Preeti’s Mom Swati Screwed In The Village

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The Saturday arrived of October 15th 2011 with a fast forward week.  Raj called us in the morning and reminded about our visit to a Village on the highway near Nashik.  That day, Mom had a hectic schedule in her office due to various official works.  She returned back at 01.40 PM and got straight in the bathroom for bath and came out in 15 mins before the arrival of the car. I was in a Jeans and Top wear as were in periods.  
Mom came to the hall in tight transparent white hosiery slack, a short semi-netted pink Kurti (covering her half thighs) with half covering cups of black bra and semi-netted black panties under it. She had a high class makeup. Thru Mom’s slacks the panties linen was visible whenever she used to bend down. We both stuffed some clothes with us due to 2 nights and 2 days program with bath towels, makeup kit, sets of undergarments, cotton napkins pack, traditional wears and night suits too.  
Bhau’s personal attendant called us from a nearby square about the route to our house and reached in another 5-7 mins. We welcome them and offered coffee for them.  After the coffee we began for our journey to the said Village in a Grape Farm. We were busy watching the movie in the Scorpio and didn’t know when we reached to the Village thru the dusty pot holes roads as it was 07:00 PM.
Bhau Mokashe (a Brahmin) and his family members with some known villagers welcomed us by garlanding Mom and a bouquet to me while garlanding to Mom, Bhau pressed hard her boobs a hint. Mom’s pussy must have been surely lubricated due to his surprise press-touch. Bhau’s wife was wearing a typical village type saree (Navaari) and hugged me and Mom. Bhau and his close bearers were in Dhoti, Kurta and Turban.  
Bhau was having a typical “Mard Maratha” physique with gold chain resting down the neck on dense hairy chest, gold bracelet and gold rings with a steel bangle (Kada) in his right wrist, a tilak on his forehead with dark and thick bunch of moustache between nose and lips.  Speaking shortly he was a hairy man with all hairs all over his body.  I have learnt that the persons who have hairs on their whole body are horny in the bed and with a kind personality.  
I hope he ruins good to Mom when they make a love after the garlanding and greeting each other we were guided to the small Hut with bamboo roofing and walls with cow-dung water surfaced all in the rooms (especially for us as a token of welcome by the villagers) the Hut was having 3 rooms with same type of bamboo doors.  The walls and the doors were having some small gaps with easy visibility from outside and other side too.
Bhau asked us to get ready for the function and went away as I didn’t changed but Mom removed the Kurti and slacks and wore a Chiffon Plain Peach color saree, same color petticoat, back hooked old fashioned sleeveless blouse before these clothes she changed the current straps of her black bra with a stylish maroon color thin embroidery bra straps. The bra straps were giving the visibility if starred with eyes wide open.
We reached with the attendant of Bhau to the centre place between the Huts surrounding where all the villagers were gathered for the small function. Mom was looking gorgeous as Bhau was starring her since our arrival at the program once or twice Bhau scratched his chest and low stomach area by his right hand and must be dreaming to wild fuck Swati after 3-4 speeches including Swati’s the program concluded as the villagers sleep early late evening hours.
I wake up early morning a small dinner was arranged for us with a typical village menu of Jawar Roti, Daal, Khichadi, Brinjal Vegetable, Hot Red and Green Chilly Chutney, Brinjal Bharta and Kala Jamuns. The dinner was hot but we enjoyed the food. Then after the food Bhau’s wife went away to her house and we had a chat on the stage where the function was held for some time after some the others went away.  We 4 were there including Swati, Bhau, 1 attendant and me.  
I was talking with the attendant near his house with his wife and him. I was watching Bhau playing with Swati’s body. He was resting a hand on her shoulders and dropped her pallu thrice while chatting. Mom used to get back the pallu on her shoulders.  Bhau pushed Swati on a bamboo bar of the ‘Pandal.  He unhooked her blouse from the back and kissed her bare back and the bra straps.  Then by lifting her saree above her waist he then went down to kiss her smooth thighs, pussy over panties, ass cheeks and slapped 2-3 times on her ass.  
He then kissed her on her navel and pushed the blouse cups below her neck and bited on her nipples thru bra and licked her bulging fleshy boobs over bra cups. Mom guided his head to her mound and said ‘jab aapne mujhe haar pehanate mere boob’s dabaye tab meri choot gili ho gayi aur voh geelapan ab sookh gaya hain aur meri chaddi ab mere choot pe chipak gayi hain. Dekho and guided his head on her panties. He pulled her stuck panties as Mom gave a light moan aah uuhh.  
Bhau slide her panties aside in her jaang and took the aroma. Due to ample of light I could see ½ Centimeters pubic hairs grown on her last week shaved Choot. He then guided his lips on her pussy lips and began to encircle on her outer area.  Swati was busy rubbing and massaging her protruded firm boobs. Bhau was yelling some Marathi words as ‘tujhi Puchhi tar ekdum zakkas aahe, Zawaayla ekdum Maza yenaar aahe.
Yoni cha madan Dana (G-spot) tar ekdum goad (sweet) and tappora (groundnut shell) aahe. Tujhi kabutara (boobs) tar ekdum Nava wihahit muli saarkhe (like a newly married girls) tokdaar (pointed) aahet.  He began to lick her Choot in full swing and massaged her firm boobs by his hands.  Moaning began in a loud voice aah, aah, aah, unh, unh, unh, ooh, ooh, aaahn ahn, haan, huh, huh, Hun, jara slow na, wanna eat my Pussy. 
Bhau stood up as Swati bent down in his legs and separated his Dhoti laps and took his erected pissed aroma Cock in her mouth for a blowjob. They separated in 15 mins as they got out of there moods as they were making in the open Pandal only.  Swati adjusted her inners and outers. Bhau’s wife and his brother joined us. It was now half past 11. We reached to our Hut as Bhau again wished sweet dreams to us and he went away with his wife and brother.  
They went to the right side around 3 lanes away from our Hut to there house. A ShivaLing Temple was located to the left side far away from our Hut in the outskirts of the Village entry before that he took Swati’s cell number and blinked eye to her saying get ready for screwed and waved his punch and shake it in fucking action. We went inside the Hut as the attendant was sitting out of the Hut as a watchman as per Bhau’s order.  
He shut the door from outside and we went in the 3rd room for sleep.  Two cots were kept in sides with new cotton beds, cotton filled pillows and pillow covers, cotton bed sheet on both the beds, 2 stools side by side to the cots with small earthen pots filled with water and 2 stainless steel glass.  Milk glasses made up of earthen pots were also kept for us. We drank the milk and I changed in the night gown as I went to pee outside from the backdoor an adjacent small fenced peeing area when I stood up.
I found someone gossiping with Mom in the Hut. I went in to check who was it but the person disappeared. I questioned Mom but she refused to tell me. I was in deep sleep and heard thud noise so lightly opened my eyes to check Mom’s presence.  I rushed to the front door and but she wasn’t there and nor the watchman. I massaged my eyes to my left I saw 2 shadows walking towards the Temple side so followed them.  
The shadows were of Swati and the watchman.  Swati was in the same clothes of saree, sleeveless blouse and petticoat. They reached to the said spot on the backside of the Temple. I hide behind a Neem Tree around 30’ away from them. Bhau was sitting only in a Dhoti on the Temple’s uplifted area. There was a heap of Hay (dried grass) to his right side which was for the real bed time enjoyment when Bhau saw Swati he asked his person to install 2-3 Lanterns near the heap of grass.  
The person installed it to 3 bamboos around the heap. Then he was asked to keep vigil on the opposite side. Swati was well dressed wearing Gajra, payals and bangles, earrings, Mangalsutra, Pearl and Gold chains, Kumkum on her forehead and in her ‘Maang. She was looking gorgeous as she began to arouse Bhau by shaking her hips in dancing style while dancing her hairs knot were hitting her Buttocks. Bhau said ae zavadi ikade ye tujhya puchhi chi khaaj mitavto aaj tujhi purna jeeravoon takin.  
I will screw you and your pussy by sowing my seeds in your fertile land today night so come here my bitch.  Swati went near to him and stay away around 3’ away.  Arousing Bhau was still on. Bhau was vigorously rubbing his naked chest and the other hand in his Dhoti scratching his dense forest and the groaning lion.  Then Swati lift her saree and show him the panty line and drops her saree to cover her legs.
Swati went near to Bhau after his finger command.  Swati dropped her pallu from her shoulder as her arms were shining in the moon light.  Light cold breeze with noisy winds. Bhau came down the Temple’s stage pulled Swati near to him and lift her to sit on the stage. He pushed her floor to lye circled her saree and peticoat till her 36 size waist and stretched her legs apart.  He then teared away her blouse into pieces and slid her panties aside as Swati rushed his head to her roaring Pussy.  
He questioned to Swati that why she didn’t shaved her birdie (Tu tujhi choot saaf kaa keli nahi) before Swati’s answer he began to shake his head up and down, left and right, circling on her pussy face brought his hands together and pulled her near his face by holding her waist and stretched apart her pussy lips and began to lick her pink inner parts juicy pussy. Swati began to moan slowly as he rushed his 1 hand on her mouth to prevent her in loud moans.  
Swati was banging her legs, hands and buttocks on the floor after watching his act of kissing licking pussy. He was stretching far the panty line to get full smell and taste of her Love Hole. Then guided his hands on her bra covered breasts and began to massage and pinch on the nipples. Swati was going and turning mad due to wild act and loved his act to lick the woman’s pussy in such raunchy style. Bhau climbed up on the stage and pulled his Dhoti aside and enjoyed a 69 position on the Temple floor.  
I was able to hear the thud, thud noise of their legs banging on the floor. Bhau was stroking his gun in her lipstick applied mouth. A gulp, gulp, gulp noise was coming due to Swati’s orgasms and he drank all her thick loads with lip smacking taste.  Bhau’s attendant saw there hardcore by hiding him. They released each other after an hour as Bhau ejaculated in her mouth twice and when he last ejaculated they both got separated and relaxed on the side walls of the backside of the temple by adjusting there clothes.  
The time clock was showing 01.30 AM.  I went to our Hut for watering my dry throat and came back in ½ an hour.  I saw them lying on the heap with chatting laughs.  I thanked God for the main intercourse was not yet started as would have missed the beginning. Swati came down to his legs and pulled his Dhoti in a one pull and Bhau became nude. The gold on his body was glowing in the lantern orange lights.  Bhau pulled Swati on the heap near him and went to strip 1 by 1 her clothes.  
He pulled the pallu out, then pulled the tugged saree in her waist out on the head side, undid the strings of her petticoat. Then lay on her and by his legs help removed her below waist clothing out of her legs. Now I was able to watch only 1 body of Bhau as Swati was crushed under his stout large body. I was wondering how Mom would be bearing the weight of Bhau when sex starts there is no fear just enjoy the realities. 
I saw Bhau pulling Mom’s brassiere out of her shoulders and then out of her hands and I threw it above as the bra landed on his ass. He came down to her waist and pulled out her panties of her legs. He then on his knees lifted Swati’s waist by bending her in her chest side and brought her pussy near his mouth and began to lick her ass hole by circling there. Then after 5 mins plucked the pussy skin in his teeth and lips and began to finger stroke the pulled skin part as Swati was moving like a fish taken out of water.  
Swati was pressing her chest bombs by her hands. He was busy biting on her pulled skin part of her glowing pussy. He then stuffed her panties and bra in her pussy deep inside in the same position released her for sometime to rest her buttocks and after few mins he again pulled her ass by gripping his hand on her waist and began to scratch her pussy lips by his teeth to find the bra after finding the bra elastic he pulled in a jerk to his head and dropped her ass from his grip. 
Mom moaned in loud aaah uh ahn then in next minute again pulled her buttocks till his mouth and began to scratch again her pussy cheeks this time for her panties after around 6-7 mins search he found her panties their deep stuffed in. He buried his full nose and complete mouth in her pussy to grab the panties in his lips and pulled it slowly and this act turned Mom on and on as when the wet panties came out of her hole she jerked off a load of white cum on his hairy chest.
Bhau then took out her pearl necklace and stuffed in her pussy and asked Swati to worship his Lund and then laid her on the grass to begin for main course. He went between her legs and rubbed his worshiped Lund on the Pussy Line. He then bent down on her breasts to began deep kiss her passionately. Lips kissing noise was spread all over the nearby area. He jerked his waist in between her thighs and his fat 
Lund slipped in Swati’s crotch expanding her inner walls.  He began to force fuck her by rubbing his body on her sexy figure under his clutches aahhhh ouch; ahn ahn ahn aaaahhhh as the long aaaah was must be due to his deep fuck to her uterus. They both were much engaged in the sex act as Swati was accepting his strokes and the grass was spreading beside there working bodies. Few grass got cover on their bodies.  Moans, winds and grass sound were blown away in the silent area behind the Temple.  
Swati gave orgasms on orgasms at the time of their main play. The pearl necklace were still in her pussy, hope the necklace were kept inside to glow more and more after taken out after the white wash from them. Then Bhau turned her on her stomach and pulled her ass hole near his cock and began to dog fuck her in a wild manner.  Due to his rigorous movements the grass under their knees and her grounded hands got separated from them and there fucking session was on the muddy road. 
Mom was in deep pain and was accepting his massive strokes from behind.  He was slapping her ass cheeks after every 2 stroke; due to his act her cheeks were red.  He stroked around 60 push and slap her round globes for 30 times by pulling her long hairs he was fucking her as if he is riding a horse while groaning. To be continued.