Predicament Ch. 02

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tagIncest/TabooPredicament Ch. 02

There was light out when Em opened his eyes. He could see sunlight streaming through the small tears in the tent, blinding his night eyes. He stretched slowly and yawned, enjoying the feel of fabric against his bare skin. Alice slept next to him, on her sleeproll, while Felt took watch.
Or well, was supposed to be at watch. Instead, Em could hear grunts and moans that were far too close to the tent. He hadn't even bothered moving away this time. Em knew that moving away for jacking off was simply done because his sister was close. But now that it was established that everyone would drink his semen, there seemed little point to continue that tradition. The water supply would be gone by today, and Em decided he'd rather get used to how semen tasted first, so as to not get surprised during travel. He got up, near naked except for his small underpants, which barely concealed his erection. For a second, he contemplated putting something on, but decided against it.
Felt sat close to the near extinguished fire, moving his hand faster and faster over his massive cock, just to finish…to find clarity again. Em had told him to finish inside a container of some sort, but he hadn't bothered following his advice.
Em sighed and grabbed a flagon from his own pack and kneeled down next to Felt. His knees felt the coarse dirt under him, but he was past caring. He did the same as before, slowly taking his friend's dick in his hand and rubbing the head. This time, he let the precum do its job. It coated over his dick, making it shine in the morning rays of sunshine. Em barely even felt the cold, it had vanished as soon as he heard Felt. Once he was about to finish, Em moved the flagon close to Felt's finishing dick and he exploded all inside it. It was difficult to maneuver, but eventually Em decided to let Felt's dick touch the walls of the flagon. There really was no point resisting. He continued stroking it slowly, watching as the flagon slowly filled. It went on for a whole two minutes before his dick turned slightly flaccid again. The flagon was nearly filled completely. Em swirled the pearly semen inside the flagon. It wasn't as thick as he thought it would be. Probably because of the large amount of water.
He closed his eyes and began drinking before he changed his mind. It wasn't half as bad as he had thought it would be. It was like soup, but slightly less dense and more metallic. In a few large gulps, he was halfway done with it, nearly ending his-
Alice turned away immediately after looking at what was happening right outside the tent.
Em found the nerve to say "Well, I might as well get used to it, now that I-"
"Not you. Did you *have* to get my brother to finish here? Right next to the tent?"
Right next to his sister, you mean. Em nearly chuckled.
Felt still sat with his trousers nowhere in sight. His dick, coated with his own precum was still erect, shockingly.
"Uhh…Alice? I think the spell has kind of advanced..?"
Alice, still not looking his way answered "Yes, it's the 6th day. He will be mostly dazed from now on. His d…manhood will remain stiff, but you must only relieve him only twice per hour, and give him plenty of water. Prepare some semen for me, I fear he'll need the remaining water," With that, she ducked inside the tent and began looking for the biscuits that constituted their breakfast.
Em sighed and began working on Felt's hard dick again. Since he was Alice's brother, she wouldn't be able to help with this. This didn't help Em any though. He was starting to feel frustrated, especially because he'd have to do this twice per hour now and his arm was already too sore. He knew he won't be able to get a chance during traveling, so he pulled his breeches down and brought his dick close to Felt's. His eyes widened at that, but there was little he could do at this point. It would take 2 weeks for him to recover from here, and Em decided he might as well enjoy it. With shaking hands, he held both their dicks in one grip, and then removed his left hand.
His six inches rubbed with Felt's seven, and he felt like he was in heaven. They both moaned in pleasure and Em slowly started stroking both of their cocks ever so slowly.
"Ugh, what is this?", Alice had returned with the biscuits in her hands, but she had turned away yet again.
"I'm feeling the spell's effects-"
"No, I get *this*. But at *least* take yourselves off somewhere else? I don't want to see my brother this way. Please."
With that, she turned and went back inside her tent.
"Sorry!" Em called out, but started stroking more deliberately. He was close now but he knew Felt was closer. He leaned forward, and the both touched foreheads; brows sweaty from exertion. Em nearly kissed his friend but didn't dare do it. As soon as he felt him tense, he grabbed the flagon and filled it again with ropes and ropes of Felt's cum.
"Am I in heaven?" Felt managed to speak out through a dazed look in his eyes.
"No, my friend."
And still he came. The flagon was even more full than his last ejaculation. By the gods, how much water did this man get into his body?
Em's own dick was still erect, and he made a decision. He drank some semen that was meant for Alice, dipped some fingers into it and started stroking his cock. In just a few seconds, he found it difficult to continue and came inside the flagon. He thought of Alice as he came. It just seemed so forbidden. She had treated them both like her younger brothers. And to find herself stuck in a situation like this turned him on more. His semen was measly compared to Felt's. No, it was barely anything when compared to Felt's. But that didn't matter. He wanted Alice to take a mixture. It just felt right to get back at her this way. Guilt was one of the emotions he felt, but suppressed immediately. It was her fault in a way. Even if she didn't see it yet. He pulled his breeches back on, but maneuvered Felt's so that it left his dick out, but covered his legs from the cold. It would probably be faster if they didn't have to take his trousers on and off over and over. Although, personal hygiene is going to be an issue soon. We probably smell like a traveling whorehouse.

Alice couldn't help it.
She had fetched the biscuits and had turned out to see the boys together. She shouldn't have felt as she did, but she couldn't control that, could she? The first time she peaked through the tent was excused by her subconscious as an accident. The second time however, was not an "accident", and she kept staring, turning warmer by the second. I'm obviously attracted to Em. It's definitely not my brother.
She watched, transfixed at the way the two touched foreheads, nearly kissing. A twisted part of her mind wanted* them to kiss. The rational part wanted her to go outside and slap Em silly for even daring to get naked right in front of her. She watched him finish in the flagon that was meant for her. The rational part of her wanted to stop him, but that twisted other part told her that it was alright. That it was just extra liquid for her to take. Or that's what she wanted to believe.
She went to her roll and started preparing for the next part of their journey. Hands shaking, she found the place in the map where they thought they were. The next leg of their traveling would be the same. Just endless trees and no civilization. The closest village was a week away, close to the Aberham Springs. She tsked and packed away her stuff quickly. She was hot all over, and needed relief but decided against it. It would take far too long and she didn't want the boys catching sight of her near naked. The flap rustled and Em entered their tent.
"Here you go Alice. One complete flagon of semen, as requested."
She turned to look at his smug face. He seemed so proud, and would probably jerk off to her once she drank his offering.
She had no intention of handing him victory this easily.
Grabbing her waterskin, she handed it over to Em. His smug look immediately evaporated, but he did as requested. Soon, her waterskin was filled with her brother's; and in minuscule amounts, her friend's semen. She slung it over her pack. In truth, she was slightly thirsty, but she would at least try to hold on as much as possible before giving in. Her stomach churned at the thought of drinking her own brother's release, and she wanted to avoid it as much as possible. No matter what my foolish desires are, I won'tgive in!
She couldn't make it till noon. It was just thirst, she told herself. Nothing more. She gulped and gulped in large amounts against the oppressive sun, some of it trickling down her chin. She held her nose as she drank, but the smell still flowed past her defenses, driving her insane. It's just the spell, I don't like how it tastes, or smells!
Some parts of her betrayed that thought, however.

In the other horse, some distance away, Em watched Alice with lust, stroking Felt's dick harder and harder. This was the 5th time the man had needed release and Em was starting to tire. It was only noon and soon, he'd need to find a better way that didn't take this much effort in getting his friend off.

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