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tagIncest/TabooQuarantine Stories Ch. 06

***All characters are over 18 and are fictional. Any resemblance to any real-life persons is purely coincidental.
It all started at the beginning of the nationwide lockdown. The coronavirus, also known as covid-19, was spreading like wildfire all across the country and state after state had no choice but to start shutting down non-essential businesses. Millions of people who were able to started to work from home. Danny Milton was one of those people who had to start working from home, something he had never expected to do. He enjoyed going to work on a regular basis, but now he was going to be stuck at home for who knows how long.
He lived in a small two-bedroom apartment and his roommate had just moved out a few weeks earlier to move in with his girlfriend. He was in the process of looking for a new roommate when people started to freak out about the pandemic. He was prepared to start living alone for a while which he preferred not to do. He would rather have a roommate to hang out with, or even better a girlfriend to have some bedtime fun with. He tried to reach out to a few friends to see if they were interested in renting the second bedroom, but they already made other living arrangements during the pandemic.
He didn't have to worry about living alone for long when on the first day of him having to stay at home when he got a call from his mother about an urgent matter.
"What's going on, mom?" he asked.
"It's your cousin Katie," she said over the cracking over her outdated cell phone. "She needs a place to stay, and I know you have an extra bedroom you're looking to rent out. Can't she stay with you?"
"I don't know, mom, I was hoping for a guy to move in so I could hang out with."
"But she really needs a place to go, she has to leave her apartment when she found out her boyfriend, she was living with got another girl pregnant."
"That sucks."
"Exactly. And now with this pandemic people are scrambling for a place to stay, can't she stay with you?"
"I suppose," he replied. He would rather not, he felt it would be better to live with a guy then having to watch how he behaves around a woman all day, every day. But Katie was family and she was in a desperate situation, so he agreed to it. "You can tell her she could come by any time to move in."
"She's already on her way. She left his apartment half an hour ago and should be there soon."
With that she hung up quickly before he could say anything else. He thought he would have a few extra hours to get his apartment ready for a woman to live in, but now he was on short notice so all he could do for now was do the dishes quickly before she finally arrived.
When Katie arrived, he helped bring up three suitcases and six boxes that she had crammed into her car. She didn't have any furniture, because it was her ex-boyfriends' apartment she had moved in, so it was just some stuff she was able to pack up easily. She felt fortunate that she had a cousin with an extra bedroom with a bed and a dresser that was left over from a previous tenant.
They got everything set up in her room within the hour. He even helped her setup her computer with the internet and her webcam. She was a yoga and aerobics teacher, but those places were now shut down so a friend of hers set her up with an online company where she would be teaching yoga and aerobics online.
"Thanks for doing this," she said. "I know it was short notice, and I know your mother didn't give you much time to tell you I was coming, so I really appreciate you doing this."
"No problem," Danny replied. "I'm just glad I get to have some company during this lockdown."
"I feel the same way. I had nobody else to move in with and it was either my car or moving back home and that was a tough choice. So, I'm really happy to be here."
With that she gave him a big hug, pressing herself very close to Danny's body. For a moment he enjoyed the feeling then quickly pushed that thought away and cursed himself in his mind for having a thought like that about his cousin. But he couldn't resist, she was a few years younger than him, about 26, she had dirty blond hair, had a slim athletic body, a good size ass and from what he could tell c-cups breasts that were on the line of being d-cups. But despite that he wasn't going to be that kind of guy that pervs on his own cousin so he decided to make sure that during her time in his apartment he was going to behave accordingly with her.
They had lunch and watched some TV then went out a little to the local stores to get whatever food and supplies they could get before it ran out. They managed to get the last 12pack of the good kind of toilet paper before it was gone, and they almost had to fight off a crazy woman who was going after it herself. After that they were ready for a good long period of being stuck in their small apartment together.
The first few weeks went fine, they mostly stayed out of each other's way as Danny did his work on his computer in his room that was connected to his company's private network. And Katie was in her room mostly on the webcam teaching her yoga classes and aerobics classes. They didn't see each other much during the day, except when running into each other on their breaks when going to the kitchen or on the way to the bathroom. Then would see each other the most in the morning for breakfast, or in the evening when they were finished working to have dinner and binge watch something on TV.
It was all going fine, but a problem started to form between the two of them one evening when they met for dinner. Katie, who was a decent cook, usually made them something to eat for dinner. Danny told her she didn't have to cook for him that much, but she said it was no problem and also, she enjoyed cooking. Danny sometimes made dinner for them, but never as good as Katie's meals.
"This looks good," said Danny. "Thanks again for making these dinners.
"It's no problem. With this pandemic going on I felt it was a good time to try some new recipes," she replied.
As they ate their dinner and made small talk, Danny's eyes noticed something very noticeable about Katie; two noticeable somethings to be exact. She was wearing a tight white t-shirt with a band logo on it, and it was very clear that she was wearing no bra as her nipples were poking hard through her shirt. The shirt was also a little low cut so it showed some cleavage on top as well.
"My eyes are up here buddy," said Katie as she pointed to her eyes.
"Oh, I'm so sorry… I don't know why I did that," he said quite embarrassed.
"It's ok, I figured you might notice."
She began to tell him how after she finished online yoga classes and took off her sports bra to change into some casual clothes and found herself picking out a bra to wear. That's when she realized that she wasn't going anywhere these days and took the opportunity to just go without wearing a bra. She said that she felt that if she was going to be staying in that apartment, she needed to start feeling more comfortable living there and that included not having to wear a bra when she didn't have to.
"I figured we're both adults, you can handle it if when I'm dressing down casually, I'm going to be relaxed in how I dress myself."
"I guess that makes sense, you need to feel comfortable living here," Danny replied.
"But at the same time, if I'm going to stop wearing bras around here, for your sake I'll top wearing tight shirts that reveal my tits too much."
"That's probably for the best," said Danny. "You may be my cousin, but I'm not going to concentrate much if you dress like that."
"And I honestly don't blame you," she said with a giggle. "Even after I caught you looking, you still can't stop looking at my tits."
"Damn it, sorry."
They both had a good laugh and went back to eating dinner. Afterwards, Danny cleaned up the dishes in the kitchen; he felt that if Katie was going to cook for him, the least he could do was clean the dishes afterwards. Katie went to her room to change her shirt to something a little looser. Although she liked wearing tight shirts that showed off her tits, she realized that she wasn't living with her ex-anymore, she was living with her cousin and it would be inappropriate. But still, even though she stopped him from looking at her tits, she still liked the idea of him looking at her like that. It gave her a little thrill having her cute older cousin checking her out. She decided she wasn't going to give him too much temptation, but if she ever caught him looking at her tits or ass again, she wouldn't say nothing about it and just let him look.
Time had gone by and although Katie stopped wearing tight shirts with no bras, Danny still couldn't help noticing the way her tits jiggled in her shirts as she moved around under her t-shirts. He did his best to avoid checking out her body, but she wasn't making it easy for him.
When they hung out in the evenings to binge watch tv shows or smoke weed on the balcony, she was more dressed up in her pajamas and they had fun hanging out together so in those moments he didn't have any strange feelings for her. Instead, she was just like a friend for him to hang out with which made having to stay at home during the pandemic very tolerable.
Things for Danny began to get worse for him when one morning, he woke up and went straight for the bathroom to pee. He opened the door and to his surprise seeing Katie fully naked. She had just taken an early morning shower and was drying herself off with a towel and she was almost done when Danny walked in.
"OH MY GOD!" she screamed.
"Oh, damn, I'm sorry," was all that Danny could say before he stumbled out of the bathroom.
A moment later, Katie left the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body, tied up just above her breasts.
"I'm so sorry," said Danny.
"No, it's ok, I was the one that forgot to lock the bathroom door," she said. "So, I'm the one who's sorry."
"It's no problem, let's just be sure to lock the doors from now on. That goes for me too."
"No problem, after this I'm definitely going to remember."
Danny then excused himself to go to the bathroom because he still had to pee. In the bathroom, after he finished urinating and washed his hands, his found himself thinking about seeing Katie naked. Since she had moved in, he had wondered what she looked like naked, but actually seeing her naked body was much better than he ever imagined.
He was starting to get an erection and did his best to think of anything else to make it go away. She was expecting him to have breakfast with her as they usually do, and didn't have time to jerk off. After a couple of minutes, the erection went away and he left the bathroom to meet up with Katie in the kitchen. She was now wearing a t-shirt and small shorts and she made them both a bowl of cereal and coffee. They made no mention of what had just happened and made their usual small talk.
After they left the kitchen and went to their rooms to get to work, but the thought of Katie being naked was still very much on his mind. He kept his mind on his work, but couldn't resist much longer. When he found the time in the day where he had a good break, he locked the door, pulled up a porn video he had on his computer, dropped his pants and began to jerk off. He wanted to watch something to jerk off to as a good way to distract himself from Katie. But it wasn't enough for him because she was still on his mind.
"Ok, I have to do it just one time," he said to himself.
He turned off the porn video and pulled up his Facebook account on his computer. He was friend with Katie there and pulled up her profile and searched through her photos and until he found a perfect one of her at a beach wearing a skimpy bikini. With that picture, he began jerking off harder than he had in years. He focused on the bikini picture mostly, but tried to think of her naked in the bathroom, and soon imagined what it would be like to fucking her. He shot a huge wad of cum into some tissues he had ready, threw it away, and put his pants back on. It was close to lunch time so he clocked out for his lunch break and went to the kitchen. For once, he was glad he didn't run into Katie. He was glad to finally got to jerk off to her image and get it all out of his system, but he didn't want to face her soon after doing so.
The next day Danny was on a planned video chat with five of his friends. They agreed to try to video chat with each other at least once a week. They talked about the usual stuff, mostly about coronavirus and how it was affecting them, but other topics as well. Eventually the topic went to Katie; his friends knew she was staying with him and liked to tease him about having a sexy woman living with him.
"I don't see why you don't just go for it," said Ray in the top right corner of the screen.
"She's my cousin, would you please stop bringing that up?" Said Danny.
"It doesn't matter, she's hot, you're both single, you're both stuck together in that apartment. Just go for it."
"No one could blame you," said Jake in the bottom left corner. "I have some of cousins I wouldn't mind fooling around with. I made out with two of them."
"I got my first handjob from one of my cousins," Said Mike in the bottom left corner.
"And I fucked one of mine," said Keith in the upper right corner.
"Really?" asked Danny. "Was it Suzy, the sexy nurse?"
"I wish," Keith replied. "It was Tammy, the actress. She was good, but my goal is still Suzy."
"I can't believe I'm hearing all of this," said Danny.
"It's no big deal, they're cousins, not sisters," said Keith. "I'm sure millions of guys out there have done it with their cousins, but just don't talk about it."
"Do you guys think that's true?" Danny asked.
"I'm sure it is," s aid Jake. "In fact, now that Keith confessed that he fucked his cousin, I can now tell you guys that I actually did fuck one of my cousins. I just wasn't if you guys were really cool about it until he said he did it."
"And now I could tell you guys that the handjob I got was actually a blowjob," said Mike.
"How about you Ray?" asked Danny.
"No, still never did anything them," he replied. "But now I'm very jealous of the rest of you."
As more time went by, Danny found himself jerking off a lot more than usual. He found that if he got it out of his system, he doesn't have to think about sex that much when he's hanging out with Katie. He even got more comfortable jerking off to her photos before seeing her outside of his bedroom. He felt guilty doing that, he felt that it was kind of a violation of their living arrangement, but it was a necessity for him at that point.
One night, about three months into the pandemic, they were watching a movie on Netflix. They were watching the movie Lucy starring Scarlett Johansson; not one of her best films, and they both agreed that they were glad it didn't ruin her career after it was made. It was a ridiculous movie and they both enjoyed making fun of it very much.
When the movie was over, Danny got a couple beers from the fridge and passed one to Katie
"Who's hotter, me or Scarlett?" Katie asked.
"No offense, but I'd take her over every other woman in the country," Danny replied.
"Ok, but between Scarlett and me, who do you think has better tits?" she asked with a wicked grin on her face.
That question embarrassed him a little. They had not discussed that incident when he accidentally saw her naked since it had happened. The moment was etched in his mind and was very useful when he thought about her when jerking off.
"Come one, answer me," she begged. "I know you remember what I looked like naked that one time you saw me, so you can answer it."
"How do you know I would remember that so well?"
"You're a guy and I'm a hot blonde with nice tits, you would remember."
Danny thought for a moment before answering.
"You have better tits than Scarlett Johansson," he finally answered.
"Thank you," she said very happily. "By the way, I have a new Instagram account I started several weeks ago. It's a private account, you should follow me there."
"What's wrong with your other Instagram account?"
"That's mostly for family friendly photos, these are just for friends. Some fun photos I started doing to keep myself busy.
Katie gave him her private Instagram account name and he immediately looked it up on his phone. He sent a follow request, which Katie immediately approved of from her phone. There he went through a series of photos she had online for a small number of people to see. To his surprise, she was wearing a variety of revealing clothing, bikini pictures that were better than the ones she had on Facebook, and more surprisingly, pictures of her in her underwear in a variety of sexual poses. Going down the list she even had some good lingerie photos posted there.
"Wow, these are… wow…" Danny was too surprised to say anything coherent.
Katie sat close to him as they went through the photos together. She pointed out to some of her favorite pictures and mentioned some ideas she had for some future pictures she wanted to post later on.
"Why are you showing me these?" He asked.
"Are you not enjoying looking at them?" she asked in return.
"I admit, I do," he answered.
She leaned in close to his ear and whispered something he never expected her to say.
"Maybe you could use theses to jerk off to next time, instead of those Facebook photos of mine you were using."
"How did you know?"
"You need to take your own advice about locking doors, because a few times you forgot to close your bedroom door and I caught you jerking off to those pictures that were up on your computer screen."
"I left the door open?"
"Just a few times. Not wide open, just a little, enough for me to see everything."
Danny's face was getting flushed as his embarrassment grew.
"I'm so very sorry," he told her.
"It's ok, I don't mind," she said. "If I had a problem with that, I wouldn't be showing you these photos as well."
She put her hand on his inner thigh and slowly moved it up to his groin.
"Oh, damn," was all he could say.
"If it makes you feel better, several times I fingered myself looking at your topless pictures you posted on Facebook from when you went fishing with your friends on a boat a few years ago."
"That does make me feel a little better," he replied.
With that, Danny leaned in and kissed her hard on the lips. They began making out hard on the couch, their hands roaming each other's bodies. Danny reached up under her shirt behind her back and felt how naked it was. By instinct in these situations, he was trying go for her bra, but forgot that she stopped wearing them around the apartment. He was happy that this situation made things easier for him and moved his had to the front to grab at her breast. They were large in his hands and felt wonderful, he never felt tits that felt so good in his hands before.
Eventually they got off the couch and she made him follow her to her bedroom. They undressed along the way, leaving a trail of clothes along the way. They were completely naked by the time they got to her bed.
"Damn," she said as she got a good look at Danny's huge erect cock. "If I had known that's what you were packing, I would've gone after you a long time ago."
"If I had known you were ok with your cousin wanting to fuck you, I would've done so on the first day you moved in."
Katie made Danny sit on the edge of the bed as she got down on her knees and positioned herself between his legs. She grabbed his cock and played with it a little as she looked up at him; she was teasing him for what was about to come. After a minute of doing this she opened her mouth and took it all into her mouth. His cock was now incredibly rigid, harder than what she was used to having in the past, but quickly adapted to it. Her lips were firmly sealed around the shaft aft she began bobbing her head up and down, her tongue swirling around it every time it was in her mouth. Danny never had a better mouth around his cock before.

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