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This is Naresh from Chennai. I would like to inform my dear readers a fact that happened abt 2 years back. I am into supply of plastics and have an office in town. I have 5 persons working under me out of which 2 are females and 3 are males. Females at reception and computer operator. My female computer operator [Leena her name is] got married abt two years back. Her looks were very sexy and had good sized boobs I think it would be not less that 36. Keeping her hairs untied made her look sexier, and she was having an average body not slim and not fat. While she use to walk I use to admire her wished as I could have a chance of being with her. Well, she was quite happy when she resumed the work, after taking a leave for 1 month for wedding. As she was hard working and sincere I also had not objection to it, so other members of staff took care of her work during her absence. Her hubby was working in Middle East, and when he use to come she use to take a leave for 2-3 days so she could spend some time with him.

Let’s come to main point. As the days passed she use to be a bit tensed, I could make out of her face. But she never revealed it. I came to know from other sources that as she was not able to conceive, her hubby was much angry with her. She had been to doctor also but nothing seemed to be fine at her end. Suddenly once I got a mail in my mail box which she had written to her hubby from office, I don’t know how that mail landed in my mailbox, or may be purposely she would have send that to me. I was surprised to read the mail, which says, that she is trying her level best to conceive, and takes care but then too she was unsuccessful. She suggested her hubby to get his test done, but as he was from an orthodox family, he scolded her a lot and said it’s all because of her, and warned her that if next week he is coming back and if she does not conceive he would leave her and marry another girl. So with this I came to know her position, as this was the reason for her being upset. As many times I have also seen her in tears when she was sitting idle.

One day after I got the mail, she came to my cabin for details, which was a routine. While giving details, I was looking at her and asked her that what’s the problem, why is she upset, so she said nothing, she is all fine. Then with courage I told her that I have received a mail which was to be send to her hubby by her, so she was surprised, said which one. So I told her that after reading that mail I have come to know abt the problems she is facing with her hubby. This made her in tears; I said that crying is not the solution. So she said well, now she also has no other option left, she will try this time, as his hubby was expected on Sunday and the day we were discussing was on Friday. She could not stop crying, and asked me not to disclose this to any of the staff members or else they would make a fun of her. So I told her that not to worry, I told her whatsoever goes in this cabin is all confidential not to worry, so she saw at me when I said whatsoever goes in this cabin. So with courage I said see if she wants I could help her, but for that she has to be ready and this matter should be totally confidential. So she asked as how, then I told her see as its the matter of her future life, If she wishes, I could sleep with her and make her pregnant, as may be her hubby may have some problem and as he is not ready to get himself tested, first she was upset and not replying me, and started crying and crying. Then I told her see as I said that here whatsoever goes would be all confidential, if she does not want that, its ok, lets forget the chapter, and lets return to our work, so she replied, as if she agrees, would anyone come to know abt it. So I said see with this she would be more beneficial than me, so at last she agreed. So I told her that this should happen before her husband comes, so no one would have any doubt. She was not prepared for the same. So what was next? I told her that today she may take a leave early by 2.30 after lunch stating that she is having some fever and I would also leave early and had from office booked a hotel and told her to meet me in the restaurant of that hotel with some files in hand, so if anyone known sees here there would not have any type of doubt.

So, with my permission, she moved out of office as if she was not well and having a fever. After she departed I also left, saying in office that I have to go to meet someone for business matter and would not be back. Immediately I reached the hotel and took the room keys and came to the restaurant, and then called her and she said she was at the door of hotel, and once I saw her coming in, moved out of restaurant and proceeded to the lift. Within moments we were on the 8th Floor where we had a room and once we reached room, I embraced her. Holding her in my arms, I kissed her forehead, chin, cheeks, ears, nose, eyes and lips. She was still tensed, so I said to relax now as we are in a secure place and not to worry any how, she smiled and said she would like to use washroom.

So I advised her to take a shower and she said fine. I was lying on bed and what I saw that after taking bath came out totally naked with just a towel tied at her chest level. She came near me and I pulled her on bed and started kissing her lips, and she also did the same and I moved my hands over her body, and untied the towel, wow what a lovely boobs she had, I was squeezing the boobs, one by one and she was moaning and then started kissing her body, her navel, her arm pits, her neck, she said she loves liking the body, so I obeyed her and started licking her body with my tongue, started from her lips, nose, eyes, ear, neck then to clevence, boobs, nipples, armpits, arms, then moving to belly, navel, and then to her pubic area, with that I could feel that some sort of current was passing in her body. I finally came to her pussy with my tongue, and she said she also wanna see me naked, so I got up and told her to make me naked, she removed my shirt, my trousers, and was in undies, with fully erect dick. She put her hand in my undies and felt the heat, and said baap re itna bada hai…… So I said choney se kia hota hai deedar bhi to kar lo, and she removed the undies and saw my throbbing dick, and kissed it. She said she was too hungry for the dick, as she gets the same only when her hubby is in town. I said henceforth she does not have to worry for it; she would get mine when so ever she feels like having it, and she agreed to it. I again went to her clean shaven pussy and started licking her, and she holding my head, with her both hands was rubbing her boobs over my body, and said to bite in her pussy as she loves that.

I did whatsoever I could at her pussy and she reached at climax with the oozing juices. But then she said, she wants to have my cream inside her pussy, so she becomes pregnant. I said not to worry, this year she would deliver my baby, and she smiled. I then got up and gave my dick to her and told her to suck, she started slowly and then engulfed whole of my dick, as I said I would be coming, she immediately removed and said right thing in right place, fuck me now please I cant wait, so I made her lie on bed and started to kiss her toe and then licking her legs reached her pussy and then moved on to navel and then reached her lips, smooched her and put my tool on her pussy, and started to push it, she was holding me with her both arms around my buttocks, and said yes sir aaooo naa ander….. Sir… Jaldi aaooo gee…. Fuck me sir…… Put it deep inside me sir and I started giving her stroking, and each stroke she was enjoying she says taras gai thee mai land ke lie…. Sir… Aapney aaaj mujhe khush bhi kar dia hair….. Aur aaj mujhe choodkar mujhe maa bhi bana dena maai aapka upkar zindagi bhar nai bhulongi sir…… I said to keep promise that in her hubbys absence she would enjoy with me only so she said yes why not … Now my sir is also my hubby. And oy eeeemaaaaa sir… More harder, I want your cream to go deeper so I can conceive I need ur dick deep inside my cunt, love you sir….u r great sir fuck me harder sir ooyyyeeeesss maza.. Arrah hai sir….aapse chudwakaar…… Yesss. I said I am about to come and started more harder stroking and after abt 15 min in her pussy I dropped my cum in her pussy with deep care that she can conceive with it. At last all went inside her pussy and she was happy, and she had tears in her eyes and said thanks to me, but I said this is not over now I have many more things to be done with you, She said now she is my slave, I have to order and she would obey me, So I said first thing no flirting in office, in office we behave like earlier, so as on one could come to know. She agreed, and said when she would need me she would come in my cabin all alone and ask for the appointment, and then we would fix, the time and have fun. She was happy. After that I said I wanna fuck once more, she said yes but now she said she would like to be on top, and ride on my dick, It sounds nice I said, and she started sucking my dick by the time my dick was hard she sat on it and started riding on me, and I was holding her boobs and playing with her boobs and pinching her nipples which she was enjoying and time by time she was sucking my lips and fucking me harder and harder and when I was to cum she said to change the position and she came down and made me fuck and said now she is ready to receive my cum and within moments to deep stroking I discharged my cum in her cunt which made her more relaxed.

After second session, she said she is getting late and said once she is pregnant, she would give me good news and then again when her hubby goes she would like to enjoy with me. I agreed and next day she was in office as usual. On Monday she called me on phone and said that her hubby has come back so she would take a leave for 2 days and will resume on Wednesday I permitted her. Later on when she resumed work, she was quite normal. Her hubby was there for about 20 days, and I also went out for business tour for about 30 days. When I came back, I received an email from her, in which she gave me million thanks, and she said that she is pregnant and her hubby was also much happy this time, as she also forwarded her hubbys mail to me, in which he was telling her that he is happy now and would now not talk abt leaving her. She was happy so was I, as I would also be benefited with her being pregnant.

Now she is on leave, as she delivered a baby boy and would be resuming after 45 days, and then shall our secret mission start again. Friends how was this real story, hope you could also get a chance.