Practice Makes Perfect

tagIncest/TabooPractice Makes Perfect

Sasha woke up knowing this was the last year Trevor would be around the house during her husband's month long camping trip. Well it used to be three weeks, then it grew to a month and the last few years it has stretched to five weeks and a few travel days.
Sasha didn't mind the trip, she was very happy to be completely independent herself for a few weeks each year. She of course loved her step son, Trevor, but she actually liked him a lot as well. The only role she had ever played in raising him was driving him around a little before he got his license since she had married his father when he was 15, but now he was a senior in high school, almost 19 and heading off to college next year.
She made breakfast and was a bit surprised when Trevor didn't appear from his room. An hour went by and he still; no Trevor. She listened from outside his door and didn't hear anything, "Hey Trevor you OK?" She called through the door.
"Ya, I'm fine." He replied sounding annoyed.
"OK, let me know if you want anything." she said realizing she would need to explore further.
Sasha opened up her laptop and logged into a few of her fake social media accounts. She had felt guilty when she created them, but in this day and age it was the only way to know what was going on in a kids life.
Sasha was a little confused as she began sorting through some of the comments. It appeared that Trevor had been with his good friend Aaron, Aaron's girlfriend Gina and a girl Sasha hadn't ever heard of before named Morgan.
Sasha gasped when she figured out what had happened. At first she felt bad for Trevor, then she felt embarrassed for him, and then she felt a little sick for knowing. She read on. Soon she had a knuckle in her mouth, feeling so bad for her sweet Trevor as it seems like this was not the first time it had happened to him.
Trevor had cum prematurely.
Based on what she was figuring out from their snide comments he had cum really prematurely, like maybe as soon as he had gotten his hand inside her shirt. A new comment was added from another girl Sasha didn't recognize, she said he didn't make it past her kissing his neck with her.
Sasha felt so bad for Trevor, he had become so good looking in the last year, it was no surprise there were plenty of girls interested in him, but he didn't seem to be able to enjoy it.
She didn't know what to do but she understood why he was feeling annoyed and probably frustrated.
The day turned to evening and Trevor had only come out of his room for a few minutes here and there. Sasha decided to order pizza to try and lure him out for a bit.
He was quiet as he ate, Sasha just wanted to hug him and tell him not to worry about it. "So are you going out tonight?" He rarely stayed home on a Saturday night.
"Ahhh, naw, I don't think so." He replied, his mouth half full of pizza. Sasha felt bad but didn't make a thing of it.
An hour later Sasha was surprised to see headlights in the driveway. Trevor came out of his room looking much nicer than he usually did. He smelled good too, Sasha didn't even know he owned any kind of cologne let alone a nice one.
"Hey I changed my mind, I'll be back later." He said, sounding a little nervous.
"Oh ok hun, call me if you need anything." Sasha said, but she didn't think he was paying any attention.
An hour and a half later Trevor came back in the door and headed for his room without saying a word. Sasha's heart sank. She logged back on. It only took a moment to see what had happened. He had met up with Morgan again, and it sounded like he had talked a big game and then the same thing had happened.
She watched as Trevor was mocked online in real time. Her eyes started to tear up, her stepson was the butt of the joke for all these dipshit girls. Any of them would be more than lucky to have such a nice sweet boy as a boyfriend.
Sasha stared at his door, knowing he was just on the other side of it feeling horrible. She knocked, and surprisingly he said come in.
She stepped into his room, saw him lying on his bed facing away from her. "Umm is there anything you want to talk about hun?" she asked, having no idea what he might say.
"No" he said, but it didn't sound like he wanted to be left alone.
"So who did you go out with tonight?"
"A girl named Morgan, but I don't think I like her." He rolled over and faced her as he said this.
Sasha sat down at his desk chair, leaning towards him. "That's fine. I'm sure there are lots of girls." she said, trying to sound light hearted.
He just kind of grunted at that comment. "Hun, you can tell me anything, is there something on your mind?"
"No." he said, rolling away.
She paused, "Are you sure hon, I wont be mad about anything, like…" she paused again "Like ummm, if you are ummm like want to ask about anything like… physical with a girl or have questions about something like that." Sasha stopped talking wishing she had been able to be even slightly smooth about that.
He didn't move. He didn't say anything.
"Trevor? Hon?"
His voice was unexpectedly harsh. "Are you stalking my friends online? I know some people's parents do that, I thought you were cooler than that."
Sasha's heart dropped, damn she was not as smart as she thought she was.
"Oh fuck." he said burrying his head in his pillow.
"Honey, it's ok, please lets not make a big deal about this, it's not like I didn't expect you were having sex." Sasha just wanted to make him feel better.
He kept his head facing away from her. She didn't know if he was going to yell at her, or cry or what. "Ya I wish I could make it to having sex." He muttered.
Sasha was glad he wasn't looking at her, she couldn't hide her grimace. Had he never made it past some fumbling hand stuff?
"Well ok… Ummmm, maybe I could like teach you a breathing technique." She didn't like how her voice went up at the end, she didn't feel very confident.
There was a long pause. Finally he rolled over and said "OK fine."
She was shocked, he must be really desperate.
She showed him how to breath in through his nose and out of his mouth, holding his breath slightly. They did it together a few times.
"So ummm how will this help?" he asked.
Sasha didn't realize how awkward this could get. "Well ummm, maybe as you ummm you know umm start to do things, if you concentrate on your breathing it ummm might distract you and ahhhhh make things go ummm a little slower."
He nodded and took another breath like she had shown him.
The next day Sara came over to see Trevor. She was a sweet girl, not very stylish, Sasha assumed she had gotten a pair of glasses in eighth grade and just kept them since then.
Sasha retreated to her bedroom. She knew that they had some kind of relationship in the past, but she also knew Sara had never said anything mean about Trevor online.
It was only twenty minutes later when she heard the front door thud close. Sasha came out of her room. Trevor was in his room but the door was open, he had changed his clothes but was sitting at his desk chair with his head in his hands.
"Oh honey, did ummm that not go well?"
He was obviously very upset. "I don't get it, I did it like right before she got here and I still couldn't…" he trailed off. It took Sasha a minute to realize he had just told her he had also jerked off recently.
"OK so the breathing didn't help?" she asked obviously knowing the answer but wanting to fill the silence.
"I don't know, I tried I think… I don't know."
Sasha paused, she really had no idea how far to go with this, but he obviously wanted something from her. "Ummmm can I ask a personal question?" She said.
"Ya I mean at this point whatever." Trevor said.
"So ummm when you ummm like are doing it by yourself… Does it last longer then?" Sasha asked, a knot forming in her stomach.
"Ya it lasts a really long time then, I mean if I want it to."
"OK so ummmmm OK, like ummm how many girls has this happened with?" Sasha hoped she wasn't scaring him for life with this conversation.
Trevor paused and Sasha wondered if he was about to tell her to get out. "I think like seven."
Sasha's felt her eyes get wide. "Oh ok ummmm so seven times."
"Well no, seven girls, it's happened with some of them a bunch of times." Trevor looked up at her. "Oh god this is really bad isn't it?" Sasha thought he might cry.
"No, no, no, no, no this will be ok." Sasha wished she had said the word no two less times.
"Any time a girl is around at all I like can't control it." He said, exasperated.
There was a long pause, "You know, I really wanted to ask Laura to prom, and I really wanted that to ummm go well. I really like her." He told Sasha.
Sasha felt a little better moving towards more general high school crush talk. "OK so why were you going out with that Morgan girl and having Sara over?"
Trevor looked at her "I was trying to practice."
"Oh, Trevor, that is not a nice thing to do to girls. Sara is not a 'practice' girl. How do you think she would feel if she heard that."
Trevor sighed. "Ya, I get it, I'm gonna shower."
He left the room and Sasha was left having no idea if she handled that well or the worst way imaginable.
Trevor was quiet at dinner the next night. Finally Sasha asked what was wrong. She really hoped it was a new problem. "Well Laura finally asked if I was ever going to ask her to prom so I said ya, and now I'm going with her."
Sasha looked at him confused "Isn't that what you wanted?"
Trevor looked her in the eye, "Not if I'm going to make a huge ass of myself. I just can't…" he stood up and went into his room, slamming the door.
A few minutes later Sasha knocked and then let herself into his room. He was lying on the bed again. "OK let's figure out some kind of plan."
'I had a plan, but no, it's not nice so now I'm fucked."
"OK but that wasn't even working hon" Sasha was cut off.
"BUT IT MIGHT HAVE!" he snapped at her.
"OK, OK, OK… umm we will make a new plan. Ummmmm" Sasha trailed off.
"The breathing didn't work." He said, rolling back away from her.
"OK fine" Sasha said "we will do something else."
"Like what?"
"Ummmmmm ok. OK, I want to help, OK … OK" Sasha took a deep breath. "OK…" She wasn't sure she could say it, "OK I'm going to sit over there, on your bed, facing that wall, and ummm you're gonna come here at your desk… and ummm you're going to umm do it with yourself." Sasha moved over to the end of the bed.
"What are you talking about?" Trevor asked.
"You said any time a girl is around you cant control it, well I'm a girl, I'll be around, this is the new plan. We'll get this fixed."
"Are you serious?" He asked sitting up and looking at Sasha.
"Do you have a better plan?"
Trevor moved to his desk chair, he had cum in that chair hundreds of times, usually looking at his laptop screen.
Sasha twisted her body to face the nearest wall, but she was still only six feet from him. She heard his belt unbuckle and then she could tell he was getting his cock out. "Ummm are you looking at me?" she asked.
"I umm I hadn't decided, should I be?" he asked back.
She really didn't know. "Ummm well what do you usually look at?" She asked, realizing he obviously usually watched porn.
"Well ummm stuff on my computer." he answered.
"Ummmm ok do that, and let's see if me being in here ummm makes it go faster or if it's the same amount of time."
"Ummm ok but I'm ummm gonna use headphones." Trevor said, spinning his chair back to facing his laptop.
At first Sasha was glad she wouldn't also be hearing the grunting and other noises of his porn, and she wouldn't know exactly what kind of porn he prefered. She didn't realize however that all she was left with was the sound of his lubed up hand slowly sliding up and down his cock. She closed her eyes and tried to think of anything other than her step son having an erection a few feet from her. She began counting. Slowly she heard the pace pick up, she knew what that meant, she hoped he would be quiet about it.
He wasn't loud but she would never forget the grunt and then feverish stroking of Trevor having an orgasm in the same room as her.
She continued looking at the wall, she heard him pull a tissue from the box, he must be cleaning himself up, she heard the belt buckle. She turned around and saw the laptop screen, a woman close to her age was on her knees sucking the dick of a much younger male. She tried to ignore that.
"Ummm the umm computer is still umm has the stuff on it." She alerted Trevor.
"Oh god ummm sorry." He said, closing it.
"So OK." Sasha said, trying to take an even tone. "Did that take the usual amount of time?"
"Ummmm ya I mean close I guess, but ummm it was kinda the same thing I usually do… well I mean I don't always watch that kinda of… But it seemed like ummmm."
'You don't have to explain that." Sasha said. "Well ok, I think that's good." she said.
"So ummm what's the next part of the plan?" Trevor asked, cum soaked tissue still on his desk.
Sasha had not considered the next part "Ummm next?" she asked.
"Well ya, I mean I doubt Jenn wants to spend prom night staring at a wall while I jerk off."
He was right. "I'll umm come up with something tomorrow." she said.
Sasha had a lot of trouble sleeping that night. A line had definitely been crossed but Sasha tried to convince herself that it wasn't that big of a line. On the other hand how would she help him with this if without doing something that was clearly over many many lines?
She fell asleep after having decided this was just something she wasn't going to be able to help with.
Sasha was shocked when she came out of her room in the morning and Trevor was showered and dressed. He usually got up about an hour later and barely got out the door in time to make it to school.
"Can we work on something before I go to school?" He asked, sounding very intense.
"Now?" Sasha asked, "Hon, I just woke up."
"I'm gonna see Laura in second period and I know I'm gonna like freak out. If I at least knew how you were going to fix this I would feel better."
"Honey," Sasha said with a small sigh. "I don't know if I can help, like this isn't something a parent usually… " She trailed off.
"Mom please please please please help. I know it's weird but I do not know what to do and I just can't… please try …" He begged.
Sasha saw the tears forming in his eyes. Her heart broke.
"Mom, please" he begged.
"Oh god. OK. Ummmmm ok." Sasha truly had no idea what to do. "OK, why don't you tell me what you have been able to do." She couldn't believe she had said that.
"Ummmm ok, I have kissed girls, and I have touched them in some places, and ummm they sometimes touch my ummm you know"
Sasha cut him off. "OK just say the words ok hun?"
"Ummm ok, so I have touched girls umm butts, and their breasts over their shirts, and I'm usually ok if they touch my umm my dick over my pants."
Sasha was staring at the counter as she listened to his modest sexual experience. "OK so have you ever touched any woman under their clothes?"
"Yes, yes… But it usually ends really soon after that." He looked embarrassed for the first time.
"OK, what about them, have they ummm have they touched your ummm your penis with their hands at all?"
"Ya, a couple times. Carrie ummmm did it a few times before I finished." He made the jerking off motion with his hand.
"Carrie?" Sasha said surprised, Carrie was her friend's daughter, she didn't know they even spoke to each other.
"Uhhhh ya, is that ok?" He asked.
"OK yes, ummm ok let's not get sidetracked. Ok so umm have you ummm done things for these girls?"
"Ummm" he paused "I did Emily's math homework a few times."
"OK well don't cheat in school but I meant like, have you done things for them, umm sexually, like ahhhh going down on umm them." It was really early for this kind of talk, let alone with your step son.
"Ohhhhhh, yes yes, I fingered most of them and I went down on Carrie for like 20 minutes, she really liked that."
"OK that's good, I don't need to know all the details." Sasha said, her hands now out in front of her like she was trying to stop the words from getting to her ears. "OK umm how did those twenty minutes go?"
Trevor's head dropped again "I uhhh you know uhhh it happened twice."
Sasha was out of questions. There was nothing left to say. It was time to do something if this was going to go forward.
"OK Trevor, I want you to be thinking about Laura for now, ok?" She felt like she might be sick.
"OK mom." Trevor said.
"NO! You can't call me that if we are going to work on this. Laura ok?" Sasha tried to convince herself that mattered.
"OK" Trevor said a bit defensively.
Sasha turned away from him and put her hands flat on the counter. "Trevor come behind me, and put your hands on my chest." She closed her eyes and waited.
She heard him slowly walking across the room. He stopped just behind her, she could hear his breathing which had become heavier. His hand reached around her, between her body and her arm. Sasha closed her eyes tighter. His hand cupped her breast, his right hand, and then the left. He squeezed them, his body now was pressed against her, and she could feel his cock growing against her leg.
"Oh wow" Trevor mumbled as he squeezed then released and squeezed again, each time a little harder than the last.
Sasha shifted her weight, and when she did her ass moved across her step sons hard cock.
"Oh god, oh god. Oh god" Trevor said, pushing himself against her, humping her backside just a bit as he came.
Once he stopped neither Sasha or Trevor said a word. Trevor's pants were wet, and Sasha felt some of his cum on the leggings she had on.
"I think you should change so you're not late for school." Sasha said, turning away from him.
Trevor went to his room, changed and left without saying a word.
Sasha was left to think about this morning the rest of the day. She was a bit disgusted with herself, but on the other hand this was a real problem for Trevor. Being able to be intimate was important, and she was starting to think she could help. She would just need to break it down into tiny steps, get him used to things, like when he was trying to learn a new sport.
Sasha was waiting for Trevor when he got home from school. He came in the door and didn't really seem to know what to say to her. Sasha took the lead.
Sasha sat Trevor down, took his hand and looked him in the eye. "Honey I think I can help you with this but it something we can never talk about again afterwards" She paused "ae you really sure you want to do this?"
"Please mom, please, you have no idea how much I want help with this, I am begging you."
Sasha looked at him and could tell this was something that had been tormenting him for a long time.
Sasha stood and walked back over to the counter.
"OK, let's do this again." Sasha said, turning and putting her hands back on the same place they were this morning.
She felt him push himself up against her again, his waist and hips making contact with her first this time, his hands sliding up her side a little slower. Sasha was wearing a thin button down shirt with no bra. He began the same squeezing and releasing pattern, his hips pushing into her a little more this time. Sasha pushed her ass back into him.
They began an almost slow dance, grinding into each other. It lasted a minute, then a second, but not a third. Trevor grunted again, but this time Sasha kept rubbing her round ass against his pulsating cock.
Trevor began to pull away, but Sasha put her hands over his, holding them on her now hardening nipples. She didn't want to admit it, but her body was responding to this game.

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