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I was transferred in to boost up productivity in an old factory, owned by the company I worked for. I’d a reputation as the axe man, I come in and people lose their jobs. This time I was to manage the factory boost it earnings, but at low cost to the company. Meaning no replacing the machines, replacements weren’t available anyway, as there was no market. The old machines done the work and being a niche market, there was no competition and not enough demand for competition to start. The factory was profitable, but the new CEO want to increase profits, if possible, the CFO didn’t see how it could be done. The development cost of new equipment far outweighed any benefit. But as they fresh eyes, I was instructed to boost, if possible, also I was told they had the bare bones in staff now. My arrival was taken as a bad sign for their future, I was 45 divorced and focused on my job. The only improvement I saw as possible was in the office section of the factory. Not going to make a huge boost and costly to change and might mean one less employee at best. Being an old factory, it didn’t have much in computers and relied on paper files going back over 150 years. These caused a lack of space in the office and would tack years to computerize. So, no value there, but I had a simple way of making more room. Remove the oldest files to another storage area’ There was none, but there was an awning use to shelter an old tractor. Another tractor replaced it and was now stored nearer to where was used. The old tractor gone, I got a large secondhand container had it placed under awning and old files moved into it. They were all in their cabinets and pathway was kept for accessing each cabinet if required. The cost cheaper than building an extra room, more space in the office improve efficiency a little bit. I had decided the chances of boosting the factory profits weren’t there at a reasonable cost, as CFO had said. So, I settled in to manage the factory and after that, my office staff thought some of them were next to be cutback. Telling them didn’t make them believe their jobs were safe, however. But only one thought it was her to be sacked, on acted on it being her. She a widow 54 (Lucy) lived alone and quietest of all the staff. Also, the best looker in my view, the others were married or in a relationship. Lucy was always nervous when I went anywhere near her, expecting me to fire her. So, she finally had to see me and save her job and she did offer to do anything I wanted, and she offered me sex as well. I was somewhat shocked told her job was safe, but I couldn’t get her to believe me, she had so convinced herself I couldn’t change her mind. With sex offered, I decided to take her up on her offer and had her come to my home after work Friday and had her stay till Sunday evening and I fucked about 5 or 6 times. this was repeated the next weekend, then I was given a extra job to do, the factory ran itself mostly and my bosses wanted me to do my former job as well in other parts of the company. But I would still manage factory but required to travel. I was told to get an assistant to help me with all the extra work mainly meeting time and answer my work phone and take and relay messages. I decided to have Lucy as my assistant, she could do the work easily and was able to travel with me with short notice. Also, she could also continue her former job when we were back in the office. She accepted and as my expenses weren’t billed against the factory, but to head office, none the office knew Lucy and I were sharing the same rooms while away. Another benefit was her coming to my house was seen as work related with being my assistant and regular trips away. She is a great assistant and a willing lover and I’m quite happy to fuck her anytime I’m horny. After a year I’ve the perfect work and life balance, no need to find partner and get all the sex I want. Sometimes I’m with Lucy for whole weeks at a time. I’ve suggested she move in with me, to save her paying rent on a place she is rarely at. She is thinking about it.

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