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By Tim Watched the football game with a group last night – but it was the post-game that was memorable!

Our community had a viewing party for last nights football game. My wife was one of the organizers.
The outcome of the game was a disappointment – but I took part in a truly memorable post-game celebration.

There was plenty of food & drink at the game & I may have had more beverages than I should have. After the game I headed back to our condo – as my wife helped clean up the community room. I was lucky to walk back to our place with our neighbor – I’ll call her Carrie. Carrie was divorced early last year – and I noticed that she was looking extra-good at the party – wearing a tight team jersey – that plunged & showed off her ample cleavage – and displayed that although she was 40 now – her breasts rode high – tight – and proud.

When we reached her place – she asked if I’d like one more drink before walking home. I’m not sure what I was thinking – but I reacted by staring at her chest, then gazed upward to her eyes, at which point she smiled & I said yes.

We entered her condo & I asked if I could use the rest room – and she said yes – she was going to do the same. I went back towards her kitchen afterwards – where she joined me ; now wearing tight running shorts – having taken off her jeans. She mixed each of us a vodka & cranberry drink, which she handed me while leaning into me – her hips pressed against mine – causing a rapid stirring in my loins. Carrie had always been on the frisky/ flirty side – but this very forward move on her part surprised me. Now pressing her upper body into me – she looked up and said “I thought you’d enjoy them up close” and she started kissing me in the next – biting my ear & grinding herself against my now rock hard cock.

I was enjoying the moment – when she reached down to my belt, started opening it as she said – “ I figure we have 10 minutes!”

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Well although what was happening was coming out of the blue – I was not about to slow down the process. I reached down , trying to pull her tight jersey off – but after meeting resistance – I just ripped it along its’ seem – which for some reason turned her on big time. I reached behind her, unclipping her bra, releasing her beautiful breasts. By now she had my pants down & off my legs, and she placed my dick between her tits – sliding it between them / using my precum as a lubricant. I was enjoying this & enjoyed even more as she sunk lower – wrapping her mouth around my thickness.

She took my 7” in & out of her mouth like an expert – finally deep throating my length as she looked up into my eyes. She pulled her mouth away – telling me to sit on the edge of a chair a few feet away in her living room. I complied & she got on her knees in front of me – wrapped her pretty red nails around my cock & said “This is for you, for today. We will share much more if you like – another time”. At this she re-warmed my hardness; taking my full length again into her throat.

Next she pulled halfway off my length – and began bobbing her head up & down – as she magically swirled her tongue around me. What she was doing was certainly building pressure & I knew I would not last much longer when suddenly she put one of those fingers – very wet fingers – right on my asshole – inserting her nail – moving it very very slightly back and forth – which took me to the edge of an explosion – then plunging her finger into my ass, as she took my length inside her mouth – caused me to shoot 3 long streams of cum into her throat.

She left her mouth clamped tight around me – finally pulling her mouth off as she cleaned the load off my cock – then showing me that her open mouth was full of my creamy white offspring . . . Closed her mouth – swallowed twice & said “mmmm” . . . you better go home”!

Sitting here in bed now – only half believing what happened . . . Stroking and rolling my fingers around – as Carrie did with her tongue last night!

I do hope there will be more to come!

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By Tim #Cheating #Mature