Steve was a sixteen year old racist and homophobic thug than belonged to a violent street gang that was well feared, people steered clear of all members of the gang who had no respect for anybody who was not a gang member even their own families feared them. Pao was a sixteen year old Bengal girl who had a sister called Pia who was six years younger than what her sister was, Pia was a year old than what Steve’s step sister July was. Pao’s dad owned the local grocery shop the family got a lot of trouble from the gang the family were to scared of the gang to report them to the police, it was early evening when Pao, Pia and July were walking through the estate when Steve appeared and started giving racial abuse to the two Bengali girls and calling July a Paki lover, he also threw stones at them before walking off to meet his mates, a very short time after he had gone Steve’s girl friend Cindy came out of the flats where she lived, Cindy was about the only person who was not scared of Steve. Cindy asked Pao where Steve had gone and once Pao had pointed in the direction Steve had gone, Cindy said ” the bastard is in trouble when he comes round” she then explained that she had total control over him and that he did what she said, Cindy smiled and asked Pao if she wanted to Steve naked, Pao said ” yeah I would love to” Cindy then said ” ok you can and you can see his cock on the hard and watch him wank it off” Pao said ” cool” Cindy then told Pao to come up to the flat and to bring the her sister and July” once they were all in the flat Cindy phoned Steve and told him to come to the flat and ten minutes after the call Steve was in the flat, Cindy looked at him and said ” I heard you having a go at my friends” and after a pause said to him ” get all your fucking clothes off” Steve looked at the four girls and said ” what” Cindy hit Steve hard round the ear causing him to stagger and said to him ” you heard what I said get fucking naked you wanker” after he had regained his balance Steve started to undress and was soon naked, he stood with his hands over his crutch, Cindy said ” hands on you head let the girls see your cock” Steve did as told , Pao smiled at the sight of Steve’s seven inch hairy dick while both Pia and July looked at it with wide open eyes,, after a minute Cindy stood up and took her tee shirt off letting her boobs fall free then removed her jeans and stood naked, Pao was bi sexual and loved the sight of Cindy’s boobs and love tube and when Cindy started to rub her love tube Pao thought what a bonus, Steve’s dick started to thicken and was soon standing up fully erect at nine inches, Cindy stopped rubbing herself and told Steve to wank off, Pia and July had never seen a boy jerk before and watched in awe as Steve jerked, Pao watched thinking I will wake up from a dream soon, after five minutes of jerking Steve bent forward slightly and squirted his cum in four spurts, the girls all smiled with big smiles, Cindy told Steve to get dressed which he quickly did Cindy then said to him ” now fuck off and from now on you will do what they tell you or I will kill you” Steve left the flat, not long after Pia and Pao left talking about what they had just seen, Cindy who was still naked walked over to Pao and to Pao’s surprise sat on her lap saying ” I saw the way you been looking at me” Pao did not say anything, Cindy then said ” well go on then play with mu tits and cunt” as she did she pulled the zip on Pao’s top down, Pao smiled and slid hand between Cindy’s legs and started to rub her love tube, Cindy unclip Pao’s bra and pulled it free from her body then started to lick her erect nipples stopping after a couple minutes then after undoing Pao’s jean knelt on the floor and along with her panties pulled Pao’s jeans right down saying ” I have never had a Bengali girl then pushed her legs apart and buried her tongue deep into Pao’s love tube and cupping her boobs at the same time, Pao sat groaning in pleasure as Cindy massaged her boobs and licked her love tube and after ten minutes gave a deep groan as she gushed. A hour later Pao was walking down the road thinking I have watched a naked white boy jerk off and squirt spunk and been licked out by his naked girlfriend life is cool. The following morning July walked into Steve’s room with two of her classmates with her, she looked at Steve and said ” get the duvet back my friends want to see you naked” Steve knew if he never did as July had said Cindy would give him serious trouble, Steve pushed the duvet back, July’s two friends looked in awe at Steve’s naked body staring at his morning wood, one said ” wow it is big and it is stiff” July then said ” let them do what they want while I have a shower” and left the room, soon both girls were taking it in turns to stroke Steve’s dick and after ten minutes they both gasped as Steve squirted his cum in four spurts. Twenty minutes later the three girls left the house talking about what they had seen and done with July saying I will play with his dick tonight. Steve went into the shower thinking ” I hope nobody ever finds out a Paki bitch and two nine year old girls has seen me naked and wanking off or that two little girls have jerked me off and made me cum if they do find out I will be finished and get killed, That night July made Steve cum twice.

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