Provocative Christmas lunch! | incest story from Mat&Aunty

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The place is always the tavern at grandma’s house, where we always spend the holidays.Christmas arrived and the usual lunch was organized with people you only see on that occasion.I was about to leave when my aunt called to ask if I could take her. I accepted and went to her.I got to my aunt’s, she was still putting on her make up. I didn’t want to go up, refusing her invitation knowing full well that if I had gone up we would never have made it to grandma’s.Aunty went downstairs in an electric blue mid-calf dress, black heeled shoes and a silly yellow belt that wrapped around her belly, she covered herself with a black leather nail.M” You’re a stunner aunty”She gave me a big hug and off we went.Once we arrived we sat down at one end of the table, almost apart.A”We can talk about our bullshit by being here“M”It’s better this way”The more we talked, the more I realized that my aunt was without a bra.M” Aunt but, the bra?A”I didn’t wear it, it showed too much and I was in a hurry”There is always a lot of confusion and they didn’t calculate us much.Towards mid-lunch, precisely during the classic boiled meat, I felt my aunt’s feet touch my legs and they positioned themselves above my knees. I looked at my aunt, and I understood that she wanted to provoke me. I put my hands on my legs, touched her feet.M “I don’t think it’s the right time?”A”What do you care? No one sees us”I leaned back in the chair and spread my legs. I pulled my cock out and tried to cover it with the long tablecloth. I took my aunt’s feet and massaged them for a few minutes.A “Come on, let me do it”M”Ok”I let go of her feet and she started massaging my cock with her feet.It wasn’t a real footjob but the arousal rate I had in that moment was sky high. After a while I moved her feet, I was too excited. M: “I couldn’t take it anymore” I told her.About an hour passed and still I was excited. The classic and by now boring Christmas raffle was about to begin.I got up and went to the bathroom to rinse my face and try to calm my excitement. I went into my grandmother’s bathroom, not the one in the tavern, and freshened up.After leaving the bathroom, I walked towards the stairs. Aunt appeared from the corridor.I hugged her tightly. M” aunty I can’t resist anymore with all those provocations “A “What will be two feet?”. I gave her a good pat.A:” Are you excited huh? Follow me”. I followed my aunt and we entered her room when she lived with my grandmother. Tiny cot, lots of boxes, some old games and a desk.We went inside and locked the door.I took off her dress and she was naked. She wanted to keep her heels on.A”I forgot my lipstick and makeup. I can’t blow you”She leaned against the desk and I started licking her asshole. I put a few fingers in her pussy to lubricate them and slipped them up my ass. M” aunt! Are you ready!”I slipped it on slowly, delicately but my aunt let out a little scream that was anything but soft. She took a pillow nearby to drown out the noise. M” Shall I stop? I stop?”A” No no. Go on. You know how I am now”M”But they can discover us”A” They are all taken by the wine let them lose”In a moment of silence we heard footsteps. It was a grandmother looking for an aunt. She thought aunt was in the bathroom.I told my aunt to be silent but still I continued to fuck her. She pinched me to tell me to stop.After about 2 minutes grandma left.A:” but it is not possible every time we fuck your grandmother almost catches us. You are an asshole to give me those blows in situations like this”, and we burst out laughing.I continued to pump between the aunt’s ass for a few minutes.I took off my cock and my aunt turned around. I kissed her boobs and made her lay down on her bed. I took off her shoes and she started a fantastic footjob as only she can do. I was still about to cum but I held back. I took her feet and licked them. I put them both on my face and smelled them well.The aunt spread her legs. I rubbed my cock over her pussy to moisten it.I started pumping regularly. She moaned and made it louder and louder. We didn’t care who she could hear us from.A”Get up, I’m cuming”I lifted my cock and she squirted on my stomach. I put my cock back inside her.M” Aunt I’m on the edge. “A”It wouldn’t be the case but cum inside, I can’t get dirty“.I pumped again. I put my hands around her hips and came inside her. 4/5 powerful spurts.I collapsed next to her. Aunty tried to get as much cum out as possible by wiping off with a tissue. We dressed. We were about to leave and go downstairs when I remembered my aunt’s underwear left in the room. I took them and put them in her purse.We dressed quickly. We fixed the bathroom, after we cleaned up and went back to the relatives. Nobody had noticed anything.I saw the aunt talking to her sisters and cousins ​​as if nothing had happened. Aware that she was leaking my cum out of her pussy.We exchanged nods of understanding throughout the day.We finished lunch and I took my aunt home.We got into the car, aunt was looking for the keys in the bag, she opened it and finding her underpants attached them to the gearbox of my car. Very exciting.A: “Let’s hope nothing happens, I’ve been irregular, very irregular with the pill”M: “Let’s hope everything goes well”A: “Yes, but I must say that being filled in the little room where I grew up excited me a lot”M: “I noticed aunt”We arrived home, said goodbye and wished each other Merry Christmas again.

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