Public Incest Ch. 03

tagIncest/TabooPublic Incest Ch. 03

Gina and I have been continuing or public brother/sister fucking daily. I can't get enough of her… and she can't get enough of me and my always hard cock. It's a beautiful thing.
I was making out with her at her work the other day. She's a nurse. I had her in the hall, outside a room. Nobody was in the hallway. I put her hands on the wall and groped her 36Ds through her purple scrubs. God… she's got the sexiest tits. Or maybe second sexiest, behind our mom.
She was wearing a gray sports bra under her purple top. I squeezed the fuck outta those gorgeous cans through her top, then ran my hands up under it and started molesting them through her thin sports bra. Her rubbery nips were so hard as I pulled 'em through the thin material, making Gina moan and writhe happily against me. Her jiggly, soft, cone shaped breasts felt so freaking wonderful in my horny, roughly squeezing hands. Her wide ass grinded on my cock through my jeans. I was already hard as steel. Another nurse walked down the hall so we stopped. Gina talked to her for a minute while I stood there facing the wall with a hard ass erection in those tight pants
When the older nurse walked off Gina came back to me, pushing me against the wall… no words. She knelt in front of me and unzipped my jeans, pulling out my hard seven inches. It rubbed against her lips when it popped out. Gina smiled up at me and licked it, her tongue dancing across my wide open and winking piss slit.
She softly chewed on my crown, making me groan. She giggled, taking my cock into her mouth right there in the hallway of the hospital. You could hear people talking in the rooms and down the hall, but no one came our way. I leaned back against the wall and closed my eyes as my sexy sister deepthroated my entire rod, her throat happily accepting it, pulling it down further and further.
God… I almost came right there. Gina's throat is amazing. Much like her mouth. Her tongue also. It danced across the underside of my thrusting cock as I grabbed her head and fucked her face. She gave herself willingly to me, softly rubbing my thighs as she gulped down my rod, those glistening, glossy lips rippling up and down my cock as it sped down her throat repeatedly.
Oh my God… I could feel my impending cum rising from my aching balls. Gina could too. She started sucking me off with intense, loving relentlessness. Her dirty blonde haired head bobbed quick as she slurped my cock, hit spit flying from her mouth, running down her top.
I kept fucking her mouth as she sucked me off faster and faster. That was it. But, just as I got ready to feed my beautiful sister my jizz, another nurse started to walk our way. Gina started to pull back from my cock, but I stopped her. This was really exciting.
I held her head in place and fucked her mouth at hyper speed. She realized what I wanted so she smiled around my hard thrusting cock and sucked me even faster. She was really turned on.
The nurse stopped at the nurse's station. I looked at her and sped up, pounding Gina's throat as fast as I could. Would we get caught? I didn't give a fuck at that moment… and neither did my sister.
I erupted violently in her mouth, so fucking excited by the public incest right there in the open in the hospital, as the other nurse looked like she was headed right to us. She ended up talking to someone.
We both looked over as I came explosively hard down my sister's throat. The nurse was talking to someone at the desk, but turned our way just as I finished cumming down Gina's awesomely talented, extra cum hungry throat. She slurped me clean, excitedly drinking every gooey drop of cum I pumped down her throat. Her throat gulped hard and fast. I could see it swallow each time it did. God… that's hot.
Gina put my cock away and stood up right as the nurse headed our way. She waved as she walked by. Gina was standing in front of me so I stuck my left hand down her pants, rubbing her dripping wet pussy. FUCK… I LOVE FUCKING MY SISTER!
I pulled Gina into an empty room, bent her over a bed, yanked her purple pants down and kneeled, sucking her wet pussy as ravenously as I can. I sucked her clit and pussy harder and harder, licking her constantly throbbing clit as I sucked deeply on both.
I stood up, slapped her thick, white ass and slid in. My cock entered that warm, wet cave, pounding from the titillating feeling. Gina's pussy walls clasped my cock with such love. I pulled her top and bra up, roughly fondling those awesome, soft fun bags with sheer, big titty loving bliss.
Gina's tits jiggle in my tight gripping hands as I fucked her bent over that hospital bed. My thighs sloped her butt every thrust in, bouncing off the soft, supple flesh, then driving back into it forcefully as I drilled in.
My cock kept throbbing hard, sweet sensations running up and down my rock hard member, sending fiery tingles racing up to my brain, delighting me, driving me mad with pure animal lust for my gorgeous, busty sister.
Gina bounced her pussy on my relentlessly drilling cock, sucking it in and shaking it, bathing it with all those milky juices. She came twice, squirting on me, her sweet juices feeling amazing as they slowly ran down my twitching shaft as my cock continually thrust up her super slick, sweet dancing cunt.
I thrust all the way up her, cumming against her uterus. My jizz exploded out of my pounding cock, driving me wild with sizzling cum tingles, my cock twitching non stop as I came in my sister.
"God, that was great."
Gina leaned back into me, kissing me tenderly as her pussy sucked the cum right out of my palpitating cock. It felt FUCKING AMAZING!
We kissed for five minutes as we heard people shuffling around outside the room. It didn't even distract us at all. I squeezed those glorious, 36D, cone shaped jugs the whole time we lovingly kissed. Our love radiating between us and through our lips. I'm so in love with my sister.
I waited around for Gina's break, hanging out with an old girlfriend of mine. When she had a break, Gina took me into a bathroom in one of the empty rooms and pushed me down onto the toilet. She knelt in front of me and gave me an intensely hot titty fuck. She wrapped those soft jugs around me, shook them all over my very happy, very hard cock and went to town, fucking my precum pouring cock with those big, perky jugs. She fucked my dick with such fury. Such cum craving abandon.
I just sat there, my hands on the shower and the wall, grunting non stop as Gina battered my cock with her breasts, fucking it's brains out. She licked the precum off of my bulging crown, smacking her pink, glossy lips loud every time she swallowed it. She knows how much that turns me on.
I came all over Gina's smiling face. I took pics of it, thrusting my cock towards her face every time I pumped out a glob of creamy jizz. It splattered her forehead, eyes, nose, both cheeks and lips. Gina stuck out her tongue catching the last two globs on it, drinking it down as fast as she could.
It sounded like a nurse was gonna come in the room, but she didn't. She walked away right as she started to open the door. Another close call. So fucking fun.
I filmed her standing in front of me, smiling, as she slowly licked her face clean of my cum. She blew me loving kisses the whole time she lavishly licked all around her mouth, wiping what her tongue couldn't reach with her hands. She gulped it all down and kept her mouth open as I started pissing from the toilet up into her wide open mouth. Gina loves my piss. She hung her tongue all the way out, wagging it naughtily as she gleefully drank every warm, yellow drop of urine I shot into her mouth from my seat on the toilet. I filmed it all. It was fucking awesome as fuck!
We could hear people constantly walking just outside the room door. It excited us both so very much. We adore public sex. It's so fucking hot! It keeps us horny and happy 24/7.
We made out for awhile on the toilet, swapping cummy, pussy spit as I fondled her perfect, bouncy breasts. It was so relaxing. My love in my arms, grinding my cock as we kissed. Tongue fucking and tongue sucking ourselves silly. Freaking beautiful.
We went home that night and fucked our brains out, ordering a pizza afterwards. Gina flashed the delivery guy as a tip. I filmed it. We're thinking about making a movie of Gina flashing people. She's got such beautiful, natural tits, I'm sure it would be a huge hit. Maybe for the next episode. Ha.

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