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tagIncest/TabooQuarantine Flirting

Author's Note: All characters over eighteen at all times.
"God I'm so fucking bored," Bree said with a heavy sigh.
"Yes," said Rowan. "So you've said. Repeatedly."
Bree glared sidelong at her younger brother. "And yet you continue to not entertain me. You haven't looked up from your phone in hours."
"Not even remotely true."
Bree harrumphed and folded her arms. Being cooped up inside for such extended periods of time just didn't seem fair, what with them both being well into their twenties now. It felt more like a kid or even early teenager kind of predicament. They should have had adult freedom, but stupid life-threatening pandemics had to go and ruin everything, as usual.
"Well it feels like hours."
Rowan waved at the tv in front of them. "There's a whole world of mind-numbing entertainment right there. You could try that."
"Nothing good on."
"Well don't blame me for that."
"I don't. I blame you for not amusing me."
"Who you talking to anyway? You've been quite absorbed."
"No one."
Bree arched her eyebrow. "No one? It's a girl then, huh?"
"… maybe."
"Ooh." Bree bounced to her knees in a flash and tried to peek over Rowan's shoulder. "Who is it? Anyone I know? You gettin' dirty?"
"None of your business actually," Rowan said, casually holding his phone away from his snooping big sister.
"Boo. So boring. At least tell me. Anyone I know?"
Rowan hesitated. "If I tell you that, will you drop it?"
"Ok. You know her."
"Ooh. Who is it?"
"You just said you'd drop it!"
"I obviously lied."
Rowan rolled his eyes. "You're impossible."
"Hey, I gotta look out for my little bro, don't I? Make sure you aren't going after the wrong girl."
"It's nothing to do with that. You just want to pry."
"I mean, I'm curious, sure."
"Well tough."
"C'mon. Tell me. I'll poke you until you tell me." Bree readied her jabbing finger.
"You're only getting more childish with age, I feel."
"Leveraging childish tools when appropriate is different from being childish."
"I don't think it is, but fine." A small, crooked smile graced Rowan's lips. "I kinda want to tell someone anyway. Haven't had anyone to talk to about her. It's Jenny."
Bree's smile went wide, then abruptly quirked into confusion. "Wait, like-"
"Jenny I used to go to school with. You remember her."
"… like Kal's sister Jenny?"
Rowan shrugged. "Kal's her brother, yeah. Oh, he was in your class, wasn't he?"
"… mmhm."
"Why do you sound like that bothers you?"
"I don't know if it bothers me exactly."
"Well there's something."
Bree nodded slowly. "It's just… I've been kinda flirting with someone too. Mostly just on the phone. And, like…"
"I've been talking to Kal, is all."
Rowan took a moment to process. "Like, talking? Or-"
"Flirting. I've been flirting with him."
"Jenny's Kal?"
"Obviously him, yes."
Both siblings went quiet for a long moment.
"Is that… weird?" Rowan asked.
"That's what I'm trying to figure out."
"I mean, we really haven't done anything."
"Right. Plus it's not like it's a problem even if we'd each made out with one of them already, right?"
"It'd be weird though."
Bree sighed. "Yeah. Maybe a little."
Rowan fiddled with his phone, then put it down again. "Well this sucks."
"Woulda been better if you hadn't been nosy, huh?"
"Hey! Don't blame this on me."
"It's your fault though."
Bree shook her head firmly. "Nuh uh. I can't help who you flirt with."
"But you coulda just let me be and we never would have known."
"And what if we both started dating, hm? Then eventually realized. That'd be worse, wouldn't it?"
Rowan considered. "I mean… maybe?"
"So it's just as well we found out. We can either abandon ship, or lean into it. But at least we know."
"… what do you mean 'lean into it'?"
Bree shrugged and pushed her hair back. "I'm not saying we should, but like, we could just own it if we wanted. Be like, yeah, we're dating siblings. So what?"
"I'm not dating Jenny. We're just talking."
"Sure sure. But you know what I mean."
"Kinda, I guess."
Rowan drummed his fingers on his leg anxiously. He flicked his gaze down to his phone, then away, then back again.
"You still wanna text her, huh?" Bree said.
"… well it's just getting good."
Bree grinned. "Wanna mess with them some?"
"Let's get a pic with both of us and we each send it at the same time. See if they realize."
"They might already know."
"Then nothing lost. Could be fun is all."
Rowan glanced at his phone again, then at his impishly smiling sister. "Yeah, alright. Why not. I'm bored as hell anyway."
"That's the spirit!"
Jenny's face quirked as an image came through on her phone. "Huh."
Kal, sitting across the room from her and sprawled across a recliner, glanced over. "What?"
"Nothin'. Just… this guy sent me a picture with him and his sister. I don't know why."
Kal shrugged, then a moment later frowned in confusion. "Wait, which guy?"
"Why do you care?"
"Seriously, which guy?"
"Seriously, why do you care?"
"Is it Rowan?"
Jenny stared hard at her older brother. "How the hell would you guess that?"
"Because I just got a pic too. And it's from Bree. I assume the same one as what you got."
It took Jenny another couple seconds to put it together. "Wait, so… have you been talking with Bree?"
"And… I've been talking to Rowan."
"Seems that way."
"… well what the shit?"
"Wait, so were you talking, or 'talking'?" Jenny asked, heavily emphasizing the last word.
Kal shrugged. "More like the second one."
"Shit. Me too."
"Apparently they figured it out before we did."
"Now what?"
"Beats me. Was that, like, a 'hey this is weird, let's not do this'? Or is it more 'what a funny thing that happened, let's carry on then' kinda thing?"
Kal threw his hands up helplessly. "No idea."
"… should we send a picture back?"
"What, like, flirt with them together?"
"Ew. No. Just… take it playfully. You know. Make it not a big deal."
"That's what flirting is."
Jenny pouted at her brother. "Well if you're gonna insist on making it weird…"
"I'm not. We can do it if you want."
"I dunno. Let me think about it."
Rowan snorted as he looked at his phone. "Guess we're ok."
Bree looked over at him. "Hm?"
"Didn't you get it? Jenny just sent me a pic of her and Kal. Pretty cozy. Like half hugging or something."
Bree checked her phone. "Oh yeah. There it is. Neat."
"I mean, I have no idea what to do from here. Maybe I'll just leave it for today."
"No way! Let's do something else."
"Yeah. Come on. I've never done something like this before."
"Obviously. I don't think anyone has. I mean who-"
"We're bored as all hell, right? Let's just roll with it."
Rowan frowned. "What, until they stop talking to us?"
"Maybe. Or maybe we all just have a good time."
"… I don't think I like what you're implying here."
"Come on. It's harmless."
"Is it?"
"Yeah. Just flirting."
"But… all four of us, though."
Bree nodded. "Sure. But since we're brother and sister, and so are they, it actually keeps things kinda simple. No one getting interested in the wrong person, you know?"
"I don't think that's the problem here."
"No, listen, 'cause if we were just friends, right? And Jenny and Kal were just friends. If everyone was friends, and we started-"
"Bree, seriously, I get it. This is different than that, sure, but I don't know that it's actually better."
"Why not?"
"… maybe I don't want to know what goes on in your mind when you're into someone."
"Pff. Consider it valuable insight. Come on. Let's do something fun. You gonna wuss out on me or what?"
Rowan sighed heavily, throwing his head back for a moment. "You're just lucky I'm super bored being stuck alone with you all the time."
Bree nodded sagely. "I sure am a lucky girl."
"Oh wow," Kal said.
Jenny looked over. "What?"
"I dunno. You see this new pic? Bree and Rowan getting pretty cozy."
"Are they? In what way?"
"I dunno. Like sitting cozy together. I think she's trying to imply me and her could be doing that? Or something?"
Jenny opened the photo as soon as Rowan sent it to her. Her and her brother getting the same pictures was interesting. Weird, but interesting.
"They are awfully snug," she agreed.
"It'd be weirding me out if he wasn't her brother."
Jenny gave Kal an odd glance. "Isn't it weirder that he's her brother?"
"No, like, 'cause obviously if they're siblings it means she's not, like, trying to make me jealous in that fucked up kind of way."
Jenny chewed on that for a moment. "Again, isn't it more fucked up that-"
"No. Not like that. You're twisting this."
"I mean I get it. It'd be petty to try and get close to another boy to make you jealous. And it's not like that. But if she's getting close to her brother…"
Jenny trailed off. She and Kal both checked their phones as another picture came through. This one similar to the last, only with Bree giving Rowan a peck on the cheek while he snapped the two of them.
"This is a strange game," Kal murmured.
"Tell me about it," Jenny said.
"… should we?"
"Should we what?"
"You know."
Jenny's pulse sped up a little as she thought it through, sneaking glances at her brother all the while. She wasn't sure what was happening, but it felt kind of wrong. Only a little though. Not a lot. Not like it was really anything bad. It might be kind of fun, and everyone was bored stupid anyway.
"We could try," she said.
"Oh that's a cute one," Bree said.
She and Rowan were curled up together and had essentially switched to sharing a single phone.
"It is," Rowan agreed.
He leaned his chin on Bree's shoulder to get a good look. His arm was wrapped loosely around her waist.
"I think I kinda like this," Bree said.
"Weirdly… yeah. So do I."
"Wanna do something more fun?"
"Like what?"
"I'm thinking… give 'em a flash."
"Of my tits."
"Yeah. That's what I thought you meant."
"Come on. Bra on. Nothing drastic."
Rowan sighed. "You're corrupting me, you know."
"Pff. I can't imagine anything in that little head of yours is particularly innocent."
"It's gonna be less innocent by the time you're done with me."
Bree cocked her head around to look at her brother. "You make it sound like I'm seducing you rather than Kal."
Rowan flushed a deep red. "No. Just… no. Just take the picture."
Bree grinned wider. "Pull my shirt up. I'll snap it."
"… ok."
Jenny and Kal, having had to get comfy together for their previous photo, were still sitting pretty close. They too shared a screen as the return flirtation arrived.
"Ooh, boobies. Now we're getting somewhere," Kal said admiringly.
Jenny wrinkled her nose. "Maybe for you."
"I'm sure Rowan'll show a little something if you ask nice."
"Maybe. We never got that far yet. And I don't know about this anyway. Like, he's pulling Bree's shirt up. That's his sister."
Kal chuckled. "I remember."
"Don't get any ideas."
"Who, me?"
"Yeah you. I'll pull my own shirt up if it comes to it, thanks."
A bemused smile played across Kal's lips. "You want me to get a pic of you doing that?"
Jenny squirmed. "You think Rowan would like it?"
"Most definitely."
"We could try it. But my bra's staying on. Same as Bree."
"Yeah, of course."
"Aw, she lifted her own shirt," Bree pouted. "Spoilsport."
Rowan shook his head, eyes fixed on the phone. "Still, though. Boobies."
"That all it takes?"
"Sometimes, sure."
"… wanna feel mine?"
Rowan's head jerked up. "What?"
"For the picture. Just, like, cup 'em a bit."
"You just said you like boobs."
"Not yours."
"What's wrong with mine?"
"Nothing. If you weren't my sister."
Bree snickered. "Sure. So enjoy them then. It'd just be for a quick second anyway, right?"
"Once again, trying to corrupt me."
"Trying to entice Kal, actually."
"In a 'corrupting your little brother' kind of way, sure."
Bree shrugged. "Fine. Let's switch. Get your shirt off for Jenny. How 'bout that?"
"Um… wait, so no boobs then?"
Bree smirked. "Gonna have to make your mind up on that one. If you want a feel, today might be your only chance."
"I wish you wouldn't say it like that."
"But you do want a feel now, don't you?"
"… maybe. Shut up."
"Ok, I might actually be getting a little jealous now," Kal said.
Jenny's eyes were wide. "He's… feeling her tits."
"Yeah. Brother or not, I'm not sure I like this."
"Her tits!"
"I heard. And saw."
"But… he can't do that."
"He's doing that."
"But he can't!"
"Tell them that."
Jenny's thumbs started moving, then almost immediately erased everything she'd typed. She started again, then again deleted it.
"What do I even say?" she asked.
Kal shrugged. "You think I know?"
"But like…" Jenny shook her head. "We just took it too far. That's all. We should just stop. Maybe… maybe I don't text Rowan again until tomorrow. Let us all cool off."
"Yeah. Maybe."
"Why did you say it like that?"
"Like what?"
"Like you don't agree."
"Oh, just 'cause, like, I'll probably still text Bree."
"What? She showed me her tits. I can probably get more out of her. Like with her bra off."
Jenny gaped at her brother. "That's so messed up."
"I like tits. Bree's got nice-"
"I'm not arguing that. But I'm saying… you… I mean you really want to see her brother feeling her up more?"
"I really don't think it's that big a deal."
"You don't?"
"You showed me your tits just now. For the picture."
Jenny's cheeks flushed red. "With my bra on though. Not the same. I didn't… it's not… it's not like I'd show them to you naked. Or let you touch them. Stuff like that."
"Even if Rowan liked it?"
Jenny hesitated, but shook her head. "Not good enough. If I wanted to show him, I'd do it privately, thank you."
Jenny's phone buzzed and she checked it without thinking. Kal peered over her shoulder.
"Ooh, topless Rowan," Kal said. "See, there you go."
"But… but Bree's still so close with him," Jenny murmured, eyes still on her phone.
"Sure is."
"At least he's not groping her this time."
"Or vice versa."
"Right. Or that."
"… so wanna do another? I take my shirt off, you leave yours on?"
Jenny squirmed. "This is so unfair."
"It's pretty reasonable. You don't even have to-"
"It's everything. All of you. And I just…"
Kal tilted his head. "Just what?"
"No come on, what?"
"… I kinda want to keep going."
Kal smiled crookedly. "Well perfect."
"Is it though?"
"Yeah. Come on. It's fun. We'll just do some more of this, stave off the mind-numbing quarantine boredom for a while, then that's it, right?"
"Yeah. Yeah I guess. Maybe."
"Cool. So… I'll take my shirt off then?"
"Phew, finally," Bree said. "And damn, look at that chest though."
"Enh. Doesn't do it for me so much," Rowan said.
"I mean… you know I'm only interested in Jenny here, right?"
"Her tits?"
"Other stuff. But yeah, tits."
"Just hers?" Bree teased.
"Don't start with me."
"I mean, mine are at least as good. Probably better." Bree lifted her shirt and pretended to examine herself critically. "I'd say-"
Rowan rolled his eyes. "Yes, your boobs are nice, Bree."
"Aw, thanks."
"Now don't make it weird."
Bree tossed her hair flirtatiously. "The more we do this, the more I think I'm leaning into the weirdness. It's kinda working for me."
"Oh god."
"Not doing anything for you? Even a little?"
"Let's not forget what we're doing here, yeah?"
"Oh don't worry. I know." Bree pulled her top off and adjusted her bra slightly. "Here, come cuddle up. Let's get another pic."
Rowan only hesitated a moment.
"They're both shirtless now," Kal said.
"Yeah, I can see that."
Kal smiled at Jenny's rapt attention to her phone screen.
"We can one up them, you know."
"Lose your bra."
Jenny gasped and smacked Kal hard on the shoulder.
"Ow! Hey!"
"I'm not 'losing my bra.' I mean honestly."
"Don't you want to show-"
"With Rowan… maybe. I don't know if things were quite that far along. But I really don't want to get that intimate with Bree. And definitely not with you."
"Ok, see, you're still seeing this wrong," Kal said. "It's not about me or Bree. I mean, it is a little, but mostly not. It's like… like…"
"You don't have a good explanation, do you? It's like you actually just want to check out my boobs."
Kal was silent just a moment too long. Jenny raised her eyebrows sharply.
"Kal? Say you don't actually want to see my boobs."
"Yeah, no, obviously it's not about that."
"Say I'm your sister and that'd be weird, and it's already weird us doing what we're doing."
"Say it!"
"Or what?"
Kal threw his hands up. "You've got a nice rack, ok?"
"Oh jesus."
"I mean everyone agrees. Rowan likes it-"
"He's allowed."
"-Bree appreciates it on some level, I'm sure. And… yes, ok, it's a little weird, but maybe I wouldn't mind seeing more. With the bra off."
Jenny curled up and covered her face with her hands. "I knew this was a bad idea."
Kal just watched her for a minute. "I'm ruining this, aren't I?"
"Kinda, yeah."
"It's probably just 'cause I'm a bit turned on. That's probably all it is."
"That doesn't make it better."
"No 'cause like, it's just because you're here, probably. Not anything weird."
Jenny glared sidelong at Kal. "That's worse."
"How is that worse?"
"Because it means… I'm just a set of nice tits to you. When you're horny, anyway. You start getting hard and hey, me being your sister means nothing. That's fucked."
"Well I didn't mean it like that."
"Well great. Good for you."
The siblings sat in silence for a long, uncomfortable pause.
"Maybe I shouldn't have let this go on," Kal said eventually.
"Probably not," Jenny agreed.
"I was enjoying it though."
"Yes, I am aware."
"Not just… not quite as bad as I made it sound, ok? I'm just worried I'll make it worse."
Jenny arched an eyebrow. "Worse? How?"
Kal shrugged. "You know. Like if I only just realized how much you'd grown. And if maybe it caught me by surprise, but… but it was kind of fascinating. Exciting, even."
"Excuse me?"
"Hey, I said it'd make things worse."
Jenny sucked on her lip. "So it's still just because you're horny and-"
"Nah, that's the problem. I don't think it's that. I just think that it's the confluence of what we're doing and what I'm feeling that let me realize." Kal glanced cautiously at his sister. "You got hot. It snuck up on me. And it's all, like, intriguing and forbidden and stuff."
"Forbidden 'cause I'm your sister."
"… you think I'm hot?"
"That's what I'm saying."
Jenny squirmed. "That's still bad."
"I know."
"But maybe a little less bad."
"Yeah. Maybe. I mean it's still not good, but at least it's, like, partly to do with me and not just my tits."
Kal nodded. "It's definitely not just them. Just… they were kind of the focus is all. I might have zeroed in a little too heavily there."
"You really want to see them?"
"Nah. I mean, I do. But it's probably best if we don't go there, right?"
Jenny shrugged and nodded. "Probably." She glanced cautiously at her brother. "But what if we did, though?"
"Like, we still want to get Bree to show you her boobs, right? So if I show mine…"

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