Power Play Pt. 11

tagGroup SexPower Play Pt. 11

Hollie sprang to action now, having been deprived of cock. Demandingly, she shifted Jess aside and placed my throbbing hardness inside her, in reverse cowgirl position. Shit, she was dripping wet by now – the multiple orgasms were making them wetter, hornier and more and more desperate. Hollie leaned back a bit once riding supporting herself on stretched hands against the mattress. The angle here was perfect and hitting her G-spot was a breeze. Her large ripe tits spilled wide in this position. Impaling herself, she moaned, "Oh my God!" and bucking her hips, stuck her tongue out and licked them. Jess was ready for her and leaned in to kiss her, quite frantically, cupping her face and smothering her with a multitude of tiny kisses covering the wailing face.
Like a mechanised crane, my hips were pushing that dick up her pussy in a disciplined, systematic way, ruthlessly delivering harsh sensations. In this position, the cock action was exposed directly to being viewed by Jess and all it took for Hollie was to just look down her body, past her jiggling tits, to see the dick invading her dripping wet pussy. Jess abandoned kissing her, immediately releasing a series of spasmatic gasps out of Hollie, and lowered her hand to rub her clit. Twirling her tongue around her parted lips, she was rough on clit, tracing lines up and down the folds again and again. "Oh yes-" Hollie grunted watching the show taking place on her own body.
As I continued screwing her beginning to lose to rhythm feeling the fever build in my loins and balls, Jess shut up the whimpering blonde with more kisses, synchronising darting her tongue into her mouth with continued finger action on her clit. The balls were slapping hard against her skin and the helpless poor bitch was getting overwhelmed. Jess took a renewed interest in her nether regions, addicted to combining rubbing her with the cock drilling action. Left unkissed, Hollie growled out a cry-like shriek tossing her head to the back, arching her body and sending her voluptuous tits forward.
"OH MY GAWWWD!!" she yelped. Her eyes kept fluttering, pupils rolling around and her expression resembling being in pain, but really, the surges of ecstasy were just tearing her up from the inside. Jess, with her salivating tongue stuck out, now applied quite brutal pressure to her clit – moving all her fingers across; no mercy for the wicked. I didn't see that much outside of her sexy back and my dick vanishing between her tight vibrating ass cheeks, but suffice to say, the heart was pounding in my chest and shivers were flying across my spine.
To all of this, Jess now added her tongue now sucking Hollie's left tit. "Yeah, bitch," I growled from down below, "beg for more!"
"More, please!" she whimpered, her tone high-pitched, obediently responding to her master. She arched her back again, now pushing the tit right up into Jess's wanton, drooling mouth, the swollen nipple readily sucked hard and tugged on. This was absolutely fucking incredible! Panting erratically like mad, "Yes, yes, please, yes!" Hollie squeezed her other tit and overwhelmed watched Jess descend towards her pussy again with a frightened, little girl kind of look.
Eventually, the dick ramming in and Jess's fingers rubbing and pinching, the orgasm came and wheezing and whimpering she collapsed in a spent heap off me onto the bed.
But I was most certainly not done with them yet. Not even close! I knelt, and pulled her back by her legs me. On her back, she was watching me with her eyes bloodshot and pupils almost black as I was pushing her legs high up, exposing that pussy to me again. "Hold them up!" I growled, and she obeyed: wrapped her hands around her spread-out legs, holding them high and in place. I was feral and barked at Jess, "What are you waiting for?" She was there next to Hollie soon in precisely the same position – legs spread and up and immobilised in the air.
Their pussies and assholes were now presented to me totally openly for my inspection. I slipped into the freshly-fucked Hollie first – one of her hands moved down to harshly rub her pussy, but I wanted to screw Jess too much and seconds later was cramming it inside her dripping wet young cunt. She panted through pursed lips. I rested my hands on her thigh for good position and kept forcing myself into the heat. One of her hands was already down there, playing with her clit and she lifted her head to stare at me, drooling through her parted lips. That hand of hers on her clit was moving fast! – and she soon crashed her head back on the mattress, screaming.
Some more fucking of the bitch and then back to the first one. It was going through the pussy like through melted heat-radiating butter. Jess kept working on her clit, her fingers oscillating against it. Hollie, on the other hand, had her fingers moving around hers in circles – I was delivering my stabs fast and in frenzy – I think she was begging for something, but among all the screwing, I didn't care; just kept ramming. They were both shouting without abandon now, but Hollie was now making larger and larger circles against her clit and the dick being ever more forceful, eventually, she collapsed back on the mattress, her mouth gaping and head tossed back. This pushed her tits upwards – in brutal spree of ecstasy, I grabbed them hard, squeezing their nipples, like a savage, used them push her body down onto my raging dick.
The bitch was defenseless now – and the beast in me was out in full force. She looked back at me, ignoring the screams from Jess to her left, when I stopped drilling her for a few seconds and replaced her hand over her clit (right next to the cock sunk in her) and began massaging it. My power was growing and next my hand wrapped itself round her throat – she began wailing helplessly. Tried to get up but couldn't and just thrashed back on the sheets. Shrieking, she managed to crawl up to Jess for a wanton kiss.
Back to the other gal. The dick slipped so easily into them now. This time, a couple of pushes into Jess and she was shouting: "Yes, yes, yes!" in that melodious evesong-like voice. While I was pumping her, fighting those hot insides of her crashing around me, forcing them aside, she reached for Hollie's clit to rub it, vigorously twitching her fingers around it. Hollie was moaning, but the sounds now coming from Jess were deeper, morphing into guttural. She was looking up straight into my eyes, her mouth gaping in seeming fascination as the cock kept drilling in with ruthless predictability. To her right, Hollie – whose clit was equally brutally finger-assaulted – was howling into the sheets. Sometimes a moment of almost ominous silence would come in between their shrieks, moans and whimpers, and only the sounds of my balls slapping against Jess's skin could be heard – like silence before storm. The storm was the heightened ecstatic shouts and groans.
The wolf after his prey that I've been reduced to needed more and to the relentless screwing, I added a hand, mercilessly descending of her raw sensitive clit. Scrubbed rather viciously, she reacted with a scream of arousal – she was clearly taken by surprise. Hollie's face was right near her and she wrapped her arm around her – two bi lovers succumbing to the power of man. I lodged my pulsating cock deep inside her and focused on rubbing her more. She was fast succumbing to arousal. When I resumed ramming her – this time the cock moving faster, harder and with even more of a bite, she gave us a shouting concert; she was getting now not just dripping wet, but drenched wet; keeping on cramming into her, I leaned over for greater friction until I was looking down directly at her from a few inches above her face. Kissed her, sticking my tongue in her mouth. She wrapped her legs now against the small of my back. The thrusts into her raging flowing heat were now small, but amazingly frictional. The slut was about come in a few seconds – I grabbed her tits in a show of power control and placed my palm over her face when she began convulsing. She bit on my fingers in the effort of contain shouting.
I left the wanton slut shouting, shrieking and tossing about, cumming, switching to drill Hollie for a just enough time that Jessie needed to recover. The voluptuous bitch did not need that much time, probably just a minute or so. Growling, spitting on the sheets, she was already rolling over and getting up – now on all fours, she was just spreading her thighs for me, presenting her hot ass for me. Supporting herself on her palms on the bed, her dripping wet pussy needed to now be fucked from behind. Hollie sucked my throbbing dick for just a few seconds giving the teen a bit more time to get ready. With Jessie's spit dripping off my manhood, with no further ado, I slipped easily into the ever-pulsating young teen flesh, immediately greeted with a shout.
The animal inside me was all the time there – I pressed my hands forcibly on her ass, just watching my own iron-hot rod drill in and out. The surges of pleasure easily rocked my brain with every thrust. What a fucking hot dirty bitch that one was!
Hollie had an idea, though, to spice things further up! She straddled Jessie's back, facing me and sitting between Jessie's head and her ass. placing her own hands on her ass, squeezing them, joining my own hands there. Moaning, she now started pushing her friend's ass – harshly! – right onto my fucktool. I barely had to move my hips anymore!, and Jessie was instantly reduced to a helpless whore, grinding her flushed, red face into the sheets, whimpering and grovelling. Her entire body was pushed onto mine – moving up and down – as Hollie was impaling her ass directly onto me; man, the exercise of power over that small, sexy body was so drugging! Hollie was working methodically and ruthlessly, looking down at Jessie's ass and my hard cock with pure satisfaction in her eyes, completely ignoring Jess's growls and shouts behind her back. She spat down on my dick now, too, adding to the sauce of it all! Finally, unable to take it all, I found Hollie's clit and rubbed vigorously as in gratitude for what she was doing; she reacted by the pushing Jesse harder on me. Both of them now shouting – on a border of pleasure and pain – I pulled Hollie into a passionate kiss just before we heard "Holy FUCKING SHIT!!" tear out of Jesse before a set of convulsions rumbled through her body, again.
Ruthlessly, I pulled her up towards me into a vertical position, her back towards me, Hollie climbing off her and now in front of her. Shaking uncontrollably already, she was nonetheless trapped between us, getting her young firm tits sucked on my Hollie and her pussy rammed into repeatedly by myself. I leaned back a bit and, just wanting to screw her – hard and aggressively – I placed my hands on her shoulders and with my balls slapping loudly against her, began the fuck-fest now. She would've yelled but Hollie's tongue in her mouth gagged her. The poor bitch was sweaty, exhausted and used, completely in our power. She whimpered her "yes, yes, YES" now constantly. Hollie let her moan and shout now, her hand over her raw clit now, and I was simply using her pussy for my pleasure, tearing through her without abandon. The bitch loved it and she showed it by just yelling "more, MORE!" She collapsed onto the bed in front of me again, her lips parted; I grabbed the back of her neck with my hand, keeping piling it into her. She would've crawled away, but she was kept in place by Hollie, so just wheezing and gasping, she only begged to be filled more. "Lick me bitch!" the order now came from Hollie, who spread her legs for her. Obediently, Jesse immediately did while I wrapped my hand around her thigh and found her clit, adding the rubbing to the fucking.
In the midst of the mayhem, the growling, the gasping and wet sounds of fucking, Hollie, wide-eyed, squirming and thrashing, asked – shouted out really – something that was at the back of my mind for some time now, really, bringing that thought to the surface all of a sudden:
"Which one of us you want to cum in?!"
Suddenly, I stopped moving, leaving only Jessie continue licking Hollie. "Her," I pointed to Jessie's ass.
"Oh you bastard!" shrieked Hollie, clearly in jest, faking jealousy.
Jessie, already quite spent, exhausted and overwhelmed, was put on her back. She was panting heavily, her eyes wide open, almost looking anxious, but wanton. "You are wanted. Spread them!" Hollie ordered her, crawling up to her to kiss her as I was putting my dick into her again. "One hand on the pussy, the other one in mine." Jessie obeyed; fucked already, she rubbed her clit hard with her left hand and got the other one held firmly by Hollie – this only left her to succumb to the sensations. She knew, though, that this time it was about me getting what I wanted – a release.
I looked directly into her eyes, focusing entirely on my cock: moving in hard, rhythmically, with every thrust getting me closer to my own orgasm. She was a receptacle, a means to an end now. Her shrieks only served to move me closer to my goal. I pulled her right leg up, able to get in deeper.
Finally, I went over the edge; then, with a roar, a lion's growl, I shot the load into her and blackness surrounded me; my body went on fire. I probably shouted "FUCK!!" or something, but all I know that I collapsed on that young filthy body next, spent, satisfied and sweaty.

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