“Pull It Out Daddy, It Hurts!” (Part 2)

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By Amy C Daddy fucked me for a long time. I was now 13 and he was still fucking me. After, like he said, he broke my pussy in, I got to where I liked being fucked by daddy. I loved him and wanted to please him. I just couldn’t tell him no. I felt like he needed me.

When I was 12 I had a girlfriend kept mine over on night for a sleep over. We had a good time but, when we went to bed she told me the next day that daddy had come to her during the night.
I couldn’t believe it. I said, “What did he do?” She said, “He put his hand down my panties and rubbed my pussy then, slid his finger between my pussy lips.”

I ask her what she did. She said, “I pretended to be asleep because, I was scared but, so excited at the same time.” I said, I’m so sorry Lucy.” She said, “Don’t be sorry, it’s not your fault and plus, I liked it.”
“You did?” She said, “Yes, I did.”

“So, what happened next?” “She said, ” Nothing, he played with my pussy then he left.” I said, “My dad walks in his sleep and he don’t remember the next day.” “He did that to me once too.”

I didn’t know what else to say so, I lied and told that about him sleepwalking. Lucy said, “I think your dad’s sexy.” I said, “Really, I think he’s good looking but, I never thought of his as sexy.” Then I said, “I guess maybe he is.” She reiterated, “Yes, he is.” It thrilled her that he touched her.

I think she wanted him to do more. She wasn’t a virgin. After she went home I confronted dad.
I said, “Why did you mess with Lucy last night daddy?” He said, ” She’s been flirting with me, haven’t you noticed?” He said, “She’lI sit and spread her legs so I can see up her skirt.” “She fixed her tube top the other day and pulled it down and showed me both of her titties.” I said, “Even so, you shouldn’t have touched her, dad. He said, “I think she wants me to fuck her.”

“You can’t fuck her daddy.” “If she wants me to, why not.” “Because it’s wrong daddy, she’s 12.” He just smiled.

Lucy wanted to come stay all night again a week or so later. So, when we went to bed everything was normal. I fell asleep and for whatever reason an woke up later and Lucy wasn’t in the bed next to me.
I thought maybe she went to the bathroom but, she didn’t come back so, I went to check on her.

She wasn’t in the bathroom. Then, I knew she was in my dad’s room. I went and snuck the door open just enough to look in and they were in there. Daddy was standing by the bed and Lucy was on the bed on all fours. He was fucking her and she was loving it as much as he was.

I heard him say, “Anytime you want this big dick you just come over her and get it, I’ll give it to you.” I’ll fuck you so hard.” She said, “I like to be fucked hard and I want you to fuck me harder.”
So, he fucked her harder.

I couldn’t believe it. I told dad to stay away from her. But, then I wondered if she went to him. I went back to bed and she didn’t come back to bed for almost another hour. I know daddy fucked her brains out. When he gets really turned on he can fuck back to back.

In the morning I told Lucy I saw them fucking. She said, “I’m sorry Amy but, I wanted to fuck him so bad.” She said, “I went to him and he was asleep.” “I climbed in his bed and he woke up.” He told me I shouldn’t be there but, I grabbed his dick and told him to fuck me.” “So he did and it was great, I love your dad’s dick.” “It’s big and hard.”

She said “Are you mad at me?” I said, “No, not at all, it’s your decision who you wanna fuck.” She said, “Your dad is a good fuck.” “You ought to fuck him yourself.” I didn’t say anything, I didn’t want her to know about me and dad.

So, after Lucy went home daddy told me all about it. He said, “Your friend Lucy has been around.” “What do you mean daddy?” “I mean, her pussy is pretty loose compared to yours.” I’d say she’s been fucked a lot.” I said, “Really?” He said, “She came in my room and told me to fuck her and fuck her hard.” “So, I did.”

I said, “Yeah, she told me she went to you.” “What all did she do?” “Well, she engulfed my dick and sucked me until I cum in her mouth.” She told me I could fuck her ass if I wanted to but, I didn’t.” She liked me to be rough with her.” He said, “I liked fucking her a lot.” “I also told her she could come get fucked anytime she wanted.”

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Daddy said, “Now, I wanna fuck my daughter’s tight little pussy so, get over here and bend over so I can stick my dick in you.” I did and daddy fucked me while he talked about fucking little girl’s pussy.” He said,
“There’s nothing like a little girls pussy, the way it hugs a mans dick so tight and snug.” “And, how small their little frame is, when your holding their hips pulling them onto your dick that you’re ramming into their pussy.” It makes fucking a little girls pussy even more exciting.

“My dicks so hard thinking about you and your little pussy.” I wish I could keep you a10 year old little girl.”
Daddy’s dick is so hard, he’s getting ready to cum. It turns me on when he gets so excited and talks like this. It makes me cum an I did. Daddy rams his dick in me as he shoots his load of cum in me.” He reaches around and squeezes my titties so hard it makes me cry out.

He loves that they’re getting bigger. I’m wearing a 32 B size bra now. But, I want really big ones, I hope they get much bigger. Big bits turn me on. Daddy pulls out and said, “Ooh Amy, your pussy is better than any pussy I’ve ever fucked.”

I said, “Are you gonna fuck Lucy during the day if she comes over?” He said, “It’s up to her honey.” “I’ll fuck her anytime she wants.” Is that okay with you?” I said, “Yeah, I guess, it’s her decision not mine.” He said, “Well, the girl likes to fuck so, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her pop in just to fuck.”

Daddy was right. Lucy came by a lot. Just to fuck daddy. And he would take her in the bedroom and fuck her brains out then, she’d go home. I didn’t care. He fucked me less which, at the time I didn’t care. Daddy loved fucking her. She made him fuck her ass a lot. He loved that. He said she was a sex fiend.

He said she wanted to be fucked by three or four guys at once. Daddy said he wasn’t gonna be bringing people he didn’t know in. He didn’t want to go to jail.

Lucy was loose. She put herself in places where she, as a 12 year old girl shouldn’t be. Her house was behind a local bar an she would walk by there all the time in skimpy skirts and tube tops. I told her she was asking for trouble. The men would be hanging around outside and they’d make nasty remarks to her about sticking their hard dick in her. She liked it.

One evening she walked by the bar an two guys grabbed her pulling her in the back of the building. She thought they was just gonna talk to her but, they pushed up her skirt to find she didn’t have any panties on. They took that as the go ahead and both of them fucked her right there. She was afraid but, liked that she got fucked. She said it was exciting. And she was relieved when they did hurt her.

I told daddy he said she’s gonna get hurt or killed if she don’t stop that reckless behavior.

I ask Lucy, “Aren’t you afraid you’ll get pregnant or some disease?” She said, “I went to the clinic and got birth control.”

Daddy had a vasectomy after I started my period so he could fuck me. Daddy told her if she didn’t stop sleeping with just anybody he wasn’t gonna fuck her anymore. She did stop going by the bar teasing men. But, she still came over for daddy to fuck her.

Daddy said, “I bet I’m getting more pussy than anybody.” “I’ve get Lucy wanting me to fuck her almost everyday.” “I fuck her pussy, her ass and her mouth an I have you, who I fuck everyday too.” “My dick is getting bigger, I swear it is.” With you two sucking on it, you’re making it bigger.”

Daddy said, “As much as I love fucking you girls, I wish I had a little 9 or 10 year old pussy to force my dick in.” “I think about it all the time.” “I wish I had started fucking you sooner than 10.” “Do you think I could have got my dick in your pussy when you were 8?” I said, “I don’t know daddy, it was rough when I
was 11.” “Well, I would’ve liked to try anyway.” “I know I’m a pervert but, I’m being honest.”

I guess I was lucky he waited until I was 11. I can’t imagine being fucked at 8. I know some people do but, I don’t know how. They must have a little dick.

Daddy ask me if I had anymore little girlfriends that would like to be fucked by a man? I just looked at him and he laughed. I said, “Count your blessings with Lucy.” He said, “Oh, I do, I do.”

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By Amy C #Exhibitionist #Incest #PreTeen