Puppy love 2

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By popcorn’s boss Debbie’s friend is jealous that she is going to get puppies and wants John to give her puppies too. John is more than willing

Puppy Love 2

Debbie and Cindy both 7 year old’s were the best of friends and shared everything … even secrets … for this reason the two of them were huddled in the corner of the playground sharing Debbie’s newest big secret. “That’s right John is going to help me have puppies… I saw tow dogs making puppies and my big brother told me what they were doing…” Then we went to his room and he showed me how”

Cindy and Debbie shared another thing … both were dumb as dirt … neither knew anything about sex … After Debbie had fucked her brother she still didn’t know she had had sex.. “Do you think he would show me too?” Cindy asked. “I don’t know… he was really scared about anyone knowing he had shown me” “Please please please … I promise I wont tell anyone … I want a puppy too”

“Well, mom and dad are going away this weekend and John is going to babysit … maybe if we had a sleepover we could ask him …” 13 year old John wasn’t even aware of the opportunity he was going to be blessed with … a horny teens dream to have two little girls wanting him to fuck them … and they wouldn’t even know that is what he was doing…

Not knowing how to describe what she and John had done all Debbie told her friend was that her brother was helping her to have puppies. So Cindy had no idea just what she was walking into. Friday night came around quickly … When John’s folks told him that he was gonna have to watch both girls until Sunday he was disappointed. he had hoped to convince his sister to have some fun again….

The evening went well some pizza and a movie but when it came time for bed … both girls came to John wearing thier PJs … “Hey Johnny…” Debbie asked kinda shyly… “What squirt … it’s bedtime .. no more movies” “That’s not what I want…. I ah.. I told Cindy that you are gonna help me have puppies..” “Shit .. you shouldn’t have said anything,,” “It’s okay …. she wants to have puppies too” “She what?” “She wants puppies too … please”
Cindy joined in begging him to give her puppies too

He knew he had already crossed the line with his 7 year old sister … did he really want to get in more trouble…. He looked Cindy over … cute, like his sister both girls still little almost a foot shorted than him couldn’t weight over 60 lbs … like his sister she didn’t have any tits or figure but there was something about both of them that turned him on He felt his dick starting to harden at the thought of having both of them …

He turned and walked away from them … “Johnny !” they both pleaded …. looking over his shoulder he answered… “Well come on .. let’s go to my room” both girls squealed and ran past him and into his bedroom When he got there they were arguing .. “He’s my brother .. and I already know what to do .. I should go first” “But you already tried once you said … just tell me what to do..”

John sat on the side of the bed … with both girls standing in front of him … his shorts already had a bulge …Before he could say anything Debbie had pulled off her PJs and panties … “DEBBIE !! your naked!” Cindy cried… “Ya gotta be to make puppies … right Johnny?” “That’s right” “Come on Cindy … you ever see dogs with cloths on … ” “But he’ll see me..” she looked scared at John … “He’s gonna be naked too”

“Cindy I know it sounds scary but it will be alright …” He started taking off his shirt as he spoke … “Have you ever seen a boy and girl dog wrestling and stuck together?” “Yeah” she said kind of hesitatingly …. “Well, they were making puppies” “Oh” and like a light bulb going on she thought she knew what it was all about

“Now the really important thing is that what happens tonight … nobody … not your parents or any friends” he gave his sister a bad look .. “NOT even your best friends can know what we do tonight” Cindy looked at her friend who was “hanging her head then back to him … “I guess so” “I guess so is not enough … you have to promise”

“I promise” she looked at Debbie then “Cross my heart .. I promise not to tell anyone” “Ok, Johnny … can we start now?” Debbie moved closer to her brother and pulled down his shorts … not wearing underwear his dick popped out … red and hard … Debbie didn’t hesitate and reached out to take it in her tiny hand and began squeezing and stroking it … “Debbie! that’s his willy!” “Yeah, and we need to make sure it is stiff to make puppies”

“Have you looked close at the dogs when they rub together… the boy dog has a willy too .. and it is hard like this …. sometimes the girl dog will lick to to get it harder … right” she looked at her brother .. he was leaned back with a smile on his face and his eyes closed as his sister played with his dick … she then leaned closer and ran her tongue along its length .. “Cindy you gotta help too..” her little friend reluctantly took off her cloths and moved closer … she had to admit that being naked with her friend and her brother was making her feel funny and her princess parts tingle … reaching forward her friend took her hand and brought it to hold John’s dick… now shiny and slick with precum leaking from his head …

Cindy was amazed at how hard and yet soft it felt … she copied Debbie and moved her hand along the length wrapping her hand around it and stroking up and down. About that time they all heard barking in the back yard… Debbie let go of her brother’s dick and rushed to the window …. in the back yard she saw the same two dogs from before …. as she watched they began their play and wrestling … “Cindy come see .. their making puppies again”

Cindy was still focused on the dick in her hand and the tingling she was feeling between her legs…. “Cindy … now come here!” reluctantly she released John’s dick … they both came to the window … “Looks like their at it again” observed John. “Cindy … look under the big dog … see that red thing hanging down … that like John’s”
“Ehhhh the other dog is licking it …” “Keep watching …” the dogs ran in circles licking each other … “He’s licking the other ones butt…” “Close Cindy but he’s actually licking where he’s gonna plant the puppies” “IN HER BUTT!”

John knelt behind Cindy … “Keep watching the dogs ..” moving closer behind her his hand reached out and brushed her hip then moved down her thigh he leaned forward and whispered in her ear… “dogs are like little girls” his hand grazed across her butt cheeks … “They do have a butt like you right here” and his finger slipped between her cheeks and touched her asshole … She was surprised but even more so she realized she kinda liked it … “But down here ..” his hand moved lower and under her … “This is where he is licking .. it’s called her pussy … it’s where the puppies will come out” His finger continued to slip along her slim cease of a pussy. Now that, decided Cindy, that really felt good… she stood still and let him continue

Watching the dogs the male had begun trying to mount the female … climbing on her back he poked around … jumped off and ran around .. licked her again and jumped up and poked … “What’s he doing?” she asked … using his fingers he split her pussy lips and teased into her tight pussy … “He’s trying to put his thing… his dick … in here” Cindy leaned her hands on the window and leaned forward … pushing her butt out to John’s hand … “Does … mmm.. does it .. mmmm … feel like … like this” she moaned … “I think it feels better for both of them”

At that time he pushed a little deeper … her tiny virgin pussy was hot and wet and felt like it was getting wetter”
“Ohhhh, what are you … pushing … in me … it’s so big ..” He kissed her neck and tried to go deeper when she winched “Ouch .. stop” Debbie was split on what to watch … the dogs were now humping together and both growling … but seeing her big brother touching her friend was also making her get wet between her legs … she reached down and tried to copy what he was doing to her… her slim finger went easily into her pussy …

John tried to add a second finger into the little girl’s pussy … working slowly to open her without going deep … her tiny lips spread wider and allowed two fingers to play inside … it felt full and stretched her but was not hurting .. she was feeling warm all over. “Their making puppies now ..” said Debbie who was also feeling good playing with herself. “Let John make puppies in you… ” “How?” “Stand like this” Debbie showed her how to get on her hands and knees … John stayed close and when Cindy was in position he began kissing down her back while caressing her with his hands …

While her brother moved down her friends back Debbie moved close to her head … she leaned in and talked softly to her little friend … “He’s gonna put puppies inside you … at first it will hurt … but not long … then it feels sooo good…. he’s done this to me a couple times and it’s better each time” and she kissed her friends cheek…. Cindy was feeling good already but when Debbie told her it was gonna hurt she got nervous again … “I … I..don’t .. I don’t know ..” and she felt his tongue tickle her asshole…. she started to jump but when his tongue slipped inside her ass she moaned and shivered …

“You … you … said lower” and his tongue moved to lick his second virgin … running his tongue along her slit and touching the tiny bump she moaned again and dropped to her elbows pushing her ass up and back. Feeling her move to him he pushed his tongue deeper into her … tasting her nectar …(God he thought .. do all pussies taste like these two) again and again he pushed into her with her dripping and his spit her pussy was becoming very wet ..

John knew if he didn’t fuck this little girl soon he was gonna cum all over the floor … when he raised up behind her tiny butt he took her hips in his hands … like the dog he bumped against her trying to find her hole … Debbie saw what was happening and moved in front of Cindy she took her head in her hands and lifted it up so the two girls were looking into each others eyes No sooner had they locked eyes than John found his spot … feeling the lips of her pussy separate his dick felt the moistness of her on his crown …

He closed his eyes … held her hips firmly and pushed hard into the little girl … Cindy screamed in pain .. Debbie too in sympathy as she knew the pain her friend was feeling … Cindy’s hands clutched her friends tightly as she felt so stretched and torn inside … both girls cried .. with tears streaming down her cheeks Cindy kept screaming … trying to get her breath and tell John to stop all she could get out were grunts and whimpers After fucking his sister he knew he was not going to be able to go deep into her … not yet … he worked slowly in and out .. the pain for Cindy not letting up … each time she felt relief he would push in again and split her farther…

John’s dick was coated with blood … more than when he had taken his sisters virginity. Cindy’s pussy was smaller, tighter and her hymen stronger and thicker … when it tore it bled more … yet the blood had served to aide John to move more inside the 7 year old’s pussy. I wonder if I can fuck anymore of Debbie’s friends too he thought… He slowly worked deeper into the slim girls body … moving smoother and faster … from watching porn and having been with his little sister he knew that if he could find her clit he may be able to take away some of the pain from the girl….

One hand left her hip and slid beneath the prepubescent child …. brushing along the lips stretched thigh around his dick he found the slightest rise at the top of her slit … at first he was too aggressive with his eagerness and rubbed her too hard and only brought on more pain … his sister seeing what he was doing brushed his hand away and she began doing what she had found recently when playing with her pussy …

Gently rubbing along her tiny clit … slim fingers running along both sides then lightly tapping … teasing the little nubbin as it began to feel good to her friend … her clit swelled enough that it was now visible above her slit … Debbie dipped her fingers into the blood and discharge from her brother and friend and used it to lubricate her fingers to move along her clit…. John almost ready to cum had paused his strokes to prolong the experience .. no longer feeling the push and pull inside but just the fullness Cindy was able to block out the pain and began to enjoy what her friend was doing …

Slowly the pleasure warmed her body spreading out from her clit … it caused her pussy to throb and squeeze around John’s dick

The tightness and fullness within her was feeling good now … John began moving slowly easing in until he felt her resist then he held still and slowly pulled back and repeated … Cindy began moving between the siblings … pushing her clit to Debbie’s fingers then her butt back to John … Debbie was matching her attention to Cindy with strokes to her own clit and pussy …. John leaned over and kissed Cindy’s shoulder then leaned farther and kissed his sister … he then sat back up and began stroking faster … matching his speed to Cindy’s until she no longer responded to the pain and their thigh were slapping together with wet sounds as her and his fluids leaked out and down their thighs …

Cindy had no way of knowing that the feelings flooding her senses were the beginnings of her first orgasm … she only knew that the more John pushed into her now the better she felt … and she wanted more … her whimpers now were please to continue to do more …. “Please … give me puppies … more .. more …” John felt his balls pull up and with one more push into this no longer virgin pussy his dick throbbed and pumped cum into the womb of the little girl grasped in his hands and wrapped around his dick … As for Cindy she felt the warmth of his cum spread inside her and spread … then she to began to shake and pulse then her mussels went rigid …. and she screamed again as she too came …

John held her impaled on his still pulsing dick … until she rolled forward and he came out with a pop followed by a flow of both their cum. The two girls lay next to each other smiling and brushing their hands along their friends cheeks …. “Will I have puppies now?” Cindy asked … “Well we may have to try a couple times” came Debbie reply … “Good”

They heard a dog yelp loud outside and as they all looked outside the male pulled his knot from the female they then lay and licked them self clean … “Should we do that too?” asked Cindy … John laughed … “I don’t think we’d be able to do that … how about Cindy, you lick me clean and Debbie you lick Cindy … and I .. ” He ran his finger along his sisters slit and found how wet she already was … “How about I lick you before we try to make puppies again”

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By popcorn’s boss #Incest #PreTeen #Threesome #Virgin