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For my 25th birthday, my friends had a special surprise for me. Together with my partner Edwin, they had arranged something.. Something they called ‘The day you will never forget.’ I was so curious but they wouldn’t tell me what it was all about.

The only thing they told me was to wear something sexy. The evening before I turned 25, Edwin gave me a little hint. He told me it had something to do with a fantasy of mine that I had yet to satisfy. But because I have so many fantasies, it was still a big riddle for me.

A car was waiting in front of our house. I walked towards the car while Edwin locked the front door. Steve was waiting in the car. I stepped into the car and took a place on the backseat while Edwin got on the passenger seat next to Steve. I had no idea where we were going.

The lights of the city were reflecting on the windows of the car. There were people walking outside, people also not knowing where these two men were taking me. The car stopped in front of a house. I had never been in this region of the city so I didn’t know who lived there. After I got out of the car my two chaperones guided me toward the front door. Steve got keys out off his pocket and opened the front door. He pushed it open and let us in. Steve closed the door behind us.

I was so curious what this was all about, but I didn’t say a thing, keeping so many questions to myself . They guided me upstairs and stopped at a door. I heard music coming from behind that door.

‘Is somebody here?’ I asked.

‘No, I forgot to turn off the radio before I left.’ Steve explained, smiling.

Edwin opened the door and told me to wait inside for them, telling me they would be there soon but had to do something first. I walked into the room and looked around. Edwin closed the door behind me.

It was a small room, the walls covered by hundreds of pictures of pin-ups, posters from porn magazines in positions from the Kamasutra. ‘What the fuck is this place?’ I thought. ‘I wonder who this house belongs to.’

Turning around when I heard the door open, I saw Edwin walking towards me holding a black blindfold. He told me to turn around and he blindfolded me. After that he turned me around and laughed, ‘You are going to love this sweetie!’ I heard a light switch click and could not see a thing anymore.

I heard some foot steps and some whispering. My curiosity was burning by now. Suddenly I felt somebody unbutton my jeans . Slowly, they were tugged down and I had to step out of my jeans. This was followed by somebody who guiding my arms up and then pulling my halter top up and slipped it over my head.

‘Who is this?’ I asked.

Nobody spoke. It was very silent in the room. I felt somebody unhooking my bra and as it dropped to the floor, I covered my breasts with my hands. The only thing I was wearing by now was my thong, thigh high stockings and boots. I was picturing myself blindfolded and mostly naked. The only thing my face was showing were my red painted lips, the rest being covered by the blindfold.

So far I had felt two hands roaming over my body and undressing me but suddenly they doubled in number and became four hands . I could feel how these hands were roaming over my breasts and over my ass, slowly sliding around over my thighs and between my legs, running over the fabric of my thong . These hands must have been the hands of Steven and Edwin.

Suddenly, I felt a cold object against my back: a glass. The hands continued to run all over my body, turning me on by their touching as I was standing there in the middle of the room still blindfolded. The glass was pushed harder against my back, it was so cold .

Shivering for a moment, I said, ‘Who is doing that?’

From somewhere in the background I heard somebody laughing and suddenly a voice that didn’t belong to Edwin or Steve said, ‘Your favorite bartender, sweetie. Don’t worry, I just brought you something to drink.’ He placed the glass at my lips and slowly I sipped. It was whisky. I swallowed more of that disgusting drink as he lifted the glass, making me drink it all, till the glass was empty.

I licked my lips with my tongue finishing just before a mouth kissed me passionately while hands continued caressing me all over.

‘You have got such a nice ass,’ a strange voice said. ‘So soft, white and tight. May I bite?’

I laughed and answered, ‘Do what you want and ask me nothing. But there is one thing I want to know, how many people are here in this room?’

‘Easy sweetie, another voice said behind my shoulders. I felt how his tongue was kissing my spine. The image I had now was even more exciting than before – blindfolded, half naked, five men around me licking and caressing me to set my body on fire. I was standing in the middle of the room, all attention on me and they could do to me what they wanted. I didn’t hear any voices anymore for a while, except moaning and heavy breathing.

Slowly I felt a hand move my thong aside and ran a finger down my slit . I was soaking wet and he noticed that, making it easy for him to slip a finger inside my pussy. While he moved his finger into my pussy, I felt this unexpected heat inside me and I knew that by now, my body had taken over control from my brains. I surrendered to their touches and felt this burning desire to know who they were and what they look liked. His finger was moving inside me, causing me to tremble on my legs while other hands were rubbing my breasts, a mouth sucking on my nipples and some tongue sliding over my ass. I could feel an orgasm building up inside me , my body starting trembling . A second finger was inserted in my soaking pussy and the guy started moving his fingers faster and harder inside me , sliding in and out . Trusting them deep into my cunt . I exploded , screaming my orgasm out loud , my hips bucking , my stomach and pussy tightening around his two fingers as my nipples were racing outward as each wave of pleasure rode to my toes and my hair . I was being touched and kissed everywhere, and I loved it. Somebody slipped my thong off and I was almost fully naked now, only wearing my boots and thigh high stockings.

‘Enough,’ Edwin finally said. ‘Now its time for the real surprise.’

Still trembling in excitement, I wondered aloud ‘What is it?’

I could hear Edwin smiling, ‘Don’t be afraid , now we are going to play another game.’

He took my hand and I was guided into another room. I felt somebody remove my blindfold. After a few seconds I could see a few silhouettes were standing in a dark room, the room only lightened by three candles that were standing on the floor. There were five men in the room, all covered by masks so I could not recognize them. The only other thing that was in the room was a round table set in the middle of the room, surrounded by chairs.

One of the guys sat down. He had a dark skinned muscled body, with long curled hair that reached his shoulders. Another guy slapped on the table, ‘ Come baby, take a seat here. ‘I walked to the table and crawled on top of it , taking place with my legs open, the heels of my boots priming in the wood of the table. Somebody came closer and took place on a chair right in front of my crotch and holding a candle close so everybody could clearly see my fresh shaven pussy, he commanded me ‘Masturbate now!’

Slowly I laid my hand on my pussy and started playing with myself. My fingers were running over my clit while somebody walked behind me and started rubbing my shoulders. Then he grabbed my arms pulling my hands away from my pussy and moved my arms above my head as he made me lay down fully on my back on the table. My head was not laying on the table it was tilted backwards over the edge. All I could see was a cock swinging in front of my face, upside down. Somebody grabbed me by the legs and I felt a cock slipped into my pussy. A slight moan escaped my lips. The guy started fucking me gently. The other guy who was standing behind me, slipped his cock into my mouth and started to fuck my mouth. Because I was lying down like this, it was easy for him to slip his cock deep down my throat. The guy who was fucking me started to pick up the pace while the three other guys were jerking off around me.

My mouth was being fucked hard and fast till that guy pulled his cock out of my mouth and many jets of thick cum ran over my face, into my hair. Another guy took his place and shoved his hard cock inside my mouth while the cum was running down my face without any time for me to recover. I was grabbed by my hair and he pushed his cock all the way down my throat, making me gag while that other cock was slamming hard into my cunt. He pulled his cock back out of my throat as my saliva slid from my mouth… I was spitting it all out before he slipped his cock into my mouth again. The masked guy who was fucking my pussy started moaning louder and louder and blew his sperm inside my pussy. At the same moment as he blew his wad inside me I felt my pussy contracting and a second orgasm flew through my body , tightening around his shaft , squeezing every drop of cum from his balls . It was my second orgasm and something told me it wasn’t going to be my last . After he pulled his cock out, I could feel the warm cum streaming down my thighs. Moments later, his cock was replaced by another cock and this went on till the early morning .

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Finally, when each of the masked lovers had blown their hot salty cum inside my pussy or in my mouth or even all over my face and my body as often as they could manage, I was allowed to relax . I was giving a moment to recover, without a nice hard one being thrust inside me or jammed into some opening. I recognized Edwin’s voice when he told me three men had left the room and were cleaning themselves a bit before heading back home. By now Edwin had removed his mask .

Although I thought I was dying to know each of them, in a way , the mystery of now knowing them made the whole experience even sexier and erotic . Steve had been the fourth of the men who had taken me that evening and he gave Edwin the keys to the house promising that he would come back tomorrow to clean everything up. He thanked me for the fantastic evening and kissed me on the forehead, telling me in a whisper what a hot fuck I was and how lucky Edwin was. He left and closed the door behind him.

My pussy was aching and the fluids were leaking freely onto my thighs and on the tabletop. My mouth and jaw muscles were sore and tired from sucking and milking each cock that was given to me by those masked men. My arms and hands were even sore as I had joined my masked lovers in stroking any penis which was not inside me at that moment. My back was sore from being banged and fucked, rubbing over the hard wood on the hard table for so long and my ass, my buttocks were bruised from humping up and down on the table top .

I had orgasm so often and so powerfully that I was completely exhausted. I must have looked like a real bukkake slut with all the cum on my face and all over my breasts and stomach and on my legs, my thighs and in my hair. I looked at Edwin with a huge satisfied smile on his face . He walked towards me and picked me up from the table and carried me to another room with an unmade bed. He laid me down on the bed and he went to turn a light on next to the bed, I stopped him saying,’ I don’t want to know what the room looks like. I love the mystery of not knowing what this place really is like.’ He went and fetched a candle from the other room and used it to light the bathroom as he started the water running.

I was laying there in the dark, reliving every touch, each caress, the differences between those cocks that had used my well-loved pussy, some cocks long and thin, others so thick they stretched my pussy so far and touched every nerve on the walls of my slick cunt and in my mouth. After a few minutes Edwin returned and picked me up again to carry my to the tub in the bathroom. I was happy he carried me because I was not sure I was able to walk anymore. My legs were feeling numb and my body was exhausted. He placed me in the steaming water with his strong arms. For a man who had been watching four other men thrusting and pounding away at my aching sex slit and using me, he could be very gentle. It was the gentleness I experienced now as he sponged my tender body clean of all the evidence of tonight’s surprise. He put shampoo on my hair and, pulling down the showerhead that was on a long hose, wet my hair and slowly began to massage my scalp and work the cleanser through my shoulder length tresses. He rinsed and repeated the process until my hair was cleaned from all the cum that had been blasted onto it earlier.

Meanwhile I grabbed a big sponge and begun scrubbing the hardened sperm from my arms and my breasts. When he was finished my hair, he soaped his hands and washed my face and neck and as he rinsed the soap from my skin he kissed each area softly, my forehead, my eyes, the tip of my nose and each cheek. He avoided my mouth for now and nibbled at my ears and down my neck. He took the sponge from me and laying it aside, lathered the soap onto his hands. He then began to clean my tummy and my hips, thighs and calves and then my feet. Knowing how much I love my feet rubbed, Edwin took his time and cleaned every toe and rubbed my soles and massaged the arches just the way I like. As he rinsed each foot with the water from the showerhead, he took my feet and kissed them playfully.

Continuing his cleansing massage up my calves and over my thighs he came to my ravaged pussy, which I have to admit, was wet again from all the special attention that had been giving to me. My pussy lips were red and swollen with lust as well as abuse, and sore. Ever so gentle, he washed my lips, massaging the insides every so slightly. He opened my sex and washed my insides, his soap mixing with my own juices after we had cleaned out all the dried spunk of the night. I wanted so much to ride his gentle fingers but knew the pleasure and the pain would be almost too much to bear.

Sensing my problem, he removed his fingers, taking a moment to clean all around my raw clitoris, which sent slight tremors trough my insides with a light rolling orgasm. Would I never be satisfied completely? Holding me tight against him he stood me in the tub as he stepped into the tub to join me. Weakly I stood there, trembling in his arms, naked, flesh against flesh. Then it occurred to me. He too should be cleaned before we could dress and return home. Despite my weakness, I took up the sponge.

He reached around me, releasing the plug in the tub for the cum-laden water to run away, leaving only the clean water from the showerhead running down around our feet. I sponged his face and chest, his muscular arms. I could feel his penis touching against my belly and wondered that he might have some energy left within him.

Gently I removed the sperm and my own juices from his belly and pubic hair, paying special attention to his balls. I watched his erection growing as I stroked him clean with the sponge. He too was a little sore from the scraping of my teeth when he was in my mouth and from the hard fuck he gave me after that. I wanted so much to take him into my mouth and then into my happy, tender pussy, but I knew I needed some time to relax and heal that flesh. Edwin could always read my mind and knew what I was thinking, he looked lovingly into my eyes and said ‘ It’s okay sweetie , there will be other times for us.’

His willingness to sacrifice his lustful need for my sake did me right in. I smiled, turning from him to face the shower wall and whispered ‘ Nonsense baby , I still have one place that’s not sore if you can manage it?’ Leaning forward to put my hands and face against the wall, I bent at the waist and offered my clean, but bruised ass to him. This was something we had done before , but it was something I didn’t like very much, but once a month I let him do me anal because he loved doing me that way. And I felt this was the moment to let him have his pleasure. It seemed like the perfect time.

I could feel him smiling, although I did not see his face. I could almost see him lather his now hard cock before spreading my cheeks with his hands and pressing the head of his cock against my asshole. I was so relaxed from my sexual releases of the night that it took little for the tip of his cock head to slip past my muscle ring into my ass.

Slowly he began working himself out and in until he was fully embedded through my back door. Then he began to fuck me in earnest saying: ‘God sweetie, this is so fucking good and so tight ! Your ass looks so beautiful taking my cock.’

The words grunted through my teeth as I ground down and back against him ‘I want you to feel how I loved my surprise’, and riding up and down again on his hard cock. Strength born of my lust filled my legs and I clenched inside and out as I drove myself onto Edwin’s pulsing penis. I could feel he was ready to explode. ‘I am going to fill your ass, you sweet beautiful wild woman of mine!’ he screamed while he was thrusting harder in and in again and this time holding my hips so I couldn’t move off of him, his cock buried to the hilt deep inside as his hips began to jerk with every spurt of his love juice that was flowing into my bowels.

There was a long pause as he fells exhausted against me flattening me to the wall. Then, slowly his receding dick slipped with a loud ‘plop’ from my ass to dangle between our thighs. I pushed back off of the wall and his hands automatically slid up to pinch and play with my breasts. I could only stand it for a minute before having to push his hands down ‘ Enough sweetie, enough.’

Now it felt like we were ready to head home and I must admit, they surely had surprised me .

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