Power Play Pt. 10

tagGroup SexPower Play Pt. 10

It was 5.30am now and I was putting on my suit. It was about a quarter of an hour before they'd be here. The ominous meeting with every possibility of getting me a sack was just 3 ½ hours later, but it was but a fleeting memory on my mind at this point. I made sure that the bed was ready and that the drapes were drawn despite it being early enough in the morning to be still dark. I slept well after she'd left last night – life was not so bad after all!
* * *
"We need to keep that mind of yours occupied, love," she said, putting on her clothes. She had washed off the cum off her body in the shower by then and was about to go. "We don't want you to worry about that wretched meeting, do we?"
"No, we don't." I was sitting on the bed, watching her get dressed, still disbelieving what had just happened, her turning herself into a whore for me, not just not complaining but visibly enjoying getting degraded.
She sat next to me on the bed and showed me her phone. A couple of swipes and a photo of a young woman, probably in her mid 20s, with long dark hair cascading down onto her shoulders. Her expression could only be described as "sultry".
"What do you think?" Hollie asked, punching me gently in the arm.
"What, of her? She looks hot." Commenting on random women was not what I would've previously done easily, but hey, all inhibitions were off tonight.
"Her name is Jessica." She turned her head to me. "You can have her tomorrow morning."
I froze. "WHAT?" Then I stared at "Jessica" and then back at Hollie.
"She is a friend of mine. She would love to meet you." Meet you obviously had an added connotation there.
Ok, we'd just had the most hedonistic session imaginable, but I still couldn't grasp what she meant – did she mean to just leave me with "her friend" in this house? "What about—you?" I stammered.
"Oh," she laughed. "I'd be in the same bed with you."
* * *
So there we were. I had been told to go to sleep and in the morning, before they came, have a good shower and put on my suit – that way, when done, later, I'd have it ready to go to the university. Hollie and Jessica would arrive at 5.45am, which would give us plenty of time to "play" as Hollie termed it before I needed to leave for the meeting at about 8.30am.
How on earth did she know this person? I was not complaining, but the questions about Hollie remained – was the meeting in the café accidental? Who was she that she was able to have friends ready to fuck strangers at the drop of a hat? It was 10pm when she had been leaving last night and she could get the Jessica person to commit to come over here for 5.45am on the following day? What, exactly, was going on?
By now, I have all the answers to this question, of course, but I'll keep you, dear reader, in the dark – a bit of mystery in the build up to, how shall I put it, climax, won't do you any harm!
All in good time. For now, although I did have questions about all that, I didn't really much worry about it, just enjoying the tantalising notion I was about to have a threesome. That was enough to get my mind off almost everything.
I lied down on the bed, looking at the ceiling. Now I just needed to wait.
* * *
The rap on the back door gave me a bit of a start. I rushed to my feet and went over to the door, attempting to appear composed. I pressed down the door handle and push the door open.
"Hi. I am Jessica."
The very soft melodious voice belonged to a very young woman. This very fact gave me another start. I stared at her. Clearly, whatever I had thought before, that she was 25 years old or not, was demonstrably not true. I hesitated, and she used that moment to take the first step. Instinctively, I got out of her way and she entered the house. Behind her, Hollie followed – I gave her a quizzical look.
They were both wearing long coats, both grey in colour, falling to their feet, and the same white high-heeled shoes. Jessica's voice, I gathered, would have likely struck almost anyone to be beautiful; the kind of voice you'd expect out of a character from one of Bronte sisters' novels – soft and musical, like singing. "Is everything okay?" she asked, once inside.
In the kitchen lighting, I could see her features better – very delicate make-up: there was lipstick but barely noticeable to only add accent to her thin lips, and some light pale-blue eye shadow. She seemed naturally blonde; gorgeous shoulder-length curly hair and a pair of expressive blue eyes. A very dainty nose, too, just slightly upturned at the tip. She was quite tall and, although she was wearing the coat, it was quite well-busted, so to speak. All in all, a real stunner.
For now, though, I needed to know one thing. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to—" I took a breath. "How old are you?"
She smiled, completely unabashed and answered in the same melodious tone, "Oh, I am legal."
This immediately changed the atmosphere, pushing what she was here to the fore, eroticising the air.
"Yeah, she's 18." Hollie confirmed walking around me to face me, standing next to Jessica. "We thought you'd ask. She turned 18 last week." I remained unconvinced. Jessica's hand dug into one of her jacket pockets and drew out a document and passed it on to me. "Here."
It was her passport. I felt like a policeman, but it seemed she did understand and was unperturbed by this. There was her photo there and her date of birth alright. It was definitely 18 years before and 16 May. It was 23 today. "Well, that settles it." I was satisfied and handed the document back to her. "I apologise."
"It's alright." Where's the bedroom?" The straightforwardness was compelling. It crossed my mind finally that this was a proper teen; another of my fantasies to be realised.
"There," I pointed in the bedroom's direction. Jessica and Hollie undid the buttons on their identical coats. They fell to the ground.
They were both wearing nothing but just three items: black lacy bras, thin (almost transparent) black panties and the high heels. Jessica's bust came into view – I drew my breath in at the sight of cleavage. These were an impressive pair of tits! – stretching the bra material, it was the top end of D, but more likely cup E. Oh wow. She was all tanned, and essentially looked like the cutest supermodel imaginable.
The ass was even better – two perfectly round, enticing, tight cheeks made just to stop me in my tracks, it seemed.
"Darling," Hollie grinned at her, "seems to me he likes you."
"He does, doesn't he?" That lyrical voice again, but this time unquestionably seductive, too. She took two confident steps towards me. She located the buttons on my shirt and, looking intensely into my eyes, began to unbutton it. She took her time, just watching me coquettishly, never breaking the eye contact. Then, eventually, after the tension built up to an almost unendurable levels, she flung the shirt to the floor. "Shall we?"
I gasped. This one knew exactly how to work a man.
Once in the bedroom, she turned to me again. "Sit in the chair and watch. I'll tell you when you can join." She was so confident that it could have as well be her own house! No matter. If watching some lesbian action in the bedroom was to be part of the deal this morning, I had no complaints there at all!
They wasted no time and kicked off their shoes and climbed onto the large bed. My chair was at the wall on the side of the bed, and they sat with their profiles to me – a perfect viewing position.
On their knees, they simply ignored me, looking deeply into each other's eyes. From the get-go, it was obvious they had a penchant (and more!) for each other. They begun with soft but passionate kisses for the first few seconds, but Hollie's attention was soon on Jessica's breasts. She slipped her hand down to her pants and found her pussy through the material. Jessica flung her head back, reacting to the first touch, a gorgeous feminine expression of pleasure. Hollie was now focusing on her cleavage: first almost fairy kisses, but the next second cupping her breasts, pulling her closer and pulling some of the flesh into her mouth. More kissing followed – and Hollie's hips began to spin seductively against Jessica's. The heat was rising quick and I was getting affected – the cock was beginning to rise already.
Jessica's bra was pulled down first and the tits exposed. She had a pair of delightful tits – tanned just like the rest of her body, with just a small brownish areola bands around them. Young, taut and bulbous, they doubled my turn-on levels in a split second. I gasped quietly in admiration. Hollie was just beginning to feast on them: grabbed the left one with her hand and closed her lips around her lips. The first amazing moan came from Jessica's lips; Hollie moved over to the other breast, then, squeezing the globes and pushing them forwards into her lips, she kept on sucking, her tongue washing over them.
Soon they switched and Jessica unclasped Hollie's bra. Sticking out her wet tongue, she sucked Hollie's left tit first. It was clear to see how turned on Hollie was for her – who wouldn't – and it was a delight to see that, past the arousal I sensed already. She pushed her breast up for Jessica to suck on and she flicked her tongue several times against it.
I stirred in my chair; the cock was hardening and pressing against the trousers. They kissed passionately; Hollie traced a route down her neck with kisses – a superbly passionate moment. Then, rather hurriedly, kissed her way down to her abdomen to focus her palm on her pussy, still under her panties. I was aching to see that young teen pussy for the first time.
I was certainly not disappointed when the panties came off – fully shaven, folds tightly closing in on each other, pink and inviting. Hollie kissed around it first, tantalisingly, then, when Jessica was lying down, completely horizontal, crawled over her for more passionate kissing, now repeatedly with tongues darting in and out. The lesbian action was stunning – dazzlingly hot, and really steamy in a very passionate way. Those two loved each other.
Hollie rose and sat at Jessica's feet to take off her pants. Jessica lifted herself and supporting herself on her elbows looked at her, spellbound, in anticipation. I was about to witness in reality one of my fantasies: Hollie pressed herself against Jessica's groin and the tribbing began. Instantly, Hollie moaned, and Jessica watch their pussies being rubbed, the heat mounting inside her. Her lips parted and her eye expression deepened, a combination of being touched and aroused at the same time. She grabbed Hollie's tit as they were both getting into the rhythm and moaning louder and louder. It was impossible for my hand not to find the cock. This was super-hot!
To intensify the pleasure, Hollie pulled Jessica's leg up; and their kept going, now looking intensely at one another. Jessica looked down at their pussies, parting her lips and licking them. "Oh yeah-" she let out. Wobbling and beginning to thrash on the bed together, it was beginning to properly get to them; Hollie pressed herself against Jessica's leg, hugging it against her breasts and dug her fingernails in her thigh. She rolled her eyes as the thrill was buzzing around her. Jessica squealed and when the sexy teen cheeped, "Ha- ha- ah-", she held her leg tighter and pushed her groin against her more rhythmically, thrusting, pussy meeting pussy in regular luscious intervals.
It was quite simply an incredible few minutes of one of most stupendous love making I've seen. Trickles of sweat ran down my chest – I got properly physical hot from watching those two at each other.
Hollie had to go for a passionate kiss eventually. Bending over, she smother Jessica with fervid kisses, their tits rubbing against each other, their bodies intermingling.
In a short break just now, Jessica turned to me, smiling devilishly and mouthed, "Now". I was instantly on the bed at their feet. Who the hell would wait a single second?
Hollie rose up and I pulled her against my body. I found her full, elastic tits and cupped them in my palms, breathing hard against her neck. She raised her right arm and wrapped it around the back of my neck. I kissed and licked her neck, a bit salty in taste, and she panted, tossing her head back. Her exposed tits were too much for Jessica to take and she was kissing one already. Shit, and it was only just starting!
Hollie's body went into an "S" shape, her head to the front and her ass massaging my cock through the trousers material. She gasped with pleasure – I found her earlobe to nibble on. The teenage girl rose up to her feet and the two of us trapped her in between us. She leaned over Hollie's shoulder and kissed me – the first kiss, and straight away hot, passionate and decisive. Fucking, fucking hot mouth and lips – instantly pulled my lower lip into hers.
Hollie grabbed her butt and squeezed it while she kept on kissing me and, in the short breaks, watching me with such wantonly lust in her eyes that all that remained was to break the tension with more French kissing. We both found Hollie's pussy with our fingers too; trapped between us, she moaned muffled sounds into Jessica's breast, licking and squeezing.
She turned rapidly, eager to break the tension. She found me and went for a series of impassioned, fiery kisses, pulling me totally into them. I wanted her tits though and feasting on the babies already – squeezing them in my hands and sucking hard. At that very second, our young visitor was getting her tongue onto her clit and around her asshole from her behind – I agree, that ass is too much of a turn on to ignore!
Heavy breathing and panting permeated the room. I pushed Hollie down onto the mattress – her legs got pushed up to run behind her head; with her tasty bald pussy exposed, I stuck my face in it. She would've moaned loudly, but Jessica leaned in to kiss her, bending over her. I put my tongue into a fast flicking motion, instantly collecting her juices, getting her to groan into Jessica's lips.
This was quickly spiralling into no-abandon morning.
I grunted in satisfaction against her pussy, continuing to bury my face in it for the next few seconds, but soon changing to running a series of long flat-tongue licks from the bottom up her entire groin area. She kept sharply drawing in air.
Jessica headed over to where I was, and watched me eat her friend out before placing several kisses on my neck. It was beyond belief that I would have the attention of this sexy, charged-up 18 year old! Hollie's voice was fast turning into grunts and broken-up shouts as I was feasting on her; she kept rising on her elbows and looking down her body towards me, mouth agape, wheezing now. Jessica's lips found her right tit and sucked hard on her nipple – a strong suction of pursed lips, stretching the nipple hard into her mouth. "Oh my God!" Hollie moaned. This double, relentless attention from the both of us was producing proper effects – her eyes getting that pained, sex-consumed expression. I groaned right into her cunt darting my tongue inside her now. She tasted so good! She dropped back on the mattress, defeated, spreading her arms wide behind her.
Jessica moved back over towards me to watch her friend being devoured. "Oh yeah!" the melodious voice was now filled with lust. Hollie was in our power now, thrashing and squirming, and groaning. Her head flew back and crushed into the mattress – she arched her back pushing her tits up into a voluptuous bend. She was now now just writhing and moaning, her body was beginning to convulse.
We all knew where this was going.
Her panting now erratic and wheezing, she yanked herself up towards Jessica. "Oh yes, yes, yes!" Her squeals were eased up by Jessica leaning over her and kissing her passionately; I wrapped my strong arms around her thighs, lifting her pelvis – and pussy – to my lips. The next few insistent licks did it – and when she contracted, almost shrunk in herself, we knew the next moment her release would come.
It came in twists and turns, her body spasming and unravelling like letting a spring stretch; she puffed out with a sigh of a moan, and it felt her pussy got even hotter and wetter somehow.
She wasn't given much time to recover, though. Jessica – Jess I'll call her from now on, after all, we were pretty intimate together – eyed me with wide open longing pupils and, envious of her older friend, turned around and got on her knees. Supporting herself on her elbows and looking back over her shoulder, she spread her young smooth thighs, putting her twat and asshole right in front of me.
Oh wow. I could finally appreciate her. The juices were visibly oozing out of her. When I spread her voluptuous cheeks wide open, the holes gaped wider. Her strong musky scent hit my nostrils from this distance and I dived right onto her pussy with no further ado.
Oh WOW! The scent was musky but she tasted even better – a metallic kind of drugging taste, and was so perfectly smooth that it was like gliding on nice across her. I wrapped my arms around her thighs to keep this wondrous ass in place and attached my lips to it. She gave the first moans in response. I curled up my tongue and darted in – urging the juices to come to me; her insides pressed against me with delightful tightness.
She twisted her body now, lying sideway with her head facing up. Hollie was recovering quickly and was ready for me: facing away from me, she straddled Jess's face. "Oh my God," she whispered at the first flick's of Jess's tongue against her clit, and gathered her tits in her hands. She leaned forward, moaning, her tits dangling downwards like a pair of udders. Those loins were still on fire from just a minute before, so she almost instantly began gyrating her hips. I shot a look above Jess to admire her large tight butt – what a view!
Jess was doing a good job, clearly, working her clit, but I was doing a better one, pushing my tongue in deeper and deeper and teasing her young sensitive clit and was fast succumbing to sensations. Hollie climbed off her and lied behind her. With a loud squeak, Jess shifted to lie on her tummy; I never broke contact with her snatch, holding her tight, attached to her like a leech. Hollie leaned over to lick around her asshole, the licks immediately growing in intensity to quick wide tongue movements. Feasted on by the both of us, Jess ground her face into the sheets and dug her fingernails into the mattress, groaning loudly. We continued the relentless party upon her, and her grunts were turning into siren wails. Hollie reached over to rake her hand through her hair. Her pussy juices were drugging, flowing obediently onto my tongue, wettening my face and I was now pushing a inch further in, stretching her wider – that's when the shouts started. It wasn't "helped" that Hollie's tongue was going crazy around her butthole!
Hollie moved over, though, to kiss Jess on her shoulderblades and find her tits grazing against sheets, their nipples all nice and hard by now. These E cups was fleshy and squeezable and a joy to work. I couldn't wait for my turn at that! Hollie turned back towards me and squeezed and wiggled her ass. Her udder-like tits, rubbing against Jess's back were looking incredible. I kept my tongue firmly attached to Jess's twat, though; it was a show of power, too, she was trying to crawl away almost (although there was nowhere to crawl or you'd fall off the bed), just out of the sheer overwhelm of pleasure. Hollie went back over to her to kiss her passionately, lying over her, containing her squirming, titillating body.
She left her when it was beginning to look that the relentless and ruthless hold I had on her pussy was leading to her cumming. The wailing has come back, but now wilder and more helpless. To help expedite the eruption, Hollie can back over to her ass. On her elbows with her hands in fists, clutching on the bedsheets, the slutty teen was now panting heavily, soon howling like a wounded animal. Her flesh under my fingers was now damp, dripping and I was not just darting my tongue inside her filthy like fuckhole but also tugging hard on her pussy folds.

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