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First time trying to write this kind of story so hopefully it isn't too cringey.

For the fourth day in a row, I woke up to an obnoxious beeping. No light spilled into the room through closed curtains. It was probably around four in the morning again. I tried to ignore the noise, to mute it with a pillow over my head and the blankets pulled up, but the noise was insistent. Muttering curses under my breath, I climbed out of bed and began my search for the damned device. Five minutes later, I found it taped to the bottom side of a dresser drawer and smashed it.
With the noise quelled, I tried to fall back asleep, hoping for at least another hour before I had to get up for work. Instead, I laid in bed seething. My older sisters were back from college on winter break, and whatever hope I held that a half a year at college might change them had been shattered early.
As far back as I could remember, the twins had enjoyed torturing me. Sometimes, in moments of depression, I imagined I had done something to deserve the mistreatment, but no one deserved that level of cruelty. Forcing me up at four in the morning was for them a minor thing compared to most of their pranks. I opened my eyes and stared up at the ceiling; the memories fueling my anger.
When I was eleven, I went through a period of bedwetting, which grew so bad my parents took me to therapy. It stopped when I woke up one night to find my sister's pulling my hand from a cup of water and sneaking from the room. My parents didn't believe me when I told them, but my sisters did at least stop.
My freshman year of high school, on the first day of school, they replaced my shampoo with Nair. It was only after it was well lathered onto my scalp that I noticed an odd smell, but it was too late by then. The short hair that had covered my head was a splotchy mess. With nothing else to do, I hurried and shaved my head with a razor, leaving my lumpy head bald and nicked. My entire freshmen year people made fun of me for that.
It was my junior year that they pushed me over the edge, to the point I could honestly say I hated them. I was the first junior in the history of our school to be asked to captain our varsity wrestling team. The day of our first meet, I was so excited I thought my heart might burst and my stomach rumbled in nervous anticipation. Except, it wasn't the nervous anticipation that moved my stomach. It was the laxatives that my sister's had slipped into my breakfast that morning. I shit myself in the middle of my second match.Many nicknames were invented that year, but the one that stuck even to this day was Daniel "the dumper" Dunn. Everyone enjoys alliteration, right?
That saying, 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' was bullshit because my senior year with my sisters away at college had been the best yet. I was even close to getting my first girlfriend. But there was the briefest moment when they first returned that I was glad to see them. I thought maybe it wasn't as bad as I remembered, maybe we could get along.
Anna had covered the toilet paper in my bathroom in itching powder that first day, which led me to spending that evening at dinner fidgeting uncontrollably and the rest of my night trying to tame that insufferable itching. The next morning I had woken up to the first of Emma's nefarious creations and every morning since.
I rolled over to look at my alarm, my blood boiling under my skin. It was 4:30 AM, still a couple hours until I had to leave. Fantasies of storming into my sister's room and destroying their things played through my mind. I knew better though, every time in the past I had retaliated it had only made things worse.
With nails digging into my palm, I rolled out of bed, put on some clothes and went for an early morning run. The air outside was cool, and small patches of ice still covered the ground in spots. My sister's would be gone again in five days and I would be going off to college in less than a year. The best thing to do was not let them get to me, I just needed to stay calm and survive. I let my mind empty as I made my way towards the nearby Park. An hour and seven miles later, I returned home feeling calm.
"Good morning, you are up early again." My dad remarked as I passed by the kitchen.
"Yea, I guess."
I didn't stop to talk, preferring instead to shower, which required a few minutes of shaking towels out to check for various powders, sniffing shampoo and ensuring the door lock was working. Mostly satisfied nothing horrible was going to happen, I turned on the shower and reveled in the warm water, trying once again to banish my demon sisters from my mind. Five more days, just five more days.
After a longer than normal shower, I got dressed in my brown khakis and a blue-white long sleeve flannel. I had twenty minutes before I needed to leave, so I went downstairs for a quick snack. Emma was at the stove cooking eggs.
"Morning half-pint, couldn't sleep?" The bitch asked, the smugness clear in her voice.
I didn't reply, heading to the fridge instead to grab a yogurt, banana and Gatorade to replenish my electrolytes after my run.
"You aren't going to have some eggs? I made extra just for you!"
"I'm late." I lied, deciding I would go now and eat in the parking lot at Walmart. There was no way I was having any poisoned eggs for breakfast.
"You have twenty minutes don't you?" My dad asked without looking up from his iPad.
"Jeffrey wanted me to come in a bit early for something." I lied again and walked from the kitchen.
"That's too bad, have a great day at work!" Emma called after me.
If I could have seen her face, I was sure it would be covered in a smug smile. I drove to work blasting Linkin Park, which had a way of calming me with its aggression. As I pulled into the parking lot, I twisted open the Gatorade and took a big gulp, thirsty after singing along. My mouth was filled with an intense salty flavor, making me gag a moment before spitting the liquid back into the bottle. I shut my eyes tight and tried to stay calm.
"Fuck!" I screamed and threw the bottle out the window, causing it to split open and spray its contents all over the parking lot.
It was an old favorite of Anna's, dyed salt water to replace my Gatorade. I still didn't know how she managed not to break the seal when she did it. My eyes wandered to the yogurt and banana. I couldn't trust them either. With a sigh, I gathered my things and then left the car. Grabbing my Gatorade trash, I made my way inside throwing it away and the probably tainted food along with it. Any of the anger I had managed to quell since that morning had returned ten times over.
Alicia greeted me as I walked in. I replied with an angry grunt. I bought a new Gatorade and a yogurt, which I had to eat quickly, not even getting to enjoy in order to make sure I could punch in on time.
Stocking shelves was mind numbing and more tiring than it should be. Exactly what I needed to distract me from five more days of this torture, five more days of relentless bullying by the twin bitches that occupied my house. And this was the last day I worked before the holidays, meaning long days at home with them. Maybe I could ask Jeffrey for more days.
"Damn Dan, you look pissed."
I looked up from my work to see Max, another senior on the wrestling team. He was a good enough guy, and after having his ass handed to him enough times, had stopped using my nickname.
"I am pissed." I said, continuing to stock the shelves.
"Aw man, it's Christmas broski. You shouldn't be pissed."
"I woke up at four again to one of my sister's little pranks, and she replaced my Gatorade with salt water."
"Damn broseph, they must really hate you. It's too bad they are so fucking hot."
I slammed a bottle of laundry detergent onto the shelf and glared at Max. Every time I complained about my sister's all I heard was how hot they were, and no one ever seemed to take the torture seriously.
"Sorry, brolin powell, but hey, they are only here a few more days right?"
"Five more days."
"That's not so bad then! If you need to escape your house, you can always come chill at mine."
"Anytime brohammed and let your sisters know the offer extends to them as well."
I threw a box of gushers at him, which he dodged as he scurried away down the aisle. A small smile did find its way onto my face, he had managed to cheer me up a small amount even if he was an ass. That was how messing with people was supposed to be. Harmless, healthy ribbing not merciless and scaring abuse. Just five more days and my life would return to its normal, average highschool level of torment.
My mind wandered to Amanda. She wasn't the prettiest or most popular girl in school, but she was far and away the kindest. In fact, of all of my classmates, Amanda was the only one that I couldn't remember ever calling me some cruel nickname. I smiled and moved down the aisle, stocking shelves as I went. Sometimes, Amanda would come by when I was working and just hang out. Jeffrey would eventually find us and yell at us, making Amanda giggle and run off like a scolded child even though she didn't even work here. I wouldn't mind being fired at all to hear her lilting giggle. Almost the entire rest of my shift, I spent daydreaming about her. I resigned myself to ask her on a date for new years.
Of course, my joy filled day dreaming wasn't to last. As I was mopping up a spill, I heard a cackle that made my hairs stand on end and my heart beat faster. It was Anna, a few aisles over and talking to Max. She was looking for me. A strange mixture of anger and terror drove me to hide in the back. It was only thirty minutes until my shift was done, with luck I could hide until then and no one would notice me missing.
Around thirty minutes later, Max came into the back.
"Bronado! Your sister left, you can stop hiding!" He shouted into the store room, aimed at nothing in particular.
My heart raced as I contemplated what to do. Could I trust Max? Had my sister corrupted him? I decided he wasn't that evil, not like my sisters.
"What did she want?" I asked, as I climbed out from behind some boxes.
Max shrugged and said, "She said she was just coming to see you."
"I don't believe that for a moment. You are sure she left?"
"I watched her leave the store." He said with a shrug. "But check it, I got her number."
I pushed past it. If he wanted to experience the devilry, that was my sister he was more than welcome to.
"Did anyone else notice I was missing?"
"Jeffery asked about you, but I covered for your stupid ass, so you owe me."
"Thanks, brovereign." I said.
"Oh, I like that one broworker, might have to borrow it."
"It's all yours, I'm gonna clock out and sprint to my car. I'll see you around."
"Have a good Christmas! And send me pics of your sister's in their cute Christmas PJs."
"Ugh, merry Christmas asshole." I said as I walked out of the room to clock out while Max chuckled behind me.
By some miracle, I made it to my car without incident. The engine rumbled to life, Linkin Park blared and a loud pop exploded from behind me. My heart sank as I stopped the car, feeling the slight lean to the body already. I got out to find the driver's side back tire flat, which was just my luck. I pulled back into my spot, which luckily had room on the side for me to put on the spare. The only problem was, when I lifted the trunk cover, my spare was missing. A car pulled up behind me and stopped.
"Hey runt, we missed you in the store. Having car troubles?" Anna asked, Emma sitting in the driver's seat beside her.
A fog of anger clouded my mind. My sister's had done this. They had popped my tire and stolen my spare. A new tire would be a hundred easily and if they didn't return the spare another hundred. Despite wrestling, I was not a violent person. Hurting people didn't make me feel good, it was the sport of wrestling I enjoyed. And yet, in that moment, I had never wanted so badly to break another human being. To rip Anna from her car and slam her into the trunk of mine, shove her head into the spot where the spare should be and demand she return it. Listen to her cry as I hurt her.
"Fuck you." I growled.
"Well, that's rude." Emma said.
"Yea, we were going to offer you a ride but if you are going to be like that then nevermind!" Anna followed up before the pair drove off laughing, leaving me stranded, seething and wishing desperately they would get into a car accident on the way home and die.
It took two hours for AAA to show up and tow my car to a local shop, which was of course closed at this hour. So I left it in the parking lot and took an Uber home. My family was eating dinner, and my mother scolded me for not picking up my phone or letting them know where I was. I ignored her, made my way to my room, locked the door and pulled a hidden bottle of whiskey out of my closet. It was a quarter full, and at that moment it seemed like not enough as I chugged the burning liquid.
Five more days was too long. Once my car was fixed I could run away, stay in a hotel for five days until they left. I chugged more. Or Max might let me stay with him. That way I wouldn't have to pay for a hotel. The problem was my parents would find out where I was and then my sister's would know, no one could know where I went. It would have to be a hotel. I carried the bottle over to my laptop and spent the next hour finding the absolute cheapest, shittiest hotel I could and booking four nights. When the bottle was empty, I laid down and waited for sleep to find me. My mind alternated between simmering rage, and a profound sadness at spending my Christmas alone in a seedy hotel, all because my sisters were creatures from hell. After some time, the alcohol caught up to me and I passed out.
When I woke up my head was throbbing and rolling over sent the world rolling as well. A horrible beeping assaulted my ears, making my head feel like it might crack. It was eight, so at least my drunken sleep had let me ignore the beeping for four hours. That almost seemed like a curse, as I crawled from my bed and fighting back nausea, searched for the latest torture device. What felt like an eternity later I found it, tapped to the back of my drapes, and smashed it. Then I laid back down where I was and tried to let the world still around me.
It was two hours later when I finally stood up, feeling quite a bit better after my extra nap. My head still throbbed lightly, and quick movements made the world grow unsteady, but it was a major improvement. I showered and then called the shop, who had my tire in stock and agreed to have it on before they closed. With my hotel room booked, all that was left was to hide in my room for the rest of the day until I picked up my car. My stomach roared in protest at the thought, I hadn't eaten dinner last night and it was now almost lunch time.
I pressed my ear to my door and listened for long moments, not hearing anything. So, I tiptoed my way downstairs and to the kitchen to find it empty. A note on the counter from my parents said they had gone to do some last minute Christmas shopping and would be back later that night. The only safe thing to eat was something I hated, that my sister's wouldn't think to sabotage, so I grabbed the box of my dad's mini wheats and scurried back upstairs. Something made me pause as I slunk by Anna's room.
There was moaning coming from behind the door, but it wasn't just Anna's voice. It was Emma's voice too. Were they masturbating together? My feet carried me hurriedly back to my room, where I dug through my closet for a device I had purchased long ago for just this reason. A small camera, on a thin bendy stick that could plug in to my phone. It was finally my chance to get some blackmail to hold over my sister's, to make them be nice to me. When I made it back to the door, the moaning was still going, broken up by my sisters speaking softly to one another. I slid the camera under the door and turned it on.
My mind was not prepared for what it was going to see. Anna and Emma were completely naked, sitting facing each other on the bed. They were both using small vibrating bullets on their neatly trimmed pussies, which were drooling creamy juices onto towels placed beneath them. Anna was giggling and playing with one of Emma's pert breasts while Anna's free hand stroked gently at her sister's thigh.
Despite who it was I was watching, my cock grew hard and an urge to stroke it filled me. My sisters were hot even if I hated to admit it and seeing them like this was beyond arousing. I toggled the camera to record and resisted the compulsion to masturbate in favor of revenge.
They continued moaning, giggling and teasing one another until Emma pushed Anna down onto the bed. She kissed her, holding her head to the bed as her knee slid between her legs and spread them. From my angle, it was hard to see as Emma licked and kissed her way down Anna's glistening body until her head was obscured by tanned thighs. Immediately Anna started moaning again, her legs closing to trap our sister between them. Emma slid one of her own hands to her raised lower body and between her legs while her other gripped firmly to Anna's thigh.
My cock strained against the fabric that contained it, and my heart raced. My sisters were performing incest, and I was watching, recording. It was arousing, and the fact that it was going to be their undoing filled me with joy.
Anna writhed under Emma's ministrations, grabbing her hair and forcing her against her pussy while her legs shook and she screamed. Emma seemed happy to continue and for long moments dragged out her twin sister's orgasm. Eventually it became too much for Anna, who pulled Emma away from her to reveal Emma's now glistening, cream covered face. They kissed, a deep passionate kiss that lasted for long seconds before the two pulled away and looked at one another with soft smiles.
Emma leaned back, pulling Anna into her and pushing her head towards her own sex. A part of me wanted to watch for longer, to record more, but I had enough for my blackmail. So I stopped the video, pulled the camera back, and uploaded a copy to my Google drive. I tested the door and to my surprise it wasn't locked. With a shit-eating grin on my face and trembling hands, I opened it and stepped inside.
"What the fuck are you doing! Get out!" Emma screamed, as Anna bolted up from between her legs, pulling thick strands of cum up with her, which snapped and coated their bodies.
"I recorded you and I am going to show mom and dad if you don't stop messing with me!"
They blinked at me for a few seconds before the pair started laughing, making my heart beat even faster. Neither made any effort to cover themselves and they did not actually seem that bothered by my intrusion, which set me on edge.
"Please, you are too much of a pussy to do that." Emma said.
Fighting back laughter Anna followed up saying, "Yea, and even if you did, we would just tell mom that you put us up to it. That you raped us!"
It felt like my heart was going to hammer free from my chest. I had imagined the conversation going so differently. Why did this always happen when I tried to stand up to them?
"Our parents won't believe you!" I shouted back, more in panic than actual belief as I closed the distance between us.
"Oh, please." Anna said, wiping away a tear from laughing so hard. "They always believe us."
"Why won't you just stop? Why do you enjoy torturing me!"
"Because you are a little bitch who has never once stood up for yourself." Emma said.
"Seriously, you've never gotten us back in all these years. No way you start now." Anna added.
My blood was boiling as I made my way to the bed, and glared at my naked willowy sisters, sitting side by side and laughing at my pain. Years of torment and their excuse was that I never fought back?

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