and looked into her eyes and said I guess I should start driving home.
I looked over at Amelia as I started to drive home and she had taken her halter top down and was pinching her already hard nipples and rubbing them and telling me how much they wanted to be touched and sucked and licked. Then she played with her pussy telling me she was waiting for me to lick her clit and put my fingers into her wet pussy and make her cum and then she wanted me to stick my hard cock in her pussy and make me cum hard. The whole time she was playing with her tits and pussy as I was driving home trying to pay attention to the road and her at the same time.
I go home and we made it as far as the living room and she had taken off her new dress and came over and pulled my cock out and began sucking me like she had not had a cock in years. I had forgotten it was like to get a good blowjob. Amelia licked my cock from the base to the very tip of my cock and back down to the base and licked and sucked on my balls. I was not expecting it when she slipped her finger into my anus and began fingering me as she sucked me harder and harder until I came in her mouth. Normally she does not like swallowing cum but she swallowed my cum and kept sucking my cock until I was totally done cumming.
Amelia go up and said now I want you yo start by kissing me softly and then to get more passionate and feeling my tits and fingering my pussy as you are kissing me and after I cum on your fingers I want you to eat my pussy and suck my clit until I cum again. I want you to use more than one or two fingers as you are playing with me and to keep it up until I tell you to stop. Then she handed me a bottle of Astroglide and said pour this on your fingers when you start to finger my pussy.
I was sucking hard on her clit as she was telling me how she wanted me to eat her pussy and to start putting my fingers into her pussy and where to rub and how much pressure she liked and to go fast then slow and then three fingers and then four fingers and then to put my thumb in and slowly work it in and out. I was really excited as I had never done this before and I had my hand almost all the way in her pussy. I was going back in again when she put her feet further apart and then started working her hips back and forth on my hand until I was all the way inside her pussy and she said make a fist and just let me do everything. Amelia said pour more Astroglide on my hand and started working her hips again and as my hand moved in and out a bit more I poured a bit more Astroglide on her and my hand and it must have been the thing because all of a sudden she was rocking and thrusting her hips like crazy and I thought for a minute she was going to break my hand and wrist then way she was going and then she almost yelled pull it out and when I did she squirted all over me and everywhere else on the bed.
My cock was rock hard again and she said give me a minute to rest 1st and I will take care of you. I was surprised when she said lay on my back and she got on me and rode my cock like a Pogo-stick. Amelia worked her pussy up and down and back and forth rubbing her clit hard against me until she came again. I could feel her juices running down the crack of my ass. She must have squirted again from the amount of fluid I was feeling on my ass. We got a few towels and laid them on the bed and fell asleep. I woke up to the alarm thinking it was all a dream until I looked over and she was still there naked uncovered. I kissed her and went in and took a hot shower and got dressed and went to work.
During the middle of the morning I got a text message. It was a picture of herself in the mirror in a new outfit saying she could not wait for me to get home.

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