Private Sex Party – Chapter 5

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When Cindy saw that she had an email from Barbara, her heart rate picked up. She knew that she was going to get an invitation to one of her private parties soon, and didn’t know what she was going to do. However, this email was only a request for her and Dan to call Barbara. Her heart slowed back down. When Dan got home from work they called her.

When they connected, Barbara said, “I guess you know why I want to talk with you.”

“Yeah,” Cindy said. It was time to put up or shut up. They had been to three of the private sex parties, and now they had to perform at the next one or not be invited back. They really got off on attending, but Cindy couldn’t imagine performing at them.

“I want to ask you something,” Barbara said. “Do you guys talk about your fantasies with each other?”

“What do you mean?” Cindy asked.

“Are you open with each other about your sexual fantasies?”

“No,” Dan interjected. Cindy looked at him with daggers in her eyes. That was a sore subject between them. Dan was always trying to get Cindy to open up, but Cindy was reluctant to talk about those sorts of things.

Barbara continued, “You know that you’re due to perform the next time you attend our parties. Have you thought about that?”

“I haven’t thought about anything other than that,” Dan said.

“What about you, Cindy?”

Cindy said, “I’ve been thinking about that as well.”

“And?’” Barbara asked.

Cindy looked over at Dan and said, “Look, I like going to the parties. A lot. But I can’t.”

“Can’t what?” Barbara asked.

“I can’t have sex in front of a bunch of people.” Looking at Dan, she asked, “Dan, do you want me to take off my clothes in front of a bunch of other men?”

Dan said, “I like going to those parties, and you do too. Everybody else does it.”

“Look,” Barbara said. “Let’s forget about the parties for a while. Let’s just concentrate on you two and your relationship. I have something I’d like you to do, and I think it will be good for you, regardless of whether you come to anymore of my parties. I want you each to spend the next few days thinking about your innermost sexual fantasies. Bear in mind that most fantasies that people have are not things that they would actually ever do in real life. It’s just thoughts that turn you on when you think of them. I want you to write them down on a piece of paper, then share them with each other. Maybe that will give you some idea of what you can be comfortable in doing in front of the group. At worst, you’ll have opened up communications and shared some intimacy, and that’s good. One ground rule; neither of you can have any resentment or jealousy about the other’s fantasies. You can’t help what your fantasies are, O.K.? You must never repeat them outside your marriage, and you can never throw them in the other person’s face while having an argument.”

Cindy had difficulty putting her innermost fantasies on paper, but finally she finally she came up with several, and exchanged papers with Dan. Giving the paper to Dan, she said, “Remember, these aren’t things I have any interest in doing. They’re just things that have crossed my mind.”

“I understand, honey. You don’t have to worry. I won’t think less of you because of your fantasies, no matter what they are.”

They both agreed to think about them for a day before discussing them.

Dan’s list was:

1 – Participating in a three way with Cindy and another woman

2 – Watching Cindy get taken by another man

3 – Watching Cindy make love to a woman

4 – Dominate a beautiful woman. Take what I want.

5 – Have a beautiful woman take me without my consent

Cindy’s list was:

1 – Being ravished by a group of men

2 – Performing a strip tease in front of other men

3 – Being forced to have sex by a beautiful male stranger

4 – Being propositioned by a man for money; and DOING it.

Dan was shocked. He couldn’t believe his shy wife had put together that list. He had to keep reminding himself that she didn’t necessarily want these to happen in real life. Nonetheless, he got horny just thinking about them. The next day, they sat down to talk about them. They were both a little nervous, as they had never really talked about their fantasies before. Cindy could barely make eye contact.

Dan went first. “That’s a really hot list, Cindy. I would never have guessed any of those would be on your list.”

Cindy replied, “Like Barbara said, we can’t help what we fantasize about. I would never want any of those in real life.”

“I understand,” Dan said. “Still, it gives us a starting point, if we’re going to perform at one of Barb’s parties.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, we gotta do something. Maybe we can act out one of your fantasies.”

“I could never do that,” Cindy said.

“Well, let’s talk about it. Let’s take the first one. You could role play that without any penetration, you know. It would be sexy.”

“Dan, you don’t really want your wife exposed in front of other men, do you?”

“I think it would be hot. Remember, one of my fantasies is to see you with other men. What if we could do so in a safe environment with no actual penetration, and have both of our fantasies come true? Why don’t you think about it, and we’ll discuss it again after we get our next invitation, ok?”

Cindy had no trouble thinking about it. In fact, she could hardly think of anything else. Those fantasies usually weren’t something she spent a lot of time thinking about. They would pop into her head when she was horny sometimes, or when she was having sex with Dan. But now that they were out in the open, they seemed to pop into her head all the time. She also began to think about getting a vibrator, after having been exposed to them so often at the parties. She wished she had one, but she didn’t know where to begin.

One day she said, “Dan, I never knew that vibrators were so common. It seems like all the girls at the parties use them. Do you think that’s unusual?”

“I don’t know, I never really thought about it. I guess I just figured women had orgasms during sex, like I do. But after watching you on that Sybian, I’m not sure I’d ever seen you have an orgasm. Do you have orgasms during sex?”

“I don’t think so, at least not often,” she said, though ‘not often’ was actually ‘never.’

“How would you like to get a vibrator?” Dan asked.

“I wouldn’t know where to get one, and I’d be too embarrassed to shop for one.”

“Well, I could stop at the adult video store and see if they have them, but I wouldn’t know what kind to get. You want to come with me?”

“I guess so,” Cindy said, although she wasn’t sure she would have any better idea of which one to get than Dan did.

The next afternoon, they went to the adult video store. It was stocked with lots of things other than videos, such as magazines, lingerie, whips and chains, role playing costumes, and of course, vibrators and dildos. When they walked in, the store clerk asked, “Can I help you find anything?”

“No, just looking around,” Dan said. They were both hoping they wouldn’t see anyone they knew in this store, and felt pretty creepy just being there. Cindy was especially embarrassed. They quickly found the aisles of various dildos and vibrators. Dan deferred to Cindy to select them. She quickly selected several different kinds, since she had no idea which ones she would like better. Before they left, Dan strolled over to the area that had videos and magazines. While Dan looked at some of the videos, Cindy looked at the magazines. She found some that were filled with erotic stories and erotic letters from readers, and picked up a few of them for night time reading. Gathering up their purchases, they went to the counter and paid. The attendant explained that there were no refunds on vibrators. As a result, he opened every one, installed batteries, and showed them that each one worked. Cindy’s face turned bright red and she looked down at the floor. She couldn’t get out fast enough. Dan laughed as they got in their car.

Cindy spent a lot of time playing with her vibrators or thinking about playing with them over the next two weeks. She had never had regular orgasms in her life, and she was making up for lost time. When Dan was out playing golf one Saturday, she drew a hot bath and lay in it with the Jacuzzi jets running. She closed her eyes, thought about some of the stories she had been reading in her erotic magazines, and ran the vibrator over her clit. Whenever she got close to an orgasm, she took away the vibrator, extending her pleasure until the bath water began to cool off. She opened the drain and let water run out, then refilled the tub with hot water, and began playing with herself again. She was able to draw out her pleasure for almost an hour. During that time, her mind filled with the smuttiest of her most private fantasies. Each time she neared the edge she was more desperate to finish. Finally she couldn’t force herself to delay any more, and she had an intense orgasm.

She even used her vibrator while having sex with Dan, and they climaxed together. She was becoming a hot little lover, and Dan wondered why he had never encouraged her to orgasm before. Once, after shooting his load in Cindy, Dan pulled out and used one of the life-like dildos inside her vagina while she used one of the vibrators on her pussy. That was a scene he replayed many times in his mind while masturbating over the next few weeks.

By the time the invitation to the next party finally came, it was almost anti-climactic. Cindy had spent so much time fantasizing about being ravished by several men at once, she had almost talked herself into it. She just hadn’t figured out how to go about it, and she knew she didn’t really want it to go “all the way”. What she had trouble believing is that Dan would actually allow it.

“How do you feel about allowing other men to see your wife naked?” Cindy asked one day. “Doesn’t that bother you at all?”

“That’s what happens at those parties, Cindy. Everybody does it, and we’ve enjoyed it. This is just part of it. It’ll be ok.”

She still couldn’t help but feel that their relationship was heading for trouble.

“Do you want to have sex with other women?” she asked.

“Remember, those fantasies aren’t things we’d actually do in real life, Cindy. Sure, I think about other women, and I love watching them naked at those parties. But that doesn’t mean I want to cheat on you, baby. It comes down to this; do you want to be able to keep going to those parties or not?”


“Well, then we need to figure out how we’re going to perform.”

By the night of the party, they had their plans made. Barbara had given them the choice of performing first, second or last, and they had decided to go first to get it over with. When John shut the gates and herded everyone into the living room to go over the announcements, Cindy started shaking. She barely heard a word. By the time John introduced Cindy and Dan, she felt lightheaded and was unable to say a word. Her throat felt dry.

Dan did the talking for them. “Hello everyone. This is our fourth party, so it’s our turn for the first time. We’re a little nervous. We’re going to act out one of Cindy’s fantasies, with your help. She has a fantasy of being ravished by a group of men. With the permission of your partner, we’d like some volunteers to help act it out. Cindy and I will go into the media room to get ready, and we’d like the male volunteers to come in so I can give instructions. There will be no penetration, so your partner doesn’t have to worry about that.”

With that, they left the room. When they had told Barbara what they needed in the way of a prop, she had borrowed a massage table and had it set up in the middle of the room. It was covered with a sheet, and the floor around the table was also covered with towels and sheets, as were all the furniture in the room. Things tended to get rather sticky during these sex parties, and Barbara had learned it was better to do extra laundry than try to get cum stains out of the furniture. Cindy took off her clothes and lay on her back on the massage table. Dan blindfolded her with a blackout mask and covered her body with a large beach towel, then folded up her clothes and put them under the table.

Soon after, several men came into the room. Dan wasn’t surprised to note that his friend Joe was one of them. Dan and Cindy suspected that Joe had the hots for Cindy. Joe and Sherry were the ones that invited them to these parties in the first place, and finally Joe’s wildest fantasies were going to come true. When Joe and Sherry first invited Dan and Cindy to these parties, Joe had hoped that he would eventually get the chance to see Cindy naked. Now, he was not only going to get to see her naked, but get to fondle her as well. What a fortunate turn of events.

Dan took the men to the far corner of the room to give them their instructions. Cindy could hear Dan speaking softly, but couldn’t make out the words. He told them, “The biggest thing is, absolutely no contact between your genitals or mouth and Cindy’s genitals or face. Agreed?” He looked every man in the eyes until they had all individually nodded that they would not violate that rule. “The other rule is, be gentle. This is to be erotic, not harsh. Please handle her gently, especially if touching her privates. You may caress any part of her body. I will be the only one allowed to penetrate her vagina. When she has an orgasm, the show is over. And you must never let Cindy know who was involved in this. Let’s keep her guessing. I won’t ever tell who was involved, and I’d appreciate it if you didn’t either. Thanks a lot for helping us out. Let’s make sure this is a great experience for her.”

Cindy had no way of knowing how many men there were, or who they were. She was terribly nervous, but excited at the same time. One of the reasons they had chosen this fantasy to role play was because Cindy could simply lay back with her eyes blindfolded. She knew she was going to be really nervous, so the idea of not having to do anything or even see herself being watched was appealing. While Dan and Cindy had mapped out the general idea of the fantasy, Dan hadn’t told her everything, so Cindy didn’t know exactly what to expect. He had just told her, “Leave it to me. I’ll make sure it’s a pleasurable experience for you.”

After Dan had finished his instructions, the men took their positions around the table. Most of them left their shorts on, but Dan and a couple of other men, including Joe, took off their clothes. There were six men whose wives had allowed them to participate. Dan rang the little bell that let the crowd know they could now enter the room, and they filed into the room, taking their seats quietly. The table in the middle of the room was lit by a single track light, which was the only light in the room.

When everybody had settled in, Dan took the towel off Cindy and put it under the table. Cindy was now totally exposed to the crowd, especially the men standing only a foot or less from her. She looked stunning in the spotlight. She was a very pretty girl. At thirty two, she still got carded regularly at bars. She had long blond hair, straight white teeth, a beautiful complexion, and she had a very petite cute figure. Her breasts were very small, but she had very sensitive pink nipples that seemed to always be erect. Her pubic hair was very blond and very sparse, making it appear that she had no hair at all unless you looked very closely.

Joe was looking very closely. He still couldn’t believe his fortune. He had lusted after Cindy’s petite little body since they had met years ago. Sherry knew that Joe wanted her from the way he always ogled her when she was around, but they had never discussed it. Joe was standing next to Cindy’s side, his dick already stiff and twitching at the nubile young body so close to him. Dan picked up a large bottle of lotion that he had gotten at the adult video store that week. It was edible massage oil that could be used as a lubricant and could be licked off. He poured some into his hand, then passed it to the next guy, who got some and passed it on until everybody had a handful of oil and were rubbing it onto Cindy’s body.

When the bell rang, Cindy briefly thought about calling the whole thing off. She couldn’t believe that she was in this position and she felt faint. She heard the people milling in the room, finally settling down, and anxiously awaited what would happen next. When the towel was pulled off, she felt a rush of air on her bare skin and felt more vulnerable than she ever had before. She couldn’t see anything, but knew there was a roomful of people who could see her completely nude. She involuntarily held her breath, waiting for the first touch from a man other than her husband in many years.

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Suddenly she felt hands all over her, rubbing her with oil. It smelled like coconut. The men were rubbing so much oil on her she felt like she was soaking wet. How many hands were on her? They were rubbing her all over. Each of her legs had been lifted and was being held by someone as they covered them in oil. They rubbed higher and higher up her legs, exploring her buttocks and even the opening to her anus. As they touched her there, she instinctively clinched her butt cheeks together.

The men holding her legs lifted them and separated them, exposing her vagina. Someone was gently rubbing up and down the length of her slit with oily fingers. Someone else was sucking on one of her little titties, flicking the nipple with a tongue. The other breast was being rubbed with oil, the nipple gently tweaked. She began to have a panic attack, and she was afraid she would hyperventilate. Her heart was racing, and her face blushed crimson red.

Hands were playing with her hair, and she could feel it being gently pulled and twisted. Cindy took a deep breath and concentrated on slowing her breathing. As her breathing slowed, she began trying to concentrate on the hands and other body parts that were rubbing against her, trying to identify what they were and how many there were. As she began to relax, she became aroused. Her mind flooded with the images of her fantasy that she had had many times. Beautiful strong lovers worshiping at the altar of her body with their tongues and hands and their penises. She reached out and touched someone. She could feel the erection inside his shorts, and she reached up the leghole. They weren’t wearing underwear. She could feel the man tremble as she stroked his balls. She pulled her hand to her nose and smelt the musky scent of his groin.

She heard Dan’s voice utter some instructions, and suddenly the men holding her legs were pulling her down toward the edge of the table, where her pussy would be more easily accessible. The fingers on her slit had worked themselves into her pussy. Suddenly she felt what appeared to be a tongue on her clit. She had never allowed anyone to lick her down there, as she had also refused to ever lick a man’s member. She took a deep breath as she was startled. There was nowhere to go, however. Her legs were held in place as the tongue continued to lap at her crotch. She could feel the stubble of a man’s face on her pussy lips as the tongue lashed her clit. Her body relaxed as she yielded to the pleasure of the tongue. Over and over it licked her. It settled into a rhythm, flicking her clit again and again. Too soon it left, replaced by something probing her pussy. The hands seemed to move, as if the men were changing places with each other. Now there was another man worshiping one of her breasts, licking and sucking at it. More oil appeared on her. She was becoming disoriented.

Cindy continued to reach out, one time stroking a cock inside a pair of shorts, another time feeling bare skin. She rubbed a man’s bare butt, then put her hand on his crotch and felt the length of a long hard shaft. This wasn’t Dan’s; it had an unusual curve to it. It was very hard. Reaching out with the other hand, she grabbed another cock. This one was uncircumcised. She had never felt foreskin before. The penis was very hard, yet it felt different as the foreskin slid up and down over the head. Curious, she continued to stroke it and play with it. How many dicks were poking at her? How many dicks had she fondled?

Something hard was entering her pussy. A dick? Was it Dan’s? The thought that it might be another man’s dick made her incredibly aroused, and she opened her legs to willingly accept that dick as she reached out, fondling the genitals of the men standing near her sides. Now there were no men that had any clothes on. Every cock or butt she touched was bare. Her skin was becoming very flushed with her arousal and with all the rubbing and licking on her body. Her breasts and nipples were constantly being sucked and kneaded, and the nipples stood up straight and hard.

The something had fully penetrated her vagina, and she felt stretched to the limit. She couldn’t tell if it was Dan’s dick, or if it was someone, or something else. She imagined it to be a stranger’s dick, burying itself in her pussy. She put a face to the image, the face of an attractive man at the party that she had never met. She pictured the look of lust on the stranger’s face as her pussy lips devoured his shaft. As it worked its way in and out of her, Cindy imagined the man struggling to extend his pleasure as long as possible before erupting inside her, filling her with his juice. She imagined the grimace on his face as he was no longer able to hold back. She clamped her pussy on the something as hard as she could. She imagined she was clamping the stranger’s dick hard with her pussy, squeezing it until it could no longer keep from squirting inside her. She desperately wanted to make it squirt inside her. She longed to rip off the blindfold and see the look of ecstasy on the man’s face as she milked the sperm out of his cock with her tight pussy. Cindy gasped as the something was abruptly removed from her pussy. Her pussy felt empty, and she longed for something, or someone inside her. She growled in frustration, her voice husky.

One of the dicks she was holding suddenly began to ooze. She gave it a squeeze, then relaxed her grip. A wad of sperm spurted onto her belly, and she could hear a guttural grunt. After that initial burst, a thick stream of sperm oozed out of the shaft, covering Cindy’s hand with the hot, sticky spunk. She could sense the man falter as his knees buckled, and felt him grab the table to steady himself. She felt more powerful than she had ever felt, able to compel this group of men to cum at her command. She imagined these strong, virile men groveling at her feet for the opportunity to lick them. Cindy raised her hand to her nose and smelled the stranger’s sperm, the first stranger’s sperm she had touched since meeting Dan. She wiped her hand on the sheet that covered the table.

She could sense the hands changing positions, and felt the men move as the cocks she was fondling moved away from her. She grabbed two different dicks on either side of her and resumed her fondling. Every dick she encountered was rock hard. She pictured the look of lust on the men’s face as they worshipped her beautiful body, their dicks being expertly manipulated in her small hands. She reached out to try to grab any and every dick she could reach, pulling and tugging on them to release their semen. She rubbed their hairy sacs, played with their balls and squeezed the shafts. Two of them simultaneously squirted on her body, covering her with warm sperm. She could feel the men sag against the table, holding onto it for support. She rubbed the cum into her body and held her hand up to smell it. Different men moved into position, allowing her to hold their hard dicks.

Cindy was now frantically horny. Her pussy felt like it was throbbing and pulsing strongly enough to be heard by everyone in the room. Her heartbeat pounded in her head, and it seemed to be coming from her pussy. She had never been so horny, and longed to touch her pussy. “Why won’t that fucking man put his dick back in me?” Cindy thought to herself.

She could feel her hair being played with again, gently being pulled and twisted. Her breasts had been the center of non-stop attention since they had started. Her sensitive nipples had been so aroused for so long that they were beginning to ache. But that was nothing compared to the longing ache she felt in her pussy. She desperately needed something in her. Finally, someone, or something was again probing her. As she felt the shaft entering her, she could feel something gently rubbing against her clit. As the something against her clit was switched on, she felt like a thousand volts of electricity jolted her body as a vibrator buzzed against her ultra sensitive button. Someone was fucking her while holding a vibrator against her clit. It was the attractive stranger again, she just knew it was. He had his thick, stiff dick buried in her pussy, and it was driving him crazy. Her tight pussy clamped against his dick so tightly that he could barely move without risk of losing his load immediately. Her head rocked back and forth as her climax approached. She couldn’t hold out any longer, she was going to cum right now.

She felt like her whole body was buzzing, and she lost focus. When she regained her bearings, someone had covered her with a towel and her body was trembling. She sensed the crowd leaving the room. She lay still, waiting for her mind to reorient itself.

Sherry couldn’t believe that shy little Cindy was actually going through with this. She had no trouble believing that her pervert husband Joe had volunteered to help with the fantasy. She knew that Joe had had a thing for Cindy for years. Watching Joe standing naked in front of Cindy, and seeing the lust on his face sent a pang of jealousy through Sherry, but she knew it wasn’t Cindy’s fault. Joe was just an asshole. She had known that for a long time, but put up with it. When Dan pulled the towel off of Cindy, exposing her tight body to the crowd, Sherry caught her breath. She really was beautiful, and her pangs of jealousy increased. Nobody should look that perfect. Sherry was pretty hot at thirty five. Men admired her ass and her medium size, firm breasts. But she had a bit of a belly developing, and knew that she couldn’t compete with Cindy’s petite little bod and beautiful face.

Dan put some of the massage oil on his hands and passed the bottle to another man, who took some and passed it on. All the men were pouring the oil in their hands and spreading it over Cindy. Her body glistened with the oil. Joe had positioned himself at Cindy’s side, and immediately went to work on one of her breasts, licking and sucking it. He had fantasized about this body for years, and he would never forget this day. Suddenly, shy little Cindy reached out and grabbed one of the men’s dick through the leghole of his shorts. All the men were hard, their erections obvious through their shorts.

Two men had each of her legs, lifting them and separating them as they rubbed oil from her feet to her butt. One of them probed her anus with his fingers, while both of them caressed her butt cheeks. One of the men seemed to be obsessed with Cindy’s long, straight blond hair. He gathered it into a long pony tail and caressed it.

Dan began fingering her pussy, rubbing the slit until the aroused lips began to open, exposing her sex. He whispered to the two men that had her legs to move her down toward the edge of the table. When they did so, he knelt and buried his face in Cindy’s pussy, sucking her pussy lips and flicking his tongue over her clit. He felt her body tense initially, but as he settled into a rhythm with his tongue, her pussy yielded to his mouth. As he continued licking, she began thrusting her hips to meet his tongue. He didn’t want her to cum too soon, so he got up.

The men switched positions, and another man took his place near her pussy. He poured more oil onto his hands and began playing with her pussy. He oiled up a dildo and began working it into Cindy’s tight little hole, as Cindy moaned her pleasure.

One of Dan’s fantasies was to watch another man make love to his wife, and now he was experiencing multiple men groping her. When he saw Cindy reach into the leg opening of one of the men’s shorts and begin to fondle his sac and dick, he felt a sinking sensation in his belly. It was the first time he’d ever felt any jealousy during their marriage. Yet, curiously, it caused him to become very aroused at the same time. When Cindy unknowingly grabbed Joe’s uncircumcised dick and greedily began rubbing up and down the length of it, it was all Dan could do not to end this right then. He was insanely jealous, and insanely aroused at the same time. It was clearly obvious that Cindy was fantasizing about Joe’s cock as she made love to it with her hand, eagerly fondling it. Joe leered at Cindy’s body, playing with her breast as she continued stroking his long, hard dick. He knelt over and sucked her whole breast into his mouth as he licked her stiff nipple. Dan didn’t like Joe slobbering on his wife, but it was apparent that Cindy did. And she loved the feel of his hard dick.

As the dildo became fully inserted into Cindy’s wet cunt, she spread her legs and raised her hips to try to get more penetration. She was panting as she humped it. One of the men that Cindy was fondling suddenly ejaculated on her. His dick spit a wad of sperm on her belly, then oozed out a big load, covering her hand and dripping onto the floor. He staggered to catch himself as his knees buckled. Dan watched her bring the load to her nose, smelling the strong scent of another man’s cum. The man wiped himself off with the sheet and staggered to his wife’s side, picking up his clothes as he went. Then another man lost his load, squirting all over Cindy’s body.

The men switched positions again, with Dan resuming his position at Cindy’s pussy. The man who was obsessed with Cindy’s long blond hair gently pulled it into a pony tail again. This time, he wrapped her hair around his dick and began pulling it in two directions, clamping his dick in the process. As he sawed her ponytail back and forth over his dick, he stared at her flushed, aroused body. He began groaning and it was clear that he was pumping his load into Cindy’s hair. “Weird,” thought Dan. Still, people can’t help what their fetishes are, no matter how strange.

Joe was at Cindy’s side. He raised her arm and began fondling the soft spot under her arm and down to the side of her breast. He was hard as a rock as he fondled his favorite part of the female anatomy. He pushed the sensitive underside of his dick down onto Cindy’s breast and rubbed it on her stiff nipple, pushing it against her for the friction he needed. He steadied himself with one hand on the table as he used Cindy’s breast to jack off his swollen member. His dick spewed a large load of cum onto Cindy’s chest, covering both of her small breasts with sticky sperm. After he was done, one of the other men used the sheet to wipe off her chest. He wasn’t through playing with her beautiful titties, and he didn’t want to touch some other dude’s spunk.

One by one the men were having noisy climaxes. Dan moved back into position near Cindy’s pussy. Joe and one other man held her legs, lifting them and separating them. Dan easily penetrated Cindy fully in two deep thrusts. Her pussy was sopping wet, and warm. Dan took a small, bullet style vibrator and put it between their groins, directly on Cindy’s clit. When he switched it on, Cindy’s body shuddered. Within fifteen seconds she had a very loud orgasm, moaning and sobbing as her body trembled. Dan shot his wad deep inside her. The last of the men who hadn’t yet orgasmed covered one of her legs in cum.

As Dan covered Cindy and the men began wiping themselves off and putting their clothes back on, the crowd filed out of the room. Dan and Cindy were given the use of the master bathroom to shower and clean up. Because Cindy’s hair was covered in cum, she had to wash her hair, which always took a long time to dry.

“You can go watch the other performances,” she told Dan. “I’m going to dry my hair. It’ll take a while. Maybe I’ll join you for the last performance.” When Dan left the room, Cindy locked the door behind him and opened the bag they had brought with their props. She selected one of the large dildos and one of the small vibrators, spreading the oil on them. Leaning back in Barbara’s dressing chair, she put her feet up on the edge of their large bathtub. She closed her eyes and replayed her experience in her mind. It was even more decadent in her mind than it had been in person; she imagined all the men at the party lining up to fill her cunt with their hard dicks. She worked the dildo into her cunt and pumped it in and out as she teased her clit with the buzzing vibrator.

When she neared an orgasm, she abruptly removed the vibrator from her clit. She lay back in the chair, panting as the impending orgasm receded, the dildo still deeply embedded in her cunt. Then, she began tickling her clit again. Closing her eyes, she imagined the look of lust on the men’s face; they were so aroused at Cindy’s body there was nothing that could prevent them from spilling their load in or on her. One after another, they took their place at her waiting pussy, driving their dicks as deeply as possible into her now dripping pussy.

Once again she felt the tingling in her crotch that meant she was ready to explode, and quickly removed the vibrator. Over and over, she took herself right to the edge as she wallowed in the erotic images from her fantasy. Finally, she worked herself into such a need that she was unable to force herself to delay anymore. An intense warm feeling emanated from her pussy and spread throughout her body, even numbing her mind. This night had produced enough material for her to fantasize about the rest of her life. Whenever she needed relief, all she needed were these memories and some privacy.

READER’S NOTE: I am going to continue to explore Cindy’s fantasy life, but the title of the stories going forward will be changed. All stories will begin with the word “Cindy”.