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tagGroup SexPower Play Pt. 23

Katie, no longer Lena, slid down off the table and sat in the teacher's chair, no longer role-playing anything, returning to her former self. "That was so fucking hot!"
"We should've done that ages ago," I said, leaning over the table from the other side of it to kiss her.
"Yup." She sighed deeply with delight.
A knock on the door startled us, but probably more me than her. "Can I come in?" came from the other side.
"Come on in, Hollie."
Hollie walked in, woefully overdressed by comparison to us — a buttoned-up short sleeved white shirt, a pair of black trousers and high-heeled shoes. "I was waiting until you guys have finished." She cast an amused look towards Katie. "You look like you enjoyed yourself," she addressed her.
"The man is a fucking genius." She laughed at her own words. "I'll rest here for a few minutes. You need him?"
Hollie nodded. "Yeah. Jill and Ron have just finished. Your girlfriend—" she spoke to me, "is just lying there panting, in bliss. He's gone now." I looked at her quizzically, and she hastened to explain, "She now has the last part of the programme to do." Her eyebrows went up and she shook her head as though she had just said something particularly momentous. I frowned. "Get dressed and I'll tell you on the way down."
I was shortly walking downstairs with her to the ground floor, dressed in the very same clothes I wore when Katie and I had been starting. The last part of Jill's interview was to be harsh, an ultimate test of how whorish she could be for the clients. She told me what it was to be. I froze for a second hearing of what she had in mind and had organised to happen in about 20 minutes' time. I was to be involved in that. "Now, please understand." She stopped on the stairs and spoke seriously. "If you have any doubts about that last part — if you don't want to be there –" she looked me straight in the eye, examining my expression, "—because you have feelings for her— just tell me now."
I hesitated. Mostly because of how intently she was looking at me.
"Are you sure you want to be there? Can you do it? Some people wouldn't."
I pictured Jill in action again. "Oh, I sure as hell do. There's no problem. I want to fuck her and be there with her."
"Remember, though—" she kept her stare, "you're a part of the interview; so no hesitation! No mercy!"
"You got it."
By the time we got to the room where Jill still was, Hollie looked quite reassured. I was not putting her own — I really did not perceive any issues with my commitment to my part in the interview. I loved Jill without any shred of a doubt, but it did involve drilling and screwing her, and getting her to submit and grovel. She wanted to be used.
We entered her room. "Well love!" Hollie shouted. "Next part done! Now for the last part!"
Jill, blushed, but didn't even remove her hand from her clit, which she was rubbing lightly; now a completely liberated young woman.
Hollie sat next to her on the sofa. I leaned against the wall of this gorgeously decorated room. "We'll be starting in about twenty-five minutes from now," Hollie informed her, looking intently at her. "Now, dear," she touched her forearm, encouraging her to look at her. Her voice was more serious and not playful at all and this did get Jill's attention.
"The last part is—not quite for everyone. So I need you to understand some things, alright?" There was almost a shade of a warning in her voice. Jill frowned with a tiny evidence of anxiety in her eyes.
Hollie went on, "You will meet two men downstairs in our swimming pool room." Jill smiled broadly, a radiant smile with two sets of her white teeth shining. "One of them will be Stuart here; the other you don't know." Jill shifted her ass and jiggled her tits excitedly. "Now — you will do anything they want to do to you and you will offer not an iota of resistance."
She paused, making a pause significant enough for Jill's smile to vanish into a serious look. "No resistance," she repeated.
"None whatsoever." Hollie was looking deep into her eyes, like a mother warning a daughter of the gravity of things before her final school exam. "They will not be gentle with you. You will be their toy for playing. Do you understand?" she asked the question slowly, marking each of the words separately.
"Yes. I understand."
"Expect to be assaulted and have all of your holes ready," Hollie didn't mince her words. "In short, to be successful now, you need to be a whore." She paused again, I thought this time for theatrical effect — Jill certainly looked ready and not particularly perturbed, particularly on hearing the word "whore", which brought back the smile on her face. "If they want to slap you, you let them; they finish when they want to finish; you are their desires object, understood?"
"Yes!" Jill was positively beaming, and if Hollie had hoped to instil some cautiousness into her, it didn't work. I watched her from across the room and wondered if all that religious repression now turned her into a total harlot — a counter-reaction. Perhaps. Not that I would complain. In earnest, I did not think she could possibly imagine how hard the sex was going to be, but I did know she would not only take it, but enjoy it. She was a bitch.
"Alright. Get a drink, maybe visit the loo if you need to. Then come downstairs to the swimming pool room. That's 02A. You don't need any clothes. The hotel is empty now, so you can walk the corridors and downstairs naked."
"Alright then!" She was beaming and winked at me before myself and Hollie left to get ready downstairs later. "See you then!"
"Jill," Hollie feigned reproach on the way out, "do wash that cum off your chin?"
* * *
The man who we'd form the threesome with was called James. He was waiting in Katie and Hollie's office downstairs now. He was a relatively tall, I'd say about 6-feet, well-built muscular man, dressed simply in a black t-shirt and a pair of jeans. His shoes, just a pair of white trainers, were off his feet on the floor here. I shook mine off as well and extended my arm to him.
He had a friendly smile. There was no reason to talk about anything but Jill — I had been instructed by Hollie on the way here that there was to be no talking about anything else with the guy. "She hot?" he asked me. I thought it was a funny way to initiate a conversation.
"You bet. Red hot," I assured him. I thought it somehow weird this guy would soon be fucking Jill alongside me; a reflection that never occurred to me again that night at all — once we got busy with her, there would be no time for thinking. "She's been fucking for four hours already tonight," I added.
"Whoa," he murmured.
The door half-opened and Hollie peeked in. "She's ready."
Room 02A was just a few steps away in a long corridor near the office. I opened the door.
The space in this whitewashed room here was enormous. The pool with its aquamarine water was just to the right of the door, running along the wall, but I knew we wouldn't be using it. The room was simply large enough for our other activities. The other space, easily 30×30 feet was mostly empty, the floor covered with a white soft shaggy rug. In the middle, between the door and the series of windows and glass sliding doors at the back of the room (with a terrace outside, now completely covered in darkness) was a white leather-upholstered L-shaped low sofa. Behind that sofa stood our girl, stark naked, of course.
James whistled quietly, appreciating the view. "Real hot," he said, almost inaudibly and certainly quiet enough for her not to hear him. She had a longing and innocent look, standing and looking directly at us. Her arms were spread wide, a position clearly designed to invite us to partake in her body.
Hollie snuck into the room behind us and must've sat on some chair somewhere in there to watch the action to check Jill's performance, but I didn't notice where she actually was. I didn't care, either.
We took the few quick steps towards her. Nobody talked; there was to be no prelude. James stood next to her on her left and I on her left. For just a split second we checked out her sexy body, gliding our eyes over her face, tits, pussy and legs. Then it began.
There was no prelude. James kissed her passionately and I went lowered my heck down to suck hard on her tit, wrapping my hand around it. Immediately, I reached down for her pussy, vigorously rubbing the clit with an open hand. She was moaning — the insistence of James's tongue and the demanding nature of my fingers were making her understand fast how she'd be treated. I turned her around to face me now for my turn of hard French kissing, trapping her moans; James dropped to his knees licking around asshole already, which she stretched wider for him by spreading her butt cheeks. I tugged her tits and elevated the kissing to animalistic primal assault on her mouth, grabbing her head in my hands and making her growl. When I released her from that, she was wheezing through gritted teeth, bent downwards slightly with feral interest in my cock. I helped her get the hard-on out from inside my trousers (no pants, of course).
She stuck her pink tongue out and I slapped the throbbing manhood against it. She ran its length deep into her mouth at a moment's notice, deep-throating me like an unspent savage all the while being tongued by James at her rear. I managed to take off my shirt, but the instant sensations around my dick and the sheer sight of her between the two of us did slow me down somewhat. It occurred to me she was overdoing it when she essentially gagged herself on the dick after mere seconds over it. Already having some cum in her mouth, she gargled it around in her mouth and spat like a pro back on the dick. I used this interval to slip the trousers more off my legs. Growling sounds of satisfaction, she clearly became more aware of James's face now fully nestled in between her cheeks and his ever more insistent tongue. He stuck it out poking her asshole with it, but her growls were soon muffled again when she started sucking me off again.
I grabbed a tuft of her hair, but felt the position should be better, and the trousers were not fully off my legs yet. I sat down on the sofa to take these off. Already unbelievably horny, clearly loving having the attentions of two men, she rose up a bit and stretched her ass-cheeks for James to view as much as she could. Hastily, I pushed the trousers all the way off my legs; her eyes were two embers, glowing with fire. Even more hastily, I rose to stand on the low sofa. She took the dick into her mouth in a blink of an eye. Collecting her hair into a fist, I flung my hard cock into her wide-open wanton mouth, easily deepthroating her, hitting the narrow back of her throat repeatedly. Head was the receptacle, and the dick a drill bit, boring in. My balls were flying through the air at ease. The head, held in place with two strong hands, was obedient. Frantically, I was diving it in; she might have been a woman before; now, she was just a source of her master's pleasure. Soon, cum was dripping out of her mouth, wetting the floor. I grabbed the cock with one hand and moved it around the inside of her mouth, bulging her cheeks out, before returning the hand to her head, a silent sign for her to continue sucking hard.
James rose to his feet behind her ass. He'd just undone his fly and his pink veiny cock slipped out to the outside. Looking at her ass, which she kept stretching wide with her hands, he took off his shirt, revealing a muscular body, his chest covered in several star-shaped tattoos. Jill, her mouth stuffed with my hardon, gurgling with each of my thrusts, had no idea what he was doing at her rear. I grabbed her head now, forcing the dick into her, using her mouth, and what fucking hot pleasure this was!
James undid the zip of his trousers, getting his sizeable throbbing cock wide in the open. It was a serious piece of machinery. "Spread it wide!" he barked, his voice commanding, and she knew what he wanted. She growled, clearly sensing his dick pressing against her asshole, and squeezed her right ass-cheek hard opening her cavity for him.
He entered her confidently. I wished I was able to see that dick up her ass properly, particularly when he picked up speed and began thrusting. She gave out a wolverine howl, which only spurred him on, pushing it deeper into her. "Shut the bitch up, man!" he shrieked over her back to me, not losing the pace for a second. Already it was clear why Hollie had picked him for this last part — treating her like a whore already, and he was clearly just warming up. I listened and gagged her mouth with my rod, already dripping with cum that hitting the back of her throat inevitably produced. Already, this was outlandishly filthy, and it was only just beginning.
James stopped his movements for a moment, staying deep in her tight pulsating ass pushing it against her opening with the help of his fingers as though to widen the tunnel. Eventually, he resumed the thrusting action, now grabbing one of her arm for best angle. "Fuck my mouth! Fuck my mouth!" she demanded when my cock accidentally slipped out of her. She was certainly playing her part! Before I managed to stick it back in her hot wet mouth to fill it, though, she fell victim to a series of truly savage thrusts by James and this time yowled like a leopard. I found her greedy mouth at last; she gratefully accepted, plugged up at both ends, yelling and mumbling around the dick. Her ass was getting ravaged though by yet another series of beastly shoves, much more animalistic again. Screaming grunts followed filling the room; for a few seconds, she was on that edge of pain and pleasure where one is difficult to distinguish from the other. She was being rewilded, shouting louder, her body flaring up, her ass now meeting his thrusts; she was an animal and it was tricky keeping the cock in her mouth; grabbing her by the hair I was able to deliver a few thrusts, shutting her up for a few seconds, but next moment the whore was screaming obscenities again. He grabbed her by her tits, squeezing hard and pulling her by them onto his raging dick, focusing entirely on stabbing through her tight hole crashing around him. Raging out of control now herself, she tried to keep sucking me but just kept losing it and would howl inarticulate sounds, occasionally managing 'yeahs'. Any time there was opportunity, I'd fuck that mouth hard, always getting to the back of it, gagging her; she spat on it then, mixing cum with saliva. He slapped her ass, riding the asshole, treating her like his new mare, who would do his bidding. Whining, whistling and whimpering, our young bitch was a carnal beast caged in dripping desire.
"I want to taste your dicks!" she managed to say, her voice rough and husky.
Immediately, she knelt on the floor, letting the cum drip down from her mouth, licking some of it off waiting for the two straining hard-ons approach her face. The young romantic soul of my encounter with her earlier in the evening was gone, at least for now, replaced steaming-hot whore on fire. Fucking cute, she was horny and emboldened by the sight of the two cocks, which she was already grasping at our groins. Being fucked in her ass seemed to have rid her of any remaining inhibitions. I imagined Hollie would think the same already; she was somewhere in the room, watching.
What followed by absolute filth and nastiness from her — in the next few minutes, she would suck on our hard dicks putting one after the other into her mouth, taking particular pleasure in pushing them against her inner cheeks, moaning and groaning in satisfaction. On occasion, she'd grab them both and stick them both into her wide-stretched slut's mouth. Both me and James would grab her head and fuck her face hard, one after another, cramming it in, stuffing her up, groaning loudly and enjoying her muffled-up moans while she was running her hot tongue around us, sucking in and slurping out our cum.
It was savage and growing in audacity as we went along. I slapped her tits as she sucked on James and then spat his cum back on him. Seconds later, she was ordered to "Open!" and with frantic, rapid movements of my hips, my dick assaulted her face, deep throating her repeatedly. Each thrust was harder and went all the way to the narrowing back of her throat, my balls crashing into her cum-dripping chin.
The top moment was her taking James's length in. He didn't move — it was her who lowered her mouth onto him, taking his length all the way in until her lips were right on his groin, rumbling. I grabbed her head pushing her onto him as she sucked him hard, gagged by his throbbing tool, until she was allowed to come back for air several seconds later, drawing out streams of his cum with her.
She needed to be screwed, though. Without any ado, and without any warning, I pulled her to her feet, and myself lying on the sofa on my back, legs resting on the floor, I pulled her on top of me. Facing away from me, looking at James standing up in front of the sofa and jerking himself off, she spread her thighs wide — and my cock moved into her slurping wet snatch — I never tire of how tight and wet she is! She moaned loudly at the instantly harsh thrusts from below into her, looking down at the cock sliding with ease into her.
Her moans soon changed into unconstrained yells. "Oh shut up bitch!" James murmured and proceeded to stand next to her on the sofa, his cock levelled with her face. It clogged her face next minute, changing her yells into moans yet again while she was bouncing up and down erratically under the thrusts of my cock. She sucked him greedily before letting go and howling, clearly beginning to be broken up by the sensations.
I doubled up my efforts pushing that dick up her tight tunnel, just watching her back and her tight ass leaping in front of me. She was no longer howling, but growling like a wounded wolf. James reached down to her clit to rub hard. Her body, particularly thighs, was now twitching abruptly and she brought her legs closer together as though to contain being overwhelmed by sensations. James slapped her tits in punishment. "Bad bitch!" His voice was stern. He reopened the thighs again. "Don't even try that again!" He stuck his dick up her throat again and as he was picking up speed, he uttered a command, "Raise your hips up for him, slut!"
Somehow, while being fuck-faced hard and howling, she obeyed, meaning my out-of-control hips, moving now on purely animal-driven instincts, had more space to move; the cock hit her insides even harsher and at greater pace, balls slapping audibly against her taut skin. She was so fucking wet and so fucking tight and pulsating around me that it is beyond any words. James pulled his hard rod out of her eventually and slapped around her face with it, smearing his cum and her spit across her cheeks and chin.
"AAAAWWW FFFUUUCKKKKK!!!" Her feral yowls were the testament to the savage she was now releasing; her entire heated-up body was now ablaze, fires descending and centring on her pussy. I could stop moving now, she was now fucking herself by her frantic, wild hip movements alone. "SHIT! HOLY FUCK!!!" She kept growling, ferociously massaging her clit. She came, probably a few times, although with all the yelling echoing against the walls of the room, it was difficult to tell when exactly — only the powerful clenching of her pussy walls around me were signs enough.
But there was more to come. James knelt on the floor in front of her. I slipped out of her, and he began fucking her ass again, this time looking directly at her and her tensed-up wide-open gaping face and her tight, bouncing tits. The dick easily spread her and was ramming into her and stretching her wide in seconds. With the pussy hole unoccupied now, he could add to her intense pleasure — she was clearly climaxing again — by kneading her clit, using all of his fingers of his right hand. She was about to truly lose control; the combination of hard rubbing of her clit and being ass fucked as well as the intense no-let-up look in his face, being his slave for the fucking and me stretching her ass cheeks wide: all of this meant being back for howling and growling, the animal in her completely taking over. She was no longer human now; she was her own drive moving her limbs around, gasping, drooling through gritted teeth.

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